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Lobster tails & whole. All sizes.

Sale Unit: Diffrent

Lobster tails. Peeled. Sizes: Large 10/20, medium 20/30 & small 30/40

Sale Unit: 12x1 kg/box

Sale Unit: 10x1 kg.

Americanus. 110-170 g. Hráir. Sale Unit: 4,54MSC kg./box

Sale Unit: 9 litre buckets

Tiger Shrimp PDTON.

Whole cooked 40/60 & 80/100. With head & tail.

Peeled with tail. Size: 21/25

Sale Unit: 5 kg. /box.

Sale Unit: 10x1 kg.

Whole & whole body peeled.

Peeled. Sizes: 13/15,16/20, 21/25, 26/30,31/40

Stock / Base for soup.

With shell, easy peel & whole w. head & tail. Size: 6/8


Shrimp / Tiger shrimp. PD.

Lobster & Rock Crab stock.

Raw tails. Sizes:110-140, 130-150, 200-230 g/pcs

King Shrimp.

Tiger Shrimp.

Sale Unit: 10x1 kg/box

Canadian/ Maine Lobster Tails.

Argentine Shrimp. Raw. Whole w. head & tail. Also tail peeled. Raw. Size: 10/20. Sale Unit: 2 kg in box.

Nobashi Ebi Shrimp. ASC. Row.

Sale Unit: 20 pcs. in a tray.

Sale Unit: 10x1 kg.

Tiger Shrimp on a Stick. 100g. per pcs.

Sale Unit: 10x1 kg. ° 588-7900 °

King Crab-legs. Icelandic Shrimp. Cooked, peeled, once frozen. 500g & 2500g in a pack. All Sales sizes.Unit: 4 x 2,5 kg. /box.

Whole & raw. Split & cooked legs.

Sale Unit: 5 kg. / box.

1 x 10 kg. /box.

Snow crab claws Sale Unit: 10*1 kg / box

Snow crab-meat

Sale Unit: 400 g / pack

Octopus. Whole, cleaned raw. Sizes: 500/1000, 1000/2000.

Sale Unit: Different.

Blue & green Mussel.

Mud crab. Soft shell crab.

Sale Unit: 1 kg. in a box.

Lobster claws & shell.

In shell and without. Fresh & frozen. Sale Unit: 2,5 kg /net.1kg. / pack.

Sale Unit: Different.


Scallops, MSC. Sizes 10/20 & 80/100. Frozen at sea: 20/30. Icelandic: 40/60 & 60/80 Sale Unit: 10*1 kg / ks.

Squid whole. U1 Squid tubes. U-10

Sale Unit: 10*1 kg/box.

Squid. Rings in tempura.

Sale Unit: 10*1 kg/box.

Squid. Rings.

Sale Unit: 10*1 kg/box. ° 588-7900 °


Cod Loins. Lightly salted. Boneless skin on. Sale Unit: 6 x 2 kg in a box.

Cod portions in tempura. Pre-fryed. IQF. Sale Unit: 5 kg in a box.

Cod Loins. Skin - & boneless. Frozen at sea. Sale Unit: 3 x 6,35 kg in a box

Dried & hanged Cod.

Haddock-& Cod fillets. Skin - & boneless. Frozen at sea. Sale Unit: 3 x 6,35 kg in a box.

Black Cod. (Latin name: Anolopoma Fimbria)

Smoked Haddock. Boneless, skin on. Sale Unit: Different.

Dried fish & Shark Dried fish: Skin- & boneless. Sale Unit: 200g in a bag.

Sale Unit: Different.

Sale Unit: Different.

Shark: Fermented. Sale Unit: 100g. 1-5kg in a bag.


Salmon & Arctic char. Fresh & frozen.

Sale Unit: Different

Salmon fillets Smoked and graved. Whole fillets and sliced. Sale Unit: 10 kg. / box.

Arctic char fillets Smoked Sale Unit: Different.

Salmon & Arctic char. Whole and fresh. Sale Unit: 25. Kg/ box. ° 588-7900 °


Tuna Poke YF. Tuna YF. Loins. Fillet 2-5 kg. and steak 170-230 g. Sale Unit: 25 kg / box.

Tuna YF. Saku Saku for Nigiri.

Sale Unit: 10 kg/box.

Tuna sliced in pieces. Size 1,5*1,5 cm. Sale Unit: 10*1 kg/ in a box.

Hamachi / Yellow tail. King fish FILLETS.

Sale Unit: Different.


Crayfish Meat. Sale Unit: 10 x 1kg/ in a box.


Seafood Mix. Mussels, Squid, Shrimp & Octopus. Sale Unit: 10 x 1kg/ in a box.

Salmon and Trout roe.

Red, black, orange & green Sale Unit: 500 g in a box.

Sea Urchin and Roe. Sale Unit: Different.

Sturgeon Roe / Caviar. 50g box

Sale Unit: 200g in a box.

Sale Unit: 50g. in a box.

Snails in Garlic Butter. Sale Unit: 6*500 g / in boxes.

Crayfish Tails. Sale Unit: 10*1 kg/box ° 588-7900 °

EBI Fry. "Japan style" Torpedo. 20g./pcs & 30g./pcs. Sale Unit: 10 or 20 trays in a box.

Surimi Chunks Red. IQF & Vacuum bags. Sale Unit: 10*1 kg / in a box.

Breaded torpedo Shrimp. Size: 26/30.

Sale Unit: 10*1 kg/ in a box.

Barramundi In slices.

Sushi Shrimp. EBI. Size: 3L & 4L. Sale Unit: 20 pcs. in a box.

Wakame – salad.

Ama Ebi Shrimp.

18 cm, red, (sushi). Sale Unit: 20 pcs. in a box.

Eel / Unagi. Slices & whole fillets.

Sale Unit: 1 kg/pck & 250 g/pck.

Edamame beans. Whole and peeled.

Sale Unit: 20*500 g./ in a box.

Scampi fritti.

Sale Unit: 20 pcs. in a tray.

Sale Unit: 10*1kg / in a box.

Sale Unit: 10*1 kg/ in a box.

Squid & Octopus. For Maki. In slices. Sale Unit: 20 pcs. in a tray.

Spring rolls w. duck. 20g./pcs. Spring rolls Pastry 215 mm.

Gyoza / Dumplings.

Sale Unit: 50 pcs in a box.

Sale Unit: 30 pcs. in a bag.

Shrimps í tempura. Sizes: 21/25 & 26/30

Sale Unit: 20 pcs. / in a tray.

Surimi,” maki”.

Sale Unit: 10*1 kg in pck.

W. chicken, vegetables or duck. Size: 20 g/pcs.

Butterfly Shrimp. In kokos. Sale Unit: 10*1 kg. in a box.

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