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Looking up at the Fujitsu Concealed Unit With Duct System


Panasonic ERV

Panasonic ERV and small ducts Ready to be concealed by drywall

Stucco being Applied over 1 inch foam Sheeting.

Stucco being applied over foam And Wire

Notice the Raised Heel Trusses That allow full insulation R values All the way to the eave

Drywall is a tasty treat for mold spores

Sept 24, 2009

The Foreclosure Pain May Drag on for Years

By James R. Hagerty

Delays in dealing with home foreclosures are stretching out the pain for the U.S. housing market, as we reported in Wednesday’s Journal. That has stirred lots of debate over whether it is better for the nation to face the pain of millions of foreclosures immediately – to get it over with fast — or to draw the process out over several years in hopes that the economy and housing demand will recover. It looks like we’re taking the latter course, for better or worse. The foreclosure process takes about twice as long as it used to for a variety of reasons, including efforts to modify loans to keep borrowers in homes, staffing shortages at loan servicers, bankruptcy filings and a “strategic rationale” by lenders hoping that home prices will recover, ....... While efforts to modify loans will help some borrowers, she says, they mostly will amount to “kicking the can down the road.”.............. Henry Fishkind, an Orlando-based housing economist, says some banks tell him they “are holding back [foreclosedhome] inventory” to avoid depressing prices any more than necessary. “It’s in their interest” to avoid flooding the market, and regulators haven’t forced them to do so, he says. That suggests that the backlog of homes

headed for foreclosure will be stretched out over several years. That will be less disruptive to the housing market, Dr. Fishkind says but may mean that it takes longer for financial institutions to shed dud assets and regain the health required to extend new credit. In some of the former bubble markets, including Florida, (& California, adds DJR) the problem will be aggravated by looming defaults on option adjustable-rate mortgages ............

Is This Glass Half Full or Half Empty? Is This Good News or Bad News?

Saving The Planet One House At A Time

Help! I need some ideas. I have been asked to present what we do at GreenEarthEquities to the City of Fresno tomorrow. They are fascinated that we are doing what we do without incentive programs But they want to make a program... I hadn’t even been thinking about programs. What kind of a program do you think I should suggest?

The following slides were presented at the Affordable Comfort Conference at Kansas City this last April. I will present them to the City Officials tomorrow If you could start with a blank slate, What kind of program would you suggest? What would help you make a decision to move ahead?

Original Hypotheses in Foreclosure Renovation: 1. Full Energy packages don’t sell easily by themselves (based on 30 years of attempts with marginal success) 2. Full packages will sell if combined with Wow! Remodeling

Questions from Skeptics, Professionals & Gurus:

Can you put that much money into a house and get a return on investment? And make a profit?

Will the consumers buy that big a package of energy saving retrofit?

If they will buy, can they get financing? Will the properties appraise for enough?

Preliminary answers at end of poster. G r e e n E a r t h E q u i t i e s . C o m

Saving The Planet One House At A Time

Closing Escrow next week Features: Low E2 windows R-50 Insulation New HVAC system R-8 Ducts, sealed & tested Complete Shell Sealing More‌(see Energy Package)

Purchasing Homes in Close Proximity Allows: 1. Saving of fuel and travel time (green!)

3 2


2. We can control the “Comps� and Influence Appraisals after the first one. 6 4


The Wow! Package 1. Granite Counters at Kitchen & Baths 2. Extra Deep Stainless Steel Sink 3. Designer Spray Faucet 4. Italian glass tile backsplash , s i 5. Under Counter Lighting h T e d 6. All wood Cabinetry u l c n I 7. Crown Molding and Tall Baseboard 8. All new interior doors and trim 9. New Front Door with Art Glass 10. Tile & Travertine floors 11. Engineered Wood Laminate Floors 12. Designer tile and faucets at baths 13. Chair Rail, , Wainscoating & 3 tone paint 14. Designer Light fixtures & ceiling fans G r e e n E a r t h E q u i t i e s . C o m

Saving The Planet One House At A Time

The Done! Package 1. New Front and Back Lawn 2. Automatic Sprinklers with timer 3. New 30 - 50 year roof 4. New Roll-up Garage Door with Openers 5. Gutters 6. New 2 inch faux wood blinds , s i h T 7. Major Professional Tree Trimming d n A 8. Sewer line renovated as necessasry 9. All new oil rubbed bronze hardware 10. New Energy Star Appliances with Warrantees 11. New Windows and HVAC with Warrantees 12. Upgraded Carpet with 6 lb pad 13. Deciduous Trees placed for Energy Efficiency G r e e n E a r t h E q u i t i e s . C o m

Saving The Planet One House At A Time

The Energy! Package 1. New HVAC system, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger 2. Manual J sizing, usually half of previous capacity 3. New R-8 short mylar ducts partially buried 4. Manual D with tight seal and test n 5. Extra Return Duct in Master Suite a c e s 6. New LoE2 windows and Patio Doors w i h So all t 7. Low E 140 at west windows e l l e S rytim 8. Deciduous Trees planted selectively e v 9. Shell Sealing of floor & ceiling with test E 10. Attic Insulation to R-50 11. Occupancy sensors 12. Gas Stove and Dryer options 13. Ceiling Fans at all sleeping and living rooms Saving 14. Panasonic Ventilation with controls The Planet G r e e n E a r t h E q u i t i e s . C o m

One House At A Time

We Buy Ugly Houses (the uglier the better)

Ugly Step-Sister



The Cinderella Wow! Conversion in our Energy Wise Renovations Allows us to include Serious Energy Retrofits!

Wannabe Remodelers Many of our best buys have been homes where previous owners had ideas and started projects that remain unfinished or code violations. Stuff like this scares many investors.

No Problem & Not that Expensive

Oh, Honey, I love it! Let’s buy this one....

How Green is (sometimes) Sold

Well, they have those Energy Stars and the carpet is made out of recycled Pepsi bottles so I guess we might as well...



Energy-Wise Renovator The Planet Community

The Homeowner Wins With Lower Bills and Increased Comfort The Community Wins With New Jobs, More Home Ownership & Increased Property Values

Home Owner

The Planet Wins With Less Carbon Emissions The Investor Wins And Gets To Keep A Little Green

A True Win, Win, Win, Win Strategy! G r e e n E a r t h E q u i t i e s . C o m

Saving The Planet One House At A Time

So, How’s It Going After 8 Months? •

First 5 properties sold after first open house. Appraisals were OK and we have a waiting list

• • • •

Profitability? I find it better than Contracting!

Green Labor Force? These jobs are the advancement and career path up for entry level weatherization workers.

Energy Reduction? Estimated 25-50% reduction (with no previous bills to compare and no dependence on future occupant behavior required.)

Fun? This ex-contractor is having a blast! Flexibility? Time for important things Good for the Community? Raising Property Tax Base. These houses sell for 20% above the comparables. No Incentives or (new) government programs required.

Let’s Build With 1000 Businesses across the country An Army! doing this, we could do some serious good.

Wanna learn Energy Wise House Flipping? I’m so sold on this idea, I’ve begun teaching it.

Free Training, Learn Energy-Wise House Flipping Conference Calls Tue 6:00 pm PST Dial in 605.475.4800 Access 795323# On Site Renovation training monthly

Message to all Mayors, Governors and Presidents •

Foreclosed homes present a unique golden opportunity to greatly improve the real estate values and the quality of life in your jurisdiction. By including Energy-Wise Renovation with lower carbon footprints, these homes will improve your communities, and the lives of your citizens

Dont miss this opportunity. If these foreclosed homes are quick flipped with carpet and paint and remain energy guzzling rentals, your community and the planet will suffer. Doing it later will be very expensive and probably just wont happen.

Ensure that funding for foreclosures programs requires significant home performance. No public funds should go to conventional “house flipping” that does not include home performance retrofitting.

• •

In many cases this can be done with no expenditure of tax dollars at all. Ask me how. I’ll be glad to share what’s working for me Respectfully, David J Robinson 559 994 9477 DJR5650@Mac.Com

Tale of 2 Foreclosures - True (sad) Story $70,000 $10,000 Renter Zero No Change Zero Lowered Dragged Down Praying for Economy

$70,000 Purchase Price $50,000 Improvements $ Proud New HomeOwner Occupant Everything Energy Retrofit Reduced Carbon Footprint Yes Green Jobs Raised Tax Base Lifted Up Neighborhood Deposit $ & Repeat Investor-Renovator

Which would you rather have next door to you?

Opportunities Pass What Can Be Done? This has been one team’s answer. What Will You Do?

G r e e n E a r t h E q u i t i e s . C o m

Saving The Planet One House At A Time

91006 Mini Splits, ERVs, Ideas for New Program?  

Mini Splits & ERVs are less common technologies that deserve more mainstream implementation in our National Energy Conservation Strategies.