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The Holiday That Went Bad

I woke up to my alarm clock buzzing like a bee with the sun shinning on my face. It was 7:30 in the morning and today is different to any other day. Today my family are going on a holiday to Brazil. I quietly tiptoed downstairs trying not to wake my parents. I made my breakfast and sat down at the table. As I was about to turn on the TV, I saw a map of the world and it was the route highlighted in yellow that we were going to take.

I finished my breakfast and looked at the time and it was 8.00 am. I rushed upstairs past my parents bedroom and I saw them rushing to pack their bags. Luckily my bag was packed yesterday.

After 10 minutes the whole family was dressed and ready to go. Filled with excitement we all rushed out the door and into the car. We arrived at the airport early so we could go through Customs before all the other passengers arrived. We passed through Customs really quickly and before we knew it we were in the waiting area ready to line up to board the plane. A large group of people rushed to the line but luckily we came early.

As we sat down at our seats, I looked to the front of the plane and saw a lady explaining the safety procedures. I noticed no one was paying attention. The pilot announced the flight details and told us that there might be turbulence along the way. Today the pilots decided to take a different route to Brazil to shorten the flight by 1 hour so they can avoid the turbulence They announced over the speakers that we will be flying past uncharted islands during our route.

After 20 minutes of waiting to take-off, the plane's engines started up and then the plane gets into position on the runway. When the plane takes off it shot like a bullet going faster and faster and I had to hold onto my seat. I was so excited. The plane flew up into the air and through the clouds. We looked through the window and saw a sheet of clouds below us were like a white fluffy blanket.

When I woke up from my sleep tired and exhausted, I was told we were half way there. I was so excited I just couldn’t wait until we arrived at the airport. Then out of nowhere there was major turbulence and I looked out the window to see the engines failing and smoke coming out. The plane started to drop and everyone was screaming and panicking. Everyone was too scared and they were not listening and following the emergency procedures, but my family and I did.

I was scared and so was everyone else on the plane. I could hear people screaming and crying. Then suddenly a BIG BANG! When I woke up with a sore head and there was debris and small fires everywhere. I looked around and surprisingly I saw no one else but my family and I. I was cut and bleeding but I was fine. I didn't think I had any major broken bones and my parents just had cuts too. My parents and I searched for other survivors but found no one and it looked like we had crashed on one of the uncharted island. I was scared and shocked.

As I was searching for survivors I saw one of the pilots limp out of the cockpit. He saw me and called me over to help him out of the plane. I helped him to a seat. He told me about a beacon in the plane that we needed so we could call for help and be rescued. I saw my parents come back from the other side of the island and they were happy to see someone else alive. My parents came to the cockpit to hep me find the beacon. We found it and tried to start it up but there were no batteries.

My dad and I searched the cargo for batteries for the beacon and my mum searched for food and water. We opened every single electronic device that we found in the luggages and found one battery that was in a I-Pod touch. We placed the battery in the battery slot and the beacon worked. My dad turned it on. Now we had to wait for a helicopter or boat to arrive to rescue us.

After 2 hours of waiting and being very scared, we saw a helicopter in the distance closing in fast. We were so happy that we hugged and kissed each other. The helicopter landed and the rescue team helped us on board and treated our wounds and gave us food and water. The rescue team searched the surrounding areas for survivors but they found no one. The helicopter then took us back to home to Australia.


The Holiday that went bad  
The Holiday that went bad  

A story about a family surviving a plane crash.