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Donna Klein Jewish Academy Summer/Fall 2010

Creating A Legacy For Leaders and Learners The New Home of the High School at DKJA Is Dedicated During A Special Ceremony

Donna Klein Jewish Academy 2010-2011 Board of Trustees Lesley Zafran President Karen Feller Head of School Officers Shelley Gold, Vice President Lothar Mayer, Vice President Fred G. Weiss, Vice President Robert B. Greenberg*, Treasurer Harold Jacobsohn, Secretary Trustees Linda Melcer Sara Adler Jennifer Miller Morse Larry Altschul Simon Portnoy Marianne Altschul Jeffrey Queen Shirley Enselberg* Dr. David Schimel Barry Friedberg Dr. Stephen Allan Solomon Grabelsky Stuart Wexelman Myrna Gross* Arianne Wijnperle A. Robert Zeff Julian Leinhardt Immediate Past President Michael Beckerman PTO Presidents Robin Friedman and Julie Weinstein Honorary Council Marianne Bobick* Jan Savarick* Albert S. Frager Barbara Schuman* Dr. Myra Levick* Shirley Solomon* Richard Levy* In Memoriam Gary Bernstein                                     Sam Klein Arnold Rosenthal** Special Friends of DKJA  Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Cindy Orbach Nimhauser, Chair of the Board of Directors William S. Bernstein, MSW President and CEO **President Emeritus     *Past President   Special Class in Perpetuity     Of Blessed Memory

On the cover: Magnanimous DKJA Benefactor Ms. Linda R. Kaminow and her son, Mr. Louis R. Kaminow, at the Dedication Ceremony for the new home of the High School at DKJA, held immediately following the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2010.


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In Special Memory

We are more than a school...

a family

Donna Klein Jewish Academy is wellknown for being “more than a school...a family.” This summer, sadly, DKJA lost one of its beloved family members, Kindergarten teacher Ms. Marni Zebersky. Our heartfelt condolences are expressed to Marni Zebersky the family and loved ones of this special person who succumbed to a long battle with cancer at the age of 42. Marni was a beloved teacher, a respected colleague, and a bright spot in everyone’s day! She enriched the lives of hundreds of kindergarten students and countless people whom she touched in the special way that only Marni could do. In Marni’s honor, the Marni Zebersky Kindergarten Scholarship Fund has been established. This fund will enable children’s lives to continue to be impacted positively and will assist with providing educational opportunities. Most importantly, it will remind us of the joy of living and special character Marni epitomized. For further information, please contact the DKJA Development Office at (561) 852-5007.

A Message From

Head of School Karen Feller

Leaders and Learners


his summer, at our annual leadership retreat, the Donna Klein Jewish Academy Administrators and I chose our school’s theme for the upcoming academic year: I Am A Leader (Ani Manheeg). The theme encompasses the idea of adopting a way of thinking that truly impacts our entire way of life: how we view ourselves, how we interact with individuals in every walk of our daily lives, and how we embrace the idea that we are all leaders. DKJA is the only Jr. K-12 Jewish Day School in the country to have the honor of becoming a FranklinCovey Leader In Me School. DKJA will be a model leadership institute for schools throughout the United States. FranklinCovey is partnering with the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE) Miami to develop an enriching leadership program infused with Jewish text and values. This year, as part of this partnership, DKJA will integrate our school curricula and Jewish principles with the world-famous books The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me. Through the use of customized materials developed by FranklinCovey and CAJE for Jewish schools, we will demonstrate the connection between Jewish living, learning, and academic achievement within the framework of FranklinCovey’s leadership training program. This enriching program will create a culture rich in Jewish values, character development, and leadership skills. The process brings the principle-centered leadership techniques found in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to the school classroom. These habits include personal responsibility, goal setting, time management, effective communication, and teamwork. We look forward to an exciting, enriching, and GREAT school year. After all, GREAT happens here! The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are a registered trademark of the FranklinCovey Corporation.

I Am A Leader By Yafa Levit, Principal of Lower School Judaic Studies When we ask ourselves the question, “Are we born to be a leader or do we become a leader?,” we can easily find the answer by studying the rich text of the Torah. The book The Saying of Our Fathers (Pirkei Avot, Chapter 5:26) states, “Study the Torah over and over, for everything is in it.” With this approach in mind, that the Torah serves as a guide to life’s wisdom, we find a clear description of attributes and habits that a true leader possesses. In closely examining the Hebrew words leadership and behavior, we find that they share the same root letters and belong to the same word family, thus explaining the connection between leadership and behavior.These two words are interwoven and can be sustained only upon each other’s existence.To summarize, a person’s conduct determines his/her ability to become a leader. A conduct of Derech Eretz (courtesy toward others), also known as Menchlachkeit, is behavior that can be learned and adopted by internalizing new habits.These new habits have the potential of moving a person’s way of living from dependence to independence, and from selfto interdependence. As we embrace The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through the The Leader in Me program, our students will be given the tools to develop essential life skills and characteristics for success in life. We are all leaders!

Great happens here!



Lower School


First-grade Shabbat Ruach Brings Tradition To Life

Marcy Gurspan and her pen pal Nadine at their friendship reunion in May.

Pen Pal Reunion Forges Friendship Bond Michael Randell performing during Shabbat Ruach, and with his randmother, Mrs. Aliza Ranish (below). Tradition plays an integral role in Jewish education at DKJA. During a special first-grade Shabbat Ruach, led by Judaic Studies teachers Mrs. Yael Pollak and Mrs. Dina Fishman, tradition came to life! Student Michael Randell not only dressed the part for his role as “the Jewish grandfather” in the Shabbat Ruach play he and his classmates presented, but he also embodied the sense of tradition and pride that long has been a part of his family for generations. “The rehearsals gave Michael the opportunity to shine as he kept practicing his ‘Shalom Kinderlach’ lines. He proudly boasted to ALL that would listen and learn about his special part in the Shabbat Ruach. Working on his “old man” accent, outfit, and improvised lines, he took genuine pride and responsibility to prepare for this part. His spirit was brought to life!,” said his parents. “It brought tears of mixed emotions to our eyes. Michael is named after his maternal great-grandfather, who every Shabbat would dress in a navy blue jacket, white collared shirt, and fedora hat. Upon returning home from synagogue, he would ceremoniously and wholeheartedly announce the beginning of the celebration of Shabbat and importance of being together as a family. Michael’s Shabbat Ruach experience brought tradition and wonderful memories to life within our family.”


When DKJA student Marcy Gurspan was in secondgrade, she befriended a student named Nadine through DKJA’s “partner school program” with Pine Grove Elementary School in Delray Beach. The two corresponded regularly as pen pals and spoke during field trips to one another’s schools. Marcy loved their connection, but as the 2008-2009 school year ended, the two girls lost contact. Marcy thought she had Nadine’s correct phone number so that they could keep in touch, but that wasn’t the case. Marcy had purchased a small gift for Nadine to give her when the two saw each other next. However, it remained wrapped, waiting in her house, since she was unable to reach Nadine. During the 2009-2010 academic year, Marcy expressed to her mother, Middle School Judaic Studies teacher Mrs. Susan Gurspan, her disappointment at not being able to have a continued friendship with Nadine due to circumstances beyond her control. She really missed Nadine and the interactions that both second-graders had established. Mrs. Gurspan made a mental note to pursue a reunion, but schedules became hectic, and too much time passed. In January of 2010, the devastating earthquake affected Haiti. Marcy was very concerned when she realized that Nadine and the other children at Pine Grove Elementary, which has a large Haitian population, must have been directly impacted by the destruction. She included Nadine and the school in her prayers when she and her mother lit Shabbat candles together. She asked her mother again to please find out how she could get in touch with Nadine to see how she and her family were managing. When Pine Grove Elementary students who were in second-grade visited DKJA as part of their pen pal project (Marcy was now a third-grader), Middle School art teacher and Pine Grove liaison Mrs. Carol Routman introduced Marcy’s mother to Pine Grove teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Burger. A positive turn of events transpired, leading to a re-connection between Nadine and Marcy. It was discovered that Nadine had been through difficult times, and Mrs. Burger agreed that hearing from Marcy would be beneficial for her. Mrs. Burger said she’d speak to Nadine and encourage her to write Marcy a letter. With the help from Mrs. Burger, who provided preaddressed, stamped envelopes to Nadine with Marcy’s contact information, Marcy soon received a letter from her friend! The two communicated, and in May, a meeting was arranged. Marcy at long last was able to present Nadine with the gift she had been holding for her, and the two made plans to see each other over the summer. Through Marcy’s perseverance, dedication, and compassion, two special lives were impacted in a positive way!

Middle School


Holocaust Survivor Expresses Appreciation To DKJA Students Holocaust survivor Mr. Norman Frajman has been an integral part of the Middle School Judaic Studies program for many years. Every year, he accompanies eighth-graders when they visit the Memorial of Love and Anguish in Miami. Mr. Frajman stated, “Words cannot express Mr. Norman Frajman with the appreciation that I have by students at the Memorial being connected of Love and Anguish with your wonderful school, students and faculty. You are really a shining light in the Jewish community. I have yet to come across in my travels any place whose devotion equals that of your school’s in its memorialization of the tragedy of the Holocaust. As you probably know, I have gotten to love the students who have shown me so much respect through their willingness to learn about the Holocaust.” Thank you, Mr. Frajman.

Students Selected for Duke University Talent Identification Program

Congratulations to the following students who qualified for state level recognition by the Duke University Talent Identification Program: Jordan Bernstein, Jesse Blogg, Zachary Cohen, Alan Koolik, Sydney Korsunsky, Ari Levin, and Ryan Paul. Students earning state level recognition must earn a score of 520 or higher in math, 510 or higher in critical reading, and 500 or higher in writing on the SAT. Additionally, Jordan Bernstein, Alan Koolik, and Ari Levin qualified for grand level recognition. Those students earning grand level recognition must score 670 or higher in math and 650 or higher in critical reading and writing. Special recognition goes to Jordan Bernstein, Alan Koolik, and Ari Levin, who scored 670, 680, and 740, respectively, on the math portion. Based on their ERB scores from fifth and sixth grade, 30 DKJA seventh-graders qualified to take the SAT to determine eligibility for the Duke University Talent Identification Program. Twenty-two of those qualifying students opted to participate. Congratulations to all who were selected for this academic honor.

Bar Mitzvah Among The Red Cliffs Is A DKJA Family Affair By Dr. Rona Bernstein, DKJA Director of Psychological Services


hile traveling in Israel three years ago, we were inspired to have our son Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah in the Holy Land, on top of Masada. However, for a variety of reasons, this was not possible. Since Jordan is a boy who has a deep connection with the earth, nature, and the outdoors, we wanted to create a similar spiritual experience in our beautiful country. We envisioned Jordan standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, in awe of G-d’s majestic creations. After a great deal of exploration, we planned a week-long journey to the west that would begin at sunrise over the Grand Canyon, include visits to Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks, and culminate in an intimate outdoor Bar Mitzvah ceremony on the Colorado River, surrounded by magnificent red cliffs and many family members.

Jordan Bernstein reading from the Torah.

The Bar Mitzvah took place on October 24, 2009, at the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah – the first Bar Mitzvah ever to be held there. While we chose this setting due to its natural beauty, the name Moab also has special significance in the Bible, as it was a city in the lower Jordan Valley where G-d spoke to Moses and showed him the Promised Land. We were fortunate to be accompanied by Jordan’s fifth-grade Hebrew teacher, Ms. Jennifer Young. Ms. Young assisted Jordan with learning his Torah and Haftorah portions and helped to create and lead a service that was unique and meaningful for Jordan and our family. Surrounded by red cliffs, with a crystal blue sky as a backdrop, and with a flowing river for inspiration, Jordan beautifully sang the prayers and chanted the Torah and Haftorah portions of Noah. One could not help but feel G-d’s presence as we experienced this day. All of our family members participated in the service, making it even more meaningful and special. In his D’var Torah, Jordan expressed his appreciation for becoming a Bar Mitzvah in a place where he could connect his Judaism with his love and concern for the environment. After the service, Jordan’s brother, Alec, discovered a praying mantis perched on the bima. How fitting that while we were praying to G-d and celebrating His creations, one of G-d’s creatures was praying along with us! It was truly an extraordinary experience for our family to mark Jordan’s entrance into Jewish adulthood in a way that Jordan and celebrated his deep love of nature and Ms. Jennifer Young the outdoors.


Mrs. Anita Schwartz is truly a ‘hands-on’ high school art teacher.

Faculty Focus

Did You Know? They are experts in their fields of study and occupations. Monday through Friday, they are known as the teachers, staff, and faculty that collectively make DKJA an acclaimed Jewish Day School. But Did You Know that there also are many interesting, unique, enlightening, and fun facets to our DKJA school family? Each issue of the Kolainu will feature Did You Know?

Mrs. Sammy Lontok feeds her darling Biggie a piece of cheese (gevina).

Did You Know...Lower School Hebrew and Judaics Teacher Mrs. Sara Radberg bakes amazing challah from scratch! To burn off those carbs, Mrs. Radberg and colleagues Mrs. Natalie Wohl and Mrs. Jaime Bricker take Boot Camp excercise classes. They are in good company...Middle School music teacher Mrs. Liat Luel-Rochberg dances Zumba regularly. Did You Know...Middle School Hebrew Department Chair Mrs. Sammy Lontok’s dog Biggie, who is French and lives in America, understands and “speaks” Hebrew? His favorite food is cheese! Did You Know...Middle School Principal Mrs. Carol Kolsky gathered her courage to ride a huge roller coaster in Busch Gardens with her grandson Adam on a recent vacation. Sixth-grade English teacher Mr. Eugene H. Davis hopes to ride the Kraken roller coaster after being inspired by DKJA students on last year’s trip to SeaWorld and greatly admires Mrs. Kolsky’s fearlessness! Did You Know...Third-grade teacher Mrs. Carol Stein spends her summers giving homes a special touch by working as an interior designer.


Did You Know...High School English teacher Dr. Marc Leeds, president of the Kurt Vonnegut Society and acclaimed author, stays true to his Brooklyn, New York, roots Dr. Marc Leeds can be found whipping up by baking a variety of delicacies, delicious delicacies when one of which is cheesecake. he’s not teaching high While teaching in Tennessee, school English. he was the sole provider of

cheesecake for a local restaurant. His specialty is plain cheesecake topped with a berry sauce. Did You Know...Middle School Grade Level Advisor and science Mrs. Carol Kolsky is ‘the coolest teacher Mrs. grandmother ever!’ according to Ellen Finegold her grandson Adam, 11. serves high tea to friends, including finger sandwiches, homemade shortbread cookies, brownies, and Linzer tarts. She is also known for serving, among other specialties, “the best whipped cream you have ever tasted!” Also of note: her daughter is a professional pastry chef. Her son is the published author of two noted business books and a columnist for the Internet magazine Pipeline, in addition to his career as Chief of Analytics for a telecommunications company. Did You Know...Orchestra Program Director Mr. Gustavo Correa is Concertmaster of the Sunshine Pops Orchestra and thus is the leader of the first violin section. Mr. Correa has performed with the renowned conductor/composer Mr. Leonard Bernstein, among countless others.

Mr. Gustavo Correa loves the classroom, and the stage! Continued on next page

For Mrs. Holley Stabler, acting is a family affair. She is shown here in her role as Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz, along with her daughter, Gabrielle, who played the part of Dorothy.

Did You Know...High School math teacher Mr. Cliff Dyhouse is an expert handbell ringer and music teacher (and introduced DKJA students to this talent when he implemented our Handbell Choir).

A Special Welcome From Our New

PTO Presidents

Did You Know...Middle School Science Teacher and Technology Integrator Mrs. Holley Stabler has performed in stage productions such as The Music Man, L’il Abner, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Wizard of Oz. Did You Know...Middle school history teacher Mr. David Trevino runs marathons.

Did You Know...High school art teacher Mrs. Anita Schwartz is a ceramic artist who works in porcelain and whose work has been shown at the Ritter Gallery. She is presently working on an exhibit that will be shown at The Schmidt Gallery at FAU in May of 2011. Did You Know...High School Assistant Director of Admissions Mrs. Jodi Orshan is an architect who taught architectural design and 3D model building as high school electives. Two of her former students now are studying architecture in college, Nathaniel Saslafsky (’07) at Cornell University, and David Rind (’09) at Florida Atlantic University. Did You Know...Lower School Assistant Mrs. Lorys Stiel is a Syrian Jew who follows many traditional customs. Her daughter Erika recently became engaged to Eli Rothschild, and instead of an engagement party, her family, friends, and loved ones Passing her family’s Syrian were invited to a “Swanee.” This traditions from generation old-fashioned ritual refers to the to generation is Mrs. Lorys Arabic word “trays.” As part of Stiel’s passion. the tradition, the groom’s family sends over trays of gifts (especially jewelry) to the bride’s home. The bride-to-be also gives gifts to the groom. The photo shown here depicts the array of gifts presented at Erika’s Swanee. The lace handkerchief in the photo is rich in history. Lorys’ grandfather owned a lace tablecloth and linen wholesale company in the 1940s and 1950s. Her uncle mailed the 50-year-old handkerchief from California, and it arrived just two days before the Swanee. Erika and Eli were married on August 8, 2010. Did You Know...Middle School science teacher Ms. Mary Schulte spends her summers in Michigan along Lake Michigan refurbishing her cottage, and enjoying the many outdoor activities and scenic surroundings there. Did You Know...Middle School Judaic Studies teacher Mrs. Susan Gurspan has a Master’s Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Her first class of students consisted of 35 non-English speaking adult immigrants to the United States, representing 26 countries and 17 different languages! Mrs. Gurspan also was recently selected as a semi-finalist (one of six in the United States) for the Irena Sendler Award For Repairing the World. Did You Know...High School history Department Chair Mr. Marc Newman is a master ballroom dancer, historian, author, and artifacts collector.

A special welcome is extended to all DKJA families as we embark upon the 2010 academic year. We hope to see you at our many exciting events. Please visit the PTO website, which is accessible through the Eagles’ Net. Additionally, be sure to peruse the many unique items and school supplies/ uniforms available through the Shuk (Store) website, We look forward to a wonderful year! Sincerely, Julie Weinstein and Robin Friedman PTO Presidents


Newsworthy & Noteworthy Board of Trustees President Installed The Board of Trustees and Administration welcomed staff, faculty, and the school community to the DKJA 2010 Annual Meeting on May 26, 2010. At the gathering, the events of the 2009-2010 academic year were recounted, the Board for the 2010-2011 year was installed, tributes were made in honor of Lesley Michael esteemed outgoing Board President Mr. Michael Zafran Beckerman Beckerman, and next year’s President, Mrs. Lesley Zafran, was installed for another term amidst accolades and expressions of gratitude for her tireless efforts on behalf of DKJA. Mrs. Zafran also serves as Vice President of Development for RAVSAK (the Jewish Community Day School Network). Appreciation for her magnanimous generosity was once again bestowed upon Benefactor Ms. Linda R. Kaminow, as well as the many members of the DKJA family that have enabled us to “...Go From Strength to Strength.”

Students’ Math Skills Demonstrate Strong Preparation to their every day lives to understand the relevance of studying math.” As students advance to Middle and High School, they continue to excel. This was demonstrated recently by the outstanding performances in both the Middle School MathCounts Competition for the Palm Beach County Chapter, and in the in the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge (M3 Challenge) for High School students. From their earliest years in the classroom, DKJA students are educated with an innovative math program called Everyday Math. The curriculum focuses on teaching children concept understanding prior to teaching algorithms (routine procedures) for performing computation. The program focuses on critical thinking and application of skills along with learning these procedures.  “Research supports the success of the program.  Teachers have consistently praised this program, citing that the children are much more knowledgeable in math and much more confident when this type of learning is utilized,” said Lower School Principal Mrs. Natalie Friedman. “Students use manipulatives and participate in lessons called explorations and investigations, during which they are encouraged to use these experiences to form a knowledge base of our number system. Operations (computation) as well as number sense, measurement, data, probability and statistics, and algebraic thinking are components of the program. Everyday Math asks students to apply their learning


In MathCounts, DKJA’s Middle School Math Team placed first out of eight South Florida Jewish Day School teams and placed fifth overall. Students Ari Levin and Alan Koolik placed first and second, respectively, and worked cohesively with fellow teammates Jordan Bernstein, Alexandra Paul, Talia Statsky-Frank, Melanie Berkowitz, Ryan Paul, Axl Vinograd, Marc Joseph, and Jillian Widensky. Ari ranked 14th overall, Alan ranked 17th overall, and Melanie ranked 30th overall in the MathCounts Chapter Competition for Palm Beach County. The team was coached by math teacher Mrs. Nina Lefkowitz. At the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, competitors Zachary Herbert, Adam Orshan, Stacey Berkowitz, Jeffrey Landau, and Michael Kandel (shown above left, with math teacher/coach Mr. Cliff Dyhouse) embraced the challenge presented through a partnership of The Moody’s Foundation and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Of Note: Mr. Dyhouse was selected by the College Board to serve as a grader for the Advance Placement (AP) statistics exam.

News from the Office of Institutional Advancement The Development Office and Administration of DKJA have implemented several changes to benefit strategic planning and fundraising. Mrs. Sharon Kamber has been an integral part of our school since beginning her career here as an educator in 1990 and transitioning to leadership roles in countless areas of Administration and Development, most recently as Associate Head of School. Mrs. Kamber now will serve as Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement. The Office of Institutional Advancement is the umbrella for Development, Admissions, and Marketing/Communications. “It is my personal and professional privilege to work with the exceptional staff, faculty, Administration, and Board of Trustees, and my gratitude extends to each and every member of our school family that has enabled and encouraged our continued growth,” said Mrs. Kamber. “In particular, I express my deepest thanks to Board of Trustees Development Chair Mrs. Sara Adler for her unyielding commitment to initiatives that will enable DKJA to continue to provide the highest level of education to our students. (Please read the Development Update on page 15).

Math superstars Alan Koolik, Ari Levin, and Melanie Berkowitz.

High SchoolHighlights The Parent’s Guide to Taking the Stress Out of the College Application Process By Mandee Heller Adler and Barry Liebowitz, International College Counselors International College Counselors’ office is located in the High School at DKJA. To make an appointment, please call (954) 658-4570. Junior Kindergarten student Emma Satisky

Junior Kindergarten Begins In the fall of 2010, DKJA introduced the first Junior Kindergarten program. The goal of Jr. K is to provide differentiated, developmentally appropriate instruction for each child. The small number of students in the classroom (limit 14) allows two teachers, Mrs. Helen Handler and Mrs. Amy Horowitz, to meet the individual needs and different learning styles of each student. The primary benefit of the Jr. K. class is that it enables a child to enter an elementary school environment while giving him/her an alternate experience before entering Kindergarten. The theme-based and integrated curriculum embraces hands-on experiential learning in language arts, math, social studies, science, Judaic studies, and Hebrew language. Students attend music, art, physical education, and library classes, as well as special programs as part of the Lower School. The program facilitates a challenging transition for students to move into Kindergarten the following year. For further information, please contact the Admissions Office at (561) 852-6004.

Students Shine in Budapest at Mind Olympics

Sam Rosenthal, Jake Dable, Hannah Wolfe, and Naomi Menaged qualified to travel to Budapest, Hungary, this summer to compete in the Mind Olympics.

Without a doubt, applying to college can put a strain on the entire family. Try to keep in mind three simple rules for college admissions success: start early, stay organized, and remain calm. Start Early. Beginning in ninth grade, students should start to think about personal strengths and create a high school schedule around these strengths. This not only increases self-esteem, but it allows the student to capitalize on personal areas of success and interests. At DKJA, we tell our parents that ninth grade is the best time to make your first appointment. “Help us, help you!” Once a relationship is established, we can keep an eye out for opportunities and summer programs that match your child’s particular needs and goals. Stay Organized. The junior year is the time to really start to focus and organize. At this point, students have determined much of their academic and extracurricular profile. Students can now meet again with their college counselor to start narrowing down the field of school selections, completing applications, coordinating school visits, and approaching teachers for recommendations. After your child researches and selects the colleges he or she wants to attend, you should purchase a file folder for each individual college. In each of these folders, your child should create a checklist of the required admission items: transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, essays, financial aid forms, and other pertinent records. As each item is mailed, it should be checked off the list. With so many deadlines and moving pieces, we are thrilled to announce that beginning with the graduating class of 2011, DKJA will be utilizing the Naviance College Planner, a secure, web-based system used by top college preparatory schools across the country. With Naviance, DKJA families will have the leading edge software to manage and track every aspect of the college admission process. Remain Calm. Remain focused on your child’s strengths! A successful future will follow once an organized process is followed.

Students Receive Special Honors DKJA graduate Zachary Herbert (right) was awarded a National Merit Boston University Scholarship, and DKJA graduate Adam Orshan (left) is the recipient of a National Merit University of Miami Scholarship. Mazel Tov! At DKJA’s graduation ceremony, Adam was presented with the 2010 Avraham HaLevi Eagle Award. The prestigious award was established by The Allen A. Stein Family Foundation and is presented annually to a DKJA graduate. Adam is the ninth recipient of the HaLevi Award, and the presentation of the award was made by Mr. Eric Stein, Vice President of The Allen A. Stein Family Foundation. Adam was nominated based upon his strong values, leadership skills, honesty, and respectful character.


Get To Know Your Eagles Athletics

Throughout the year, hardly a day goes by when at least one of DKJA’s 20 sports teams is not either practicing, competing, or proudly representing our school with spectacular school spirit. Twenty Middle and High School athletic teams provide a wide array of athletic opportunities for DKJA students. On average, sixty-two percent of all High School students and 41 percent of all Middle School students participated on a sports team last year. The Middle School boys basketball team was the Independent Athletic League champion, and the Lady Eagles soccer team finished second in the IAL. Thanks to the Eagles Athletics Booster Club, Athletic comprised of DKJA parents and family members Director that tirelessly give of themselves to raise funds to Mr. David support the program, our sports offerings continue to Trell, Ernie the Eagle, and thrive. Eagerly anticipated annual fundraising events, Eagles Athletics such as our Tennis Extravaganza and Texas Hold’em Booster Club Tournament and Casino Night, as well as a variety of Chair Mr. Eric sponsorship opportunities, enable the Booster Club Lipson. to continually enhance athletics at DKJA. Working cohesively with DKJA’s Administration and Athletic Director Mr. David Trell, the Booster Club is led by Chair Mr. Eric Lipson. For further information about the Eagles Athletics Booster Club, please call Associate Director of Development Mrs. Judith Chason at (561) 852-3273.

Club Sports Recognition Night 2010

Texas Hold’em Tournament and Casino Night

Fourth Annual Tennis Extravaganza with Chris Evert

Save The Date:

Fifth Annual Tennis Extravaganza November 15, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. Broken Sound Country Club

Eagles Athletics Weekly Sports Update Online


Be sure to check your e-mail for the Eagles Athletics Weekly Sports Update. Middle and High School sports photos and information will be publicized in the newsletter, which is produced by the Eagles Athletics Booster Club. For further information, contact Athletic Director Mr. David Trell at

Mesch Family Honors Beloved Family Member

with Mitzvah Day Tribute


February 21, 2010, more than 800 dedicated Donna Klein Jewish Academy students, parents, staff/faculty members, and friends gathered to share the beauty of helping the community at the school’s Sixth Annual Family Mitzvah Day. Working collaboratively with agencies throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties on a broad array of projects from the heart, the spirit of tikkun olam (repairing the world) was abundant. Community service at DKJA is an ongoing commitment, the annual highlight of which is Family Mitzvah Day. Families, young and old, of all ethnic backgrounds, with diverse religious beliefs, bond together on this day of giving. Generations (children, parents, and grandparents) work hand-inMrs. Caryl hand. Beyond meeting our obligation to Mesch repair the world, DKJA’s school family embraces giving back with compassion and dedication. With this in mind, the family of Mrs. Caryl Mesch, who passed away in March of 2008 after battling lung cancer, bestowed a special tribute and honor upon their beloved grandmother, mother/mother-in-law, and wife. Grandmother of DKJA students Mikaela and Alexa Mesch, mother/motherin-law of Mr. Avi and Mrs. Heather Mesch, respectively, and wife of Dr. Barry Mesch, Caryl was a committed and passionate educator throughout her life. She loved teaching, choosing to stay in the classroom rather than be promoted to administrative or management roles when opportunities were presented to her. She taught in the public school system in Gainesville, Florida, both as a fifth-grade teacher and in the Gifted Program, where she invested endless creative energy in developing programming in subjects ranging from science and math, to art, creative writing, Spanish, and computers. Later in her career, she taught at the Solomon Schechter School of Greater Boston. She brought an incredible energy and devotion to her teaching and never failed to greet her students every morning with her bright and contagious smile. In the arena of Jewish education, Caryl was driven by her vision and sense of mission. She strived to bring to life the classic Hebrew texts of Judaism. She loved Tanakh and the ancient and modern Hebrew language. One of her passions was teaching in Hebrew and challenging her fifth-graders with intellectual discussions about Tanakh. “She loved having fun with her students but was also unwilling to forgo serious learning of texts just to keep her students entertained,” notes Dr. Barry Mesch, her husband of 43

years who shares Caryl’s commitment to Jewish education. He currently serves as Provost and Stone-Teplow Professor of Jewish Thought at Hebrew College in Boston. For 20 years, he was the Head of the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Florida. “Caryl was committed, knowledgeable, Jewishly observant, and open minded. She always tried to build unique relationships with each student, joking, kidding, and holding Above: The banner honoring serious conversations with them. “She took preparation for Mrs. Caryl Mesch, which teaching seriously and worked for was proudly displayed during hours preparing to teach material DKJA’s Sixth Annual Family that she had already taught many Mitzvah Day. times. Her presentations always had to be fresh and new, and she always found creative ways to help students learn, from having them write their own works of Hebrew fiction to mock trials and plays in which they came to life as Biblical characters. Caryl was a model teacher and gave unstintingly of her time to any teacher who asked for her advice or help. Those who had the privilege of learning from her, as students or colleagues, continue to confirm her lasting influence. May her memory be for a blessing.” In honor of Caryl’s commitment to Jewish living, learning, and academic achievement, of which DKJA is so proud, the Mesch Family provided a generous gift to ensure the success of our school’s Sixth Annual Family Mitzvah Day. The spirit of tikkun olam and Caryl’s commitment to Jewish education live on in her memory. Our deepest appreciation is extended to the entire Mesch Family. Thank you!

Below left, and above right: Alexa and Mikaela Mesch with art projects they created on Mitzvah Day 2010. Right: Mikaela and Alexa Mesch with their grandfather, Dr. Barry Mesch.

The Class of 2010 with Head of School Mrs. Karen Feller. Inset: Ms. Linda R. Kaminow and her son Louis R. Kaminow proudly cut the ribbon symbolizing the dedication of the new home of the High School at DKJA.

Creating A Legacy for

D 12

Leaders and Learners

onna Klein Jewish Academy extends sincere thanks and gratitude to Ms. Linda R. Kaminow, who is truly a partner in continuing to advance the mission of DKJA. Often referred to as “the biggest heart in the world,� Ms. Kaminow is an extraordinary visionary leader who positively impacts each and every student. Her commitment to state-of-theart education and her benevolence are evident as eager students learn with computers and SMART BoardsTM in the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt* Technology Program K-12, named in honor of her parents. Through the Continued, next page

Mr. Louis R. Kaminow addresses the Class of 2010 at the Dedication Ceremony.

Mr. Robert Greenberg Inspires Graduates

Past President, Current Board Treasurer, and Business Entrepreneur Encourages Class of ’10 to Make A Difference

As the Class of 2010 proudly walked across the stage of Zinman Hall, thoughts of a challenging future undoubtedly were on the minds of the newly accomplished graduates. Before receiving their diplomas, the soonto-be alumni had the honor of hearing firsthand the importance of developing into young adults that know the importance of character, leadership, Jewish values, and commitment to a heritage rich in tradition and compassion for others. Following is an excerpt from the presentation by Mr. Greenberg, DKJA Board of Trustees Treasurer, Past President, DKJA Parent, and business entrepreneur.

Editor’s Note: Mazel Tov to Mr. Robert Greenberg for being honored as a 2010 Florence Fuller Child Development Centers nominee for the prestigious “MEN WITH CARING HEARTS” Award. The nomination recognizes significant efforts of volunteerism and contributing to the mission and the overall quality of life in our community.

Congratulations high school graduates! You’ve worked hard to get here. These are common greetings this time of year, being said at thousands of high schools around the country. And yet, you have not chosen a common path. You could have chosen a bigger school, with lots of classmates and sports fields. You could have chosen a single curriculum instead of having to deal with two of them. And you’ve had to learn that with freedom comes responsibility, with choices comes consequences, and with success comes the obligations of tzedakah. Robert Frost once wrote about a symbolic fork in the road: “I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” So what is that difference? In just the years you’ve been in high school, we’ve seen people achieve spectacular success only to fall into even more spectacular disgrace. Along their path to success, they forgot these values. So I want to use a title for you far more valuable than just “high school graduate.” You may forget the math and history we’ve taught, but your Jewish values and heritage should stay with you throughout your lives. So I now give you even higher praise. Today, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, I declare each of you a “mensch.” Mensches all, Congratulations!

Leaders and Learners, continued, from previous page Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Scholarship Fund, the legacy of Jewish education continues. Most recently, Ms. Kaminow’s generosity as President of the Rosenblatt Foundation was recognized by the DKJA community at a milestone event: the Dedication Ceremony for the new home of the High School at DKJA. The ceremony took place following the Class of 2010 graduation. In the fall of 2009, upon completion of extensive renovation of the former Adolph and Rose Levis JCC Administrative Building, the High School at DKJA was relocated from portables to the main campus. The newly renovated building, which can accommodate 175 students in a state-of-the-art academic environment, is located directly adjacent to the DKJA Lower and Middle Schools. The renovation project was made possible through the generosity of the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation, and by Ms. Kaminow, who arranged for the truly magnanimous gift that enabled the dream to become a reality. A processional from Zinman Hall, where commencement exercises took place, to the newly renovated High School at DKJA symbolized a moment of celebration, a new beginning, and a legacy for future generations of leaders and learners. In keeping with the tradition of L’Dor VaDor (From Generation to Generation), Ms. Kaminow’s son, Mr. Louis R. Kaminow, addressed the Class of 2010 graduates with words of inspiration and encouragement, emphasizing the importance of seizing the opportunity to be successful leaders, As DKJA embarks upon its 31st year as a renowned Jewish community day school, with approximately 710 students from Jr. Kindergarten through 12th grade, the great leaders and learners will flourish. Kol Hakavod! *Of Blessed Memory

“Education without vision is like a present without a future.” — Quotation from Celebration of Education, Jewish Education Commission, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County


Annual Fund

Every Child Matters

Did you know that every dollar contributed to the Annual Fund makes an impact? Every dollar. Although you may be unable to write a check for thousands of dollars, or even $100, your gift — no matter the amount — helps the children of DKJA. Every dollar. For every gift made to DKJA in private contributions, countless children’s lives are touched — through sports, enrichment programs, technology, Judaic and general studies curriculum, trips to Israel, and the ability to provide resources and top-level teachers in our Jr. K-12 classrooms.

Your gift to the Annual Fund could provide: $18 — the cost per child of the first book of the Chumash that is provided to every DKJA second-grade student

$100 — the cost to provide an assistance grant for a sixth-grade student to attend the field trip to Orlando

$250 — the cost of a violin for the school Orchestra

$1,000 — the cost of a microscope for a science lab

$1,500 — the cost to provide one faculty member with an exceptional professional development opportunity


$2,500 — the cost to provide Mind Lab during the school day for third through sixth grade

$5,000 — the cost to send the Mind Lab team to compete in the 2011 Mind Olympics in Europe

$10,000 — the cost per year to maintain our

collaboration with the Morikami Museum $18,000 — the cost to provide one High School student and one Lower School student with tuition assistance grants equivalent to 50% of full tuition

$25,000 —

the cost to underwrite our annual school drama production

Every DKJA donor plays an important role in ensuring strength and continuity of Jewish Living, Learning, and Academic Achievement. Contact Mrs. Sharon Kamber, Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement, for information, at (561) 852-3317.

tech talk

Development Update By Sara Adler, Board of Trustees Development Chair

Welcome Back To School Summer is a magical season when our children have the opportunity to kick up their heels and dash head first into summer activities. For some, this may mean travel, summer camp or lazy days by the pool and summer nights catching fireflies. This summer, I took the opportunity to reflect upon the challenges and successes in the Development Office. Last year, the DKJA Annual Fund raised over $1.1million. This success was accomplished under the leadership of Jill Galel, Annual Fund Chair, and is a testament to our many dedicated volunteers and donors. The Office of Development and I applaud those whose vision and commitment have enabled DKJA to thrive and flourish over the past 30 years. It is because of your dedication and overwhelming support that DKJA has become an internationally recognized educational institution of excellence. One example of the leadership displayed this past year was the Board of Trustees Challenge. In May, to assist the Annual Fund with meeting its goal, a challenge was presented to the Board of Trustees by visionary leader and benefactor Ms. Linda R. Kaminow. An additional $52,500 was contributed by the Board of Trustees, Administration and staff/ faculty, which was matched dollar for dollar by Ms. Kaminow, for a total of $105,000. These funds were then put out as a challenge to our parents, alumni and community members, who also responded with unprecedented generosity. The children of DKJA

appreciate the support of all of our constituencies. Looking ahead to this year, I am excited about the newly implemented changes in the Office of Development. I am honored to work with Mrs. Sharon Kamber in her new role as Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement. For the past 20 years she has worked tirelessly on behalf of

“Act while you can: while you have the chance, the means, and strength.”­­­

— Talmud; Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 151b

the children of DKJA. In addition, I am pleased to inform you that the Development Committee has become a standing committee of the Board of Trustees. The mission of the committee has not changed, and it will continue to oversee the fundraising activities of all groups within DKJA, such as the PTO, Eagles Athletics Booster Club, Friends of the Arts, and all other fundraising for our school. The Annual Fund Goal for 2010 - 2011 is $1.25 million. We look forward to your continuing support. Your gift at any level will help ensure continued accessibility to DKJA and the internationally renowned Jewish Day School education of which we are so proud.

By Janice Odesnik, Director of Technology

Editor’s Note: The students of DKJA benefit daily from the Claire & Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Technology Program K-12. Implementation of the program was made possible through the generosity of magnanimous Benefactor Ms. Linda R. Kaminow, who arranged for a much-appreciated gift from the Rosenblatt Foundation to DKJA in honor of her parents. This gift has enabled our school to become a leader in technology. DKJA was the first SMART BoardTM Showcase School in Florida. It is with much pride and satisfaction that I reflect upon our success in technology at DKJA. At DKJA, we are constantly striving to be technology leaders as we encounter the multitude of resources and innovations in the world of technology that change almost on a daily basis. It is our job as educators to discover what is required Mrs. Holley Stabler, to fully Mrs. Janice Odesnik, and Mrs. Francine develop Safdeye at the ISTE and Conference. challenge the 21st century learner, a very different student who now not only needs to absorb and retain knowledge, but also needs to learn how to ask the right questions, and more importantly, find the answers that are at their fingertips within seconds, anywhere, anytime. Guiding our students, staff, and faculty is a dynamic team of Technology Integrators, led by Mrs. Holley Stabler Continued on next page


TECH TALK, continued from page 15

and comprised of Mrs. Amy Kamber, Mrs. Alyssa List, Mrs. Liat Luel, Mr. Michael Luetjen, Mrs. Marci Muench, Mr. Amer Randell, Mrs. Ronit Rosenberg, and Mr. Robin Spencer. This team of innovators continues to train and support the faculty by researching and introducing many new technology Web 2.0 tools, which in turn are integrated into the curriculum. Additionally, thanks to a partnership grant (awarded by the Avi Chai Foundation) between DKJA, Hillel Day School and Weinbaum Yeshiva High School), DKJA will benefit from the resources of a talented and innovative Technology Integrator, Mrs. Francine Safdeye. She has introduced a wealth of technology knowledge and expertise to both our Administration and faculty, and continues to inspire with new ideas and resources. She will be working closely with the faculty this year as an exciting pilot project is

introduced: creation of Digital Portfolios for our students. Students will be able to grow and expand upon their years spent at DKJA through this remarkable tool. Mrs. Safdeye, Mrs. Stabler and I recently attended the annual International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2010 National Technology conference in Denver, Colorado, along with 18,000 fellow administrators, technology integrators, and teachers from throughout the world. DKJA was well-represented, and the knowledge acquired will be shared for the benefit of our students and the entire DKJA school community. The innovations in technology at DKJA would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our “Tech Team”: Mr. Jorge Cobo, Mr. Douglas Mascunana, Mrs. Nancy Bailin, and Mrs. Julie Baker. The Technology Department looks forward to a challenging, enriching year.

Exciting Technology news continues on page 22.

2009–2010 Annual Report of Gifts Special Friends of DKJA

Linda R. Kaminow Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation Donna Klein Jewish Academy is proud to recognize the commitment and generosity of Ms. Linda R. Kaminow and the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation by designating them as “Special Friends of DKJA.” They stand in a category alone for their continuing visionary leadership and extraordinary support of our school. To date, their combined contributions total over $3 million in support of DKJA students and programs.



hank you to all of our generous donors. It is because of your dedication and overwhelming support of our Annual Fund, events, and programs that Donna Klein Jewish Academy has become a school of excellence. DKJA offers a challenging general and Judaic studies academic program integrated with the arts, technology, and athletics from Jr. Kindergarten through twelfth grade. DKJA prepares students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world, committed to Jewish values and lifelong learning. We could not excel without your support and generosity.

DONNA KLEIN JEWISH ACADEMY LEADERSHIP COUNCIL Quarter Century Circle Ms. Shelley Blick DKJA PTO Mr. and Mrs. Steven Elias Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Greenberg Mr. Robert Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobsohn

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Krancer Mr. and Mrs. Lothar Mayer Mr. Jeffrey Sandelman/ Sandelman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Allan Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Weiss Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Zafran Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Zeff

President’s Circle

Founders’ Circle

$25,000 and over

$18,000 - $24,999 Dr. and Mrs. Howard Adler Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Abner Levine

Head of School’s Circle

$10,000 - $17,999 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Beckerman Drs. David and Sharon Buchalter

$5,000 - $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Friedberg Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Golden Dr. and Mrs. Edward Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lipson Dr. and Mrs. Eric S. Markman Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. David Morse Ms. Stephanie Owitz Dr. and Mrs. David Schimel

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Seltzer Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Silver Dr. and Mrs. Avram Smukler Mrs. Ruth Taubman Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Wexelman

Partners’ Circle

$2,500 - $4,999 Mr. Hanan Ben-Avi and Mrs. Alyssa Cohen Ben-Avi Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Butters Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Feller Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Gelb Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldman Dr. and Mrs. Johnathan C. Greenfield Harry Kramer Memorial Fund Mrs. Aline Jacobsohn Kawa Orthodontics Mr. and Mrs. Scott Darryl Krevans Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Lazarus Dr. Barry Mesch/ Caryl Mesch Memorial Fund Dr. and Mrs. David P. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. James Spooner Surge Electronic Media Group/ Mr. Howard and Dr. Marjorie Widensky Ms. Myriam Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Wijnperle Mr. Jerome Wolens Mr. Adam Zebersky


$1,000 - $2,499 Adolph & Rose Levis JCC Mr. and Mrs. Alan Altschuler Mr. and Mrs. Craig Steven Bagon Mrs. Barbara Bernheim and Family Butters Construction and Development, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Butters Mrs. Judith Chason Dr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Karl Enselberg Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Frager Mr. and Mrs. Yoram Galel Mr. and Mrs. Glen Golish Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Grabelsky Dr. and Mrs. David Gross Mrs. Dorothy Halperin Drs. Lawrence and Shari Hier Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Joselowitz Mr. Dov Kagan Ms. Yael Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kamber Mr. and Mrs. Gil Kanter Dr. and Mrs. Steven Katz Mr. and Mrs. Hersh Korsunsky Land Design South

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael Leder Rabbi and Mrs. Daniel Levin Temple Beth El Levine & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Levine Mr. Richard D. Levy Mr. Eric Lipson Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lipson Dr. and Mrs. Adam Mandel Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melcer Dr. and Mrs. Max Millard Mr. and Mrs. Monte Nathanson National Junior Honor Society, DKJA Chapter The One to One Group Dr. and Mrs. Brad Oren Dr. and Mrs. Seth Paul Ms. Carolyn Pinchevsky Mr. and Mrs. Jean Polack Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Queen Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg Drs. Clive and Vivienne Rosenbusch Drs. Andrew and Jill Rosenthal Mrs. Elinor Rosenthal Ms. Jan Savarick Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scher Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schermer Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Siemens Siemens Group Realty Silver Management Company Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slakman Solomon Schechter Day School of Palm Beach County Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Turetsky VisionCare Unlimited Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Wiser Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Zedeck


$500 - $999 Anonymous Anshei Emuna Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. William S. Bernstein Boardwalk Productions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Feigenbaum Mr. and Mrs. David Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Henri Galel Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gross Ms. Phyllis Gutmann Mr. Edward Hirschberg Jewish Heritage Day Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kranitz Dr. and Mrs. Jan Warren Kronish Mr. and Mrs. Julian Leinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leipzig Mr. and Mrs. Paul Levine

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Lobovits Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Louis Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Man Mr. Alan Mates Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mishkin Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Nagle Dr. and Mrs. Mark Oren Dr. and Mrs. Aryeh J. Pessah Mrs. Cecelia Platnick Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reise Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roth Ms. Ellen Sarnoff Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Jason Silberstein Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Starr Dr. and Mrs. Steven Aaron Stein Target Field Trip Grants Program Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Weinstein Dr. and Mrs. Peter Wohlgemuth Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Zeuner Mr. Michael Zimmerman and Cantor Elaine Shapiro


$250 - $499 Mr. Jason Adler and Ms. Mandee Heller-Adler Mr. Leonard Adler Dr. and Mrs. David Alboukrek Mr. and Mrs. Roy Apple Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Evan Appleton Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Bailin Dr. and Mrs. Alan Bank Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bard Blue Star Camps Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bobick Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Bobrow Boca Entertainment Group Camp Chipinaw Drs. Kevin Chaitoff and Jamie Shore Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dable DKJA Class 4-219 Sacha Ducrocq Dunkin’ Donuts/Scott Ball Mr. Bernard Ettinger Mr. and Mrs. Barry Field Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fixler Dr. and Mrs. Mark Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Alan Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gray Mr. and Mrs. Steve Greenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Greenfield Mr. Andrew Gross and Ms. Lainie Simon Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. it events Ms. Marianne Jacobs Mr. Stanley Jacobs, Jr. and Dr. Janice Jacobs


Pictured: Honorary Gala Chair Ms. Linda R. Kaminow, Head of School Mrs. Karen Feller, and 26th Annual Gala Chairs Mr. and Mrs. Yori and Jill Galel. At the Benefit Ball, Mrs. Feller was honored with the Linda R. Kaminow Visionary Leadership Award. Special appreciation is extended to event Sponsor Boca Entertainment/Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Lynne Goldberg; and to Exclusive Media Sponsor THE BOCA RATON OBSERVER/Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Linda Behmoiras. Mr. and Mrs. Carey Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Hal Klein Mr. and Mrs. Elliot S. Koolik Ms. Helga Koppel Captain and Mrs. Lawrence Krukin Mr. and Mrs. Arie Levit Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Linz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gary Lubinsky Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moed Dr. and Mrs. Jay Peitzer The Honorable Israel Rubin and Mrs. Roslyn Rubin Dr. and Mrs. S. Daniel Salama Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Schlissel Dr. and Mrs. John Schosheim Mr. and Mrs. Brahm and Elana Scoler Dr. and Mrs. Lee Shaffer Dr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Silverman Target Corporation Mrs. Claire L. Widensky Mr. and Mrs. Marc Wigder Young Israel of Deerfield Beach Drs. Michael Zukowsky and Mindy Shafer


Up to $249

Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Abbo Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School


Ms. Charlotte Abramson Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Abramson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adams Ms. Beatrice Adelman Alexander, Emily, and Aaron Adler Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Adler Mrs. Donna Albaum Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Albert Mr. and Mrs. Ted Anderer Ms. Nora Anderson Mr. Shaun Apelker and Mrs. Nava Jerassy-Apelker Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Archer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Arenstein Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lawrence Baker Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balfan Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Ball Mrs. Dawn Ballinger Ms. Diane P. Basin Mrs. Carolyn Bass Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Behmoiras Mr. and Mrs. Arnon H. BenShlomo Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Berez Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi Berkson Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berlin Drs. Seth and Rona Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Zoltan Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Mario Bick Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bieder Mr. Harry Bleiberg

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Blumenthal Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bricker Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Burns Mrs. Betty Busch Mr. Serge Butman and Mrs. Shireen Deen-Butman Ms. Rochelle Cassuto Dr. and Mrs. Mark Cohan Dr. and Mrs. Brian Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Erik Cohen Mr. Joshua Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Abner Correa Rabbi and Mrs. Donald Crain Dr. and Mrs. Yoram Dahav Mr. and Mrs. Lior Dahoah Dr. Barbara Davis Mr. Eugene Davis Mr. and Mrs. Steven Davis Drs. Scott and Yvonne Demsky Mr. Mark Dern Mrs. Rena Dern Diamond Productions, Inc. DKJA Kindergarten Team Mrs. Carol-Lee Dolnick Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dyhouse Ms. Stacy Michelle Einhorn Ms. Robin Eisenberg RJE Mr. and Mrs. Yoram Elkarif Mr. and Mrs. Jack Engel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Epstein Mrs. Jean Feinman Mr. Steven Feinman Ms. Cheryl Feinman Mr. and Mrs. Scott Michael Feller Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fils Mr. and Mrs. William B. Fine Mr. and Mrs. Ron Finegold Mr. Jerome Firsty Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Fischer Mrs. Tova Fischtein Mr. and Mrs. Josef Fixler Ms. Melinda Forrester Mrs. Pamela Foti Dr. and Mrs. Alan Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fried Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fried Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raphael Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Miles Gans Ms. Naama Gavish Eales Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Germansky Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gerstin Mrs. Judith Ginsburg Mr. Joel M. Glickman Ms. Doris Gold Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gold Mr. and Mrs. Marty Goldberg

Mr. Steven Goldberg and Ms. Susanne Lynn Mandel Ms. Cheryl Golden Mr. and Mrs. Eric Goldman Ms. Lynn Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goldman Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Goodman Mr. Robert Gosselin and Mrs. Annie Revah Ms. Sophie Gottesfeld Dr. and Mrs. Ellis Gottesfeld Ms. Cindy Gray Mr. and Mrs. Howard Green Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Greenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Greenberg Mrs. Harriet Gross Mr. Victor Gross Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Gurspan Mr. Wallace Gurspan Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hamuy Mr. and Mrs. Larry Handler Drs. Joseph and Joan Harris Mrs. Paula Harris Ms. Danielle Hartman Ms. Ronni Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Eytan Hartung Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Heilweil Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holtzman Mr. Warren Holtzman Mr. and Mrs. Adam Holzhauer Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nathan Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hurst Ms. Marcy Hyman Rabbi Barry Ingber Ms. Vivian Izsack Ms. Cathy Jackson Mrs. Barbara Jacobs Mr. Stanley Jacobs and Ms. Dorothy Siggia Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Jordan Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Joseph Mrs. Jerlene Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Harry George Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Seth Kamber Dr. and Mrs. Harold Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Katz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Katz Mr. Zach Kaufmann and Mrs. Yael Pollak Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul Kazinec Ms. Marilyn Kehlmann Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Keyes Mr. James and Dr. Suzanne Khalil Mr. and Mrs. Martin Klafter Mrs. Penny Klombers Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kofsky Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kolsky Mr. and Mrs. Juris Krasts Mrs. Selma La Payover Dr. Michelle Larocque Dr. Marc Leeds and Dr. Saralyn Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lerner Mr. Charles Ira Lesser Mr. and Mrs. Shay Lev Mr. Brian LeVerrier and Ms. Sue Maher Drs. Leonard and Myra Levick Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Levin Mrs. Jean Levy Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lewitter Mr. and Mrs. Barry Liebowitz Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Liebowitz Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brian Linden Ms. Francesca Littman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowenfish Mrs. Sydelle Luftman Mahogany Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Salomon Maikhor Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Marcovich Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Nikolin Marini Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Marks Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mart Dr. and Mrs. Barry I. Matza Ms. Nicolette Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Naor Melamed Mr. Bruce Mendelsohn and Dr. Heather Thompson Mrs. Charon Mendelson Mrs. and Mrs. Avi Mesch Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Mr. and Mrs. Earle Moore Mr. Isadore Moore Mr. and Mrs. Alex Morgenstern Mr. and Mrs. Simon Motola Mr. and Mrs. Warren Muench Mr. Diego Munoz and Mrs. Nancy Ulloa Ms. Cathleen C. Musicant Mr. Jay Mussman Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Nachimovsky Mr. and Mrs. Allen Nachman Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nakdimon Ms. Jane E. Neubauer Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Newman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nimhauser Mrs. Elice Nissman Ms. Blanche Noyes Mr. and Mrs. Harold Odesnik Mr. Howard Olshansky Mr. and Mrs. David Orshan Mrs. Dorothy Osheroff Mr. Al Passoff and Ms. Susan Ostrow Mrs. Blanche Passen Mrs. Janice Pearlman Mrs. Natalie Pelavin Josef, Eitan, and Bat-Ella Pessah Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Picker Mr. and Mrs. Si Picker Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pinchevsky Mrs. Mia Plotsker Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Polofsky

Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day Chairpersons Mr. and Mrs. Lothar and Carlyn Mayer. Not pictured: Parent Chair Ms. Nicolette Mayer and Volunteer Chairs Mrs. Hava Holzhauer, Mrs. Julie Weinstein, and Mrs. Corin Wiser. Dr. Murray J. Pozner Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabinowitz Mr. David John Rachelson and Mrs. Esther Sapell Rachelson Mr. and Mrs. Amir Radberg Mrs. Muriel Raynor Mr. and Mrs. Alan Refaeli Mrs. Jessica Rinaldi Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Robbins Ms. Teri Robbins Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Rosenblatt Mrs. Bertha Rosenfield Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rosenholtz Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Roth Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Routman Mr. and Mrs. Marc Ruben Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rubinstein Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rudo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sadia Drs. Aharon and Candice Sareli Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Sasko Mr. and Mrs. Michael Satisky Mr. Julian Schechter Ms. Debra Scheiber Ms. Stephanie Schoenberger Mr. and Mrs. Barry Scholnik


Ms. Mary Schulte Mrs. Anita Schwartz Ms. Lois Seiden Shalom School Mrs. Carol Shamberger Mrs. Jackie Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sheridan Mr. and Ms. Richard Sherman Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Sherry Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shtrax Ms. Dina Siegal Mr. and Mrs. Craig Alan Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Sig Silberstein Mr. and Mrs. Harold Silen Dr. and Mrs. Craig S. Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sobel Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sobel Mrs. Delores Solomon Mr. Gary Solomon Mr. Danny Spandau and Ms. Andrea Shwartzer Mr. Robin A. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stein Mrs. Elaine Stein Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stein Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Stiel Mr. and Mrs. Syd Strausberg Ms. Kim B. Strobis Mrs. Lila Subotky Mr. David Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Art Tarchis Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Amit Tirosh Mr. David B Trell Mr. and Mrs. David Trevino Ms. Ethel Tunis Ms. Barbara Ungarten Mr. Jared Ungarten Ms. Leah Ungarten Mr. and Mrs. Elias Vlessing Mr. Jorge Sergio Volinsky and Mrs. Silvina Chemerinski Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program Ms. Jeanette Wayne Mr. and Mrs. Alan Weill Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Weiss Dr. Leon and Mrs. Toni Weissberg Ms. Emily Weston Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. David Winter Mr. and Mrs. Irving Wishner Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Witztum Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wohl Mrs. Arlene Wolk Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Yospe Mr. and Mrs. Craig Franklyn Zeuner


Mr. David Zilberman and Ms. Gina Cayne Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zimmerman

Capital Campaign Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Greenberg Ms. Linda R. Kaminow Mr. and Mrs. Jean Polack Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt*

Grandparents’ 20 Chai Society Grandparents who have made an Annual Fund Gift of $360 or more Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Baker Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Beer Judge and Mrs. Norman Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Phil Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Butters Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chosid Mr. and Ms. Arnold Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Dubs Mr. and Mrs. Sy Entin Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Feigenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Feller Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Figler Mr. and Mrs. William B Fine Mr. and Mrs. Henri Galel Mr. Edward Golden Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Goldman Mrs. Noreen Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greenfield

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gross Mr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Isan Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobsohn Mrs. Aline Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kamber Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stanley Kessner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klein Mr. and Mrs. Steven Howard Kranitz Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Krosser Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Leder Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leipzig Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Levy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lipson Mr. and Mrs. Lothar Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melcer Mr. and Mrs. Max Meyer Dr. and Mrs. Max Millard Mr. and Mrs. Allan Miller Mr. and Mrs. Monte Nathanson Mr. Donald Onimus Dr. and Mrs. Mark Oren Mr. and Mrs. Jean Polack Mr. and Mrs. Lorence Queen Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seidemann Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Clive Sher Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slakman Mr. and Mrs. Allan Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Wexler Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wigder and Mrs. Lorraine P. Wolch Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Yudell Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Zeuner *Of Blessed Memory

Listings include gifts to the Karen Feller Scholarship Fund and the Marni Zebersky Kindergarten Scholarship Fund.

Donna Klein Jewish Academy Endowed Funds Endowment Funds for Eighth Grade Awards

Endowment Funds for Scholarship

Additional Endowment Funds

Jean Rozefsky Buchman & Nathan Buchman Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts

DKJA Scholarship Field of Interest Fund

Chason Family Fund

DKJA Scholarship Fund #2

Library Fund in Memory of Julius Fleischer

Esther Ellman Scholarship Fund

Project Care Fund

Ira L. Futeran Scholarship Fund

DKJA PTO Teacher Recognition Fund

Victor Gross Scholarship Fund for Academic Achievement

The Owitz Greenberg Chesed Fund for Family Assistance

Abraham & Ruth Hases Scholarship Fund

Eleanor & Irving Jaffe Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Nathan & Jean Buchman/Charles Okun* Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Sciences Linda Halperin Clouse & Barry Minkin Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music & the Arts Maurice* & Dorothy Halperin Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Science Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in English Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hebrew Marilyn & Hyman I. Kones President’s Award for Outstanding Citizenship Lenner Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education May & Les Lesley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Midot Tovot Marcus Family Award for Outstanding Achievement for Acts of Tzedakah

William & Harriet Margolis Scholarship Fund Norman & Selma Maslow Scholarship Fund Howard & Anita Schaeffer Scholarship Fund

Capital Fund

Lana Marks Endowment Fund Arnold Rosenthal Library Fund

Marion Shulman Scholarship Fund

Eleanore Rukin* Fund for the Learning Resource Center

Arthur & Shirley Siegel Scholarship Fund

Harold* & Julia* K. Segall Memorial Fund

Marshall Sigel Scholarship Fund

Solomon & Rose Turetsky Teacher Award Fund

Solomon & Rose Turetsky Tuition Assistance Fund

*Of Blessed Memory

Dr. David & Ruth Wollowick Scholarship Fund Claire Pastor Zachian Scholarship Fund Rabbi Nathan & Jeanette Zelizer Education Scholarship Fund

Heather & Max Millard Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing

Tribute Cards

Pearl Roth Pfeffer Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurial Service

Show a friend or loved one that you care by sending a DKJA Tribute Card. DKJA Tribute Cards are the ideal way to send an expression of sympathy, or a get-well message; recognize a birthday, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, or birth; and to honor a teacher or acknowledge another special occasion while supporting our school.

Sandelman Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Fanny* & Izick* Sherman Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Torah Spooner Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Athletics

For Tributes, call (561) 852-5007 or send e-mail to Please note: a minimum gift of $18 is suggested. For your convenience, the Development Office will gladly bill you quarterly.

As my father planted for me, so shall I plant for my children.

­­— Talmud


The Leaders & Learners of


High School welcomes newly enhanced iMac computer lab Thanks to generous funding from the Rosenblatt Foundation arranged by Ms. Linda R. Kaminow, the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Technology Program K-12 will soon include a state-of-the-art computer lab equipped with 10 Apple iMac workstations in the High School at DKJA. Benefits of this expansion will accomplish the following:

Enhance the existing technology curriculum Provide opportunities for students to learn and augment their video production, video editing, and digital photography/graphic design skills

Update the wireless infrastructure of the school, enabling improved technology integration in the classroom

Great Happens



The Legacy Continues DKJA Introduces Mind, Body & Soul Adult Education Program Lifelong learning is an attribute that we as a Jewish people are very proud to perpetuate. DKJA is pleased to announce the introduction of the Mind, Body & Soul Adult Education Program. Parents, grandparents, friends, and community members will have the opportunity to learn about and participate in enriching programs. Mind, Body & Soul will commence following the High Holy Days. The program will offer many opportunities to begin the New Year with a refreshing, enlightening array of offerings. Four-week courses will be available, as well as the opportunity to “drop-in” for singlesession programs. All programs will be offered for a fee. Parenting/grandparenting classes, Hebrew for readers at beginning and intermediate levels, Israeli dancing, and Jewish rituals/customs will be among the presented classes. Send your comments to We look forward to learning together!

Artwork by DKJA student Jordan Clewner

Shanah Tovah

Lesley Zafran President, Board of Trustees

Robin Friedman & Julie Weinstein DKJA PTO Presidents

Karen Feller DKJA Head of School

Opportunities are available to underwrite the Mind, Body & Soul Adult Education Program. Please call Mrs. Sharon Kamber at (561) 852-3317 for further information.

Count among your blessings the richness of our heritage. May all your prayers be fulfilled for a year of good health and prosperity in a world of peace. ­

Shanah Tovah The Donna Klein Jewish Academy Family

Donna Klein Jewish Academy

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit #871 Boca Raton, Florida

A Jr. K-12 Jewish Community Day School 9701 Donna Klein Blvd. Boca Raton, Florida 33428-1754

Alumni News & Notes

Matthew Rosen ’03 (eighth grade) currently attends the University of Miami and works as a professional cartoonist and illustrator. He is a regular contributor to the opinion page of The Miami Hurricane, the UM student newspaper. He attributes his love of art to the foundation he received in Mrs. Carol Routman’s Middle School art classes, and he hopes to inspire future artists to pursue their talents!

The Kolainu magazine is produced by the Communications Department. For information, call (561) 558-2122 or e-mail Proud Member of

Seth Green ’06 graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2010 summa cum laude. He now attends law school at the University of Florida. While at UCF, Seth was recognized for outstanding community service. He is the founder of Knight Riders, an organization of volunteer students that assists fellow students with a means to arrive home from parties and events safely to deter accidents related to driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Booster Club Casino Night Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011 Post-Shabbat

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PTO Gift Boutique Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Zinman Hall

Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day Friday, Feb. 18, 2011 (2 sessions) DKJA Campus

Fifth Annual Tennis Extravaganza Monday, Nov. 15, 2010 9:30 a.m. - Broken Sound


Benefit Ball & Auction Saturday, March 12, 2011 Post-Shabbat - Polo Club

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