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Waldwick High School

The Mind’s Eye Senior Edition 2012

Board of Education Patricia Levine, President Dawn Monaco, Vice President Daniel Marro, Sr. Claire McLafferty Dominic J. Novelli Joseph Orlak Martha Walsh

Administration Dr. Patricia Raupers-Superintendent of Schools John Griffin-Business Administrator/Bd.Secretary Victoria Wilson-Director of Special Services Kevin Carroll-Principal, High School Michael Clancy-Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Elizabeth Getlik-Supervisor of Language Arts, World Languages, and Special Services Janet Sobkowicz-Supervisor of Social Studies, Related Arts, and ESL

Mind’s Eye Staff Advisor: Mrs. Danielle Kish Staff: Natalia Basante, Sam Capener, Melissa Davies, Molly Lumino, Julia Montella, Franchesca Romero, and Nicole Stahl

Artwork provided by Ms. Ruch’s Art Students Photography provided by Mr. Opderbeck’s Photography Club Front Cover Designed by Nicole Stahl Clipart provided by Microsoft Word

Photo by Alexa Buffington Photo by Joe Montana

Senior Words of Wisdom to the Underclassmen Be classy. Class is knowing what to say, when to say it, and when to stop-Jacqueline Sheriff Get good grades, don’t be shy and quiet, be yourself, make a lot of friends and be a part of a club or sportt-Layne Voss

Get good grades, and don’t get on the teachers bad side. Never park in a teachers parking spot-Mack Councilor Don’t let seniorities kick in until AT LEAST April; Try hard, everything still counts, but have fun because these are the times you’ll remember-Diana Petrassi

Get good grades, try hard in gym, and respect others-TJ Alvarez Do good in your f irst three years of high school and get most of the graduation requirements out of the way so that when it comes to your senior year, you can just cruise through and not have to worry about anything. Another piece of advice is to do your work your senior year and not slack off because you are going to need to get in the habit of reading books and doing homework because when it comes to college you will not regret doing that-Robbie Occhipiniti

Be your own person-Taylor Poppe

Do your best at all times. Have fun while you’re doing it. If you really try your best to make good grades, it will pay off in the end-Kerri Sullivan

Stay focused, try hard, and do your best work always-JC Gonzalez

Take all of Laz’s classes senior year-Brian Hillringhouse

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your lifeNick Ferraro

Don’t be afraid of change and don’t let the fear of change get in the way of pursuing your dreams-Alexandra Newman

Don’t try to do high school the right way. It’s boring and obnoxious. Just do what feels right-Richard Cerone Don’t take statistics-Thomas Braney

Be careful who you trust. Also, stay true to yourself and be who you really are. Don’t do things just to make everyone else happy. Do well in school and stop destroying the bathrooms. P.S.: Be nice to everyone!-Kayla Pauwels

Senior Words of Wisdom to the Underclassmen “It’s nice to be important, but important to be nice” –Eric Ackerman Don’t let senioritis catch up to you! Do all your work get all your credits so you don’t have to worry about senior year. ENJOY SENIOR YEAR!-Melisa Guzman

My advice to the underclassmen of Waldwick High School is to try your hardest in each and every class. It is important to keep a high average in all of your classes because once you become a senior and start applying to college, it will be really hard to apply to a school of your choice with a low GPA. Try your best because a high GPA gives you a higher chance of getting into a college-Alexandra Hernandez

Just get it done-Danny Tyson Don’t let anyone else tell you what classes to take, who to be friends with, or what hobbies you pursue. Do it because you want to-Richard Bennett

Never take drama seriously in high school. People will start rumors and times will get rough but just remember there is a whole world outside of this tiny school. Good luck!-Jessica Torres

All underclassmen never think you’re better than the seniors. Don’t procrastinate, you’ll fall behind quick. Don’t do anything stupid-Natalie Tasci Give it your all if you’re part of a club or team for all 4 years.-Amy Morgan Don’t believe everything Eric Ackerman might have told you-Henry Kreismer

My advice to the underclassman would be to get the most out of high school and join as many sports and clubs as you can. And get an early start on college so there is less stress your senior year-Sam Konchalski If there is one thing I learned from my high school career, it is to listen to all advice given by teachers. As well as this: join as many clubs and sports as possible, create memories, and enjoy your years in high school-Brendan Bryne

Never let someone tell you that you can’t do anything; work your hardest and achieve your goals-TJ Eason Take advantage of the clubs and sports in high school. Join anything you can and you’ll get more out of high school-Neil Bortolus

Be active in school, respect the upperclassmen, and play sportsMariana Ruas

Senior Words of Wisdom to the Underclassmen Do your work always! No matter what grade you’re in. Always work to your full potential. Take advantage with joining sports and school activities. Never think you’re better than somebody, stay away from drama; drama will ruin your high school experience-Samantha DeWeil Join as many extracurriculars as you can and express your creativity. Cherish these times, because they are some of the best times of your life!Steven Zaukas Get here early or don’t get a spot. Senioritis is a progressive disease Naviance will actually become your best friend-Sam Forte

Just be yourself and make the most of your high school career, whether it be doing sports or joining a club-Madison Irwin Never procrastinate on term papers!Lauren Tom

Put the seat down-John Dickinson Get to school early when you’re a senior so you can park in the lot. (enough said). Get college apps done early-Kaleigh Vuoncino

You should always put effort into everything that you do. You are in school to form a foundation for college and your adult life. You may have a dream to be a teacher or whatever but you first need to get through school. Always try, do your best, and always think. These are important years, make them count-Victor Del Corro

Try to do as many sports, clubs, activities, etc…as you possibly can. Do this because no matter what extracurricular activities you do there are going to be great memories that you’ll take with you forever. So, try to maximize your experiences so you can get the most out of high school-John Simeone

Look into colleges and how they handle AP credits. Then, choose which APs you want.-Janice Kwon Work hard from your freshman year until you are admitted into college. Trying to salvage your GPA after a poor freshman and sophomore year is not an easy task-Michael Zumbano

All the dedication and hard work really does pay off in the end, when you get accepted to your dream college! You’ll be thankful-Emily Gurian Don’t get senioritis. It makes giving advice very difficult.-Matt Sticco

Don’t procrastinate, you’ll regret it-Michelle Chen

Enjoy these four years because they fly by and as much as you say you wanna leave, once it approaches your view really changes!!!-Alyssa Tyukody Get involved and take charge-Brian Duke

Keep your locker combination on paper because after winter and spring break you make a fool of yourself when you don’t remember which locker is yourself when you don’t remember which locker is yours and how to open it-Alexa Iannantuano Photo by Lauren Tom

Education is Everything By Michael Zumbano

Education is everything It provides you with a set of tools Tools which can be used all through life It is the doorway in which we enter— New opportunities, new horizons It is everywhere In the classroom, on the streets Where ever you look Without education we would fail Fail to advance Fail to succeed Fail to exist Education is everything, so take advantage of it Photo by Magan Azari

Education By Alexa Buffington Education is the cornerstone of civilization There was nothing before this realization It is human nature to want to learn, A greater knowledge is what we yearn for For a good education you don’t have to be smart To make the best of it, you must give it all your heart Education does not stop on graduation day All it means is you learn in new ways School work is there to make the brain perspire Teachers and staff are there to inspire Their inspiration provides desire For every student to make grades higher Without education, our world would be a mess With it we can all be our best

Art by Chloe Seise

Education By Kelsey Smithuysen Education is important in life You can learn using the tools given by Mrs. Strife You must do your homework and study To make it more fun you can learn with a buddy It is important to always aim high Even if a subject is tough give it a try There are many, many subjects to explore You simply need to find the ones that aren’t a chore

Winner of the Bergen County Teacher Recognition Program 2012 A Teacher By Lauren Tom What do you expect from a stranger that we barely know? Who tells us our dreams can be within reach, And that we can do anything we want. It’s always the same on the first day, When high expectations are anticipated And papers of assignments are piled high Thank you for being different from the others By creating a world where I would want to learn Where I want to grow and become myself Thank you for showing me what I can do And sharing the possibilities with me, That I didn’t even know existed Thank you for inspiring me With books and words that made me realize my passions That will guide me forever What do we expect from a stranger that we barely know? Who tells us our dreams can be within reach? Everything.

Art by Paul Skorski

Photo by Joe Montana

Art by Chloe Seise

Well Wishes for the Seniors To: Eric Ackerman From: Jamie Cobin The time spent in IB and Marketing flew by. You probably feel the same way. Good luck in your future endeavors To: George Bailey From: Pat Browne Dear Jesus, I mean George, I keep getting you two mixed up. Baseball this year was epic, and you are the man. Good luck in college, and God speed.

To: John Flemming From: Peter Bernhard Flem, Flem Dog, Flem-ming, ming, ming. It’s been a great year starting with football to yg to Lax. Hope that you do good in college and that we keep in touch.

To: Alyssa Tyukody, Kaleigh Vuoncino, and Karlin Heulitt From: Colleen Moran Thank you all so much for making my 1st varsity season one to remember.

To: George Bailey From: Bernard Fredric Dear Jes-…I mean George, You’re a good kid George. You are going to go far in this life. When you’re on top, just don’t forget about me down here.

To: John Flemming From: Sean Billies It’s been a great year in high school with you, but it stinks I have only one year. Have fun at Willy P. To: Soccer Seniors From: Nicole, Colleen, Alli, Sam Thanks for a fun/great season! Good luck in college!

To: Emily Gurian From: Sam Schatz I love you! Good luck at Delaware! What did dela wear? A New Jersey! Ah! Okay Bye.

To: Emily Gurian

From: Nicole Fundaro Hi Emily! Good luck in college! I know you will do great! You were so nice/ sweet during soccer season, and when you were at my house. Have a wonderful summer!

Photo by Kelsey Smithysen Photo by Sam Konachalski

Words of Wisdom to the Graduating Class of 2012 “Remember Graduation Day is the first day of the rest of your life.”

A wise former teacher of mine once told me, “The hardest thing about being a college freshman, is becoming a college sophomore.”

Ms. Wolf

Mr. Dittamo


Remember who you are and where you are going...and above all else, to thine self be true....

My advice to you: Take advantage of every opportunity that you are given. Take time to travel and experience different parts of the world and our country. Appreciate the ones who are important to you and remember to make the most of every day. Every day you have the power to make it a great day or not…the choice is yours. Congratulations, Ms. Angelli ☺

pearls of wisdom from Peggy Larson and William Shakespeare.... Take time to travel, whenever you can. If you can study or student teach in another country, take that oppotunity. The world is what you make of it. Congratulations, and come back and visit. Mrs. Kish

Seniors....I urge you to do whatever you do for no reason other than you love it and believe in its importance. #warriornation Mr. Carroll

Art by Paul Skorski

BASEBALLWOCKY By Steven Zaukas ‘Twas Bronx and Yankee Stadium Did Jersey into New York: All fans were the other side of the Hudson, And the George Washington Bridge. “Beware the Big Papi, my son! The bat that swings, the cleats that slug! Beware the Boston Red Sox, and disregard The green monster at Fenway Park. Mariano Rivera took his Rawlings baseball in hand: Long time the vigorous foe he sought, Till rested he when the count was full And a quick timeout was made by the catcher. And, after one more pitch led his strikeout, in the dugout thought he stood, The Big Papi grasping a Louisville Slugger, Came striding from the dugout, And home plate as it came. Clanked the bat on his right shoe, then left, then a practice swing and another The f irst pitch was thrown and went whack and clack! He slugged the ball with his all, It was aimed for center f ield fence. “And have thou hit a home run? Or have thou been spared? Fly Ball! Warning Track! It’s Caught! The center f ielder leaped in his joy. ‘Twas Bronx and Yankee Stadium Did Jersey into New York: All fans were the other side of the Hudson, And the George Washington Bridge.

Untitled by Janice Kwon It’s 6:15 a.m. and the students force themselves out of bed As the water runs cold, the student steps out From the shower they step in front of the mirror “When will this day end? When can I graduate and be done?” It’s 6:15 a.m. and the student jumps out of bed Ten minutes pass, and the students feel fresh and clean From the shower they step in front of the mirror “Today is beautiful and new. I want to take advantage of today.” It’s graduation day and the students drag themselves across the stage As the applause quiets down, the student slowly makes his way back From the stage he settles back into his seat What am I going to do? It’s graduation day and the student strides As the applause roars, the student moves From the stage he settles back to his seat “I can’t wait to begin my new life.” The student has to worry The student has a future The student has no chance And the student has hope

Mentally Tough By David Cathey Here I stand in the trials Where the normal and the elite break When I think I am exhausted The whistle blows again I think to myself “I never last” and I hear him yell “Don’t cheat yourself!” I give myself mental toughness and I make it to the end Four years later I learn just how tough to be to work through it

Inspiration to Advancement By Sharon Roller Try hard You’ll go far Through education you could be a star. There is no winning or losing, no ending or beginning. Learning is endless, for your whole life No matter if you’re child, grandfather, or wife. You can learn something new every day, they say minds always expanding horizons broadening without education where would we be? Without medicine, construction or company. Teachers inspire young minds encouraging not to fall behind. education is a driving force opening doors for advancement, for better or worse. The word keeps turning, people keep learning, education continues to inspire.

Artwork by Victor DelCorro

Education By Michelle Chen

Importance of Education

Education Learning, teaching, changing It can do so many things

In order to change the world, you need a dream

A teacher, a classroom A new experience

In order to have a dream, you need to live.

New knowledge, new information And so much more

In order to live, you must desire to.

A road to success If used right A road to better life

Life doesn’t wait for anyone, it will even leave some behind, but education will give you a head start.

Education makes everything A future leader, a future doctor A future teacher Or anything imaginable

In order to change the world, you need a desire to learn.

By Victor del Corro

We can all change the world, But who really wants to?

Every day is a roller coaster Ups and downs Good and bad Is it worth it? Yes. New influences, new experiences New friendships, new interests An ever changing life Past, present, future Learning, teaching, changing Education

Education Poem By Kaleigh Vuoncino Being smart won’t make you money It won’t give you friends It won’t teach you a lesson It won’t provide you with all you Need to be successful But education? It allows room to build life-long relationships It teaches you to read, write, count, and beyond It provides you with endless opportunities So you can become whatever you want Education opens the door; All you have to do is turn the knob

The Mind's Eye Senior Edition 2012  

Waldwick High School

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