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21st Century Learners

Technology, innovation, and the quest for knowledge

Donna Klein Jewish Academy Head of School Karen Feller

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Kolainu / Winter 2013

On The Cover: Studying as Guardians of the Earth: Shomrei HaAdamah Donna Klein Jewish Academy launched an exciting new program in the Fall of 2012 to teach students of all grade levels about the deep interconnections between Judaism and environmentalism: Shomrei HaAdamah (Guardians of the Earth). The goal of this initiative is to sensitize the students of DKJA to their natural world and to foster an appreciation of the Earth’s connection to their Jewish practices and holidays. Spearheaded by parent-volunteer and Coordinator of Sustainability Mrs. Jennifer Barenholtz, and under the direction of the school’s Administration, the program integrates environmental science within the general and Judaic studies curriculum. Shown here are MS Science Teacher Mrs. Holley Stabler with Daniel Ardity and Roey Beniluz as they scan student-created QR (Quick Response) codes using an iPad to gather information about herbs and vegetables growing in the Shomrei HaAdamah Garden. Photo Credit: Jane Neubauer Black

MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES PRESIDENT The enemy of good is great. An odd phrase on first sight, but very wise – there is danger in believing you are “great” because you stop thinking how to be better! With that in mind, I am delighted that our DKJA Board of Trustees has commissioned an institutional plan under the able leadership of trustee Mr. Jeffrey L. Klein and consultant Mrs. Christina Drouin, Executive Director of the Center of Strategic Planning. DKJA is determined to continuously and vigilantly pursue excellence in every area – not to rest on what we have already accomplished, although that has already positioned us as a leading community day school both nationally and abroad. The survey we asked you to complete in mid-December is now being analyzed and will be used in conjunction with other research data so that our strategic planning committee can decide upon the driving areas of focus. Our school was born in 1979, and the world has changed in so many ways since then. I am incredibly proud that DKJA has changed right along with those times, going from 50 students in grades 1 through 6 to almost 700 students in Junior Kindergarten through grade 12. Our strategic plan will ensure that DKJA both understands and can successfully meet the challenges of both the present and the future. On Monday, March 11, 2013, DKJA constituents will have the chance to learn about this work, and to discuss and comment on it when we host our Visioning Day event. Invitations will be in the mail shortly! The year 2013 has officially begun, and our “good” work continues. May it be a thriving, happy, and healthy one for our entire community. B’Shalom,

Lesley Zafran President of the Board of Trustees

MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL What an exciting year we’ve had...and continue to anticipate. Since we last published the Kolainu magazine, many wonderful milestones have been reached. The cover of this publication illustrates one of the accomplishments that globally demonstrates who we are: Guardians of the Earth. (Please turn to page 6 to read about the amazing Highlights & Happenings of which we are so proud.) The Shomrei HaAdamah Garden ribbon cutting was held this Fall, truly bringing the importance of sustainability to every aspect of DKJA. Not only will our 21st century learners gain invaluable knowledge about the connections between nature and agriculture to Jewish study, but they will, in hands-on lessons, broaden their knowledge in the areas of technology, Judaic studies, farming, and responsibility for their planet. The Board and Administration were proud to announce the appointment of DKJA parent volunteer Mrs. Jennifer Barenholtz as Coordinator of Sustainability. The curriculum integration aspect of the project encompasses students in all grades, from Kindergartners to High School seniors under the direction of DKJA Science Department Mrs. Chair Lauren Jordan, and through the generosity of Benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Isaac and Genevieve Menaged, DKJA parents. “My role as the Coordinator of Sustainability gives me the opportunity to share my passion for children’s environmental health and education. By the ‘greening’ of our school, the students will see and experience, through a Jewish and secular lens, how to be stewards of the Earth,” says Mrs. Barenholtz, pictured with children Nadiv and Tova. “Students are going to learn about how our day-to-day actions have an impact, and how small changes can make a difference. Simple things mean so much, like reducing waste, recycling and lowering our energy usage, understanding where our food comes from, and learning to make healthy food choices. They are are so important.” “Going green” has never been more relevant. Our initiative encompasses science-based environmental and civic education in the classroom, implementing healthy food choices in the cafeteria, and giving students a better understanding of why being environmentally conscious matters in the long run. By actually living, studying, and seeing it every day, students have the opportunity to critically think about and apply solutions toward a sustainable future. We look forward to this exciting journey.

The Torah is our life and the length of our days­

Karen Feller Head of School

— Akiba in Talmud

Kolainu / Winter 2013


Then & Now

More than a school - a family

Mentor Moments

a little inspiration goes a long way

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?” A question most encounter at some time or another seems to be even more prevalent at DKJA. In this feature, we share a few anecdotes about how we really are one big mishpacha (family). Daniel Schiff in a recent photo in Lugano, Switzerland, his current home.


A teacher for every generation

Former Hillel School of Tampa student Daniel Schiff always knew there was a deep connection between him and Mrs. Karen Feller. Prior to joining DKJA, Mrs. Feller was the school’s Principal.

By Tanya Miller, DKJA Parent and former student of Head of School Mrs. Karen Feller

“It was a nurturing community, much like DKJA, where teachers were also mentors, friends, and coaches. My friends from Middle School are still the friends I seek out to get together with when I return home,” says Danny.

In the fall of 2002, my family moved to South Florida from Arizona. My husband, Bill, had a business opportunity in Delray Beach, and all of his family lived in Boca. Our daughter Romy was three, and our son Ben was nine weeks old. Bill and I enrolled Romy in the Levis JCC Zale Preschool. I soon came to realize that DKJA was also housed on the same campus. I grew up in California and attended the San Diego Jewish Academy, which had a profound impact on my life.

Pages from the past...Top: Mrs. Feller with Tanya Miller. Below, Mrs. Feller and inset, Tanya (Pollak) in yearbook photos from San Diego Jewish Academy.

My hope was that one day, my own children would have the same experience. As I inquired about DKJA, I learned that Mrs. Karen Feller was Head of School. I immediately smiled, as I fondly remembered a Karen Feller that I once knew. I wondered, could it be the same Karen Feller that had been my second-grade teacher at the San Diego Jewish Academy? I decided to visit her office and introduce myself. Instantly, we both recognized each other. She looked the same to me as she had 20 years before, and she recognized me too. She recalled my name and remembered me as a 7-year-old girl with pig tails and chubby cheeks. I will always cherish the happy memories of an extremely caring teacher, one who was kind to her students. I remember her holding a clip board at our walk-a-thon and cheering the students on as she tallied our laps. I remember a teacher that cared so much about her students that after 20 years, I wasn’t just a former student, but remembered by my name! After reacquainting myself with Mrs. Feller, I realized how much it was “meant to be” (beshert) that my children (fourth generation descendants of Holocaust survivors) are exposed to Jewish Day School education. Under Mrs. Feller’s leadership DKJA has set an incredible Jewish foundation for my children and is an excellent academic environment. It gives me great comfort having had Mrs. Feller as my second-grade teacher, and now having her as the Head of my children’s school. From my generation to my children’s, she has been a positive influence both as an educator, and as a friend. For that, I am truly grateful.


Kolainu / Winter 2013

“When I came across the opening for a math teacher at DKJA, I was invited to Boca Raton for an interview and to teach a sample lesson,” he recalls, “I couldn’t have been more nervous. I had taught English the previous year in Tokyo, and apart from student teaching at the University of Florida, had no in-class experience. When Mrs. Feller and HS Math Department Chair Mrs. Illana Joseph were in the classroom as I taught my sample lesson on matrix operations, I was nervous and excited. I was hired and had a wonderful year at DKJA. I look back fondly as I grew to be a better teacher and had more personal independence after college and in my current career. “Coaching the Middle School boys basketball team and playing frisbee on Friday afternoons are some of the fondest memories from my short time at DKJA. Working for my former Middle School principal was a great honor, and my appreciation for the start to my career in education is immense.”

lost touch and I hadn’t seen him in many years, little about his personality has changed. Today, as always, he is talented, hardworking, and unassuming.”

L’Dor VaDor...

Sharing a passion for teaching & learning

When Rabbi Tzvi Berkson, Principal of Middle and High School Judaic Studies, passes through the hallways bustling with energetic students, he sometimes must remind himself of the changing dynamic right before his eyes That’s because amidst the pupils carrying books, notebooks, and even sports gear as they meander through the corridors is a face that is very familiar to him — ­ that of former student, and now colleague, Mr. Jeremy Weber. Mr. Weber, eighth-grade math teacher and championship MS flag football coach, joined DKJA this year, but he is no stranger to Jewish Day School. He formerly was a student of Rabbi Berkson’s at The Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School in North Miami Beach. Rabbi Berkson’s fond memories of Mr. Weber’s family are apparent. “Jeremy’s mom, Mrs. Jill Weber, also a respected math instructor, and his older brother, Ross, a leading high school athlete, were prominent figures on the Upper School campus. Jeremy followed closely in their footsteps. Everyone regarded the entire Weber family as dedicated and full of school spirit,” says Rabbi Berkson. “In the teacher’s lounge, Mrs. Weber was always kvelling over her boys. Jeremy always tried his best in my class, and he strived to keep his mom happy and proud. I remember Jeremy as the shy one. Actually, he was more humble than shy. In fact, although we

His affinity for athletics continues, but his passion for enhancing bright young minds is his primary focus. “Throughout my life, sports have played a very important role. Growing up, Rabbi Berkson would hear all about my soccer tournaments from my mother,” says Mr. Weber. “As a student in Rabbi Berkson’s seventh-grade Chumash class, he once gave an assignment requiring students to create a personal seder plate representative of our own lives. For the project, I put a miniature football and soccer ball in the center of the seder plate to represent the center of my inspiration. Ten years later, I would not necessarily put sports as the center of my life, but Above: Mr. Jeremy Weber holding the they still play a major role. With this “Improvement in in mind, in my coaching, I include Chumash” certifiways to inspire and motivate.” cate he received as Editor’s Note: Mr. Weber also was art teacher Mrs. Carol Routman’s student. He still uses the honey pot that he made for Rosh Hashanah in her second grade class!

a student of Rabbi Tzvi Berkson’s. Inset, the DKJA Championship MS flag football team, coached by Mr. Weber.

One Big

Lower School

It seems cliché to say, “it’s such a small world,” because paths often cross in many unusual ways. However, that’s truly the case at DKJA. Quite often, the words “welcome back” are heard among the DKJA extended family.

Kindergartners in Ms. Melinda Forrester’s class are actually teaching a thing or two to their newest instructor: alumna (’09) Barbara Ungarten, who has returned to the campus in a new role. Pursuing her college degree in elementary education from the University of Central Florida, Barbara, who attended DKJA from Kindergarten through grade 12, is glad to be back at her “home away from home” as a student teacher.

Extended family

Alumna (’04) Charlie Beth Goodman (pictured above with MS art teacher Mrs. Carol Routman) has re-joined the school community, this time in the role of substitute teacher and MS art volunteer. Ms. Goodman is a recent University of Central Florida graduate who is on her way to studying at Florida Atlantic University for her master’s degree in education. “I am impressed that so many of my teachers were here to welcome me back. It really is an extended family,” she says with a big smile.

and beyond!

Barbara Ungarten, teacher Ms. Melinda Forrester and Lower School Principal Mrs. Hilary Arenstein.

THEN AND NOW, continues on page 11

Kolainu / Winter 2013


Highlights & HAPPENINGS

Lights! Camera! Action! DKJA Is A Winner School Receives Third Place Award in AVI CHAI Day School Academy Video Contest Documenting DKJA’s school story on video has become a little easier, thanks to the school placing third in the AVI CHAI Foundation’s Day School Video Academy online video contest in 2012. DKJA earned a prize of $2,500 in video equipment for a two-minute online video it created, based on the prompt: How does your school prepare its students to be lifelong learners? Called Leadership at DKJA and posted on the contest’s designated YouTube channel, the entirely student-produced and edited video features students, teachers, and administrators demonstrating their commitment to the Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The 7 Habits are an integral part of the dual curriculum (Judaic and general studies) at DKJA, the only Junior Kindergarten through grade 12 Jewish Day School in the country to have earned the prestigious designation as a FranklinCovey LEADER IN ME SCHOOL. Students Joseph Zeuner and Joseph Zilonka filmed, edited and produced DKJA’s video, which won third place in the “People’s Choice” category based upon online voting. Faculty members Mrs. Sara Radberg, Mrs. Anat Jatwes,

and Mrs. Liat Luel-Rochberg assisted with producing and writing lyrics for the Seven Habits Song that accompanied the video.

DKJA Awarded Grant from DigitalJLearning Network Initiative Students at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School have the opportunity to learn exciting offerings through a diverse Communication Technologies curriculum. An innovative Introduction to 2D Video Game Programming elective offered through the DigiPen Institute of Technology complements a broad spectrum of coursework including iOs Media Design and Basics of Web Design. The innovative video game programming course is available online through the DigiPen Institute of Technology located in Redmond, Washington. DigiPen is a world-renowned leader in education and research in computer interactive technologies. As part of the DigitalJLearning Network, a collaborative project sponsored by The Jewish Education Project, JESNA, and The AVI CHAI Foundation, DKJA students are offered unique creative opportunities. The goal of the project is to support Jewish Day Schools in integration of online learning into the general studies classrooms. DKJA received a $5,000 grant for this initiative and will collaborate in the data

gathering processes in regard to the successes, challenges, and promising practices of implementing online and blended learning solutions to meet these increasing needs in today’s learning environments. Through the iOS Media Design section, the students were involved in the creation of electronic books using iMacs, iBooksAuthor, iBooks2, and iPads.

Shomrei HaAdamah Project Receives RAVSAK Funding DKJA is proud to announce that it has been awarded $1,500 in funding from RAVSAK: the Jewish Community Day School Network and Project SuLaM (Study-Leadership-Mentoring) for the enhancement of Jewish curriculum supporting the Shomrei HaAdamah (Guardians of our Earth) program. DKJA has participated in every cohort of Project SuLaM since its inception, the most recent of which includes Cohort IV members Principal of Lower School Mrs. Hilary Arenstein, Director of Communications Mrs. Jane Neubauer Black, High School Dean of Student Affairs Mrs. Jill Spielman Shoshany, and Principal of High School Mrs. Helena Levine. “Head of School Karen Feller and her marvelous team all recognize the crucial importance of Jewish educational leaders leading by example. Through the substantial Jewish learning being prepared for the Shomrei HaAdamah initiative, students will continue to find ways that our ancient traditions are relevant and adaptable to our lives today,” said Elliott Rabin, PhD, Director of Educational Programs RAVSAK.

Avi Chai Day School Academy video producers Joseph Zeuner, Mrs. Sara Radberg, Mrs. Anat Jatwes, and Joseph Zilonka. Not pictured: video music collaborator Mrs. Liat LuelRochberg. Please turn to page 10 to read more about ‘Joseph and Joseph!’


Kolainu / Winter 2013



As 21st Century Learners

MS math teacher Mrs. JoAnn Garfinkel is one of many Technology Integrators utilizing the flipped classroom technique for teaching. At left: Maryann Levy and Libby Michelin review a video created by Mrs. Garfinkel using ShowMe, which they previewed prior to their class lesson.

What is the key to devoting the majority of learning to productive classroom education, maximizing interaction between students and teachers, and encouraging students to take the helm rather than to observe as spectators? How are students able to come to class excited and energized, already prepared with a foundation of the day’s lesson before it has even been taught? The Answer: Creative and innovative teaching with the flipped classroom. “The dynamic of the flipped classroom is that the lesson is presented to the student on his or her computer or digital device the night before and then discussed and practiced in class the next day. Although I have been a highly energetic and effective algebra and pre-algebra teacher over many years, I am ever on the lookout for new, different or even more successful strategies to maximize my students’ efforts, performance and interest,” says Mrs. JoAnn Garfinkel, DKJA math teacher and innovator of flipping classrooms schoolwide. “I have always been concerned about meeting the needs of each of my students. DKJA has long been emphasizing the benefits of individualized instruction. After deliberating the pros and cons of embarking on the mission of experimenting with substantially changing my mode of teaching, I came to the following conclusions: the flipped classroom using videos would appeal to my skilled students because they are capable of learning quickly and are eager to work on the practice and mastery problem sets. For those students who struggle with learning, absorbing and implementing new concepts, the prospect of viewing and reviewing the videos is invaluable.” Mrs. Garfinkel took the very creativity she inspires in her stu-


Kolainu / Winter 2013

dents to heart. Rather than using the plethora of educational step-by-step resources available online, she created her own using ShowMe videos, through which her voice and writing appear on a blank slate on her iPad, enabling her to personalize them and implement her vision. For each ShowMe video, Mrs. Garfinkel states and writes its topic in a step-by-step manner, explaining and writing the process and rules. Students can view the videos on any PC or Mac computer, smart phone or iPad prior to the in-class lesson the following day.

What is the ‘flipped classroom, and how does this concept fit into teaching and learning?” This question is at the forefront of education in the 21st century — ­ and at DKJA in particular. In the “big picture,” the flipped classroom inspires learners in the traditional classroom setting, on their digital devices, and in innovative environments. The flipped classroom knows no bounds or limitations. “I use the ShowMe technique when working with students, and then e-mail it to them for review at home,” says Mrs. Garfinkel. “In class, I field questions and distribute the problem set.” As with anything new, the first student responses to the approach spanned the gamut from absolute delight to wariness, according to Mrs. Garfinkel. Fast-forward to assessments made more than halfway through the academic year, and the reviews are amazing.

Technology Innovation



MS Science teacher and Technology Integration Chair Mrs. Holley Stabler engages students with a Nearpod collaborative presentation.

On any given day at Donna Klein Jewish Academy, innovative learning is taking place. For example, eager students may participate in a scientific study session in the school’s Shomrei HaAdamah (Guardians of the Earth) Garden. There, they can learn “hands on” about herbs being hydrated via drip irrigation in JackPotsTM. The porous fabric pots utilize innovative microfarming techniques developed in Israel. At the heart of each and every lesson is the message of responsibility for the Earth, reflective thought about connections to Biblical teachings, and mindfulness about sustainability for future generations. Eager pupils may delve into a lesson about herbs that were cultivated and processed in Biblical times to create healing salves, then try their hands at the same process, using the same herbs growing in DKJA’s garden. Before rolling up their sleeves to begin mixing the ingredients, the burgeoning scientists are able to identify each herb by scanning the QR (quick response) codes using an iPad app. The codes, created by the students themselves, are affixed to the planters. An example is pictured above. Rather than documenting the data they are collecting on disposable paper, the students are able to capture it on their digital devices for further collaborative study at a later date, perhaps along with classmates using a common Google Doc as part of their Digital Portfolios. This is 21st century living and learning!

COLLABORATION NEAR AND FAR through nearpod DKJA students are utilizing one of the most state-of-the-art 21st century learning tools in the classroom: Nearpod. Nearpod is a collaborative presentation tool that allows teachers to engage and assess their students using mobile devices. Teachers can generate enriched multimedia presentations with many interactive features, such as videos, quizzes, interactive classroom polls, and drawings. These elements are integrated “live”as stuStudents, and teachers who dents learn. Nearpod uses “cloud” technology, through which information is saved to a universally accessed data storage platform, rather than a hard drive or local server. Students are able to interact with their classmates while they are in class or participate with their fellow students at home with their mobile devices. In the classroom, teachers share the content; students submit responses, and teachers are capable of monitoring and assessing each student.

embrace 21st century learning thrive in environments that encourage communication, collaboration, and problem solving. They seek a digital solution that collaboratively can be used to enhance traditional instructional practices.

Students who may not be engaged, may be experiencing poor responses or who are having learning challenges can immediately be identified by the educator teaching with Nearpod. Individualized intervention can then be implemented to remedy the situation. Collaboration with “tailor-made” protocols is the result — ­ a true “win-win.”

Kolainu / Winter 2013


SPOTLIGHT Tech Teaching AND learning By Doug Mascunana, Network Administrator Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Technology Program K-12

Every educator at DKJA has most likely been impacted by the invaluable assistance of two talented students: Joseph Zilonka and Joseph Zeuner (knows as the JZs).

Mr. Mascunana and student Joseph Zilonka.

Every summer, after the last day of school comes to a close, the talented twosome assists the Technology Department with removing each classroom computer to free up the rooms for camp. As campers are readying themselves for sports, arts and crafts, and color wars, both Josephs begin the job of opening up every computer and blowing out a year’s worth of dust, which in a school environment is considerable. Next, over the course of several days, with direction from the Technology team, an assembly line is formed to facilitate dismantling of central processing units (CPUs) and other internal components. All computers are hand-cleaned and conditioned with the precision of a pit crew at the Daytona 500.

All in all, I think it was a “win-win summer” for both the JZs and the Technology Department. In addition to the hands-on training, the intense project provided an appreciation of the complexity of the IT (information technology) arena. But more important than the computer experience were the more intangible benefits, such as the opportunity to learn with the goal of being proactive, seeking out areas for improvement, and then implementing them.

In addition to this daunting task, Joseph Zilonka worked diligently on what is the equivalent of an engine overhaul, but on the DKJA computers. All software was updated, accumulated junk files were removed, and hard drives were defragmented. Joseph Zilonka was also fortunate to be with us as we migrated over to our new and improved anti-virus focused server, learning the inner workings of it. Then, when we upgraded our backup server, he learned all about its replacement. A more modern one was built “from the bottom up.”

By the end of the summer, the growth and transformation was huge. To realize the difference between getting a job done and a job done professionally was an amazing achievement.

Leading by example

Getting t0 know you

Middle School Judaic studies teacher Mrs. Yona Wolfe believes in living Jewish values and incorporating them into every aspect of her life as a Guardian of the Earth ­—­literally.

The next time you see one of these often smiling passersby in the hallways of DKJA toting their string instruments, stop and say, “hello!” Invaluable to our eversuccessful string orchestra program, the talented adjunct professors that complement Orchestra Director Mr. Gustavo Correa may not have been formally introduced. On their behalf, Shalom!

“I am a strong believer of the value ‘do not waste,’ and I find it possible to use and re-use different items to their maximum,” she proudly states, pointing out that at least one (and usually more) element of every outfit she wears has been re-purposed,” she says. “I love to create and design my own clothing, as well as decorative pieces in my home, and I find it fun, and unique. (The yarn utilized in the shawl she is wearing here came from a garment discarded by a friend.) “Growing up on a moshav (farm) in Israel gave me the sense that all things are valued and nothing goes to a waste. The creativity was always in me. Today living in a society that disposes of most products after minimal use makes me wonder why we do not use all ‘leftovers’ as recycleables. It gives me great pleasure to know that my students, who see me every day know about my passion. Hopefully they will gain ideas and develop an interesting view of bal bashchit: do not waste.”


Kolainu / Winter 2013

What a great opportunity for me, a staff member, to influence our students in a positive way. It was a true summer of teaching and learning.

Please visit and peruse the Orchestra section. There you will find interesting biographies about each of these instructors that truly help DKJA shine on stage. Clockwise: Geremy Miller, Martha Spangler, Elena Alamilla, and Marian Myszko. Inset: Freddy Ortiz. Not Pictured: Maurice Kelhoffer.

Then & Now continued from page 5 Although it is commonly known that Ms. Forrester considers her students to be her “children,” her actual offspring have many connections to DKJA, from past to present. Son Michael, 26, graduated from the former High School at DKJA. For four years, he played on the varsity basketball team and was captain in his junior and senior year. Michael is a graduate of Florida State University (’09). He continued his education to earn a master’s degree from FSU (’11). He currently resides

Michael Forrester

in Coconut Grove and works for the State of Florida as a Senior Human Services Program Specialist. Ms. Forrester’s younger son, Matthew, has attended DKJA since 2001, when he entered Kindergarten. In 2010, in eighth grade, Matthew led the Middle School basketball team to the championship as one of the team captains.   This is Matthew’s third year on the Rosenblatt High School team. He is now a junior and is also a  co-captain of the varsity team.  

Matthew Forrester

2011-2012 Annual Report of gifts Thank you to all of our generous donors. It is because of your dedication and overwhelming support of our Annual Fund, events, and programs that Donna Klein Jewish Academy has become a school of excellence. DKJA offers a challenging general and Judaic studies academic program integrated with the arts, technology, and athletics. Our school prepares 21st century learners to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world, committed to Jewish values and lifelong learning. On behalf of the Office of Institutional Advancement, thank you! We could not excel without your support and generosity. As I reflect back upon the success of the past year, I am reminded of the extraordinary contributions of the DKJA Family. We at DKJA have a commitment to strive for excellence in every aspect of our lives

Revenue Investment Federation Income Allocation Charitable Gifts Program Income

Expenses Development

Special Events

General Administrative

Financial Aid Program Services

— Shalom Bayit (Peace at Home). Although these words represent the theme of the current academic year, they envelope all that we stand for, every day, EVERY year, throughout our community. We are deeply grateful to you, our generous donors and volunteers, who share our passion, mission, and vision. We thank you for recognizing that when you support Jewish education, you are supporting the future of the Jewish people. Your benevolence enables DKJA to continue to offer a challenging program rich in Torah values. DKJA prepares students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world committed to lifelong learning. We could not excel without your support and generosity. Through the Office of Institutional Advancement, the umbrella for the Development, Ad-

missions, and Marketing/Communications Departments, our team works side by side with the Development Committee (a standing committee of the Board of Trustees, responsible for coordinating all fundraising efforts and ensuring that DKJA has the resources needed). I would like to recognize our team: Ms. Cynthia Gray, Mrs. Nancy Bailin, Associate Director of Development Mrs. Judith Chason, and Mrs. Linda Hurst, Director of Planned Giving. We welcome you to visit us and say “hello.” With heartfelt appreciation, Sharon Rubin Kamber Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement

LEADERSHIP COUNCIL Every gift to the Annual Fund counts and makes a difference. The collective power of giving by our parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, enables us to be a school where the exceptional is expected. Your gift to Donna Klein Jewish Academy will be used during the current year. If possible, please consider making your gift or pledge before our fiscal year ends on June 30, 2013. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience. You can also visit our website at and select Support DKJA-Make an Online Gift. Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for your generosity. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the DKJA Development Office at (561) 852-5007. Visionary Circle QUARTER CENTURY Circle $100,000 and over $25,000 and over Ms. Linda R. Kaminow DKJA PTO Louis and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Mr. Robert Greenberg Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Silver gold Circle The Wolgin-Gold Family $50,000 and over Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sandelman/Sandelman PRESIDENT’S Circle $18,000.00 and over Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Steven Katz Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Zafran

Kolainu / Winter 2013


Special Friends of DKJA Linda R. Kaminow Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation Donna Klein Jewish Academy is proud to recognize the commitment and generosity of Ms. Linda R. Kaminow and the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation by designating them as Special Friends of DKJA. They stand in a category alone for their continuing visionary leadership and extraordinary support of our school. To date, their combined contributions total over $3.3 million in support of DKJA students and programs.

A very special thank you to Ms. Linda R. Kaminow for the pivotal role she plays and her ongoing generosity. In the Spring of 2011, the former High School at DKJA was named the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School in honor of Ms. Kaminow’s beloved parents (Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt, Of Blessed Memory), who were committed to Jewish education and continuity.

head of school’s circle $10,000 and over Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Golden Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Greenberg Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kaplan Dr. and Mrs. David Schimel Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Zeff founders’ Circle $5,000 and over Dr. and Mrs. Howard Adler Barbara C. Altman Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Beckerman Drs. David and Sharon Buchalter/Rescue Mission Unlimited Ms. Debra Fogel and Ms. Barbara Spingler Mr. and Mrs. Barry Friedberg Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Brian Joselowitz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lipson Mr. and Mrs. George Marks Mr. and Mrs. Lothar Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Yitchak Menaged Mr. and Mrs. Allan Solomon Ms. Myriam Weinstein partners’ Circle $2,500 and over Bank of America Matching Gifts Mrs. Phyllis Butters Mrs. Alyssa Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Jay Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Feller Mr. and Mrs. David Friedman Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Gelb Dr. Abraham Hamaoui Dr. Lawrence A. Hier and Dr. Shari Hier Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael Leder Mr. Elie Levy and Dr. Ximena Levy Dr. and Mrs. Eric S. Markman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melcer Dr. and Mrs. Brad Oren Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Rosenblatt Dr. and Mrs. David P. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Jason Seltzer Mrs. Ruth Taubman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Weiss Mr. Adam Zebersky


Kolainu / Winter 2013

sustainer $1,000 and over AutoNation, A Maroone Company Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Bailin Dr. and Mrs. Richard Berkowitz Butters Construction and Development, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Butters Mr. and Mrs. James Carlin Mrs. Judith Chason Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clouse Mr. Barry Cohen and Mrs. Nancy Fine Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Barry Field Mr. and Mrs. Yoram Galel Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Grabelsky

Dr. and Mrs. David Gross Mrs. Dorothy Halperin Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hurst Mr. Stanley Jacobs, Jr and Dr. Janice Jacobs Mrs. Aline Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kamber Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kier Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kolsky Mr. and Mrs. Hersh Korsunsky Land Design South Mr. and Mrs. Philip Landau Rabbi and Mrs. Daniel E. Levin/Temple Beth El Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Levine Mr. Richard D. Levy Mr. Eric Lipson Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Melin Ms. Stephanie Owitz Dr. and Mrs. Shachar Peles Mr. and Mrs. Jean Polack Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rich Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg Dr. Clive Rosenbusch and Dr. Vivienne Rosenbusch Mr. and Mrs. Ben Roth Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roth Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Lance Rubinstein Ms. Jan Savarick and Mr. Robert Primeau Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Seiff Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Simberg Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slakman Mrs. Rose Turetsky VisionCare Unlimited

Grandparents’ 20 Chai Society Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beckerman Mrs. Lillian Beer* Judge and Mrs. Norman Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Phil Brooks Mrs. Phyllis Butters Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Dubs Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Feigenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Feller Mr. and Mrs. Henri Galel Mr. Edward Golden Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Grant Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gross Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haberman Dr. Abraham Hamaoui Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Hurwitz Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Isan Mrs. Aline Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kamber Ms. Linda R. Kaminow Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kaye Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stanley Kessner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klein Captain* and Mrs. Lawrence Krukin Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Leder Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leipzig

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Levine Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Levy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lipson Ms. Sheila Magerman Mr. and Mrs. George Marks Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melcer Mrs. Eileen Morse Mr. Donald Onimus and Mrs. Lorraine Wolch Dr. and Mrs. Mark Oren Mr. Al Passoff and Ms. Susan Ostrow Mr. and Mrs. Jean Polack Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Roman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Seiff Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Clive Sher Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slakman Mr. and Mrs. Allan Solomon Dr. and Mrs. Russell Stoch Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Zeuner *of blessed memory L’Dor Vador...From Generation to Generation. Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day 2012.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. Marc Wigder Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Zedeck contributor $500 and over Mr. and Mrs. Alan Altschuler Asher Pelkis Foundation, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Scott M Ball Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Behmoiras Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi Berkson Ms. Shari S. Celler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornell Dr. and Mrs. Karl Enselberg Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Feigenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Fischer Mrs. Phyllis Gendal Mr. and Mrs. David Goodis Home Team LLC Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Isan Mr. and Mrs. Hal Klein Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kolsky Mr. Scott Kolsky Mr. Gary R. Koolik and Dr. Tania Koolik Mr. and Mrs. Scott Darryl Krevans Dr. and Mrs. Jan Warren Kronish Mr. and Mrs. Julian Leinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leipzig Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Linz Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Louis, Esq. Mr. Alan Mibab and Dr. Debra Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mishkin Mr. and Mrs. Monte Nathanson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reise Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Roman Mr. Arnold Shinder and Dr. Stacey Pollak Shinder Mr. and Mrs. Rick Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Spandau Target Corporation Mr. and Mrs.Christian Travert Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Weinstein Mr. Michael Zimmerman and Cantor Elaine Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Zeuner donor $250 and over Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Evan Appleton Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Azoulai Dr. and Mrs. Alan Bank Mrs. Lillian Beer* blessed memory Judge and Mrs. Norman Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Bobrow Mr. and Mrs. Phil Brooks Dr. Kevin Chaitoff and Dr. Jamie Shore Dr. Lawrence Maxwell Clewner and Dr. Michele Clewner Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dable Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Dubs Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Elblonk Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fleischman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Henri Galel Mr. Edward Golden

Mr. Robert Gosselin and Mrs. Annie Revah Ms. Sophie Gottesfeld Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Grant Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gross Ms. Phyllis Gutmann Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haberman Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Hurwitz Mrs. Yael Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Katz Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kaye Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stanley Kessner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klein Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kronish Captain and Mrs. Lawrence Krukin Dr. and Mrs. Andre Landau Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Leder Mr. Gerald Legow and Dr. Ruth Legow Mr. and Mrs. Peter Levine Mr. and Mrs. Arie Levit Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Levy Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lipson Ms. Sheila Magerman Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Avi J. Mesch Mr. Marcel Meyer and Mrs. Teri Heumann-Meyer Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moed Mrs. Eileen Morse Mr. and Mrs. Edo Nakdimon Mr. Donald Onimus and Mrs. Lorraine P. Wolch Dr. and Mrs. Mark Oren Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ostroff Mr. Al Passoff and Ms. Susan Ostrow Ms. Paris A. Reise Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Robins, Esq. Dr. Jill Rosenthal The Honorable Israel Rubin and Mrs. Roslyn Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sagel Dr. and Mrs. S. Daniel Salama Mrs. Sheryl Scher Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Schlissel Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Clive Sher Dr. Kevin Chaitoff and Dr. Jamie Shore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steven Siemens Mr. and Mrs. James Spooner Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Starr Dr. and Mrs. Russell Stoch Mr. and Mrs. Christian Travert The Polo Club Boca Raton Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Weisman Mrs. Claire L. Widensky Mr. and Mrs. Craig Franklyn Zeuner Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda Zilonka friend Up to $249 Mr. Evan Ackerman and Dr. Adena Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adams Mr. Leonard Adler Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Adler Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Adler Mrs. Donna Albaum Mr. and Mrs. Ted Anderer Mr. and Mrs. Scott Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Karl Apotheker Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Arenstein Mr. Alan Shlomo Brenner and Mrs. Eilat Asseo-Brenner


President’s message The PTO Board this year is comprised of 18 Lower, Middle, and High school parent volunteers who are committed to the school’s theme of Shalom Bayit. We meet each month with teachers and members of the school Administration to discuss the current issues that affect the school. With this in mind, we have worked together to make sure that all of our new families feel welcome and at home. It is the mission of the PTO to continue the parent involvement and Jewish values that have been such a strong element of our school’s success over the years. This year, the PTO will contribute over $50,000 to the Annual Fund through revenue created by our parent volunteer-run events and programs. These encompass The Shuk (school store), our cooperative program with, school pictures, and the Annual Holiday Boutique. These initiatives also make it possible to fund PTO programs that enhance school-run programs, such as the Family Chanukah Party, the Middle School Purim Party, the High School Prom, and the Mother’s/ Father’s Day Brunch. The open communication between parents, teachers, and the Administration fostered by the PTO is a vital source of the continued success at DKJA, which produces young adults who are prepared for a lifelong love of learning. Kol HaKavod, Genevieve Menaged

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Steven Bagon Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lawrence Baker Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balfan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Balsam Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Ralph Bard Ms. Diane P Basin Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Beer Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bell Dr. and Mrs. Yoram Benit Mr. and Mrs. David Berdugo Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berlin

Kolainu / Winter 2013


Dr. Seth Bernstein and Dr. Rona Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bieder Mr. and Mrs. Murray Birchansky Mrs. Jean Blechman Mr. and Mrs. Norman Blomberg Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Bock Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Bouchner Dr. and Mrs. Warren Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bricker Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bricker Ms. Lynn Bronstein Mrs. Elaine Brooks Mrs. Faye Bross Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Burns Mrs. Betty Busch Ms. Gina Cayne Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Mark Chaitowitz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gary Chosid Mr. and Mrs. Juan Chukran-Lontok Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Cobo Mr. and Mrs. Avery Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Brian Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Erik Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Morris Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Abner Correa Rabbi and Mrs. Donald Crain Dr. and Mrs. Yoram Dahav Mr. and Mrs. Lior Dahoah Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Davis Mr. and Mrs. Steven Davis Dr. Scott Demsky and Dr. Yvonne Demsky DKJA 2nd Grade Team DKJA Jr. K & Kindergarten Teams DKJA First Grade Team DKJA High School Faculty DKJA Judiacs Faculty DKJA Sunshine Club Mrs. Carol-Lee Dolnick Mr. and Mrs. James Duffy Ms. Arlene Dworkis Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dyhouse Ms. Stacy Michelle Einhorn Ms. Robin Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Steven Elias Mr. and Mrs. Scott A Elk Mr. and Mrs. Yoram Elkarif Rabbi and Mrs. Jack Engel Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Feinman Ms. Ingrid Fils Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fine Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Fine Mr. and Mrs. Ron Finegold Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fingerhut



Kolainu / Winter 2013

Mr. Jerome Firsty Mr. and Mrs. Ron Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Marty Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fixler Ms. Ellen Flaum Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fleischman Ms. Melinda Forrester Mr. and Mrs. Roger Franks Dr. and Mrs. Alan Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henry Fried Mr. and Ms. Brent Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gahr Mr. and Mrs. Martin Galex Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Garaway Mr. and Mrs. Larry Garfinkel Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A Germansky Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Gerstin Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Getz Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Gluck Mr. Jay Roth and Mrs. Cheryl Golden Ms. Lynn Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Ted Goodwin Dr. and Ms. Ellis Gottesfeld Ms. Cindy Gray Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Green Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Greenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Steve Greenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Johnathan C. Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Gritz Mr. and Mrs. Jan Grobstein Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gross Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Gussack Mr. Robert Haeffner Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hamaoui Mr. and Mrs. Nissan Neil Hamuy Mr. and Mrs. Larry Handler Ms. Ronni Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Harwood Mr. Moche Hazout and Mrs. Keren Schwarts Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Heilweil Dr. and Mrs. Donald Heiman Mrs. Suzanne Hollander Mr. Warren Holtzman Dr. and Mrs. Philip Homans Mr. and Mrs. Scott Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Horowitz Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Hurwitz Dr. and Mrs. David Norman Ilfeld Ms. Rhoda Isaacson Mrs. Griselda Izsack Ms. Vivian Izsack Ms. Lilyan Jacobs Ms. Marianne Jacobs Mr. Stephen Jones Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Jordan DKJA’s 21 sports teams provide a wide array of athletic opportunities for DKJA students. Thanks to the tireless efforts and outstanding support of the Eagles Athletics Booster Club, comprised of DKJA parents and family members, Eagles sports teams compete impressively. Fundraising and Friendraising opportunities abound, such as the much-anticipated Annual Tennis Extravaganza with special guest Chris Evert. For further information, contact Mrs. Judith Chason at

Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Glen Joseph Josh’s Organic Garden, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Harry George Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Seth Kamber Ms. Beth Kamenitz Dr. and Mrs. Harold Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karpeles Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Katz Ms. Jane Kavy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul Kazinec Mr. and Mrs. Gary Howard Kimmelman Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kornblau Dr. Marc Kramer/Ravsak Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Adam Kranitz Mr. and Mrs. Juris Krasts Ms. Alise Kreditor Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kurtz Mrs. Selma La Payover Mr. and Mrs. Roger Leavy The Lefkowitz Family Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lerner Mr. Charles Ira Lesser Mrs. Ellen M. Lesser Mr. and Mrs. Ron Levin Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Levin Dr. David Lawrence Levine and Dr. Jacqueline Levine Mrs. Jean Levy Mr. and Mrs. Russell Levy Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lewitter Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lindsley Mr. and Mrs. Marc List Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gary Lubinsky Mr. Guy Moshe Rochberg and Mrs. Liat Luel-Rochberg Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luetjen Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Salomon Maikhor Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Malcolm Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mann Mr. and Mrs. Zohar Mantzoor Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Marcovich Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mart Dr. and Dr. Steven Martin Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jay Mascunana Mr. and Mrs. Milton Meadows Mr. James Meckley Mr. Bruce Mendelsohn and Dr. Heather Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mendelson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Merlob Mr. and Mrs. Julio Messer Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lee Miller Mrs. Sydell Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miron Mr. Michael Mondschein Mr. and Mrs. Alex Morgenstern Mr. and Mrs. Simon Motola Dr. and Mrs. Sasson E. Moulavi Mr. and Mrs. Warren Muench Ms. and Mr. Cathleen C. Musicant Mr. Jay Mussman Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Nachimovsky Mr. and Mrs. Allen Nachman Mr. and Mrs. Ira Nathan Ms. Jane E. Neubauer and Mr. Alan J. Black Mr. and Mrs. Avi Noiman Ms. Sheri Nusbaum Ms. Catherine O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. Harold Odesnik Mr. and Mrs. David Orshan

Mrs. Dorothy Osheroff Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ostrow Mrs. Blanche Passen Ms. Elise Pedowitz Mr. Zach Kaufmann and Mrs. Yael Pollak Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Polofsky Ms. Barbie Prince Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey David Queen Mr. and Mrs. Roni Raab The Randell Family Mrs. Muriel Raynor Mr. and Mrs. Roland Harison Resnick Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reznik Dr. and Mrs. Jack Leonard Ribacoff Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Richman Ms. Rose Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Marc Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rosenstein Mrs. Elinor Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Routman Mr. and Ms. Ronen Rubin Ms. June Ruhwedel Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Sabbota Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Sachi Mrs. Clara Sadia Dr. and Mrs. Hadley Saitowitz Ms. Terri Loren Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sanders Drs. Aharon and Candice Sareli Dr. Deborah Sarrell-Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Sasko Dr. Steven Scanlan and Dr. Larissa Zaulyanov-Scanlan Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Schafler Ms. Doris Scher Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schermer Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Schlissel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmier Mr. Scott Schneider and Dr. Harriet Schneider Mr. Ken Schnur Ms. Stephanie Schoenberger Dr. and Mrs. John Schosheim Ms. Mary Kelly Schulte Mr. and Mrs. Robert M Schwartz Brahm and Elana Scoler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sefton Ms. Lois Seiden Dr. and Mrs. Lee Shaffer Mrs. Jackie Shapiro Mr. and Ms. Richard Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Sol Shinder Ms. Dina Siegal Mr. and Mrs. Craig Alan Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Silver Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Silverman Dr. and Mrs. David Slotnick Ms. Melody Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sobel Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Solkoff Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arye Solomon Mrs. Rosalie Somsky Mr. Robin A. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stabler Mr. and Mrs. Morton Steele Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stein Mrs. Elaine Stein Rabbi and Mrs. Michael Andrew Stern Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Stiel Temple Beth Tikvah Mr. and Mrs. David Trevino

Endowed Funds Endowment Funds for Eighth Grade and High School Awards Jean Rozefsky Buchman & Nathan Buchman Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts Nathan & Jean Buchman/Charles Okun* Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Sciences Linda Halperin Clouse & Barry Minkin Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music & the Arts Maurice* & Dorothy Halperin Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Science Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in English Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hebrew Marilyn & Hyman I. Kones President’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Citizenship Lenner Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education May & Les Lesley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Midot Tovot Marcus Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acts of Tzedakah Heather & Max* Millard Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Pearl Roth Pfeffer* Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurial Service Sandelman Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Fanny* & Izick* Sherman Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Torah Mendel Sielecki Israel Study Scholarship Awards Spooner Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Athletics Mr. and Mrs. David Trocker Ms. Ethel Tunis Ms. Dena Ungarten Mr. Jorge Sergio Volinsky and Mrs. Silvina Chemerinski Mrs. Nina Vovk Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walt Mr. and Mrs. Randall Waltuch Mr. and Mrs. Alan Weill Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wiernik Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Wijnperle Mr. and Mrs. Robert H Willis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Winter Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Wiser Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wohl Mr. Bruce Wolf Mrs. Yona Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolfson Mrs. Arlene Wolk Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Yesner Ms. Jennifer Young Mr. Gary Zemil Mr. Philip Zieky Mr. and Mrs. Murray Zweig Mrs. Phoebe Zwyssig

Endowment Funds for scholarship DKJA Scholarship Field of Interest Fund DKJA Scholarship Fund #2 Esther Ellman Scholarship Fund Ira L. Futeran Scholarship Fund Victor Gross Scholarship Fund for Academic Achievement Abraham & Ruth Hases Scholarship Fund William & Harriet Margolis Scholarship Fund Norman & Selma Maslow Scholarship Fund Howard & Anita Schaeffer Scholarship Fund Marion Shulman Scholarship Fund Arthur & Shirley Siegel Scholarship Fund Marshall Sigel Scholarship Fund Solomon & Rose Turetsky Tuition Assistance Fund Dr. David & Ruth Wollowick Scholarship Fund Claire Pastor Zachian Scholarship Fund Rabbi Nathan & Jeanette Zelizer Education Scholarship Fund ADDITIONAL Endowment Funds The Edward and Marianne Bobick Achievement Award for Holocaust Studies Capital Fund Chason Family Fund Library Fund in Memory of Julius Fleischer Project Care Fund DKJA PTO Teacher Recognition Fund The Owitz Greenberg Chesed Fund for Family Assistance Eleanor & Irving Jaffe Unrestricted Endowment Fund Lana Marks Endowment Fund Arnold Rosenthal Library Fund Eleanore Rukin* Fund for the Learning Resource Center Harold* & Julia* K. Segall Memorial Fund Solomon* & Rose Turetsky Teacher Award Fund * Of Blessed Memory

Pictured: Recipient of the 2012 Linda R. Kaminow Visionary Leadership Award Mrs. Carol Kolsky (left), with DKJA Head of School Mrs. Karen Feller at the ‘Sunset In The Wild West’ Gala. Mrs. Kolsky retired as MS Principal in 2012. Special appreciation is extended to Chairs Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ball, Event Sponsor Boca Entertainment/ Mr. and Mrs. Alan Goldberg, and to Exclusive Media Sponsor THE BOCA RATON OBSERVER/Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Behmoiras. Additional photos are posted under A LOOK BACK on our website at

Kolainu / Winter 2013


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U.S. Postage

PAID Permit No. 871 Boca Raton, FL

A K-12 Jewish Community Day School 9701 Donna Klein Boulevard Boca Raton, Florida 33428-1754

Save The Date Annual Drama Production

2003 - 2013

PETER PAN Saturday, March 2, 2013 8:30 p.m. Zinman Hall Sunday, March 3, 2012 1 p.m. Zinman Hall

A decade of excellence in the Performing Arts

Annual Benefit Ball & Auction SAFARI NIGHTS

Honoring Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement Sharon Rubin Kamber

Saturday, March 9, 2013 8:30 p.m. Polo Club Boca Raton

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