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RIFFMASTER PRO REVIEW This is the shortened version of the full Riffmaster Pro review.


Riffmaster Pro is a software program loved by musician, particularly lead guitarists. Riffmaster Pro allows you to incrementally slow any music to as slow as one quarter original speed with out changing the musical

pitch one bit so you don't have to retune your instrument. Slowing down the music with Riffmaster Pro also does not reduce the quality of the music as well. In addition Riffmaster Pro has addional fine tune controls allowing you further tweaking of the sound to help accent certain instruments. Bottom line is you get to hear the instrument peice or solo you want to learn and you get to hear it crystal clear almost as if the musician is right in your living room playing the music slowed down for you.

Riffmaster Pro costs a one time investment of $49 and it is yours for life including future updates. As of this writing the Riffmaster Pro team is also including several bonus items worth over $200 including printable fret board templates and rock jam tracks 1 and 2.

Riffmaster Pro is marketed toward guitarists but Riffmaster pro can be used no matter what type of music and musical instrument you are in to. Any time and any reason you need to slow down any music Riffmaster Pro does the job and does it well.

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