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A Brief Chronology of Events at Tianan…

A Brief Chronology of Events at Tiananmen Square (1989)

15 April

Hu Yaobang, former General Secretary of the Communist Party and well known reformer, dies. Posters begin to appear mourning his death.

19 April

Students march to Zhongnanhai, where the government leaders live, to have a sit-in demonstration. Students and police clash.

22 April

Funeral for Hu Yaobang.

26 April

Demonstrations continue, but the official newspaper, People's Daily, says the protests are just an "organized conspiracy to sow chaos." More than 150,000 angry students break through police lines and return to Tiananmen Square.

4 May 13 May 17-18 May

100,000 students protest. Frustrated by the lack of official response to their demands, more than 1,000 students launch a hunger strike. Close to 1 million people march to the Square to support the hunger strike.

19 May

Students and citizens prevent troops from entering Tiananmen Square.

30 May

The "Goddess of Democracy" is erected in the Square.

2 June

PLA (People's Liberation Army) troops with tanks and armored personnel carriers enter Beijing to clear the Square.

3 June

Scattered shooting in the streets of Beijing; hundreds killed.

4 June

During the early morning hours, troops clear Tiananmen Square.

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