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The mission of Cultivate the Creative is to foster, establish, and fund creative programs in the education system by displaying innovative student art and design work.

Cultivate the Creative is an organization geared at providing opportunity, resources and funds to establish and promote creative programs in the public eduacation system. Funds are generated by a submission and selection process of exemplary and innovative student art and design work, which is then be displayed at a museaum, gallery or event. Profits genetated will fund programs teaching art and creativity in public schools; if appropriate the student’s previous or current school. Grant money available to non-profit organizations will also help support our purpose.

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COLLAPSE OF THE FACTORY With the increase of technology in our society the need for technical vocations decrease. Skill sets and technical training have become increasingly inessential. Factories and assembly lines are being replaced by machines.

The future lies in adaptability, therefore critical thought and problem solving are crucial. These skills are perfectly achieved through the creative thought and internalization of one’s own creation. Education must also adapt, so to properly prepare its pupils.

We’re doing this because we’re of the opinion that the current education system is becoming less and less involved with creative education programs. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, the future is becoming less quantifiable than in years past. With this change focusing learning on a specific and narrow skill set is less applicable to our societial needs. It will be creative thinkers that accomplish real innovation and progress, so we want to encourage that early on and throughout the education process. Making creative programs available is crucial to positively encouraging our children’s future.

INNOVATION Without the innovative and adaptive thinking of Leonardo Da Vinci the world would be without countless inventions, classic works of art, scientific discoveries, and studies in mathematic, aviation, anthropology, etc.

ADAPTATION Thanks to frank lloyd wright we have buildings and architecture that consider mother earth, and a beginning to the green movement.

REVOLUTION Barbara Kruger is an artist using her creativity to voice her opinion and to get her message out. Without creativity like this people everywhere will go without their needs being heard or met.

COMPETITIONS/DROPS Part of our movement is sponsoring competitions, or ‘drops’. Events are organized to drop and distribute kits with the necessary supplies to create an artwork to submit to for competition. Submitted peices are put on display on our online gallery, and winners are displayed at our gallery events along with other prizes. Our purpose with the competitions is to give people every opportunity to utilize their creativity and a chance to be recognized on a professional level.


Artist: David Jepsen Location: Denver, Colorado

Materials: Spray paint, stencils, tape Date: April 12, 2010

Artist: Rebecca Rome Location: Denver, Colorado Materials: Spray paint, stencils, tape Date: April 14, 2010

Artist: Dillon Kogle Location: Denver, Colorado

Materials: Spray paint, stencils, tape Date: April 12, 2010


MATERIALS Materials for the drop box spray competition include: 28X36 heavy weight poster Two colors of spray paint Typeface and logo mark stencils



Silk screen print-making competition

Lomography camera competition

Sidewalk chalk art competition

Participants are given a small, user-friendly, ink screen printing kit with the tools and instructions to make silk screen prints. Print on t-shirts, posters, canvas, etc., and a photograph of the work submitted to our website.

Participants are supplied with a basic analog lomography camera and necessary film kit. Entrants send their exposed film to our website and selected work will be enlarged and displayed.

With the sidewalk chalk provided to them, contestants will create a sidewalk mural or art piece in their community. Work is photographed and submitted for the competition.


For students and artists to access the organization we have implemented a web presence. While thoroughly informational, the key function of the site is interaction. When a user accesses the site it is generally to join the organization by submitting their own artwork. The front page of the site is the ambigiuous image of a crowd turning into a hand drawing a face upon an establishment structure. The site is split up into two distinct sections; Movement and Foundation.


The Foundation side of the site informs the user of the more informational aspects of the organization along with how the organization works and the programs it is currently implementing. The site design is minimal and formal while still carrying over the design and aesthetic elements of the organization.



When entering the movement section of the site the first thing you see is the image of a boy using a megaphone, a statement to ‘use your voice’ along with this imagery our mission statement is placed in a caution or warning-esque manner. As the front page is ambiguous, as much of the material is, once the user moves into the ‘meat’ of the page, a bold display of our message appears An unveiling that solves the mystery of the movement’s somewhat cryptic strategical placement.


[WEB DISPLAY] http://cultivatethecreative.ore/movement

On the next page of the site, the navigation is revealed. On the top bar a news feed is presented that changes within the same designated area opposed to a list-oriented feed. The bottom right side of the page has a randomly generated gallery that changes sporadically the image thumbnails are clickable to reveal the full versions of the artwork, descriptions, materials, artist statements etc.

On the bottom left hand side there are two panels for further navigation. The picture of the planes dropping bombs on the left, which when moused over lowers opacity of the image and reveals the text ‘drops’ over the panel, opens a new section that shows the competitions. The picture of the megaphone on the right which when moused over lowers the opacity of the image and reveals the text ‘use your voice’ over the panel, opens a new section for non-competition specific artwork submission.

[WEB DISPLAY] http://cultivatethecreative.ore/movement

Once clicking the ‘use your voice’ panel, it moves to the left to cover the ‘drops’ panel and reveals a submission form including a preview of the artwork that the user is submitting.

[WEB DISPLAY] http://cultivatethecreative.ore/movement When clicking the ‘drops’ panel, sub-navigation appears, just as on the ‘use your voice’ panel covering the gallery and prior aspects of the site.


ACCESSING CURRENT The menu that appears from the ‘drops’ panel shows a larger image for the current competition and smaller images for future competitions.



04/22/2010 04/23/2010 04/24/2010 04/25/2010 04/27/2010 04/30/2010 05/01/2010 05/02/2010 05/04/2010 05/05/2010 05/06/2010



[WEB DISPLAY] http://cultivatethecreative.ore/movement




Each competition follows with a mini-site to place the competition in its own specified world. Each mini-site contains its own: News feed Informational section Submission link Exclusive gallery Prize section

We believe that instilling creative problem solving skills in students effectively prepare them to adapt to the rapid and inevitable changes that are occurring. A well established creative mindset embeds critical and deductive thought as well as a strong tendency to be auto-didactic. These abilities are fundamental to learn new skills as they become relevant. Encouraging innovation, creation and adaptability in young people is crucial to our future. Please join us in our efforts.

copyright Š 2010 Cultivate The Creative All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission of the publisher or author, except where permitted by law. Published by First Edition Designed by David Jepsen Rebecca Rome Dillon Kogle Font Used Trade Gothic LT Std Design Concepts and Methods Denver, CO


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Cultivate The Creative  

The mission of Cultivate the Creative is to foster, establish, and fund creative programs in the education system by displaying innovative s...