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Donna Klein Jewish Academy Fall- Winter 2011/12



Leadership at DKJA and Abroad

Donna Klein Jewish Academy 2011-2012 Board of Trustees Lesley Zafran President Karen Feller Head of School Officers Shelley Gold, Vice President Dr. David Schimel, Vice President Fred G. Weiss, Vice President Harold Jacobsohn, Treasurer Linda Melcer, Secretary Trustees

Sara Adler Julian Leinhardt Larry Altschul Lothar Mayer Shirley Enselberg* Jennifer Miller Morse Barry Friedberg Jeffrey Queen Dr. Stephen Jeffrey Sandelman Grabelsky Allan Solomon Robert B. Greenberg* Stuart Wexelman Myrna Gross* A. Robert Zeff Immediate Past President Michael Beckerman PTO Presidents Robin Friedman and Julie Weinstein Honorary Council Marianne Bobick* Jan Savarick* Albert S. Frager Barbara Schuman* Dr. Myra Levick* Shirley Solomon* Richard Levy* In Memoriam Gary Bernstein                                     Sam Klein Arnold Rosenthal** Special Friends of DKJA  Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Ellen Sarnoff, Chair of the Board of Directors **President Emeritus     *Past President   Special Class in Perpetuity     Of Blessed Memory


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Feature: More Than A School, A Family Meet the Marts & Macks

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DKJA Students Make An Impact As Leaders Around The World


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Cover photo: Learning infused with engaging, innovative leadership tools creates an atmosphere of unique experiential Judaics education. Shown here are Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School students Danit Sachi, Corey Pedowitz, Orit Farahan, Aaron Thornton, Aaron Sherman, Daniel Katz, and Nikki Landau with High School Judaic Studies Curriculum Integration Specialist Ms. Jill Spielman. At right: Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School students Ross Hartman,Taytum Orshan, and David Schoenberger.

A Message From

Head of School Karen Feller

The Leader in ALL of Us, at DKJA and Around the Globe


onna Klein Jewish Academy strives to instill its triad of Jewish living, learning, and academic achievement in every student, every day. To augment the belief that infusing values, leadership, and ownership in the daily tasks encountered both at school and off of the campus is imperative, last year, DKJA became a FranklinCovey Leader In Me School. We are the only Jr. K-12 Jewish Day School in the country to have earned this prestigious designation. The Leader In Me program, in addition to DKJA’s philosophy of teaching personal responsibility, has been a useful tool for educators to reinforce the importance of respect. Respect, or kavod, is a core value that resonates from our faculty, students and alumni at home and abroad. In this issue of the Kolainu, you will read about innovative examples of leadership that are embraced creatively, from experiential Judaic education to global information sharing in Australia and Africa, to name a few. These opportunities provide the building blocks for the young adults of today to shine in leadership roles throughout their lives. Respect for others is the nucleus of successful leadership. Many examples of respect, compassion, and leadership will be showcased this year. They are sure to make you smile. Kol Hakavod for being a part of this amazing endeavor.

Annual Meeting, Board of Trustees Update At DKJA’s Annual Meeting in May at the home of Mr. Fred and Mrs. Amy Weiss, special tribute was paid by Committee on Trustees Chair Jennifer Miller Morse to outgoing Board of Trustees members who served with dedication, passion, and wisdom. Special appreciation was extended to Trustees Mrs. Marianne Altschul, Mr. Simon Portnoy, and Mrs. Arianne Board Wijnperle. They were thanked for their tireless dedication President and support as they concluded their commitments. Mrs. Lesley A warm welcome was extended to Mr. Jeffrey Zafran Sandelman, who has returned as a DKJA Board member. In addition to returning President Mrs. Lesley Zafran, three DKJA Trustees continue to serve as Vice Presidents for the 2011-2012 year: Mrs. Shelley Gold, Dr. David Schimel, and Mr. Fred G. Weiss. Mr. Harold Jacobsohn serves as Treasurer and Mrs. Linda Melcer as Secretary. Mr. Michael Beckerman is Immediate Past President. Mr. Robert Greenberg, Past President and Treasurer, serves on the Board and as the President’s Special Appointee to the Executive Committee. PTO Co-Presidents Mrs. Robin Friedman and Mrs. Julie Weinstein continue in their roles for the second year of their two-year term. Working cohesively with the officers are Board of Trustees members Mrs. Sara Adler, Mr. Larry Altschul, Mrs. Shirley Enselberg, Mr. Barry Friedberg, Dr. Stephen Grabelsky, Mrs. Myrna Gross, Mr. Julian Leinhardt, Mr. Lothar Mayer, Mr. Jeffrey Queen, Mr. Allan Solomon, Mr. Stuart Wexelman, and Mr. Robert Zeff.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. and Amy Weiss with Head of School Karen Feller

Dr. Robert Schimel with Mrs. Beatriz and Mr. Harold Jacobsohn

Mrs. Shirley Enselberg and Mrs. Myrna Gross


Lower School


We’ll Miss You, Mrs. Krasts! Home Again! “Back-to-school” had a special meaning for the firstgrade this year. In addition to the students beginning their academic journeys, assistant teacher Ms. Elise Sandelman, a former DKJA student, experienced the beginning of both a new school year and a new career from a new perspective. Ms. Sandelman (shown above with her colleague and former first-grade teacher, Ms. Jean Levy, in front of the Class of 2002 photo montage that includes her photo), is enjoying educating the next generation of learners. Welcome home!

DKJA Lower School students will miss the friendly face of longtime physical education teacher Mrs. Elga Krasts, who retired at the end of the 2010-2011 academic year. Among the many parting gifts Mrs. Krasts was honored with were a special memento book created by the Kindergarten Team (which she proudly displays in the photo above) and a signature board adorned with a golden foot (shown below). Mrs. Krasts encouraged students to excel at physical fitness challenges and recognized their accomplishments by presenting them with miniature, colorful feet, which students cherished as they achieved success.


Student’s Unique Musical Talent Shines L’dor Vador

Fourth-grader Jake Cohen has accomplished many amazing feats over the past year. After learning to play the recorder in his third-grade music class, he channeled his love of mastering the skills needed to play the ocarina. The ocarina is an ancient 12 hole, flute-like instrument and is one of the first musical instruments known to man. It dates back 12,000 years to the time of the ancient Chinese and Mayan cultures After learning to play the ocarina, Jake continued on his musical journey and taught himself to play the keyboard because of a deep connection to his grandfather, who passed away last March. His grandfather was a professional jazz pianist. Jake inherited his grandfather’s treasured piano and embarked upon quest for knowledge by learning to play it in his honor. “Jake demonstrates what it means to ‘be proactive,’ which is what we teach at DKJA as part of our Leader In Me curriculum,” says Lower School Music Teacher Mrs. Karen Mart.

Middle School


Students Demonstrate A True Love of Learning What incentive do seven students have for giving up their play time at recess once each week to challenge and enrich their Judaic Studies knowledge? A love of learning! Last year, several students approached Middle School Judaic Studies teacher Mr. Amer Randell to inquire about the process and justification for how Halachot (Jewish laws) were established. After casually discussing the Talmud as a source for learning about this, the group spontaneously formed and began meeting weekly to study the first few pages of Eleh Metziot (a Talmud section that explores the circumstances of lost objects and their ownership). Guided by Mr. Randell, a traditional Chevruta (peer learning) style was formalized using the Talmud texts. “I find learning in this way interesting and fun. I get a chance to present my point of views, especially when others challenge them,” commented Yossi Pessah, one of the Middle School students in this study group. Mr. Randell’s pride in his students is evident. “It is a genuine pleasure for me to spend the extra time

Always In Our Hearts... Middle School art students became accustomed to the friendly smile of dedicated volunteer Mr. Murray Kurland, who for 16 years assisted art teacher Mrs. Carol Routman with day-to-day tasks. More importantly, Mr. Kurland was eager to lend a helping hand to students whenever the need arose. Sadly, he passed away last Spring. Mr. Kurland worked with kindness and love. “At his eulogy, DKJA was mentioned three times, as he felt a very special connection to our school. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife of 65 years, Bev; his two sons; and his five grandchildren,” notes Mrs. Routman.

instructing and learning with this group of students as we can journey through the depths of the Talmud’s Socratic style of teaching, which class time limitations do not always allow. “Listening to their in-depth discussions, as well seeing them challenge and support each others’ opinions, is extremely rewarding to me as a teacher, especially since their learning is Lishma (for the sake of the action without expecting a reward). “I look forward to it every Monday!” states participant Joseph Zeuner. The Talmud Class also includes Matthew Levine, Tyler Kashuv, Lior Chaham, Hannah Wolf and Macayla Gritz.

DKJA Student Is Statewide Winner for Shade Foundation Poster Contest Congratulations to Dara Weinstein, Florida’s winner of the Shade Foundation of America’s 2011 Sunwise poster contest. Sunwise is a program that promotes skin cancer awareness and prevention through education. Dara’s poster placed first in the entire state of Florida. Dara is shown here displaying her award-winning entry.


Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt

High School


International College Counselors Prepares Students For Success To get a “jump start” on the college application preparation process, beginning this year, eleventh-graders will have a combined Mentor Group led by Mr. Barry Liebowitz and supported by Ms. Mandee Heller Adler of International College Counselors (pictured). This will enable the juniors to better get to know the college guidance team, and to maximize their junior year as it relates to college admissions. College visits will continue to be hosted at lunch, and Mr. Liebowitz and Ms. Adler will use the additional time to discuss issues such as school selection, applications, essays, and interviewing as part of a mentoring program. Due to the scheduling of the mentor group, the college guidance team will now be on campus on Wednesdays and Fridays. International College Counselors offers following tips for the application process: Start Early. Beginning in ninth grade, students should start to think about personal strengths and create a High School schedule around these strengths. All ninth-graders are encouraged to make an appointment with the College Guidance Office so that as freshman they can map out their High School courses, extracurricular activities, and summer plans while at DKJA. Stay Organized. The junior year is the time to really start to focus and organize. Students can now meet again with their college counselors to start narrowing down the field of school selections, completing applications, coordinating school visits, and approaching teachers for recommendations. After students research and select the colleges they strive to attend, purchasing and


utilizing an individual file for each prospective college is recommended. Each folder should include a checklist of the required admission items: transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, essays, financial aid forms, and other pertinent records.

Keynote Speakers Initiative Launched

Working closely with High School Principal Mrs. Helena Levine and Utilize Resources. As an added benefit, all High Rabbi Yaakov Green, DKJA parent School students are able to utilize the Naviance Mr. Larry Silver (center) has enabled the college admissions software, including incoming implementation of an exciting new Keynote freshmen. With Naviance, DKJA families can Speakers Initiative. explore colleges, scholarships, and summer An extensive array of guests will programs quickly and easily. For further information, please call International include former professional athletes, College Counselors at (954) 414-9986. world-famous actors, world-class business men and women, authors, professors, and educators who will present informative lectures throughout the year.

DKJA Welcomes New High School Guidance Counselor Ms. Sarah Kostrub, LCSW, has joined the High School as the new guidance counselor. She comes to DKJA from Samaritan Counseling Center, where she worked as a psychotherapist for the past three years. She has a Master’s in Clinical Social Work and years of experience of working in the school setting.

Ashton Krawitz Receives HaLevi Eagle Award Mazel Tov to 2011 Avraham HaLevi Eagle Award recipient Ashton Krawitz. Ashton was presented with the award during the graduation ceremony on June 5, 2011. HaLevi Eagle Award recipients excel academically in both general studies and Judaic studies, lead his or her peers by example, and show strong Jewish values, including derech eretz (common courtesy), and love of the people and land of Israel.

Spotlight: Rosenblatt High School Dance Team Leadership Shines Since its inception five years ago, the DKJA High School Dance Team has entertained and impressed audiences at school and community events. This year, under the guidance of Student Manager Elana Rubinstein (left), along with coach and choreographer Suzanne Weinstein, the team continues to impress audiences as it takes to the stage. “In addition to planning team events, and organizing performances and practices, my leadership role has encouraged me to put first things first,” says Elana. “I see the importance of communication and putting priorities in place while working as a team in the true sense of the word.”

Learning Journeys DKJA Educators and Administrators Continue Their Quest for Knowledge Project SuLaM

Leader In Me Global Education Summit Middle School Dean of Students Mr. Robin Spencer and Eighth-grade Grade Level Advisor Mrs. Jennifer Davis attended the Leader In Me Global Education Summit at California University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this summer. The importance of unlocking the potential of all students to lead their own lives was emphasized. “Through learning the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the Leader in Me process, students will develop critical skills and characteristics that will help them with effective decision making,” said Mrs. Davis. The keynote speakers, including the renowned Sean Covey, focused on the development of leaders during challenging times.

Four members of the DKJA Administration and Faculty have been selected for the final Project SuLaM: Study, Leadership and Mentoring cohort, which began in June of 2011 in New York City. Project SuLaM is a RAVSAK Jewish Community Day School Network program sponsored by the AVI CHAI Foundation. During the summer of 2011, the learning focused on Jewish ethics and values and Jewish liturgy. DKJA was represented by Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School Judaic Studies Curriculum Integration Specialist Ms. Jill Spielman, Director of Communications Ms. Jane Neubauer, High School Principal Mrs. Helena Levine, and Admissions Director Mrs. Hilary Arenstein (pictured above, left to right). They are among the 17 Jewish day school leaders from throughout the country who will be participants in the prestigious program over the course of two years. Editor’s Note: Ms. Spielman also participated in the Facing History and Ourselves conference, The Holocaust and Human Behavior, in Boston, Massachusetts. Moreh L’Morim Middle School Judaic Studies teacher Mrs. Miriam Engel participated in the Moreh L’Morim (Teacher to Teachers) summer program at Siegal College in Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally, Mrs. Engel continued her learning by participating in a course on the Holocaust at Gratz College in Philadelphia. The Holocaust & Human Behavior Middle School history and geography teacher Mr. David Trevino attended the Facing History Conference focusing on the Holocaust and Human Behavior in Boston, Massachusetts in July. Through videos, primary sources, lectures, discussions, and individual and group activities, participants gained a significant and deeper understanding of the Jews of Eastern Europe and Jewish resistance during World War II. “We learned how it shapes Jewish identity today,” said Mr. Trevino.

The Sorbonne University By Mr. Amer Randell Middle School Judaic Studies Teacher When I was honored three years ago with the Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award, I never dreamed it would include the unforgettably thrilling opportunity of enhancing my education by studying at Paris’ prestigious Sorbonne University, located in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. I started exploring various options to determine where I might further my study and how I might most effectively benefit from the scholarship I was awarded as a Grinspoon-Steinhardt recipient. The Sorbonne offered ONE class in English this summer, titled Teaching About A History and Culture of a People. As a Judaic Studies teacher, I felt it would be a preferential choice for me. Additionally, I looked forward to the opportunity to find out firsthand about the current tone and status of Paris’ Jewish community. This class, consisting of 12 international students, was an intense week-long study of France’s 2000-year history, focusing on the myriad of reasons and effects of the country’s changes. Great emphasis was put on learning about the French monarchy and the French Revolution. The plethora of information was enhanced by famous paintings, as well as visits to historical sites such as Versailles, among many others. These images and visits enabled the facts of French history to take on a meaningful, tangible perspective. After my last classes, I was able to visit many of the places that represented Paris’ tumultuous history, a history, in fact, still felt today. Walking in the Marias neighborhood, also known as the historical Jewish quarter, I had the opportunity to see active Jewish life, as well as speak with local Jewish residents about their current challenges to maintain their Jewish identity and to ensure their children’s safe and productive future as Jews in Paris. The Holocaust Museum in this neighborhood had a new and compelling exhibit about the capture of Adolf Eichman by Israel’s government. This exhibit was presented with great objectivity with regard to the legal and ethical dilemma of whether it was Israel’s right to kidnap a former war criminal 20 years after he committed many heinous acts. My ten inspirational days in Paris have created personal memories that I shall hold dear for a lifetime.


tech talk

DKJA Introduces iPad Pilot Program By Janice Odesnik, Director of Technology


DKJA’s Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Technology Program K-12 encompasses state-of-the-art equipment and integrated educational tools, including, but not limited to, SMART BoardsTM in every classroom and an iMac computer lab in the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School. In our ongoing attempt to offer innovative technology programs, for the 20112012 academic year, DKJA is pleased to announce the implementation of a new iPAD Pilot Program that will eventually encompass the entire school. At the summer Administrative Retreat, the DKJA leadership team, comprised of administrators, principals, department chairs, and school technology leaders, attended an iPad training session presented by Apple representatives. Participants learned how the innovative tablets benefit students of the Mobile Native generation. “Mobile Natives are students who grew up with mobile technology at their fingertips. They have a natural aptitude for assimilating to a mobile curriculum easily and effectively, using it to their advantage,” said Technology instructor Mr. Michael Luetjen. “These students will benefit greatly from our iPad Pilot Program.” In addition, thanks to a generous anonymous donation restricted to the Media Center/Library, a dedicated bank of iPads will be utilized to implement a new Media Center Lower School initiative. Although mobile technology is still relatively new in education, research has already shown the versatility and advantages that tablet computing offers, from student engagement to differentiation and collaboration, to name two. Once the Pilot Program is complete, all divisions will utilize iPads for innovative learning.

Educating Mobile Natives The Mobile Native Generation has grown up with mobile devices as the center of their digital world. The are challenged, not intimidated, by transformative technology. They welcome innovative, customized ways of learning that can be adapted to their individualized learning styles. They seek out engaging interactive experiences that enable them to learn innovatively. They embrace learning core concepts through personal learning devices such as the iPad.

Technology Educators Attend ISTE Conference on ‘Unlocking Potential’

This summer, Technology Integration Chair and Middle School science teacher Mrs. Holley Stabler (above), along with Technology Instructor Mr. Michael Luetjen, attended the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The theme of the conference was “Unlocking Potential.” “The subject of most of the workshops I attended was unlocking the potential in the classroom using iPads and mobile technology,” said Mrs. Stabler. “In fact, handheld devices, such as iPads, can play a big part in project-based learning. Not only do projects motivate students because they

use exciting handheld technology, but they also lend themselves to student voice and choice.” This year, students will be able to experience the wonders of the iPad, which provides the iGeneration with an additional platform through which educators and students can create, collaborate, and innovate. This learning process, inconjuntion with DKJA’s Leader In Me curriculum, brings the principle-centered leadership techniques found in author Stephen Covey’s books The Leader in Me and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to the digital classroom. These habits include personal responsibility, effective and responsible communication, and teamwork. “The iPad is a perfect tool for teachers to utilize differentiation and to teach students with an individualized approach, resulting in the building of self-confidence,” said Mrs. Stabler. “While at the ISTE Conference, I had the opportunity to hear the keynote address by renowned author Stephen R. Covey. He noted that students need not only relevant skill sets and tool sets to navigate 21st century demands, they also need relevant mindsets. It is these mindsets, in conjunction with challenging skill sets, that build the leader in each student.” In addition to innovative learning tools, DKJA has implemented collaboratie learning methods such as Google Docs. Using Google Docs enables users in different locations to collaborate simultaneously on the same document from any computer with Internet access and specified privileges. This is useful for students or faculty members who may be working on a project together that entails both writing, editing, and tracking work on a spreadsheet, as well as creating a presentation to a share with other people involved in the project. Google Docs group members can collaborate while in same computer lab, or working remotely, perhaps with a student or colleague across the globe.

Inaugural Vex Robotics Team Challenges Students Beginning this year, a new and exciting Vex Robotics Team is being offered to students at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School. Utilizing their mechanical skills and knowledge of computers, team members will create a unique remote controlled robot that ultimately will compete in Vex Robotics events throughout Florida. The team is facilitated by Technology instructor Mr. Michael Luetjen and is held during the lunch period. “Is robotics Mr. Michael Luetjen and Zack Cohen cool? Is this something teenagers really do? Do they really form teams, build robots, program them, and compete against other teams? The answer to each of these questions is absolutely — and it is awesome!” according to freshman Zack Cohen, the inspiration behind this new and exciting offering. Zack first learned about robotics at camp a few summers ago. Following that summer, Zack and a few of his friends formed a Vex Robotics team. The team competed in several events from Miami to Orlando,

qualifying for the playoffs at each event and winning an award at its final competition. “The Vex Robotics events are remarkable, with up to 50 teams and over 200 participants competing for a chance to make the Vex World Championships,” said Zack’s father, Mr. Barry Cohen, who has become an avid technology enthusiast as a result of his children’s interest in it. Mr. Cohen’s support enabled the Vex Robotics Team to become a reality. “Overall, Vex Robotics consists of more than 3,500 teams from 20 countries. For the upcoming school year, we are extremely proud that Zack is using his knowledge and experience to help form a new Vex Robotics competitive team for high school students.” Participants will spend the first few months of the school year designing, building, and programming a team robot, then will begin competing in December. “Robotics is fun, competitive, and a great educational experience for everyone,” said Zack, who hopes to expand the team to Middle School students if sufficient interest is expressed. For further details, please send e-mail to or Additional information about Vex Robotics can be found at


Mrs. Hilary Arenstein, Director of Admissions; Ms. Stephanie Schoenberger, Associate Director of Admissions (Jr. K - Grade 8); and Mrs. Jodi Orshan, High School Associate Director of Admissions

Meet Your DKJA

Admissions Team T here’s nothing more welcoming than a big smile and open arms. That is exactly what greets visitors interested in learning about DKJA’s “more than a school…a family” atmosphere when they encounter Director of Admissions Mrs. Hilary Arenstein.


Mrs. Arenstein has been a familiar face at DKJA for nearly 20 years. For 14 years, she was an English and History teacher, as well as a fifth-grade Grade Level Advisor. Although she loves to welcome new families to DKJA in her role as Director of Admissions, Mrs. Arenstein’s joy of teaching has never waned. She “has the best of both worlds,” in her own words, every Monday morning during tefilah at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School, where she is a facilitator. She revels in the feelings of déjà vu she experiences, since many of the participants were formerly her fifth-grade students. One constant remains: her true passion for enlightening young minds. “I love our curriculum on ancient civilizations and thoroughly enjoy imparting this enthusiasm on students. The literature that dovetails with the history is of such a high interest level that it grabs the students’ attention,” she says. “It is my genuine intention to share a love of learning and to encourage all students to think critically as well as creatively. “I have had the pleasure of being educated at DKJA as well, from technology to introducing our school to the global world. My goal is

to ignite the fire of learning within students and to provide them with the skills that will motivate and lead them through life. I want our students to be creative, independent learners who enjoy problem solving, brainstorming, and troubleshooting.” Mrs. Arenstein’s love of learning has always been the focal point of her career. She was a participant in the Kiryat Bialik teacher exchange program, which she credits for enabling her to begin her renewed Jewish journey. Last year, she graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary Day School Leadership Training Institute (Cohort 6) and the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Program. She recently embarked upon Project SuLaM (Study, Leadership, and Mentoring) after being accepted into the prestigious twoyear RAVSAK Jewish Community Day School Network program. Mrs. Arenstein graduated from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education. She emigrated to the United States in 1987 with her husband, Andy, and two children, David and Karen. Prior to joining DKJA, she taught at the Arthur Meyer Jewish Academy in West Palm Beach. She is the grandmother of three-year-old Jenna. Mrs. Arenstein enjoys seeing progress that results from providing care and essential elements, which carries through to one of her favorite hobbies: gardening. When she’s not on the DKJA campus, Mrs. Arenstein most often can be found donning gardening gloves and bringing plants and flowers to life. “Growth is everywhere, and it’s such an encouraging metaphor to see a plant thrive and flourish, just as our students do. The ‘value added’ of a nurturing environment is what I love about the wonders of my gardening, and my profession.”


his academic year marks a decade of teaching and dedication to prospective as well as current students at DKJA for Ms. Stephanie Schoenberger, Associate Director of Admissions (Jr. K - Grade 8). Ms. Schoenberger is the mother of Alexis (DKJA ’11), a freshman at Florida Atlantic University, and David, a ninthgrader at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School. She is a graduate of Long Island University, C.W. Post, where she earned her a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. Ms. Schoenberger has become a familiar face to countless students. She was the Lower School Library teacher for five years, introducing wonderful projects such as Flat Stanley. In addition to her role in Admissions, which she has held for the past four years, Ms. Schoenberger works closely with the Communications Department on marketing initiatives, and overall is known for being a true team player. Whether in the hallways, at specials for students, in the Media Center, or in the School Office, Ms. Schoenberger is a fixture throughout the campus, always eager to lend a helping hand. She continues to challenge young Jewish minds as a Hebrew school teacher, which she has enjoyed for the past 18 years, the most recent of which have been at Congregation Kol Tikvah in Parkland. “From the moment I arrived here, I considered the DKJA family my own,” she says with her ever-present smile. “As Associate Director of Admissions for Jr. K through Grade 8, I administer testing and work with families, helping them navigate every aspect of the Admissions process. When I am not at DKJA, I am open for a challenge in Mah-jongg!” An avid Mahjongg player, Ms. Schoenberger also loves movies and reading.


we inspiring and solid, unique character, an excellent foundation, and overall brilliance — ­ these are the traits that make architectural wonders stand out and be recognized. With her expert eye for all of these attributes, her firsthand wealth of knowledge in architecture, and her familiarity with DKJA, Mrs. Jodi Orshan enables students at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School to reach their full potential. Mrs. Orshan is the Associate Director of Admissions at the High School, and beginning this year, she is excited to also serve as Coordinator of Student Affairs. Originally from Connecticut, Mrs. Orshan graduated from Pennsylvania State University with both a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and a Bachelor’s of Architecture. She moved to Florida in 1988, and she and her husband David are the proud parents of Adam (DKJA ’10), currently a sophomore at the Honors College of the University of Miami, and Taytum, an eleventh-grader at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School. “I have been a member of the DKJA family since 1999, and a part of the High School since 1999, when it first opened,” she proudly says. “ I have been a part of the leadership team for Meet the Masters for the past ten years, and I’ve served as the Yearbook Advisor.” Mrs. Orshan was the founding Advisor of the High School Student Government Association and held the position for 10 years. She also has taught Architectural Design in the High School. Her love of learning has inspired her to continue her Jewish education in the Florence Melton Mini-School graduate level course. This is her seventh year of study. “When I am not at DKJA, I enjoy spending time with my incredible children and family, watching Taytum on the basketball court, and listening to Adam teach me anything and everything. I enjoy learning, traveling, and exercising, and most importantly, I relish time spent with my dear friends,” says Mrs. Orshan.

More Than A School, A Family Meet The Marts & Macks!

What do lettuce, parsley, Israel’s Negev region, and inquisitive students have in common? Thanks to Mr. Jeffrey Mart, husband of Lower School Music Teacher Mrs. Karen Mart, four eager students had the opportunity to learn firsthand. Mr. Mart, a retired science teacher, visited DKJA to explain the intricacies of unique hydroponics techniques (growing plants without soil and conserving water). Students Ben Goodman,Yossi Pessah, Josh Salama, and Joseph Zeuner (pictured with Mr. Mart) worked collaboratively in the Middle School Science Lab to hydroponically grow their own vegetables. The students gained new appreciation for the Negev, Israel’s southern desert region, and its innovative solutions to grow vegetation despite the lack of natural water supply and rich soil. Mr. Mart was impressed with the boys’ work and said, “It has been

a pleasure working with this group of enthusiastic, creative, and committed students. They exemplify the ingenuity of the Israeli people in turning a desert wasteland into a productive farming area.” Visitors from the extended Mart family are common at DKJA. In addition to creativity in the science lab, musical amazement flourishes when Mrs. Mart’s sister, Mrs. Nancy Mack, travels from Atlanta to share her musical expertise. She performs as part of a talented Chamber Music Trio for Lower School students. The Trio is comprised of Mrs. Mart (piano), Mrs. Mack (cello), and Orchestra Program Director Mr.Gustavo Correa (violin), shown above. “The students enjoy listening to and watching the Trio play music of Bach, Mozart, Faure, Massenet, and Frank Bridge,” says Mrs. Mart. “It broadens their horizons, and they love it.”

Editor’s Note: Mrs. Mart’s mother, Mrs. Janice Albert, has brought smiles to kindergarten music classes for the past seven years as a volunteer!


Cover Story

Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School students Emma Zafran and Shir Azoulai travelled to Australia this summer to share insight and learn globally about how Leader in Me Jewish Day School students are embracing the Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

DKJA Students Make An As Leaders



Around The World

With a video documenting DKJA’s Leader In Me initiatives packed among their belongings, recorded to provide a glimpse at “A Day In The Life at DKJA,” High School students Emma Zafran and Shir Azoulai boarded a plane for Australia last summer and headed around the world with one goal in mind: learning about leadership from a global perspective. Emma and Shir visited Masada College in Australia, spending four weeks immersed in a culture and information exchange program. In their own words, the experience was life changing...

Global Learning




What was the biggest difference between Masada College and DKJA? Since both schools are Jewish Day Schools that educate students through their senior year, and Leader in Me Schools, there were many similarities. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People were prevalent around the campus and incorporated into the curriculum, just like at DKJA. The dress code was very different. The students are very serious about adhering to a strict dress code, appearance, and respecting this. Girls’ hair must be tied back, no nail polish is permitted, and not a lot of make-up is worn. Other than that, there were not that many differences. Was being immersed in the day-to-day routine of a new school very different?  t first it was a bit of a shock, but after a few days, we got used to the changes. A It was fun to be in such a different environment. The Masada College students were eager to learn from us, and welcome us to Australia. Within a few days, we felt like we were “at home.” How are you learning from/exchanging information with this school/ the students? One of the main things we loved to do was compare our academic schedules, and what we’ve both done or read in school. It was fun to discuss the similarities and differences of both, and it was nice to see that even though our schools are so far apart from each other, as students, we share many common elements. We both learn Hebrew and participate in tefilah, although at Masada College, Hebrew is optional. Thanks to the assistance of the DKJA Hebrew and Judaic Studies teachers, Masada College has begun to introduce the 7 Habits in Hebrew into its curriculum. What did you hope to gain from this journey, and from your exposure to a different culture?

Ms. Jill Spielman, High School Judaic Studies Curriculum Integration Specialist, encourages unique opportunities for leadership.

Through DKJA’s initiatives to globally educate students, unique Experiential Education programs with the focus of strength and fortitude at their core continue to flourish.The goal of these programs is to foster engaging, innovative leadership at DKJA and abroad. A deep connection to Israel is an integral element of education at DKJA.This aspect of Jewish living, learning, and academic achievement touches almost every part of daily life for students from Jr. K through grade 12.When they graduate and embark upon their college careers, many students choose to expand their horizons through study abroad, and in particular, in Israel.

Graduates Studying Abroad

We had hoped to show other students that we are not so different, and especially as Jews, no matter where we are in the world, we can come together and bond over our heritage. We were able to do that. We want to tell our peers not to be afraid to explore the world. There is so much to see, learn and share! We are really looking forward to our exchange visit in January 2012, when Masada College students will be joining us at DKJA. It’s a Win-Win!

Emma and Shir participating in an information exchange assembly with students at Masada College.

Rebecca Greenberg and Paige Rind (’11) Rebecca Greenberg and Paige Rind (’11), above, are participating in the Young Judaea Year Course, a oneyear program that is a combination of academic studies for college credit, Hebrew, community service, travel, and general immersion in Israeli life and culture.They are experiencing Israel along with former DKJA students Rachel Dunn and Shany Yasur. Through the program, participants have the opportunity to work on a kibbutz, enjoy experiencing the Jewish holidays in the Holy Land, including hearing the shofar blowing at the Kotel, and building a sukkah.


Alumni Special Feature & 2010 - 2011 Annual Report of Gifts 14

Alumni Special Feature

Elan Horesh (’08) Making an impact on young lives through the arts has always been a passion of Elan Horesh (’08), who graduated from the University of Florida in June, completing his Bachelor’s degree in three years. He currently is a student at the University of Miami, where he is enrolled in a dual graduate school program to pursue a Master’s in Public Health and a Medical Degree. He hopes to become a reconstructive surgeon, traveling abroad to assist children suffering from cleft palates and similar conditions. Always “at home” on the stage, Elan has channelled his passion for the arts into helping the impoverished Twa Village and the Rugerero Survivor’s Village in Gisenyi, Rwanda. He assisted in providing healthcare and health education, with a focus on the arts in education. “Kids love art, and that is something that is universal. Art provides an easy way to teach people, and to connect with them. We did murals that involved health education themes, and other art projects with children and adults. Art knows no limits with age, gender, or culture. I think arts education is really important. DKJA integrates arts education throughout all of the curriculum. I have always felt that this was very important. I performed in every drama production throughout my years at DKJA, and I think it prepared me for and gave me a deep appreciation of arts education, and for the collective human experience.” Elan also provided wound care assistance, since many of the children love to express themselves through dance but do not own shoes or foot coverings. Among the items he brought with him to Rwanda were shoes to donate to the needy children. Once the shoes were distributed, the children were educated about the importance of wearing them to combat infection so they could fully enjoy dancing and physical activities. Additionally, Elan worked with his colleagues to assist the Twa people by teaching the impoverished community to become more self-sufficient. Although circumstances cause them to be surrounded by poverty, alternative economic opportunities were cultivated. The Twa people, who proved to be resourceful and talented in the area of creating unique pottery, benefitted from Elan’s assistance with structuring a business plan, purchasing a kiln to “fire” pottery, and then ultimately yielding products that can be sold. “I want to be able to help children who need equal opportunities so they can be happy about themselves and be comfortable with their lives, and most importantly, be successful in the future,” he proudly says.

Michael Vizner (’07) Compassion for others comes naturally to Michael (Miki) Vizner (’07). He spent this summer working as a Vocational Education Advisor for adults with special needs at Camp Ramah Palmer in Western Massachusetts after graduating from Tufts University. Miki earned his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Psychology. Despite his rigorous academic demands at college and his commitments to projects to help improve the world, Miki regularly makes an effort to return to the place where he spent his formative years: DKJA. Miki attended DKJA from first through twelfth grade. He often takes the opportunity to share his life experiences with students. On one such visit, he spoke to DKJA Middle School students immersed in the intensive Holocaust unit. He discussed the topic of genocide, and the impact on society. Miki spent time in the summer of 2009 alongside colleagues from Tufts Hillel at the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) in Rwanda, a safe haven for orphans of the genocide there. Miki and his peers/colleagues helped build stadium seating for a basketball court, helped paint a mural on the dining hall wall, created a mosaic for the outside of the school, and broadened both his and the students’ global horizons. Having participated on the March of the Living as a DKJA student, and also having seen the impact of genocide during his travels to Rwanda, Miki’s ability to captivate young students and inspire them to use their education and leadership skills to make a difference is nothing short of remarkable. He will be returning to the ASYV, Rwanda, for one year beginning in December, where he will teach hands-on science in his role as Science Enrichment Coordinator. “I have always enjoyed academics and community service, but exciting others by sharing what I have learned is more rewarding, and ultimately has a greater impact on the world,” he says.

Miki Vizner at a presentation to Middle School students during a recent visit to DKJA.


Brett Kaplan (’11) Spreading his message is something that Brett Kaplan (’11) takes seriously. The University of Central Florida freshman recently took action to promote the message of the importance of standing up against anti-Semitism at a recent Students for Israel rally.


ecently, I had the opportunity to participate in an event that enabled me to disseminate my views on a powerful issue in a proactive way. The initiative coincided with the third Durban Conference in New York. Created by the United Nations, the inaugural Durban Conference took place in Durban, South Africa, and was originally intended to be a symposium about racism in the world and how to combat it. The second conference took place on Hitler’s birthday in 2009, with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad serving as the keynote speaker. His speech was basically a tirade against Jews, saying they created a nation under the pretext of Jewish suffering, that Jews started the Iraq war, and that the Holocaust was fiction. At the third installment of the conference, which took place in New York, nations such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United States boycotted the event. The conferences have since become a forum to bash Israeli policies and equate Zionism with racism. In the interest of being proactive, I have continued to take an active role while in college, and I am a member of the Students for Israel organization. Students for Israel, with assistance from Hillel, Chabad, and the Model U.N. on campus, decided to host an event at UCF to generate support in opposing anti-Semitism concurrently as the third Durban Conference took place. To make a positive point, Students for Israel set up a table outside the Student Union with a massive banner bearing the words, “UCF Stands Against Anti-Semitism.” We answered questions by students and asked them in turn to sign our

banner. At the end of the day, we amassed a large number of signatures — enough to cover a banner that hung inside the Student Union for one week. Throughout the event, I was approached by students who didn’t know what anti-Semitism meant, and even more who weren’t aware that it existed today. By the conclusion of our event, I’d say at least 50 students were taught the meaning of the term and the nature of its existence. It feels incredible knowing that those students now are better informed. Whether they choose to actively combat it or not, awareness alone is better than nothing. We made a difference. I’d like to say that our platform was shared universally by all students. Unfortunately, I’d be lying if I did. Even at a university with one of the largest Jewish populations in the country, there are those who seek to spread an entirely different and opposite message, as well as to delegitimize ours. I’ll end this on a positive note...Always know that if you are passionate about something, and more importantly, informed about it, there are those who will listen, and there are those you can impact by making a difference. There are always those who will call for us to lay down and give up. Stay true to your roots and fight for what you know is right. It’s extremely effective. Whether it’s supporting Israel or trying to spread a message as harmless as “don’t hate,” never think you are on your own, and never think you cannot effect change.”

Alumni Academic News & Notes Hilary Schwartz ’02 (eighth grade) graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida in August of 2010. She served as President of the Honor Society of International Hospitality Management. Hilary spent her last semester studying abroad and currently is working for Marriott. Lani Beila Mendelson ’03 (eighth grade) graduated Cum Laude from Tulane University with a double major: a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Judaic Studies. She currently is a medical school student.


Jordan Fishfeld ’02 is currently in his fourth-year of the JD/MBA program at the University of Miami School of Law. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Florida in Political Science and Business Administration, respectively. He looks forward to working in either New York, Chicago or South Florida as a corporate transaction attorney dealing primarily with Private Equity acquisition and disposition. Join the Official Alumni FaceBook Page. Search Donna Klein Jewish Academy Alumni and CLICK “LIKE.”

Jeffrey Lipson (’11) “A lot of people wonder what they’re going to do over the summer, in between their High School graduation and their start of college. I decided to work at Step It Up Basketball Sleep Away Camp at Northwood University, a private university in West Palm Beach. Step It Up is a full-service basketball skill development company that offers a range of activities, including private lessons, clinics, day camps, leagues, and sleep-away camps. Step It Up was founded by Yogev Berdugo, a former professional basketball star who played in Israel.The camp offers optional services on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as daily morning services for those who want to attend, complete with Glatt Kosher food for all meals. I worked at Step It Up for the entire year. I slowly increased my role and responsibilities and eventually became the Associate Camp Director for a sleep-away camp program. I knew that camp was going to be an amazing experience for me, and especially for the campers.We had kids of all races and religions attending. Most important was the tremendous brotherhood, camaraderie, tolerance, and importance this camp provided. Step It Up became more than just a basketball sleep-away camp. The goal was to create not only better athletes on the court, but better people off the court. The administrators and I often taught the campers about character -- what constitutes good character and how to build character.We instructed them about goal setting -- how to set the right kinds of goals and how to chart goals.We emphasized the importance of first impressions -why making a good first impression is so important and how to make that good first

impression.We discussed honesty -- why being honest is such an vital quality.We of course taught the campers about game strategy -- how to become more comfortable with the plays and drills learned on the court. We also held Shabbat dinners. It was amazing to see all the different cultures come together and have a dinner with what became 30 brothers — it didn’t matter that we were black, white, Jewish, Spanish, Christian, Israeli, and other nationalities and religions. We were a group that shared blood, sweat, and tears together on the court all day and came together as a family. Some of the non-Jewish campers even came in to attend Friday night services just to have the experience of a Jewish service. Many wore Kippot and learned to participate, even responding “Amen” after the blessing over the wine. The most inspiring aspect of camp, though, was when each person around the huge rectangle of tables shared their most memorable moment of the week. As each camper and staff member went around the table, not once did someone mention a basketball accomplishment ­— or anything about basketball. It was about the moments they shared with their brothers in their dorms, on trips, walking to the gym, or at meals. It was about the life lessons they learned and how they became stronger, more confident, and well-rounded people as a result of the classroom sessions.We had six Shabbat dinners at camp, and I repeat, not once did anyone mention basketball as a memorable moment. I was absolutely blown away. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to accomplish next summer.” Editor’s Note: If you are interested in finding more about Step It Up, feel free to contact Jeff at or visit

Daniel Shwartzer (’07) Conversing in Mandarin on a broad range of topics, from business practices to world economics, is an easily accomplished task for Daniel Shwartzer (’07), who recently graduated from Amherst College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Culture and Languages. In addition to his studies in college, Danny spent several months abroad in Asia, immersing himself in the Chinese culture, and learning life and leadership skills that have enabled him to excel. After graduating from college, he worked in Boston as a Quality Assurance Analyst for Eze Castle Software, a leading technology company providing missioncritical propriety software products and technology-enabled services to asset managers and financial intermediaries globally. He currently is working on a business plan project for a company in China, traveling between Texas, California, and Florida. Although his love of travel and expanding his horizons often takes him to far-away places, Danny’s roots are close to home. He is the son of Assistant Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Andrea Spandau.


Aryiel Peitzer ’09 Since graduating from DKJA, Aryiel Peitzer (‘09), a junior at the University of South Florida, has championed many leadership roles. In addition to her involvement with the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, for which she is a member of the academic honor society, the sports medicine major serves as the Masa Israel intern with Hillel and is a Board Member with the organization. “My job description with Masa includes encouraging students at USF and at other colleges in the Suncoast region to study abroad in Israel for one of the five-month Masa programs. I also work as a liaison to the fraternities and sororities on campus to encourage involvement with Hillel happenings,” Aryiel proudly states. “I hope to start a program called Bulls (the USF mascot) for Israel with a Aryiel few fellow board members. I also serve on the USF AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) cadre as Relations and Communications Chair. With this I hope to have personnel such as the football team and other prominent figures on campus publicly supporting the continuation of American relations with Israel. Aryiel also participated in a the four-day Saban Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., one of AIPAC’s largest college student seminars. She had the opportunity to hear many senators and public officials speak about their support for Israel. “We were also taught effective Israel advocacy tips for the college campus. I also had the opportunity to visit St. Louis to attend a conference hosted by Hillel. I spent time learning about my internship, and ways to approach college students and tell them about study abroad programs in Israel,” she impressively stated. “DKJA definitely instilled a pride for Israel as well as my faith within me. I am happy that I am able to encourage others to have the chance to go to Israel and see why I love it so much. Although there are not many Jews at USF, I hope to use the skills I learned at DKJA, as well as what I gained from the seminars I’ve attended, to make the Jewish population at USF thrive.” Aryiel also is involved with intramural sports and helped lead both her sorority and the USF intramural volleyball teams to championships.


A Tribute To The DKJA Faculty By DKJA Alumnae Parent Barbara Peitzer, Mother of Aryiel (’09) and Samantha (’11)

When You Thought

I Wasn’t Looking...

When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you welcome a controversial and lively political debate in class...I didn’t know what side you were on, and I learned to respect others and their opinions. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you wish each member and coach of our opposing team good luck, and then encourage our team to do their best ­— and then some. Whether or not they won, you emphasized how important it was to congratulate each member of the other team on a game well played. I learned good leadership.

When you thought I wasn’t looking, I noticed your open door policy, and that I didn’t need an appointment.You knew my children by name, and we could always discuss issues and concerns. I learned that we don’t always have to agree, but we need to communicate and work together for the benefit of our children. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you being patient with my children when their decisions weren’t always the best — and I learned how to be a good listener, and to censor my thoughts, words, and reactions for complete effectiveness. Samantha

When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you give of yourself, on your own time, through academics, nursing, and world experience to enable my children to be the best they could be — and I understood what it’s like to help others when no one is looking. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you catch children making the wrong choices — and you held them accountable for their actions. Through this, they learned how to face their mistakes, and how to handle situations differently to avoid repeating their mistakes. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you hold my child’s hand ­ and your eyes filled up with tears as you took great pride in her — accomplishments. I learned that our days here at DKJA have truly been a team effort. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I learned, along with my daughters, how to prioritize our days so we get our work done and always have time for each other. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I learned that it is more than OK to sometimes say “no” to my children — and to always have time when they want to talk. My children’s days at DKJA have come to a close, so I want to say “thank you” for helping us to raise two incredible daughters who, Baruch Hashem, are ready to go out into the world academically, spiritually, and socially and be productive citizens. For all the times you thought I wasn’t looking, I did look at you, and I want to say THANKS for all the things I saw.

2010–2011 Annual Report of Gifts As I reflect back upon the success of the past year, I am reminded of the extraordinary contributions of the Donna Klein Jewish Academy Family. We at DKJA have a commitment Mrs. Sharon Kamber, Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement

­— Daniel 12.3

to strive for excellence in every way that the life of a child is touched. We are deeply grateful to you, our generous donors and volunteers, who share our passion, mission, and vision. We thank you for recognizing that when you

support Jewish education, you are supporting the future of the Jewish people. Your support enables DKJA to continue to offer a challenging general and Judaic studies academic program integrated with the arts, technology, and athletics from Jr. Kindergarten through twelfth grade. DKJA prepares students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world committed to Jewish values and lifelong learning. We could not excel without your support and generosity. Under the incomparable leadership of Mrs. Karen Feller, Head of School, DKJA has achieved a commanding place not only in our community, but nationally and internationally. We thank our exceptional Board of Trustees, which, under the stellar guidance of President Mrs. Lesley Zafran, is an integral part of our success. This success centers on the partnerships we have forged with parents, grandparents, and friends of DKJA. Together with our incredible faculty and staff, we work hand-in-hand as a family to ensure that DKJA continues to thrive and flourish. The support of our Parent Teacher Organization and Presidents Mrs. Robin Friedman and Mrs. Julie Weinstein and our Eagles Athletic Booster Club, chaired by Mr. Eric Lipson, is invaluable. The enthusiasm and generosity of our partners and ambassadors are truly a treasure.

“Those who turn the many to Tzedakah shall shine like the stars forever.”

Last January, with an eye to the future, The Office of Institutional Advancement, the umbrella for the Development, Admissions, and Marketing/Communications Departments, welcomed Mrs. Linda Hurst as Director of Planned Giving and Major Gifts. She joins Associate Director of Development Mrs. Judith Chason, my Assistant, Ms. Cynthia Gray, and Development Associate Mrs. Nancy Bailin in the Development Office. The Development Office works side by side with the Development Committee. The Development Committee, a standing committee of the Board of Trustees, is responsible for coordinating all fundraising efforts of the school and strategizes ways to work together for the mutual benefit of DKJA so that our school has the needed resources for today and tomorrow. It is with respect and gratitude that I acknowledge the significant impact of Mrs. Sara Adler, Development Chair, for the past two years. How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to have Sara at the helm of the Annual Fund Campaign this year. On behalf of the Development Committee, I am pleased to report on the success of the 2010-2011 school year. It is inspiring and gratifying to report that as of June 30, 2011, the total of all charitable cash gifts DKJA received was $1,241,967. The total includes gifts to the Annual Fund, Benefit Ball and Auction, Endowment, Capital donations, and Gifts-In-Kind from you, our loyal donors. On behalf of the children of today and tomorrow, we express our heartfelt appreciation.


2010–2011 Annual Report of Gifts


very gift to the Annual Fund counts and makes a difference. The collective power of giving by our parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, enables us to be a school where the exceptional is expected. Your gift to Donna Klein Jewish Academy will be used during the current year. If possible, please consider making your gift or pledge before December 31, 2011. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience. To make an online gift. Visit and select Support DKJA-Make an Online Gift. Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for your generosity. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the DKJA Development Office at (561) 852-5007.


Special Friends of DKJA Linda R. Kaminow Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation Donna Klein Jewish Academy is proud to recognize the commitment and generosity of Ms. Linda R. Kaminow and the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation by designating them as “Special Friends of DKJA.” They stand in a category alone for their continuing visionary leadership and extraordinary support of our school. To date, their combined contributions total over $3.3 million in support of DKJA students and programs. A very special thank you to Ms. Linda R. Kaminow for the pivotal role she plays and her ongoing generosity. In the Spring of 2011, the former High School at DKJA was named the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School in honor of Ms. Kaminow’s beloved parents (Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt, Of Blessed Memory), who were committed to Jewish education and continuity.


Visionary Circle $100,000 and over Ms. Linda R. Kaminow Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Foundation, Inc.

Gold Circle $50,000 and over Dr. and Mrs. Steven Katz The Wolgin-Gold Family

Quarter Century Circle $25,000 and over DKJA PTO Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobsohn Lenore G. Rothman Living Trust Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sandelman/ Sandelman Foundation

President’s Circle $18,000 - $24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Krancer Mrs. Ruth Weinberger

Head of School’s Circle $10,000 - $17,999 Dr. and Mrs. Howard Adler Mr. and Ms. Arnold Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Steven Elias Mr. and Mrs. Barry Friedberg Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Golden Harvey & Ann Goldfarb Trust Mr. Robert Greenberg

Ms. Phyllis Gutmann Mr. and Mrs. Yitchak Menaged Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rothstein Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Silver Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slakman Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Weiss Mr. Jerome Wolens* Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Zafran Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Zeff

Founders’ Circle $5,000 - $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Golden Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gruen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lipson Dr. and Mrs. Eric S. Markman Mr. and Mrs. George Marks Mr. and Mrs. Lothar Mayer Dr. and Mrs. David Schimel Mr. and Mrs. Allan Solomon

Partners’ Circle $2,500 - $4,999 Bank of America Matching Gift Mrs. Phyllis Butters Mr. and Mrs. James Carlin Dr. and Mrs. Karl Enselberg Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Feller Mr. and Mrs. Abner Levine Mr. Eric Lipson Dr. Barry Mesch Dr. and Mrs. David Morse Dr. and Mrs. Brad Oren Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Rosenblatt Dr. and Mrs. David P. Sachs

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Seltzer Ms. Myriam Weinstein Mr. Adam Zebersky Mr. and Mrs. Craig Franklyn Zeuner

Sustainer $1,000 - $2,499 Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center Anonymous AutoNation, A Maroone Company Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Bailin Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Barry Mr. Hanan Ben-Avi and Mrs. Alyssa Cohen Ben-Avi Mrs. Marianne Bobick Butters Construction and Development, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Butters Mrs. Judith Chason Mr. Barry Cohen and Mrs. Nancy Fine Cohen DKJA 8th Grade DKJA Sunshine Club Mr. and Mrs. Scott Michael Feller Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Frager Mr. and Mrs. David Friedman Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Gelb Mr. and Mrs. Alan Goldberg/ Boca Entertainment Mr. Sanford Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. David Gross Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haberman Mrs. Dorothy Halperin Dr. Abraham Hamaoui Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hurst Mr. Stanley Jacobs, Jr and Dr. Janice Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Brian Joselowitz Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kamber Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kier Land Design South Rabbi and Mrs. Daniel E. Levin/ Temple Beth El Levine & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Levine Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melcer Nicolas Orthodontics Ms. Stephanie Owitz Dr. and Mrs. Shachar Peles Mr. Simon Portnoy Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenberg Dr. Clive Rosenbusch and Dr. Vivienne Rosenbusch Mr. and Mrs. Ben Roth Ms. Jan Savarick Dr. and Mrs. Steve Schachter Mr. and Mrs. Jason Silberstein

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Stein Mr. Richard H. Stern Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Turetsky VisionCare Unlimited Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Weiss

Contributor $500 - $999 441 Productions, Inc Asher Pelkis Foundation, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Craig Steven Bagon Dr. and Mrs. Alan Bank Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berrie Dr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cohen Cruise Travel-N-More/Audrey Lerner Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Feigenbaum Mrs. Phyllis Gendal Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gross International College Counselors Ms. Marianne Jacobs Mrs. Aline Jacobsohn Mr. Jeffrey Kleiman Dr. and Mrs. Jan Warren Kronish Mr. Robert Machinist and Ms. Diane Nabatoff Mr. and Mrs. Julio Messer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moed

Mr. and Mrs. Monte Nathanson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reise Dr. and Mrs. Hadley Saitowitz Scholarship America/Target Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schreier Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Rick Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Carl Silver* Mr. Spencer B. Silver Mr. and Mrs. Sam Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Starr Dr. and Mrs. Pinkus Szuchmacher Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Weinstein Mr. Alfred Zebersky Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zuccari Dr. Michael Zukowsky and Dr. Mindy Shafer

Donor $250 - $499 Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Evan Appleton Mr. and Mrs. Scott M Ball Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Behmoiras Judge and Mrs. Norman Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Richard Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Bobrow Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Bouchner Mr. and Mrs. Phil Brooks Camp Chipinaw

DKJA’s 27th Benefit Ball and Auction featured the theme Anchors Aweigh, An Evening of Nautical Adventure.The DKJA faculty as a whole was honored with the Linda R. Kaminow Visionary Leadership Award. Pictured here are Auction Chairs Scott and Dana Ball; Event Chairs Alan and Lynne Goldberg; and high school alumni Sam and Jessica Goldberg. Special appreciation is extended to Exclusive Media Sponsor THE BOCA RATON OBSERVER/Ralph and Linda Behmoiras.


Sharing a special moment at Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day are Marcia and Michael Beckerman, Immediate Past President, DKJA Board of Trustees Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day Honorary Parent Chairs; Grandparents Andrea and Perry Beckerman; and Grandparents Allan and Shirley Solomon, DKJA Board of Trustees Member and Past President, respectively; GreatGrandparent Al Beckerman, Grandparents’ & Special Friends Day Honorary Grandparent Chairs; and grandchildren Allison and Daniel Beckerman. Photo by Ariane Kadoch Swisa of

Camp Blue Ridge Ms. Lori Chadroff Dr. Kevin Chaitoff and Dr. Jamie Shore Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cherney Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dable DKJA Kindergarten Faculty Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Field Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fried Mr. and Mrs. Henri Galel Mr. and Mrs. Yoram Galel Mrs. Noreen Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Glen Golish Mr. Robert Gosselin and Mrs. Annie Revah Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Grabelsky Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gross Mr. Jason Adler and Ms. Mandee Heller-Adler


Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo Hirschman Mr. and Mrs. Brett Hodes Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jackman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jatlow Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stanley Kessner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klein Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kolsky Dr. Marc Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Scott Darryl Krevans Captain and Mrs. Lawrence Krukin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kupfer Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Leder Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael Leder Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leipzig Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lerner Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lev Mr. and Mrs. Peter Levine Mr. and Mrs. Arie Levit Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Levy Mr. and Mrs. Barry Liebowitz Lighthouse Landscape Design Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brian Linden Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Linz Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lipson Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marcus

Dr. and Mrs. Barry I. Matza Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Marcel D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Miller Mr. and Mrs. Allan Miller Mr. Donald Onimus and Mrs. Lorraine P. Wolch Dr. and Mrs. Mark Oren Mr. and Mrs. Marc D Ostroff Mr. and Mrs. Martin Padersky Dr. and Mrs. Jay Peitzer Mrs. Cecelia Platnick Mr. and Mrs. Joel Platt Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Queen Mr. and Mrs. Lorence Queen Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Roman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenberg Dr. Andrew Rosenthal and Dr. Jill Rosenthal Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Mr. and Mrs. Ronen Saban Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sagel Dr. and Mrs. S. Daniel Salama Ms. Andrea Schaja Mrs. Sheryl Scher Mr. and Dr. Scott Schneider Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Schoenbrum Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Clive Sher Dr. Kevin Chaitoff and Dr. Jamie Shore Dr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Silverman Rabbi and Mrs. Robert Silvers Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo Spector Mr. and Mrs. James Spooner Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Viner Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Weisman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Wexelman Ms. Cindy White Mrs. Claire L. Widensky Mr. Ira Wolf and Mrs. Janet L. Kenny Young Israel of Deerfield Beach Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Yudell

Friend Up to $249 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Abrams Mr. Evan Ackerman and Dr. Adena Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adams Ms. Beatrice Adelman Mr. Leonard Adler Mrs. Donna Albaum Mrs. Vera Alperin Mr. and Mrs. Ted Anderer Mr. and Mrs. Scott Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Karl Apotheker Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L Appel Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Arenstein

Mr. Alan Shlomo Brenner and Mrs. Eilat Asseo-Brenner Ms. Michelle Azout B & B Pool Services Inc Mr. and Mrs. Joel Badnani Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balfan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bruce Ballin Mr. Michael Bank Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baron Dr. Barry Matza Ms. Diane P Basin Ms. Barbara Batt Mr. and Mrs. David A. Beale Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Beer Mr. and Mrs. Arnon H BenShlomo Mr. and Mrs. Yoseff Ben-shushan Mr. and Mrs. David Berdugo Mr. Mark Berger Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berman Dr. Rob Fradkin and Mrs. Esther Bernstein Dr. Melvin Bernstein Mrs. Rose Bernstein Dr. Seth Bernstein and Dr. Rona Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bieder Mr. and Mrs. Murray Birchansky Mr. and Mrs. Walter Biro Mr. Moshe Bitton Mr. Dargar Bjorksten Ms. Colleen T. Blanding Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blum Mr. Isaac Blumburg Mr. Ron Borstein and Mrs. Mazi Eden-Borstein Brandt Associates Dr. and Mrs. Warren Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bricker Ms. Danielle Brodsky Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brouda Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Burns Mrs. Betty Busch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carlin Mr. David Zilberman and Ms. Gina Cayne Ms. Shari S. Celler Mr. and Mrs. Yossef Chaham Mr. and Mrs. Juan Chukran-Lontok Dr. Lawrence Maxwell Clewner and Dr. Michele Clewner Mr. Stephen Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Coe Dr. and Mrs. Mark Cohan Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Jay Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Brian Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Erik Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Israel Cohen

Mr. Melvin Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Coleman Mrs. Sharon Comeau Congregation Kol Tikvah Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper Mr. and Mrs Jonathan Cooper Mr. Sam Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Abner Correa Rabbi and Mrs. Donald Crain Dr. and Mrs. Yoram Dahav Cantor and Mrs. Howard Dardashti Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Davis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davis Mr. and Mrs. Steven Davis Mr. Daniel Deckman Ms. Melanie Deckman Dr. Scott Demsky and Dr. Yvonne Demsky Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dern DKJA 2nd Grade Faculty DKJA First Grade Faculty DKJA High School Faculty DKJA Judiacs Faculty DKJA Middle School Faculty Mrs. Carol-Lee Dolnick Mr. and Mrs. Craig Donoff Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Dubs Ms. Tina Dubs Ms. Elyssa Einhorn Ms. Stacy Michelle Einhorn Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Elblonk Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Richard Elliott Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Erzine Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Esteves Mr. and Mrs. Steven Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Ted Fertel Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Filhaber Ms. Ingrid Fils Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fils Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fils Mr. and Mrs. William B Fine Mr. and Mrs. Ron Finegold Mr. and Mrs. Scott Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. Yehuda Fishfeld Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fixler Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fleischman Ms. Melinda Forrester Mr. Joshua Fox Mr. and Mrs. Roger Franks Dr. and Mrs. Alan Freedman Mr. and Mrs. John Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Martin Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Friedman Dr. and Mrs. Jordan Frigerio Mr. and Mrs. Paul Funk Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gahr Mr. and Mrs. Barry Galgut Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Garaway

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Garfinkel Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gelles Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Gerstin Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Getz Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ginsburg Ms. Blanchel Gishe Mr. Joel M. Glickman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grimaldi Mr. Steven Goldberg and Ms. Susanne Lynn Mandel Mr. Jay Roth and Mrs. Cheryl Golden Ms. Lynn Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goldman Mr. and Mrs. David Goodis Mrs. Eileen Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman Dr. and Ms. Ellis Gottesfeld Ms. Sophie Gottesfeld Ms. Cindy Gray Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Greenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Steve Greenbaum Ms. Rebecca Greenberg Mr. Warren Greenspoon and Dr. Gail Greenspoon Mrs. Harriet Gross Mr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Gurspan Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Gussack Ms. Debbie Gutman Mr. Edward Hallow and Dr. Debra C. Hallow Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hamaoui Mr. and Mrs. Nissan Neil Hamuy Mr. and Mrs. Larry Handler Mr. Robert Hanfling Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Joseph Hannon Ms. Ronni Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Eytan Hartung Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Heilweil Mr. and Mrs. Motti Herzhaft Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heumann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hewins Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Nat Hier Mrs. Suzanne Hollander Mr. Warren Holtzman Ms. Debbie Honigstock Mr. and Mrs. Scott Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hurst Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Hurwitz Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Hurwitz Rabbi Barry Ingber Mrs. Jennifer Isaacs Ms. Vivian Izsack Ms. Lilyan Jacobs Ms. Marilyn F. Jacobs Ms. Gladys Jaffee Mr. and Mrs. Ari Jatwes


PTO Update 2010-2011 Academic Year

Mrs. Julie Weinstein and Mrs. Robin Friedman, PTO Presidents

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Sheldon Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Harry George Kagan Mrs. Yael Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kahan Mr. and Mrs. Seth Kamber Mr. Michael Kandel Mr. and Mrs. Solon Kandel Mrs. Sara Kanstoroom Mr. Irwin Kantor and Ms. Sylvia Posner Mr. Brett Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Grant Kaplan Dr. and Mrs. Harold Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Nason Kaplan Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karpeles Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Katz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul Kazinec Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kessner Mr. and Mrs. Gary Howard Kimmelman DKJA Kindergarten Faculty Mr. Michael Kjaerulff Mr. and Mrs. Martin Klafter Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lee Klayman Mr. and Mrs. Hal Klein Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klein Ms. Miriam Klein Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kofsky Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kogan Mr. and Mrs. Elliot S. Koolik Mr. Gary R. Koolik and Dr. Tania Koolik Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Korngold


The PTO would like to thank the DKJA school community for once again providing tremendous support during the 2010-2011 academic year. The PTO was able to donate $40,000 to the Annual Fund, collect and distribute over $27,000 in teacher gifts, donate $3,000 toward the High School Prom, pay for the equivalent of more than one school trip to Israel, provide a $1,000 donation to the Eagles Athletics Booster Club, and provide a donation to the Annual Fund in the name of every graduating senior, among other items to enhance the quality of education at DKJA.

Mr. and Mrs. Hersh Korsunsky Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kotler Ms. Sharla Kotler Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Adam Kranitz Mr. and Mrs. Juris Krasts Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Krawitz Ms. Ashton Krawitz Mr. and Mrs. Kurtis P. Kron Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kupferberg Mrs. Adria LaPayover Mrs. Selma LaPayover Mr. Grayson LaPayover-White Dr. Fred Lajam Dr. and Mrs. Andre Landau Ms. Rhoda Lang Dr. Michelle Larocque Mr. and Mrs. Roger Leavy Ms. Eden A. Leder Mr. and Mrs. Julian Leinhardt Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Leizman Mr. and Mrs. Joel Lerner Ms. Nicole Lesson Mr. and Mrs. Ron Levin Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Levin Dr. David Lawrence Levine and Dr. Jacqueline Levine Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Leviton Mrs. Jean Levy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levy Mr. and Mrs. Russell Levy Mr. Morris Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Alan N. Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lieberman Mr. Jeffrey Lipson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Litt

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Loria Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Louis, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Louis Mr. Guy Moshe Rochberg and Mrs. Liat Luel-Rochberg Mrs. Sydelle Luftman Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lustig Mr. and Mrs. Salomon Maikhor Major Physical Therapy, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Malen Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Man Dr. and Mrs. Adam Mandel Mr. Lee Mandelbaum Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mandell Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Marcotrigiano Mr. and Mrs. Larry Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Marks Mr. Leonard Marks and Mrs. Janice Polofsky-Marks Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mart Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mascunana Mrs. Nicolette D. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Naor Melamed Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Menda Mr. Bruce Mendelsohn and Dr. Heather Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mendelson Mr. and Mrs. Avi J. Mesch Ms. Brooke Meyer Ms. Sharon Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Max Meyer Mr. Joseph Michael Michael B Cohen PA Midnight Sun Tours Ms. Gioia C. Miglionico Ms. Julia Miller Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mondschein Mr. Kevin Moore Mr. and Mrs. Alex Morgenstern Mr. and Mrs. Simon Motola Mr. and Mrs. Warren Muench Ms. Cathleen C Musicant Mr. Jay Mussman Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nakdimon Ms. Deena Nelson Ms. Jane E. Neubauer Mr. and Mrs. Marc Newman Mrs. Elice Nissman Mr. and Mrs. Avi Noiman Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nussbaum Mr. and Mrs. Harold Odesnik Mr. and Mrs. David Orshan Ms. Tara O’Shaughnessy Mr. Al Passoff and Ms. Susan Ostrow Mr. Mark Palestine Mrs. Blanche Passen

Class of 2011 Senior Class Gift Scholarship Fund Dr. and Mrs. Howard Adler Dr. and Mrs. Alan Bank Mr. Michael Bank Mr. Sam Cooper DKJA PTO DKJA Administrative Team Ms. Elyssa Einhorn Ms. Stacy Einhorn Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fils Ms. Rebecca Greenberg Mr. Robert Greenberg Mrs. Phyllis Gutman Mr. Michael Kandel Mr. and Mrs. Solon Kandel Mr. Brett Kaplan

Mrs. Elise Pedowitz Ms. Samantha Peitzer Dr. and Mrs. Aryeh J. Pessah Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Ms. Carolyn Pinchevsky Mr. and Mrs. Barry Podolsky Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pollak Mr. Zach Kaufmann and Mrs. Yael Pollak Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Polofsky Mr. and Mrs. Robert Polofsky Mr. and Mrs. Julian Price Mr. David John Rachelson and Mrs. Esther Rachelson Mr. and Mrs. Amir Radberg Mr. Kevin Rader and Rabbi Amy Rader Mrs. Muriel Raynor RCH Lawn Maintenance LLC Ms. Paige Rind Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Robbins Roberta Green Living Trust Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Robins, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Greg Roseberg Ms. Ronit Rosenberg Dr. and Mrs. Steven Rosenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rosenholtz Mr. and Mrs. Rich Rosenstein Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rosenstein Mrs. Elinor Rosenthal Dr. and Mrs. Peter Rossen Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Routman

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Kaplan Mrs. Elga Krasts Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Krawitz Ms. Ashton Krawitz Ms. Adria LaPayover Mr. Grayson LaPayover-White Mr. Jeffrey Lipson Ms. Brooke Meyer Ms. Sharon Meyer Mr. Joseph Michael Mr. Kevin Moore Ms. Deena Nelson Ms. Samantha Peitzer Ms. Paige Rind Mr. and Mrs. Amir Sachs

Mr. David Rowe Mr. Mark Ruben Mr. and Ms. Ronen Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Sachi Mr. and Mrs. Amir Sachs Ms. Hila Sachs Mr. Norman Sagel and Ms. Jane Goldseker Drs. Aharon and Candice Sareli Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Sasko Dr. Steven Scanlan and Dr. Larissa Zaulyanov-Scanlan Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Schafler Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schermer Mr. and Mrs. James Perry Scherr Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Schlissel Ms. Alexis Schoenberger Ms. Stephanie Schoenberger Mr. and Mrs. Barry Scholnik Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sefton Mrs. Lois Seiden Dr. and Mrs. Lee Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Shai Mrs. Carol Shamberger Mrs. Jackie Shapiro Ms. Nancy Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Rod Sheldon Mr. Joshua Sherman Ms. Nina Sherman Mr. and Ms. Richard Sherman Mr. and Mrs. David T. Sherry Mr. and Mrs. Sol Shinder Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Shulman

Ms. Hila Sachs Ms. Alexis Schoenberger Ms. Stephanie Schoenberger Mr. Joshua Sherman Ms. Nina Sherman Ms. Dena Ungarten Mr. Jared Ungarten Mr. Alex Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Wexelman Ms. Danielle Zfat Ms. Alyssa Zukowsky Mr. and Mrs. David Zweibel Ms. Shiri Zweibel

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shulman Ms. Dina Siegal Mr. and Mrs. Craig Alan Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Harold Silen Mr. and Mrs. Warren Silver Dr. and Mrs. Craig S. Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Simberg Mr. and Mrs. Warren Simonoff Mr. John Small Ms. Lauren Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sobel Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Solkoff Mr. and Mrs. Gary Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sommers Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Spandau Mr. Robin A. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spera Sperber Communications Ms. Jill Spielman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Spindel Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stabler Mr. and Mrs. Morton Steele Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stein Dr. and Mrs. Steven Aaron Stein Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Stiel Mrs. Lila Subotky Dr. and Mrs. Barry Taney Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Tansman The Aaron & Freda Glickman Foundation, Inc. The Schifrin Foundation, Inc


Mr. and Mrs. Amit Tirosh Mr. Daniel Toledano and Mrs. Yael Halimi Toledano Mr. and Mrs. David Trevino Ms. Ethel Tunis Ms. Dena Ungarten Mr. Jared Ungarten Mr. and Mrs. Eli Ushpiz Mr. and Mrs. Skipper Jonathan Vine Ms. Anna Marie Vitanza Mr. Jorge Sergio Volinsky and Mrs. Silvina Chemerinski Ms. Glenda Wachtel Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Weinerman Ms. Vicki Weinerman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Weinstein The Honorable Peter Weinstein and Dr. Barbara Ann Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. David Weiss Mr. and Ms. Miles Weiss Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program Mr. Alex Wexelman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wiernik Mr. and Mrs. David Winter Mrs. Rachel Wivietsky Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wohl Dr. and Mrs. Peter Wohlgemuth Mr. and Mrs. Farrel Wolfe Dr. and Mrs. David Wolstein Mr. and Mrs. Josh Worrall Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zebersky Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Zedeck Ms. Danielle Zfat Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda Zilonka Ms. Alyssa Zukowsky Mr. and Mrs. David Zweibel Ms. Shiri Zweibel Mr. and Mrs. Murray Zweig Mr. Javier Zylberberg and Dr. Claudia Zylberberg

Grandparents’ 20 Chai Society Grandparents who have made an Annual Fund Gift of $360 or more Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Altschul Mr. Al Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beckerman Judge and Mrs. Norman Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Phil Brooks Mrs. Phyllis Butters Mr. and Ms. Arnold Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Feigenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Feller Mr. and Mrs. Henri Galel Mrs. Noreen Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gross Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haberman Dr. Abraham Hamaoui Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jackman Mrs. Aline Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobsohn Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kamber Ms. Linda R. Kaminow Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stanley Kessner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Klein

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Leder Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leipzig Mr. and Mrs. Peter Levine Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Levy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lipson Mr. and Mrs. George Marks Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melcer Dr. Barry Mesch Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Miller Mr. and Mrs. Allan Miller Mr. and Mrs. Monte Nathanson Mr. Donald Onimus and Mrs. Lorraine P. Wolch Dr. and Mrs. Mark Oren Mr. and Mrs. Martin Padersky Mr. and Mrs. Joel Platt Mr. and Mrs. Lorence Queen Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Roman Dr. and Mrs. Steve Schachter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Clive Sher Mr. and Mrs. Carl Silver Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slakman Mr. and Mrs. Allan Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Yudell

*Of Blessed Memory

Listings include gifts to The Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Scholarship Fund, The Marni Zebersky Scholarship Fund, and The Class of 2011 Senior Class Gift Scholarship Fund.


Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day February 18, 2011 ‘Home Is Where Our Story Begins’ Special Thanks To AB Construction For Building The House For DKJA

Donna Klein Jewish Academy Endowed Funds Endowment Funds for Eighth Grade and High School Awards

Fanny* & Izick* Sherman Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Torah

Jean Rozefsky Buchman & Nathan Buchman Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts

Spooner Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Athletics

Library Fund in Memory of Julius Fleischer

Nathan & Jean Buchman/Charles Okun* Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Sciences

Endowment Funds for Scholarship

DKJA PTO Teacher Recognition Fund

DKJA Scholarship Field of Interest Fund DKJA Scholarship Fund #2

Eleanor & Irving Jaffe Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science

Esther Ellman Scholarship Fund

Lana Marks Endowment Fund

Ira L. Futeran Scholarship Fund

Arnold Rosenthal Library Fund

Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in English

Victor Gross Scholarship Fund for Academic Achievement

Eleanore Rukin* Fund for the Learning Resource Center

Linda Rosenblatt Kaminow Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hebrew

Abraham & Ruth Hases Scholarship Fund William & Harriet Margolis Scholarship Fund

Harold* & Julia* K. Segall Memorial Fund

Marilyn & Hyman I. Kones President’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Citizenship

Norman & Selma Maslow Scholarship Fund

Linda Halperin Clouse & Barry Minkin Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music & the Arts Maurice* & Dorothy Halperin Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Science

Lenner Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education

Sandelman Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics

Additional Endowment Funds Capital Fund Chason Family Fund Project Care Fund The Owitz Greenberg Chesed Fund for Family Assistance

Solomon* & Rose Turetsky Teacher Award Fund

*Of Blessed Memory

Howard & Anita Schaeffer Scholarship Fund Marion Shulman Scholarship Fund

May & Les Lesley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Midot Tovot

Arthur & Shirley Siegel Scholarship Fund

Marcus Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acts of Tzedakah

Marshall Sigel Scholarship Fund Solomon & Rose Turetsky Tuition Assistance Fund

Heather & Max* Millard Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing

Dr. David & Ruth Wollowick Scholarship Fund

Pearl Roth Pfeffer* Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurial Service

Rabbi Nathan & Jeanette Zelizer Education Scholarship Fund

Claire Pastor Zachian Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Ilene Wohlgemuth with Sharon Pedowitz, recipient of the Marilyn & Hyman I. Kones President’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Citizenship

Thank You Donna Klein Jewish Academy is proud to pay special tribute to our community friends Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Phyllis Golden for their ongoing dedication to our school. As friends of DKJA, they are always there for us. We are especially appreciative of their outreach to community friends and their sponsorship of the Symphonia concert for DKJA

and the Adolph and Rose Levis Jewish Community Center last year. This event helped raise in excess of $50,000 for DKJA’s needbased tuition assistance program.


DKJA Introduces

Legacy for Learning Endowment

As Donna Klein Jewish Academy strives to meet our donors’ philanthropic interests, we have created the Legacy for Learning Society to recognize those benefactors within the DKJA community who have made an Endowment Gift to our school. An Endowment Fund can serve as a perpetual legacy to honor an individual loved one or an entire family. Endowment Funds are a vital component of our school’s future planning and vision. Every parent, grandparent, and friend of DKJA, has a unique family and financial situation. An Endowment can easily be designed to match your personal circumstances with great benefit to the fund and to you. There are many creative ways to structure your

Gift to DKJA. Planned Giving vehicles are typically discussed as part of estate planning or financial planning process. Now may be an appropriate time for you to consider some strategies to maximize certain tax savings. To learn more about making a Planned Gift or to request a brochure, please call Mrs. Linda Hurst, Director of Planned Giving and Major Gifts, at (561) 852-3122 or send e-mail to

In addition to annual gifts made today, there are a variety of ways to include DKJA in your longterm estate and financial planning, including wills and bequests, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable lead trusts.

L’Dor VaDor From Generation to Generation DKJA Grandmother Mrs. Shirley Brooks Becomes A Bat Mitzvah The Bat Mitzvah is one of life’s most wonderful experiences, cherished from generation to generation. Traditionally, proud grandparents enjoy the ceremony during which they experience their grandsons or granddaughters reading from the Torah. The Kraft family recently kvelled as Grandmother Mrs. Shirley Brooks became a Bat Mitzvah. As part of a group ceremony, Mrs. Brooks, shown here with her beloved family, was extremely proud of this milestone shared from generation to generation.


“As my father planted for me, so shall I plant for my children.” — Talmud

March of the Living

Every year, after completing an extensive course of study on the Holocaust beginning in Middle School and continuing through the High School, students are given the opportunity to participate on the March of the Living. This journey is an opportunity to grow emotionally while also physically exploring the Holocaust Concentration Camps of Poland, and the Land of Israel. Last year’s journey had unique impact upon alumni parents Dr. Josh and Mrs. Nancy Bailin (Associate in the Office of Institutional Advancement), and Mr. Allan and Mrs. Shirley Solomon, both of whom have been extensively involved with Jewish education, with the DKJA Board (Mrs. Solomon is a founding President) and as DKJA grandparents. Both families have had participants experience the March from different generations. The Bailins’ daughter Abby (a former DKJA student) did so in 2008; the Solomons’ son inspired them to be a part of the experience. “It was important that I participate on the March of the Living so that I would have a better understanding of the Holocaust. Even though we have all read books and seen movies on the topic, seeing is believing,” says Mrs. Bailin. “You can’t imagine the enormity of the ‘killing fields” until you actually see it. This was my first time. I’m very glad that we decided to make this trip while there are still survivors who can share their stories. These personal accounts touch your hearts in ways you can’t imagine. It’s amazing that these survivors have the strength to re-tell their horrors over and over again. I would have to say that as much as I think that everyone should take this trip if possible, I feel strongly that it is MORE important for our children to take the trip. They will have to pass this on to Clockwise from left: Mr. Allan Solomon on the railroad tracks that transported Jews to the Concentration Camps.The Bailins at Tykocin Synagogue in Poland. The Solomons awaiting the beginning of the March of the Living.

the next generation.” Dr. Bailin concurs, stating, “It was important to go on the March to see the enormity of the camps and how meticulously the Germans planned the destruction of the Jews. It was particularly special to go with the survivors who obviously won’t be around forever. It added another personal dimension to the trip. I recommend doing some reading first to understand it more thoroughly. You must realize that it’s going to be more emotional than you expect.” The significance of passing on this knowledge from Generation to Generation (L’Dor Vador) is imperative to the Solomon family. “The first March of the Living was in 1988. My son was asked to participate, but due to school commitments, he did not do so. I became aware of the program at that time,” says Mrs. Solomon. “I have been involved as a volunteer in Jewish Education since we began our family. In 1992, when Dr. Leon Weisberg, who was the DKJA Head of School and part of the original team of Jewish Educators on the March, asked me if I would like to participate, I went. By that time, my son was a junior in college and studying in Europe. He joined the Boca Raton contingent for the Poland part of the trip. “The desire to complete the journey has often been described as something unexplainable. Once the journey is taken, the impact also is beyond words.” History...and Our Future Mrs. Solomon notes that in 1996, students from Florida Hillel (College) were asked to be a pilot group for a March of the Living for college students. Funding was made available by the Austrian Government for the group to travel to Vienna, Austria, on the weekend prior to the March of the Living. An invitation was extended for the group to meet both Simon Wiesenthal and a group of Austrian college students. After Vienna, the group continued to Poland to start the March, and Mrs. Solomon accompanied them as an adult chaperone. She has been on the March two other times — once with high school and once

with college students — in addition to her most recent experience. “My husband had never been. Therefore I agreed to go back with him, and we went on the International Adult March of the Living last year. The reason that I feel it is important to participate on the March, especially for the generations born in the United States since World War II, is that they have grown up in an environment where Jews are totally accepted, even embraced. Their experience with anti-Semitic incidents is very limited, if at all. “They may not value Israel and the concept of a Jewish State and having a port and a portal that will take in all Jews. Survivors are aging and unless the second generation takes this on as a mission, there will be no one to give firsthand accounts of what happened during the war,” notes Mrs. Solomon. Adds Mr. Solomon, “In my opinion, it is not possible to understand the full horror and impact of the Holocaust until one has seen it with one’s own eyes. The March of the Living provided significant insight and was an excellent way to witness this piece of history.” In conclusion, Mrs. Solomon states, “Our current generations must be made aware of the consequences of becoming too comfortable in diaspora environments and not taking responsibility (financial and participatory) for being part of the Jewish community.”


Eagles Athletics Booster Club Highlights

Go Eagles!

Congratulations to all of the athletes who competed for DKJA and represented the Eagles with pride. For the 2010-2011 academic year, 11 student athletes (pictured) earned either All County or Honorable Mention All County in four sports: Corey Pedowitz Second Team All County Boys Basketball

Alyssa Zukowsky Honorable Mention Girls Volleyball

Sami Sachi Honorable Mention Boys Basketball

Sam Cooper Honorable Mention Boys Soccer

Daniel Katz Honorable Mention Boys Basketball

Aaron Thornton Honorable Mention Boys Soccer

Taytum Orshan Honorable Mention Girls Basketball

Michael Kagan Honorable Mention Boys Cross Country

Dani Rosen Honorable Mention Girls Basketball

Caleb Rader Honorable Mention Boys Cross Country

Samantha Peitzer Honorable Mention Girls Volleyball

2010 Fifth Annual Tennis Extravaganza with Chris Evert


Star athlete Alyssa Zukowsky was honored with The Golden Eagle Award in recognition of eight years of dedication to the Athletic Program. Alyssa played on four teams every year since fifth grade.

Special thanks is extended to the Eagles Athletics Booster Club. Without its support, countless programs that enable events such as the Fifth Annual Tennis Extravaganza with Chris Evert would not be possible. Under the guidance of Athletic Director Mr. David Trell and Chair Eric Lipson, the Booster Club has been an invaluable resource for the sports program at DKJA. Pictured left to right are 2010 Tennis Extravaganza Doubles Division Winners Lenny Levine and Saul Hoppenstein, Men’s Doubles winners; Ken Maget (holding his son Ryan) and Cindy Dunhill, Mixed Doubles winners; and Andrea Fishfeld and Caryn Nashban/Commonwealth Group, Women’s Doubles winners, with Chris Evert (center).

DKJA’s Ideal Student Profile

A graduating senior at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School is a knowledgeable and responsible citizen of the world, committed to Jewish values and lifelong learning.

Identity and Character

The ideal graduating senior at DKJA...

• S trongly identifies as a member of the Jewish people, as an American and as a responsible citizen of the world • H  as cultivated a depth of character, developed empathy, imagination, and moral courage; acts ethically, displays integrity, and has a sense of humility • H  as a connection to the State of Israel based on knowledge and experience • Assumes responsibility for his or her own actions • E xplores both intellectually and emotionally his or her relationship to spirituality, G-d, and Jewish religious practices • U  nderstands that Jewish identity is found in many kinds of religious, cultural, and/or behavioral expressions • Is actively engaged in tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (making the world a better place), and has taken advantage of opportunities to translate these timeless values into socially significant action • V  alues the diversity of the larger community and respects and appreciates differences

Academics and Intellect

The ideal graduating senior at DKJA... • Has developed intellectual integrity and curiosity, creativity and imagination, independence of thought, and a lifelong love of learning • F ulfills his or her own intellectual, artistic, social, and physical potential • Has acquired the knowledge and skills, consistent work ethic, confidence, maturity, and independence necessary to succeed in a challenging collegiate environment • Thinks critically and reflects thoughtfully; makes academic and intellectual connections; and perceives the world as multidimensional • Is passionate about his or her interests; is deeply and personally involved in his or her work; and feels not only accountable, but engaged • Has developed an integrated sense of self, with deep appreciation of how the Torah is central to modern life • Combines intellectual and moral development so that choices are guided by the mind and the heart • Takes academic risks and accepts challenges

• Has developed a capacity for leadership

• Communicates effectively and responsibly

• E xhibits healthy and constructive decision making in his or her own life and in his or her personal relationships

• Demonstrates an awareness and concern for global issues • Exhibits fluency in the use of Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people • Appreciates the value of education in general


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