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Of course there are many ways to make sure your home or apartment, or rooms in other buildings are always nice, cosy and warm, but it is not always easy to ensure the heat is evenly spread throughout the area for which you need it. The answer may just be in electric underfloor heating installation, which can do a lot to help warm up rooms evenly and keeping the temperature inside at an acceptable, pleasant level. Because it can be installed under most floor surfaces it has become a very popular way for many home and apartment owners to ensure they have a room at the temperature that they like. It also aids with keeping one’s electricity bill at reasonable levels by spreading low heat over a large floor surface. Installation also lends itself to versatile possibilities such as having the heating installed under the whole floor – or only under certain portions. Owners understand their homes, and therefore they can decide where exactly electric underfloor heating installation should be considered since they know the areas which are used more often than others, and therefore they may decide to have heating installed only in a specific area of the room. Or you can opt for having an installation that makes it possible for the one area that you use less than the others, to have reduced heating. This will also help you save on electricity, especially during long, cold winters which many countries are known for. Installers can offer you either a wet system whereby the elements of the system can be cast in a slab of concrete flooring (which you will later cover), also referred to as a ‘’poured floor system’’ or the electric underfloor heating system can be done via the dry system which means it is placed immediately under whatever floor covering will be used. It all depends on the owner’s choice and the advice they accept from the installer. The wet system is invariably used more often in new built homes before finishes are considered. It is important to note that electric systems should always use only flexible heating elements that do not corrode due to moist conditions and should therefore be properly encased in protective cables and cable mats.

Most people have these systems installed to add to the comfort in their home, and therefore they will consider the electric underfloor heating installation for the benefits it comes with. They can be installed to measure the system’s electricity usage so that owners know how often and when they should use the system, especially if one is aware of utility bills. Very often these systems are used as carpet heaters under carpet flooring and they work equally well under wood and laminate flooring, as well as under tiled surfaces – even under shower floors. It is important that the installer understands what kind of floor will cover the system before installation. You want the system to help you enjoy your home; therefore you want to take all the positives you can get out of it. The electric underfloor heating installation has the added benefit that you can keep rooms and other areas uncluttered by not having portable heaters and radiators all over the place. This definitely helps with keeping rooms tidy and more presentable, especially for the very house-proud owners. It is important to find the best installers for your system. Make sure the company – normally knowledgeable electricians – has experience at what they are doing, that they help you choose only the best system for your needs. Tell them what your budget allows, both in terms of the product and the labour so that they can assist you with the most affordable system for your purposes. When you need electric underfloor heating installation make sure you always deal with reputable, experienced companies when you are looking for this addition to your home or apartment. dkp Electricians is a NICEIC registered company that operates throughout many areas of London such as Fulham, Harrow, Ruislip, Ealing, Richmond, Kingston, Watford, Chelsea and surrounds. We undertake all electrical installations, repairs and emergency work and clients are assured of fast, efficient, high quality service. We regard no job as too big or too small and we deal with homeowners and landlords alike. Our client base includes both domestic and commercial clients – in fact, anybody that needs the services of an experienced, well-respected company. When you deal with us you are assured of reasonable rates, attention to detail and a professional approach. For more about us, please visit

Never walk on cold floors again  
Never walk on cold floors again  

Of course there are many ways to make sure your home or apartment, or rooms in other buildings are always nice, cosy and warm, but it is not...