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Master Planning

Perisher Village

Detailed Village Development Plan

Master Planning

Location: Perisher, NSW Completed: Currently going through DA

The Detailed Village Design Plan (DVDP) provided the opportunity to test the appropriateness of an extensive range of recommended urban design controls and other stated environmental outcomes set out in an existing Master Plan. Paramount in these considerations was the particular climatic and environmental conditions unique to the area and detailed snow and wind modelling was undertaken on several built form options. The plan achieved some key urban design outcomes including: transparency, legibility with a predominantly pedestrian focus, minimization of snow dump in public areas, respect for and utilisation of key vistas, handicapped accessibility to all areas, a hierarchy of open spaces, a palette of building materials and colours appropriate to its National Park setting. The village centre will provide new accommodation, the major arrival and departure point for skiers and visitors, a new focus for beginner skiing facilities, resort shopping, leisure and recreation facilities. It will provide facilities in both summer and winter.

Falls Creek Master Plan

A vision, for a series of component parts and critical linkages, that together form a Development Control Framework for the long term development of an economically and environmentally sustainable resort. By introducing a component precinct approach, the Master Plan is able to respond to the challenge of incremental and fluctuating development, allowing individual projects to be realized independent of other development but without detriment to the Master Plan Vision as a whole. Four of the seven precincts accommodate mixed-use residential

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