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Why should you care? • The digital revolution has changed the world and the way it works. The rise of social media has turned the web into an open conversation. Every day thousands of users are sharing their views and opinions on those things that really matter to them. • In the digital era, companies must learn how to practice open and transparent conversations, reach out to stakeholders, invite them in, listen and respond. It is time for companies to embrace, not fear, emerging media. There is no other way to remain competitive. • Companies may dislike losing absolute control over their messages. But that’s nothing compared to the new communication opportunities opening up for your company and brand today. By listening, you can find a way to contribute your story and bring real value into direct conversations with your audiences.



Social media has shifted control of the corporate message away from the organization and towards consumers and other stakeholders. Running away and hiding is no longer the safe route.



Where are we now? Advocate/ B-M’s Social Media Check Up* evidence-based study showed that Greek companies are a long way behind in the use of top social media platforms. • Only 34% of companies are using at least one social media platform • There is not even one company with involvement in the four most important social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and corporate blogging) • Facebook is the most popular social media tool, yet only 26% use Facebook fan pages • Twitter as a platform is not as popular; Less than one in five companies have presence on Twitter and only a few are engaging in dialogue * October 2010, Sample: Member Companies of the Hellenic Advertisers Association ( To access the complete study visit



Few companies in Greece are approaching this area strategically and have made social media a core component of their marketing and communications.



Can you afford to miss this opportunity? With the accelerating penetration of the Internet and mobile devices, social media use is swelling: • The growth in use of these channels is equally oustanding. Τhe number of Greek users on twitter is close to 25,000* • Facebook has over 3 million users, which reflects 60% of the country’s online population. The fastest growing age groups on Facebook are 34-44 and 45-54** • Awareness of the term “social media” increased by 50% from 2008 to 2010*** • The average amount of time spent on social networking sites increased by 82% in 2009-2010*** * ** *** MRB HELLAS, Social Media: Survey Program - Internet Users and Businesses, 2010



“Never before have companies had the opportunity to talk to millions of customers, send out messages, get fast feedback, and experiment with offers at relatively low costs. And never before have millions of consumers had the ability to talk to each other, criticizing or recommending products — without the knowledge or input from a company.”

Harvard Business Review, “The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action,” December 2010



So why Advocate/ Burson-Marsteller? • Our team understands what the social media age means to your corporate reputation, media relations, brand marketing, corporate communications, crisis communications or corporate responsibility. • T hrough our Evidence-based approach, we provide digital strategy guidance and offer a range of services and products to help you adapt to and participate effectively in this exciting new communications environment. • Our team develops and implements digital communication strategies, typically as part of broader integrated communication campaigns, and delivers measurable results, bringing a better return on your investment.



This change in communication is not easy. But Advocate/ Burson-Marsteller can help you win in this new digital environment. We can help you understand the potential of social media, measure and gauge its effectiveness, integrate it into your overall marketing strategy and show the direct link to your business results. EVIDENCE-BASED COMMUNICATIONS


What we offer Online Reputation Management

• Digital Communications / Social Media Strategy • Online Media & Blog Monitoring • Digital Crisis Communication & Issues Management • Online and Social Media Relations/ Social Media Releases • Digital and Social Media Check-Ups • Online Blogger & Influencer Research/ Blogger Relations • CEO & Executive Positioning • Measurement & Evaluation • Search Engine Optimization *

Social Media & Community


• Social Media Profile and Management • Editorial Support/ Writing • Community Guidelines Development and Management • Digital Trainings & Workshops/ Internal Communications


Context Analysis/ Text Analytics *

• Association Analysis • Public Opinion Extraction from Websites, Blogs and Forum • Instant E-mail Alerts/ Text Mining

Brand, Advertising, Marketing and Design*

• Design & Implementation of Digital Concepts • Visual Identity Development • Website and Blog Development • Newsletter/ Brochures/ Video and Multimedia Development • Mobile, Facebook Applications, Widgets, Viral Games and Advanced Technologies (Augmented Reality) Development • Web-marketing Campaign & Advertising Platforms

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