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u Tiësto & Dzecko (feat. Lena Leon) u Musical Freedom This buzzy track starts off dramatically with a pumping beat, punctuated by a dirty bassline, and then it offers up an inspirational lyrical message. A monstrous build-up ultimately drops an impressive explosion of audio elements. A festival thumper that’ll leave you with warm fuzzies. – Jennifer Harmon “UNDER MY CONTROL” u Dirty Secretz u Amplified Kicking plenty of ’90s U.K.-house flavor, this floor-stomper really does the business. With its chopped-up vocals, classy piano breakdown and Robin-Slike synth hook, this one will get attention.


– Tommy D Funk “ACCELERATOR” u Paul Van Dyk & Jordan Suckley u Vandit Suckley and van Dyk comprise a pair that can’t go wrong. This taut, pounding track stays true to PvD’s tough, yet uplifting signature hard-trance sound. Somehow, it’s both anthemic and ethereal – a track that would be a great closer for an unforgettable night out.

– Jennifer Harmon “NOW I SEE YOU” u Platzdasch & Dix u Crooks & Villains Dropping some soulful vibes and plenty of garage grooves, this sexy cut’s going to shake some hips on the dancefloor. Slinky and percolating with its deep keys, “Now I See You” delivers plenty of warms charms.

– Tommy D Funk “NIGHT TALKING” u Random Soul u Random Soul Recordings On this new vocal-house stomper from Random Soul, we get disco-flavored samples and a pumping bassline that match up perfectly with the solid 4/4 action. Check the fantastic remix from Mickey Moore & Andy Tee, plus the solid “Club Dub” and “Extended Instrumental.” Raumakustik

– Tommy D Funk

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DJ Times Spring 2019, Vol 32 No 3