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Windsor-Severance Library District Youth Services Department

Volunteer Guidebook

CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Volunteering at WSLD

2. Volunteer Job Paths

3. Roles & Responsibilities

4. Understanding Your Guide Sheets

Why Volunteer? If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need any convincing that volunteer work is important. But did you know that volunteers are our MOST valuable resource? It’s true! Without volunteers, we couldn’t keep the library’s collections in tip-top shape, nor could we offer the many amazing programs that we do each week. Volunteerism is also beneficial to the volunteer, believe it or not. When you volunteer at WSLD, you will be able to… Share your skills and passions with your community Acquire new skills and gain recognized work experience Expand your social horizons Serve in your own neighborhood Keep up with the latest books Help, and be appreciated for it Receive staff privileges in regard to library fines (at completion of training) Brag that you volunteer for the most up-and-coming library in the region So join our elite corps of dedicated volunteers today! Make a big difference in the quality of library service in your community by sharing your time and talent. Our Philosophy Volunteers work side by side with the library staff. We strive to create a pleasant and productive work environment for every volunteer, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability. Volunteers are respected members of our library community and will be treated as such at all times. WSLD Mission Statement The mission of the Windsor-Severance Library District is to provide access to quality library materials and information resources that address the needs and expand the aspirations of the community for lifelong learning, enrichment and pleasure. The staff and library board strive to provide this service in a friendly, open, and responsive manner. 2009-2014 Strategic Plan Vision Statement Continue to engage and enhance the library district communities by striving to proactively expand and improve services and delivery methods; therefore, becoming a more integral part of those communities. Increase the visibility of the library and serve an increasing percentage of the district population. Retain and improve a high level of user satisfaction with an emphasis on customer service. Achieve higher material circulation with an increasing virtual share.

At WSLD, we welcome the skills and talents of youth and adults ages 10 and up. Our volunteer positions are varied so you’re bound to find something you enjoy. We offer both short and long-term opportunities, including specialized job paths where you’ll learn a specific skill set and gain important responsibilities. Below is a list of the volunteer job opportunities available at this time. The descriptions for each job can be found on the next page. To move from one job to another, you’ll need to complete the training required for each position of the levels below the job you want to learn. Oftentimes training will require that you complete a task several times to ensure your understanding of how the task should be done. Please see section four, Understanding Your Guide Sheets, for further explanation.

Library Page, Level 1

Library Page, Level 2

Library Docent

Book Processor

Library Docent

Library Docent

Librarian’s Assistant

Read with Me

Short-Term Special Projects: Puppet Troupe Summer Reading Paws for Reading Adopt-a-Shelf Activity Guide Book Club Helpers

Library Page, Level 2

Library Docent

Story Time Assistant

If you’re curious about a higher level job, you’re welcome to shadow another volunteer at that level. When a volunteer progresses to the next level, we celebrate their accomplishments at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Party, usually held in late August. Also, you will receive a new name badge. Most higher level jobs will still require 15 to 20 minutes of library page work at the beginning of a volunteer’s shifts.

Volunteer Job Descriptions Library Page Straightens shelves and displays, organizes learning center, shelves books, performs shelf-reading, and basic cleaning. Special Projects Volunteer Puppet Troupe Intern—Selected via a formal application process and offered every summer. Plans, prepares, and performs puppet performances. Summer Reading Assistant—Assists children and families with registration, checks-in participants, and hands out reading incentives. Activity Guide—Assists with the preparation of library activities such as crafts and performances and offers guidance and help during library activities. Read with Me—This program will be offered beginning Fall 2010. Offers an opportunity to read with young and struggling readers. Adopt-a-Shelf—Select a section within the library and maintain it by shelf-reading and straightening every time you come to the library. Library Docent Same duties as Library Page, but with additional responsibilities. Greets patrons as they enter the library, helps patrons use the PACs (Public Access Catalogs), helps patrons locate sections of the library and specific books, and assists patrons with using the self-check machines. Story Time Assistant Assists story time coordinator by selecting appropriate books/songs/rhymes/games/props, plans, and performs story times. Book Processor Prepares in-coming book orders, covers and labels new books, and handles other new media. Librarian’s Assistant Creates book displays and bulletin boards, takes part in special projects, creates spreadsheets and flyers, helps with collection maintenance and donations processing, and assists with program planning and execution.

What is expected of you? Respect the public and be responsive to its needs. Be willing to learn. Meet the schedule and length of service that you have negotiated with the library. (This includes notifying the library at least 24 hours in advance if you are going to miss your shift.) Be here because you want to volunteer. Be cheery and have a good attitude. Library Etiquette Refrain from using your cell phone, IPod, or other electronic devices while volunteering. Don’t have friends, siblings, children, or grandchildren accompany you during your shift. Maintain a quiet voice and refrain from the use of vulgar language. Do not bring food or drink into the library unless you are working a shift of 4 hours or more. (For longer shifts, you will receive 5 minutes break for every hour that you work.) What to Wear The library is not very picky about what volunteers wear, however there are some guidelines to consider. Make sure that you are neatly and appropriately covered; this means no exposed mid-riffs or undergarments and no mini-skirts/shorts. Please do not wear any article of clothing with vulgar language and graphics or personal views. Also, flip-flops are not allowed. Questions It is very likely that in the course of your volunteer work, patrons will ask you questions. If they ask location questions such as “Where is the bathroom?” or “Where are the computers?” go ahead and give them the answer. Otherwise, refer them to the appropriate information desk where one of the librarians will help them. Speaking with Patrons Always use “sir” or “ma’am” when addressing library patrons. Avoid casual or possibly offensive terms such as “little lady,” “honey,” “old timer,” “dude” etc. When helping them locate places in the library or referring them to information desks or librarians, please lead the patron to the location. Avoid the pointing method if possible. Remember to be cheerful and polite. Confidentiality As a volunteer, you may have access to personal information about library patrons, other volunteers, and library staff. This information is confidential. Never divulge any information about customer’s reading preferences or library records to anyone, including family members, law enforcement officers, teachers, etc. This also applies to information regarding library security. Record Keeping Volunteers keep track of their time on time sheets. Before beginning your shift, record the date and time you started. After completing your shift, record the time out and the total hours given. There is also a column to record the work you did and any comments you have. Volunteers will also keep track of their training progress on their Guide Sheets. See the next section for more information.

What are Guide Sheets? Guide Sheets are meant to serve as a check-list for the ongoing training process. They should guide your daily tasks and progress toward achieving higher level jobs. Guide Sheets begin with an explanation of the volunteer job. It will include information about training sessions required, expected length of training, and the minimum weekly time commitment for the job. It will also give you the name of your staff guide (or supervisor); if you have any questions about the job, please speak with your guide. Following the job description, each Guide Sheet will have an action chart. The action chart shows the tasks that must be completed (in order) to finish the training for that job. Tasks in yellow are mandatory training sessions that must occur before you begin any of the tasks listed below that training session. Remember, you’ll be introduced to a lot during your training sessions and we know you might need refreshing or clarification later on—don’t be shy to ask your staff guide (or another Youth Services staff person) to demonstrate a process again. We’re here to help out! When you begin training for a job, write the date that you started at the top of your action chart. Once a task has been completed, let the Youth Services staff person on duty know what you’ve accomplished. They will double-check your work and then sign off on your action chart. Remember, the tasks in the action chart must be done in order and one at a time. When you’ve completed training for a job, you’ll need to show your Guide Sheet to your staff guide. They will fill in your completion date and initial your Guide Sheet. Before you can move on to train for another job, you will often have to complete a certain number of hours working within your current job.

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Volunteer Guidebook  

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