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Sometimes Life gives you lemons.... It would be unrealistic to expect no problems or challenges to arise. Our ride at GreenEarthEquities had been pretty smooth with all of our houses sold and even pre-sold. When I went to Europe for 3 Weeks the challenges started piling up. We now have some lemons. So let’s make lemonade! 1

3 Lemons for this week (all typical) 1. A project that was sold may be falling apart due to buyer’s credit score and changing requirements. 2. We guessed that an illegal addition could be corrected, and we guessed wrong.... 3. An Inspector was unfamiliar with Mini Split technology so he shut down our job! (until we could educate him) 2

Lemon #1 Details: 1. 3332 n Ezie, Fresno (you can look it up on Cyberhomes.Com) Purchased for $70,000 Agreed upon selling price, $165,000 Loan officer said it would be tight. 2. House is almost finished. Lender has doubts. Buyer made some damaging credit moves and VA changed some qualification criteria. 3. Lemon: We have a finished house, maybe without a buyer


Lemon #1 Lemonade Recipe: 1. Quickly list the home 2. Hold 2 Open Houses this weekend 3. Build Sales Brochure (see attached) 4. Craigs List 5. Look for other lenders with more lenient lending criteria. 6. Network amomg all friends of Vets. Maybe create buzz (the buyer is in Iraq)


If you’re going to have an open house..... Let your brochure do some selling for you!

Sell the Concept

Sell Own vs Rent

Background Focus on Green and Energy

GreenEarthEquities.Com Energy Wise Renovation Dave Robinson Principal

About GreenEarthEquities & SmartEnergyHomes

At GreenEarthEquities we acquire distressed properties in prime neighborhoods and renovate them with 3 goals in mind: The Energy Factor , The Wow! Factor, and It’s All Done! Buyers enjoy lower utility bills and more comfort, every month in their Low Maintenance SmartEnergyHome.TM

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3332 N Ezie 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath 1362 sq ft. Living & Dining Rooms Built 1960, Re Built 2009 See p.2 for more details.

Why Rent? Buyers can own this Clovis School District home for $880 per month* *$165,000 5,5% fixed rate, $10,000 down. Includes principal, interest only. Other down payments or terms will require different payments. Qualifications depend on lender guidelines. Not all people qualify. Estimated total payment with taxes and insurance should be less than $1,111 per month.

Sell the Sizzle

Give them Logic to back up the their emotional decision

The Right Neighborhood: Clovis Schools. Established neighborhood with tree lined streets. Close to Sierra Vista Mall, Old Town Clovis, Bus Lines,Shopping & Parks. 244 employers and over 10,000 jobs are within a 2.5 miles radius.

For more information: Jennifer Martin 259 8153 5

Showcase the Three Packages (It will stick in their mind better when they are comparing.) You are giving them a “shopping list” to compare the other houses that they will be looking at. You might as well stack the deck in your favor


3332 N Ezie Ave.

At GreenEarthEquities all we do is Energy Wise Renovation of homes. Each item that goes into our homes must address one of these three objectives: ! 1. "Energy Efficiency ! 2. "Wow! Factor ! 3. "Done! Factor This is what we chose to do to meet those objectives on this home: Energy Efficiency 1. "All new dual pane windows. "" 2. "Big west window is Low E 140 (nearly twice the resistance to Solar Heat Gain as LoE2) 3. "Deciduous tree will be properly selected and planted to aid summer shading. 4. New Trane Air Conditioner and Furnace 5. New Engineered Duct System (ACCA Manual D) R8 Mylar Coated 6. "Shell Sealing of cracks and holes in the attic at the ceiling level. 7. "Attic insulation to R-50+ : far above Energy Star Standards for brand new homes. 8. "Wall Insulation with dry packed cellulose. "The subdivision originally had no wall insulation. 9. "Gas stove and gas option for the dryer. " Electric is available at both locations also. 10. "Dual pane and foam core front entry door 11. "Upgraded ceiling fans in every room


Wow! Factor 1. New Cabinets throughout in Kitchen and both baths. Real Wood throughout, no particle board. 2. "Matching Granite Counters in Kitchen and both baths. 3. "New Hood Fan Microwave 4. "New Gas Stove and Oven 5. "New Dishwasher" 6. "New Disposal 7. "New Deep Stainless Steel Sink with premium faucet and spray 8. "Travertine Floors in Kitchen and Baths with Custom Tile showers with Shampoo Shelves and accent tiles 9. "Designer 2 and three tone painted interior 10. "Crown molding and chair rail with wainscoat 11. "Designer 3 tone paint exterior with New Dash over sculptured trim at windows, doors, & corners. 12. "All ceilings have been replaced with new designer texture and paint The “Done” Factor ! (Ready to move in with minimum work and maintenance for a LONG time) 1. "New front and back lawn 2. "Automatic sprinklers front and back 3. "Finished Garage, Drywall and painted 4. "Sewer line recently serviced and encroaching tree roots removed. 5. "Recently replaced 30 year roof 6. "New Roll Up Garage Door with new automatic opener 7. "Recently replaced water heater 8. Newer carpet 3 grades up from FHA standard, normal in renovation, with 6 lb pad. (4 lb is normal) 9. "New receptacles, new switches and covers 10. "New six panel doors and new hardware. 11. "New light fixtures 12. "New faux wood blinds. 13. "Additional return duct in master suite so the comfort system continues to work with the door closed."

We value your opinion. How do you think we did toward meeting our objectives? What would be one or two things that you would change to make this home more desirable? !




Waterfront View!

Thank You

Dave Robinson,

Ben Carroll, Rogelio Covarrubius, Jennifer Martin 6

Show Substance and Urgency:



1. They are not crazy. Other people are doing this. 2. Opportunities Pass. Appeal to Realtors Let them in to the “Preferred Group” Hint at “Owner Finance”

Keeping Hope for Vets


#1 5741 E Bernadine

1574 sf 3-2 LR & Fam 1959 Corner Lot, RV access, Wow! Done! And Energy Packages

#2 3328 N Purdue

1164 sf 4-2 50 year roof, covered patio, Wow! Done! And Energy Packages

Projects Done & In the Pipeline List Price

Completion Target


Jan 15, 2009

SOLD! $138,500

Feb 10, 2009


Feb 20, 2009


#3 5664 E Bernadine

1404 sf 3-2 LR & Fam 1962 pool Drive Thru Garage, Wow! Done! And Energy Packages

#4 3332 N Ezie

1362 4-2 LR & Dining 1960 Possible RV parking Wow! Done! And Energy Packages


June 1, 2009

#5 4404 N Eddy

1348 sf 4-2 Great Room, RV Access, Huge Corner Lot, Wow! Done & Energy Packages


July 4, 2009


#6 5967 E Fedora

1188 sf 3-2 1971 Great Room, Custom Kitchen, Wow!, Done! & Energy Packages Possible RV


July 15, 2009

#7 145 Gettysburg

1171 sf 3-2 1971 Great Room, Custom Kitchen, Wow! Done! And Energy Packages


July 4, 2009

Apx 1550 sf 4-2 1948 LR & Formal Dining, New Master Suite, Detached Garage Quiet Neighborhood.


August 15, 2009

#8 3915 E Townsend

Notes for Realtors: Our business plan dictates that we renovate and sell rapidly. We plan that many homes will be sold before they reach MLS. All homes will be offered to the group of Preferred Realtors for 7-14 days before listing in MLS. For details and to be alerted of new projects as they become available contact Jennifer Martin 259 8153 Because all of our homes will be done in less than the 90 day FHA minimum hold time, we will consider “Owner Financing” and are seeking appropriate funding to support those transactions. We are also have a program to give preference to Veterans. 7

Our 2 Clusters Are all within a 200 Yard radius.


Projects Done & In the Pipeline


Except #7. We’re starting a new Cluster

This helps on the comps and appraisals


Tarpey North Cluster


With this concentration we can actually raise the values in a neighborhood. Your Open House Brochure should do so much more than just feature that house. Why dont Realtors do this???


Get the Customer Looking Ahead


Get the Realtors Looking Ahead

6 Tarpey South Cluster


4 8

Life Note: A problem clearly defined is half solved! We didn’t know: but we found out: 1. VA appraisals are the toughest in the industry. 2. Realtors dread VA loans because of their likelihood of failing the appraisal 3. VA appraisers seem to feel it is their job to say “No” rather than “Yes” 4. This is not politically popular right now. Several polititians and a Vet friendly bank have surfaced just in the last few days since the problem became clearly defined.

It really is Waterfront Property. Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks are good back yard neighbors.


New Mission: Create a “niche” market serving Vets. Now that we know what needs to be fixed, we can mobilize forces. How cool would it be if there were a program where a vet could come home and move into a fully renovated home with our Energy, Wow! And Done! Packages? Because the process was made easier rather than harder. Our vets should get preferential treatment not discrimination by bureaucrats motivated by job preservation and CYA (wouldn’t you agree) 10

Life Truth #2 Necessity is the Mother of Invention We have always known that to maximize our options, we wanted to have some kind of “Owner Financing� available. Now that the need for this type of financing may be urgent and Right Now, The players and options are showing up. I will keep you posted on what develops


Before and After


Before and After


Lemon #2 We guessed that an illegal addition could be corrected, and we guessed wrong... We had done a lot of due diligence: Met with the City Attorneys and Code Enforcement. Inspected as thoroughly as possible without demolition But it wasn’t enough. The construction was so bad, tearing off the room add was the best thing to do. 14

Lemon #2

The Kitchen Ready for a New Life

The Illegal Room Addition Ready for Recycling


Lemon #3 An Inspector was unfamiliar with Mini Split technology so he shut down our job! (until we could educate him) Discussion Why are Mini Splits used in the rest of the world but not the US? When 18 SEER and ZERO duct loss is available? What can be done about it? 16


90609 Lemons to Lemonade  
90609 Lemons to Lemonade  

It would be unrealistic to expect no problems or challenges to arise. Our ride at GreenEarthEquities had been pretty smooth with all of our...