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Open Windows Poetry and Stories Donna Knott

Circles If you do not Dream, There is nothing for you to hope for. If you do not Hope, There is nothing for you to succeed in. If you do not Succeed, There is nothing for you to do... but Dream.

The Gift From you comes.... a glance, and I soar with the eagle; a smile, and I am filled with joy; a word, and I float with the clouds; a touch, and I tremble with wonder; a kiss, and my heart overflows with Love

Love It comes in on a snowflake flitting here and there. It makes the heart quake, happy, without a care. Now it is here... Now it is gone. The pieces of my heart scattered with the dawn.

Season’s Song The breezes whisper in my ear, “Spring is here, Spring is here.” Flowers burst forth bringing cheer, “Spring is here, Spring is here.” Birds, in happy song, sing out, “Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice,” they shout. New born creatures are wobbling about, “Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice,” they shout. Breezes whisper in my ear.... Summer is Coming!!!

Surrender Majestic and tall he stood overlooking the valley, his valley. His flesh showed the marks of battles fought against beasts and .... Man, the worst beast of all. His eyes flared then thinking of the man. He could almost smell the acrid scent of the Man-beast. The weapons which shot balls of fire angered him. His ears still heard their thunder. He was old now. He could no longer protect his herd. His own tusks, yellowed with age and use, were a burden. Yet defiance flashed in his eyes as he trumpeted his rage at finding his domain invaded again. He charged down the mountain to meet his final challenge with courage and hatred spurring him on. He met the man-beast head on. Thunder, fire, and pain surround him. His vision blurred with red hot anger. He tore at the air with his tusks as he went down.

He lay there... waiting,; he remembered a time past in his valley... Rivers ran, flowers grew, birds filled the air with song. Animals lived as nature intended... Untouched in rugged beauty. There was peace then. Finally the great beast closed his eyes and sighed his last breath, surrendering to his memories and to Peace and Freedom.

A Prayer Raise up your heads O’ people of God And shout your praises to Him. Sing your song of love and faith And He shall reward you with strength. Sing quietly now your prayers of devotion And Angels will stop to listen.

Storm Silence billows around me as a dark, forbidding cloud. In the distance lightening flashes brightly one, two, three a soft rumble follows. The wind is strangely still and the sun has taken refuge in the thick ,dark gray sky, casting an eerie glow on the earth below. No sound from beast or fowl screams a warning which falls on deaf ears. Seemingly from nowhere comes a torrent of large raindrops, quickly followed by deafening claps of thunder. Bolts of lightning rip through the sky. The trees bend and strain against the winds strong breath. Some succumb to it and fall to the earth, unheard over thunder’s booming laughter and rain’s quiet applause. Night falls, barely noticed, as the storm’s anger rages on. But soon the wind and thunder are placated and lightening is satisfied with her fiery display. They retreat to regions unknown to await the time to strike again.

Peace The cool summer breeze in the evening blows. The waves crash, bringing foam to the surf. Here I dream the sirens song. Its soothing melody wraps itself around me. The intricate, silken threads weave a harmonious cocoon. Inside I am safe, relaxed and peaceful. The song weaves on; I am changing, transforming. My anger and fear melt away as a dream before dawn. My sadness and melancholy dissipate as a morning mist. I am free to float or fly or sing. I open my eyes, the sun is setting. The cool summer breeze still blows. The foamy surf continues to crash. I stand to go inside, knowing that I will sleep with a peaceful heart and wake to a glorious new day.

Sea Glass The sun peeks through my window in the early morning, playfully demanding me to come outside and give him a proper greeting. As I slip out of bed, I feel the warm breeze tugging my white cotton gown, hurrying me along. I dash out and climb the dune and stretch my arms out wide then gather all the sunbeams I can, hugging them close to me. Mom calls me to breakfast so I race the rising sun back down and yell “I win” as I reach the door before he is completely over the dunes. My mom smiles and shakes her head as she hands me my raspberries, buttery bagel and milk. I sit out on the deck watching the pelicans glide over the sea - just barely skimming the waves. After breakfast I snatch my still-damp bathing suit off the line and run to my room to change. I race my brother over the dunes and down to the beach where we spread out a much-used blanket. We sit and wait for the dolphins to come and play in the surf. Finally they appear and we watch, barely breathing, while they jump, dive and frolic just beyond the breakers. They chatter happily to each other and to us. Then with a flip of a tail and splash of a flipper they say goodbye. My brother goes off to find Billy to play beach volleyball and I go in search of the perfect piece of sea glass to add to my collection. The rays of the sun beat down on me as I half walk, half crawl along the sand. Soon my stomach reminds me that it’s time for lunch. I turn around and hurry slowly back home watching the ground to make sure I haven't missed anything. After lunch I curl up in the rope swing on the shady side of the house and read my favorite book for the tenth time. I close my eyes after a while and breathe deeply the salty sea air. I smell the earthy freshness of the sea grass mixed with the sticky sweetness of tanning oil and the slightly rotten smell of dead fish and crabs washed up on the shore. It smells wonderful! Late afternoon arrives with its deepening colors and quiet as I help mom with dinner...grilled swordfish that dad caught, Yum! We sit around the picnic table and talk about our day. It’s my brother’s turn to do the dishes so I scoot out the back door before he can try to bribe me to do them for him.

I continue my search for sea glass until dusk turns everything shades of blue and it’s time to turn back. I meet my family on the beach. We sit and watch ships pass so far out that all we see are tiny blinking lights. The stars begin to come out as the soft, dark blue velvet night surrounds us like a well worn blanket. We point out our favorite constellations and tell stories we’ve made up about them. Mom begins to sing in her creamy, smooth voice and soon dad joins in with his strong deep one. I lean my head against my dad’s shoulder and he pulls me against him and wraps his arms around me. I’m really too old to be rocked to sleep in my dad’s lap, but I don’t think anyone will laugh if I do. I drift off to surrounded by people who love me and dream of finding the perfect piece of sea glass.

Nature’s Way The bleak grayness intrudes into the pristine domain of blue As the angry sea assaults the defenseless shore. Yet farther out the foam seems to dance Joyfully from wave to wave as though finally freed From some unknown prison. And far below, oblivious to the tempest above, Whales sing with eerie abandon.

Joyful Souls When the soft mist rises from the shining waters So too does my own soul rise. The new sun is born with soft gentle lights and colors then suddenly bursts into bright and brilliant rays of purest gold. The water reflects all things in beautiful ripples and waves. Trees, swans, clouds and people all washed in sparkling loveliness. My soul is cleansed by the morning mist and strengthened by the birth, each day, of the sun. For all eternity there will be mist and sun, light and reflections. Weary Souls, Take Heart!

Torn Man A lonely, old man made his way down the damp and dark alley. I stopped to watch him. He slowed, momentarily, at the overflowing trash cans to rummage for discarded treasures. I moved a little closer and saw in his face deep scars of sadness, of hard times and age. His hands, calloused from long years of work. His clothing, torn and mangled from endless use. As he came out of the alley onto the street, he saw a group of children playing. For a moment the sadness melted away and a crooked smile appeared. He was happy as he remembered times past. Then the smile faded into wistful memory as he returned to his dark and grim reality.

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