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Look Book December Issue

De’Ja Keith-Mills

Ten Must Haves 1. Brush Cleaner 2. Bare Necessity Shadow Primer 3. Gel Eyeliner 4. Gel Liner Brush 5. Face Primer 6. Mineral Foundation 7. Quads 8. Liquid Lustre Lips 9. Safari Bronzer 10. Brush Sets

Check out the look of the month! Smokey Eye To achieve this look use "Idol" Mineral Eyeshadow Quad to obtain a fashion-forward you can add a splash of color such as purple. Shade, contour and highlight eyes with our debossed Signature Shadow Quads. Create a modern look with these shades of purple.


To enhance your eyes and give it a pop try our Di Caprio Lashes. They come with adhesive, tweezers and re-usable lashes. They are a must have!


Kim Kardashian

Check out the look of the month! Do not be scared of Color There is nothing wrong with having a dash of color in the winter. To achieve this look use fashionable "Bonita" package. The hottest color for a night on the town or during the day at the office.


A MUST-HAVE for your makeup routine. Can be used as a shadow primer or crème eye shadow. Just enough to give you that "wide awake" look. This highly-pigmented crème eye shadow glides on smooth and dries instantly for a beautiful finish. Advanced formula is waterproof, creaseless and long wearing.


Jessica Biel

Check out the look of the month! Perfecting Your Beauty: Age Less A good way on perfecting your beauty is to use Pore Perfecting Face Primer. It is used for normal to oily skin types. Lightweight and oil-free face primer. • • • •

Combats shine Absorbs oil Reduces pore size and skin roughness Keeps foundation looking smooth


An Anti-Aging Foundation that will counteract the effects of time. Available in 8 amazing shades. It contains a unique blend of ingredients to counteract the effects of time. Duo-Peptides help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Jerry Hall

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