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JUNE 2011

Training & Education Programs The Source for CEU’s in Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

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WELCOME TO THE PREEMINENT SOURCE FOR TRAINING IN THE FIRE SPRINKLER INDUSTRY The National Fire Sprinkler Association is the fire sprinkler industry’s premier resource for training and education. No other organization provides as many training opportunities, in as many subjects, taught by well-known sprinkler industry leaders. NFSA seminars provide focused training for the sprinkler contractor, sprinkler system designer and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. They are formatted from ½-day to multiple day seminars, delivered in-class or on-line, live or recorded.

• Multiple Training Formats

• 1/2-Day In-Class Seminars

• Multiday In-Class Seminars

• Live Web-Based Seminars

• 1-Day In-Class Seminars

• Recorded Seminars

NFSA Training & Education Staff

James D. Lake Assistant Vice President of Training and Education

Bob Treiber Director of Training and Education

John Corso National Training Manager

Michael Repko Seminar Coordinator

Inside: Sprinkler Systems and NFPA 13 (General)..... 4 Sprinkler Systems and NFPA 13 (Specific)..... 5 Inspection, Testing and Maintenance............. 6 System Design Issues............................................ 7 Residential Sprinkler Systems............................ 7

Administration and Code Officials................... 8 Other Fire Protection Systems........................... 8 On-Line Training..................................................... 9 Layout Technician Training.........................10-11 Hosting and NFSA Training Event............12-13

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NFSA Offers A Number Of Options For Delivering The Training You Need: IN-CLASS SEMINARS– provide a classroom learning experience like no other. The advantage of face-to-face learning is fully utilized as these dynamic programs and instructors will guide attendees through lecture, discussion, videos and activities specifically designed to meet identified learning outcomes. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring a seminar please see the Hosting Seminars section at the end of this brochure. ON-LINE WEBINARS– like Technical Tuesdays and SAM Fridays, provide in-depth training that is focused on a specific subject by experts in the industry. These 90-minute programs provide the flexibility of highly technical learning conveniently available through both live and archived recorded sessions. Check the NFSA website for schedules and subjects. Virtual Classroom– NFSA will provide an on-line training experience like no other; live streaming training seminars on your computer. Fusing the on-line and in-class experience, NFSA is developing new training sessions that take advantage of the benefits of both formats. Instructors and material on-line, live, right in front of you. Interact directly with the instructor as though you were in the classroom. Stay tuned to NFSA for further details as these sessions come on-line.

SPRINKLER SYSTEMS AND NFPA 13 (GENERAL) NFPA 13 OVERVIEW ***UPDATED for 2011*** This two-day seminar provides the information necessary to navigate through the requirements of NFPA 13. Using lectures, videos and a basic sprinkler plan the attendee will locate the vital information for determining compliance of the sprinkler system design.

INTRO TO SPRINKLER SYSTEMS This half-day program is beneficial for the individual that is just starting out in the sprinkler industry. It provides the participant with basic knowledge of sprinkler systems. The program covers, types of systems, types of sprinklers, system components and basic definitions used in NFPA 13. The course also provides a brief overview of the historical development of sprinkler systems. visit us at

NFPA 13 2010 EDITION UPDATE ***NEW for 2011*** Bring your 2010 edition of NFPA 13, a notebook and a highlighter and spend a full day discussing the significant changes to the standard. This seminar will go through the standard chapter-by-chapter and not just identify the new requirements but discuss the reasons for them and their potential impact.

SPRINKLER SYSTEMS AND NFPA 13 (SPECIFIC) PROTECTION OF STORAGE ***NEW for 2011*** From piled to rack storage to special storage arrangements in Chapter 20 this two-day seminar provides the information necessary to navigate through the requirements of NFPA 13 as they relate to the protection of stored commodities. Using lecture, discussion and activities, be prepared for a dynamic learning environment focused protection in this highly challenging built environment. PROTECTION FOR FLAMMABLE AND COMBUSTIBLE LIQUIDS ***NEW for 2011*** This half-day seminar will guide attendees through the use of NFPA 30 and 13 for the basic requirements of protection of this highly challenging commodity. Subjects will include key definitions, conducting basic analysis and is focused on the specific requirements for bulk storage facilities. CPVC PIPING INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES This half-day seminar will cover the NFPA 13 and industry recommendations for CPVC piping. Subjects covered will include information on hanging requirements, expansion loops, solvent cement methods, fire stopping, antifreeze and compatibility issues.

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SEISMIC PROTECTION OF SPRINKLER SYSTEMS ***UPDATED for 2011*** This half-day seminar will focus on the application of the seismic requirements found in NFPA 13, 2010 Edition. Covering subjects including clearances, flexibility sway bracing, and hangers this program is designed for those responsible for layout and detail of seismic protection as well as those who review, approve or install the systems. ADVANCED SEISMIC PROTECTION OF SPRINKLER SYSTEMS ***UPDATED for 2011*** Seismic protection relies on components of the structural codes, such as Seismic Design Category (SDC). This program will discuss how to determine the SDC, along with alternative horizontal force calculations. Also, a brief review of the NFPA 13 requirements will be covered with focus on changes in pipe direction and load calculations for sway braces. This seminar is geared toward those responsible for the layout and detailing of seismic protection features on water-based fire protection systems. (Participants will need to have a working knowledge of the NFPA 13 seismic protection guidelines and/ or complete the NFSA Seismic Protection for Sprinkler Systems course.) For more information call 845.878.4200

INSPECTION, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE OF WATER-BASED FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS INSPECTION AND TESTING FOR THE SPRINKLER INDUSTRY ***UPDATED for 2011*** Based on NFSA member requests, industry input and a complete revision of the certification process, this seminar is being developed as an updated version of a previous seminar. This three-day interactive seminar has been updated for 2011 to keep pace with the changing requirements for certification of inspection and testing technicians. The seminar is intended for technicians that are engaged in the inspection and testing of existing water-based fire protection systems and are seeking certification from NICET (Level I or II) or any other certification provider. It is also useful for Authorities Having Jurisdiction seeking to improve their working knowledge of the requirements in NFPA 25. The seminar is organized into 5 knowledge areas: (1) Work Management, (2) Safety, (3) Inspection, (4) Testing, and (5) Documentation. The learning outcomes for each knowledge area are further developed as the participant advances through the seminar. The seminar is designed to provide an introduction to the various types of waterbased fire protection systems as well as an in-depth exploration of the codes, standards and other documents that are used during the inspection and testing process. 

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NFPA 25, STANDARD ON INSPECTION, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE ***UPDATED for 2011*** This one-day seminar provides attendees with vital information related to the procedures and responsibilities for properly inspecting, testing and maintaining a water based fire protection system. Through lecture, videos, discussion and activities this seminar delves into the requirements for various systems and components. Structured around technical questions that have come up regarding NFPA 25, this dynamic program does not just walk through the standard but organizes the information based on the interests of the attendees as well as a structure to ensure the standard is covered in its entirety. Bring your questions and be ready for an informative day. INSPECTION, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE FOR THE AHJ ***NEW for 2011*** This intense one-day seminar will focus will on the two primary questions that all AHJs are concerned with when it comes to water-based fire protection systems, “will the system work?” and “how do I know”. Through discussion of the administrative chapters (1-4) and the corrective chapters (14-15) of NFPA 25 and activities centering on system documentation this seminar will provide the attendee with guidance on developing and continuing a relevant enforcement program. ***Short Program Format*** An overview 90-minute short program is also available as an introduction and is convenient for presentations as AHJ meetings or conferences. Contact you Regional Manager for scheduling.

SYSTEM DESIGN ISSUES HYDRAULICS FOR FIRE PROTECTION This one-day program is designed to concentrate on one portion only of the design phase of water based fire protection systems, the hydraulics. This seminar discusses theory and application of hydraulic calculations to prove the design of the system will meet the water supply available as describe in NFPA 13. DESIGN ADVANTAGE: FIRE PROTECTION DESIGN ADVANTAGE ***UPDATED for 2011*** These seminars are specifically designed for architects and are based on the International Building Code. They clearly illustrate how to increase the fire protection while controlling construction costs. They identify and explain over 100 design options which will permit design flexibility in all building types. Included are actual case studies and interactive discussions and problem solving exercises.

Designing with Fire Sprinklers Specifically created for design professionals, this intense full day program will demonstrate how to use design options under the current building code. The program identifies and explains over 100 design options which will permit design flexibility in all building types. Attendees will gain the knowledge necessary to assess the adequacy and performance of current basic building and fire code requirements. Participants will also consider proven strategies for increasing fire protection without increasing construction costs. The seminar will cover the following areas that concern the design professional: new advances in technology, specific building code applications, the architect’s use of NFPA 13, 13R and 13D, sprinkler obstructions, concealed spaces, site and plan review cautions, and the economics of fire sprinklers.


RESIDENTIAL SPRINKLER SYSTEMS SPRINKLERS FOR DWELLINGS This one-day seminar describes the responsibilities of the designer, installing contractor and the authority having jurisdiction for proper installation of sprinkler systems in dwellings. This seminar is limited to one-two family dwellings and manufactured homes

RESIDENTIAL SPRINKLERS: HOMES TO HIGH-RISE This one-day seminar starts with a review of the residential fire problem in America today. We cover the new technology of the residential sprinkler and its different characteristics. The application of the residential NFPA Standards 13, 13R and 13D are covered in detail. A step by step hydraulics example for a four-sprinkler design is also included in this seminar For more information call 845.878.4200

ADMINISTRATION AND CODE OFFICIALS COMMISSIONING AND ACCEPTANCE TESTING OF SPRINKLER SYSTEMS This half-day seminar will cover acceptance testing requirements of NFPA 13, 13R and 13D. Subjects covered include aboveground and underground test certificates, hydrostatic pressure tests and flow tests as well as the basic methodology of conducting a final inspection and completing and all commissioning documentation. Lecture, discussion and activities will used to work through the seminar materials.

PLAN REVIEW PROCEDURES AND POLICIES This one-day seminar will cover the methodologies for a systematic approach to sprinkler system plan review and approval. Seminar attendees will learn how to evaluate and analyze a fire sprinkler plan for compliance with NFPA 13. Each attendee will receive copies of various sprinkler plan review check sheets that are used for compliance with NFPA 13 and 13R.


PUMPS FOR FIRE PROTECTION ***UPDATED FOR 2011*** This one-day program provides attendees with vital information regarding the requirements of NFPA 20 governing fire pumps. Materials covered will include components of fire pumps, the requirements for electric driven pumps and their controllers, diesel driven fire pumps and their controllers as well as acceptance testing requirements. UNDERGROUND PIPING This half-day day seminar focuses on focuses on the requirements of NFPA 24 for the installation and acceptance testing of Underground Piping for Fire Protection system. Lecture and discussion will guide attendees through topics such as piping materials, fittings, protection of piping as well as testing and acceptance. FOAM-WATER SPRINKLER SYSTEMS NFPA 16 This two-day seminar provides the information necessary to navigate through the requirements of NFPA 13. Using lectures, videos and a basic sprinkler plan the attendee will locate the vital information for determining compliance of the sprinkler system design visit us at

STANDPIPE SYSTEMS FOR FIRE PROTECTION This half-day program provides the participant with the requirements for design, layout, installation and acceptance testing of standpipe systems using NFPA 14 Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems. The program also covers the basic requirements for when the International Building Code and NFPA 5000 require standpipe systems. The program details the five types and three classes of standpipe systems. FIRE PUMP LAYOUT AND SIZING This half-day seminar provides attendees with the basic information necessary for the proper selection and sizing of a fire pump. Using lecture, discussion and exercises, this seminar material focuses on the basic steps necessary for selecting the appropriate size fire pump necessary to meet NFPA 20 requirements.

ON-LINE TRAINING TECH TUESDAYS Live web based seminars scheduled on various Tuesdays. Learn about the latest developments within the industry, ask the instructors pertinent questions, and receive answers live during the seminar, just as if they were on-site. Check on line at under the “Training” tab for upcoming course titles. NFSA ACADEMY The NFSA Academy is a fantastic resource of archived on-line technical seminars. These web based seminars are designed for busy professionals who need to balance work, family and continuing education. With over 100 modules ranging from basic to advanced levels, available day or night 24/7 for the 30 days of your choice. Virtual Classroom ***COMING IN 2011*** In 2011 NFSA will be launching a totally new and advanced training format. Live video training sessions. NFSA seminars, given by the world-class NFSA instructors delivered to your computer or training room screen. Sounds like your standard webinar right? It is far more than that. In this format you will see the instructor and the material as though you were sitting in the class room. Immediate live interaction will be provided and dynamic visuals will make this a learning experience of the highest quality that the web can deliver. Look for seminars in this new and exciting medium and

SAM FRIDAYS Live web-based pilot series of online series featuring experts from among the Supplier and Manufacturer (SAM) members of NFSA. Check on line at under the Training tab for upcoming course titles. NFSA ACADEMY TECHNICAL SELFIMPROVEMENT STUDY SERIES These six-week on-line seminars on subjects such as fire pumps, inspection, testing and maintenance, residential sprinklers, and sprinkler hydraulics give you the opportunity to participate while eliminating the cost of traveling and hotel accommodations. Log on any time of the day or evening during the six weeks by entering your username and password that will be provided to you with your paid registration. Each week a new module will be added. Each module has a self-scoring test to help you gauge your understanding of the concepts learned. Each lesson lasts approximately 1½ to 2 hours including the time of taking the test. During the sixth week, students will take the final exam. Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion. NFSA.TV ***COMING SOON***

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LAYOUT TECHNICIAN TRAINING FOR NICET CERTIFICATION LAYOUT TECHNICIAN ***UPDATED for 2010*** Day 1–History of Sprinklers, Principles of combustion, Rules Governing Installation, Plan Preparation and Formatting, How Sprinklers Work, Contracts and Specifications, The Layout Process, Components and Operation of Wet Pipe and Dry-Pipe Sprinkler systems, Basic Math Review (for those interested) Day 2–Units of Measure, components and Operation of Preaction and Deluge Systems, Public Mains as Water Supplies, Underground Piping, Backflow Prevention, Types of Construction and Structures, Hazard Classifications Day 3–Different Types of Sprinklers, Spray Sprinkler Spacing and Location (upright, pendent and sidewall), Sprinkler Obstruction Rules for Standard Spray Sprinklers, Extended Coverage Sprinklers, Obstructions to Extended Coverage Sprinklers Day 4–System Configurations, Aboveground Pipe and Fittings, Hangers and Support, Seismic Considerations Day 5–Choosing Materials for the Job, Hydraulic Calculations, Review of First Week Day 6–More Hydraulic Calculation Examples, alarm and Supervision Requirements, Fire Pumps, Standpipe system Layout Day 7–Standpipe System Hydraulics, Wet Pipe Sprinkler system Example Layout and Calculation Day 8–Tanks, Dry-Pipe System Example Layout and Calculation Day 9–Residential Sprinkler Systems in NFPA 13, One- and Two-Family Dwelling Rules of NFPA 13D, Multi-Family Dwelling Rules of NFPA 13R Day 10–(class over by noon or 1:00 p.m.) Plan Review, Acceptance Testing, Stock Listing, Review of Seminar



NFSA prides itself on the ability to develop and deliver technical training that fits the specific needs of the training audience. If you need a specially crafted learning experience contact NFSA Assistant Vice President of Training and Education James Lake at or 617-372-6214. Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver it. visit us at

ADVANCED LAYOUT TECHNICIAN This three-day seminar has been developed for fire sprinkler layout and detail technicians that have two to three years of experience. The purpose of the seminar is to assist individuals that are currently holding NICET Level 2 certifications (Fire Sprinkler Layout and Detail Subfield) in advancing their careers by reviewing material necessary for Level 3 and Level 4 certification. By the end of the seminar, the student will have an understanding of a sufficient number of Level 3 General and Special work elements to be prepared for Level 3. Target Audience: • Sprinkler layout and detail technicians with approximately 2 years of experience • NICET Level 2 Technicians (Sprinkler Layout and Detail) • NICET Level 3 Technicians (Sprinkler Layout and Detail) that are looking for information on the subjects covered in the course • Plan Review Officials with at least two years of experience It is assumed that the student has a working knowledge of basic hydraulics, friction loss calculations, sprinkler spacing and location, the components of basic wet pipe and dry-pipe sprinkler systems, and a working knowledge of NFPA 13, NFPA 13D and NFPA 13R. Materials: Each attendee will receive an NFSA workbook and other prepared materials. Each attendee must bring their own copies of NFPA 13 (2010). Each paid attendee will receive a certificate upon completion.The purpose of the course is to take a person with basic knowledge of math, physical science and drafting skills and teach them to be productive basic sprinkler layout and detailing technicians. All of the work elements necessary for NICET Level II Certification will be covered by the course.

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There are several ways that you can host an on-site NFSA seminar. If you are an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), contractor, professional association such as building or fire official group, or any business that needs water-based fire protection system training, the National Fire Sprinkler Association can meet your needs. Be a host sponsor – The sponsor needs to provide a training location that will hold a minimum of 30 students in a table and chair arrangement. The site needs an adequately sized screen for the room, power supply, comfortable heating or cooling system, adequate lighting controls, adequate blinds or curtains that allow control of outside light, and restroom facilities. If you can provide a facility site that can meet the above conditions, NFSA will allow up to three free attendees from your organization or agency to attend or provide your organization with a contribution fee equivalent to 3 attendees. The sponsor can pick any of the on-site seminars described in this catalog. The sponsor is also asked to provide the morning refreshments. NFSA will provide the instructor, projector, high quality workbooks and professional certificates, and will provide regional and nationwide advertising. NFSA seminars are approved in many states for building and fire official training credits, ICC & NFPA continuing education credits, and NICET credits. If you need other types of credits or certification, NFSA will work with you to secure the needed certifications. If you have any questions, contact James Lake, NFSA’s Assistant Vice President of Training and Education at (617) 372-6214 or by e-mail, or your NFSA Regional Manager. All contact information for any NFSA staff is available at the NFSA website Contract Seminars These seminars are offered from our current course list or could be newly crafted and are developed under contract with a host. NFSA provides the training and the host provides the audience. The contract seminar host is responsible for collecting any fees that they decide to charge for the seminar. Many sprinkler contractors conduct these seminars for AHJs and clients in their region. It provides an opportunity to get to know each other and ensures that the AHJs have up-to-date knowledge of the standards and issues in the sprinkler industry. Please contact NFSA Assistant Vice President of Training and Education, James Lake at or 617-372-6214 for more information and pricing.

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Multiday Seminars Layout Technician (2 weeks) Advanced Layout Technician (3 days) Inspection and Testing for the Sprinkler Industry (3 days) Protection of Storage Occupancies (2 days) NFPA 13 Overview (2 days)

1-Day Seminars NFPA 13, 13R, 13D Update 2010 ITM for the AHJ Inspection, Testing and Maintenance for Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (NFPA 25, 2011 Edition) Hydraulics for Fire Protection Pumps for Fire Protection Residential Sprinklers: Homes to High-Rise Sprinklers for Dwellings Fire Protection Design Advantage Plan Review Procedures and Policies

1/2 Day Seminars Standpipes Systems Underground Piping Seismic Protection of Sprinkler Systems Advanced Seismic Protection of Sprinkler Systems Protection of Flammable and Combustible Liquids Introduction to Sprinkler Systems Fire Pump Layout and Sizing Foam Water Sprinkler Systems (NFPA 16) Foam Systems (NFPA 11) CPVC Piping Installation Requirements Commissioning and Acceptance Testing of Sprinkler Systems


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Training & Education Programs: The Source for CEU’s in Water-Based Fire Protection Systems