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3:46 Promote 3:29 Tonight 3:48 Anytime 4:08 Come 4 me 3:57 Devoted 4:01 When you´re gone 3:21 Strangest things 4:29 Never give up 3:21 I want it back 3:50 That’s why



I want it back

Thats why



I was born in the good days it was good in all the good ways we never had to lock the doors now it seems like a lost world and we threw away the password ´cause we cant tell whats mine or yours

Too much disturbance, too much despair too less affection and a secret affair Thats why Im moving, its not that I dont care but leaving you behind seemed more logic than fair

please dont tell me were stuck in the state were in if we are this is bad news let me give you a new clue cause I am ready I dont want to give in I want it back! I can buy what I want to anytime that I want to ´cause peolpe work around the clock Taking pills that will make you get you skills to forget who can make you well or hard as rock Please dont tell me its that kind of life you want we had food with only food in now be careful what you´re chewsing or profit will decide for you... I want it back!

Too much disturbance, too much despair I did you a favour by leaving you there Now I see clearly, now Im OK For better or worse I can help you this way Daddy says Hi, my patience was low but some would surely die if I didnt go but you cant imagine how painful it grows and it shows Never be sorry and dont take the blame I hope you will always remember my name though Im not with you everyday youre here in my heart, and here you will stay

Produced by djon Recorded by djon @ home Mixed by Jakob Winther & djon @ Vibe Factory, Copenhagen Mastered by Barry Gardner, Safeandsound, London All songs, instruments, vocals, programming, arrangements & artwork by djon Photos by Per Sander Many thanks to Jakob Winther for helping me out, Gateway Records for good advice and making distribution possible, Christian for listening & believing, Birgit & Kai for always being there for us. Anna, Andreas & Anette for love and listening…


Come 4 me

Strangest things






What is wrong and what is right of all the words we say each night we agree to disagree But its not a crossroad, its a T - for me

Never tell me that your eyes R blue never tell me that your love is true

The strangest things in life are often most fascinating but its only fascinating if we find them strange

When were alone again tonight you R the 1 I want 2 guide

The greatest things in life are often the ones with less attention but less attention is maybe what makes things great

I will come crawling anytime make your life shine and forget the crime You can make me whatever you want me to be Please dont tell me that we cannot be make me tremble and prove that Im faithful to you

I give up, there is nothing for me to say but its hard to stop when you say that you want me to stay But why dont you listen when my heart is missing tonight You can tell me its OK I dont believe you anyway and all the things you say and do convinces me that I am through - with you

Please dont tell me that U dont want more Think about the things U never saw When were alone and youre above I have no doubts its U I love

The strangest things in life are often most captivating but its only captivating if we find them strange...

I will come begging anywhere make you my world and my atmosphere you can make me do whatever you´d like to see Let me show you that Im always true I am humble ´cause I am devoted to you Let me be with you everyday Thinking of you always anyway you can make me whatever you need me to be Let me give you what is for the few I will suffer,´cause I am devoted to you...

When you´re gone


Never give up






Can you feel the love from the lenses and the crowd Soon you´ll be above everyone else without a doubt you´ve got your head in the clouds

Whatever your heart says feel free to go whenever your mind stops dont let it show you only need one chance to look ´cause in your eyes im trapped you´ve got me hooked

Well, Im feeling down I wish you were near me here in this town Wondering what you´re doing now Do you sleep, do you miss me I wanna know know...

Something always gets so wrong everytime your face is gone time is never what it seems but I will meet you in my dreams

You wanna promote yourself no matter what you do anything that you go through You wanna promote yourself no matter where you go you want me to be be with you and everything you do Will you ever know when to stop and end your case when life becomes a show all we see is that famous face the one they knew was replaced Never scared to put yourself through hell just as long as your face will appear and sell why is it so important to be selfcentered and in sane and be worldwide public domain

I will never give up ´cause your the icing on my cake And I will put you on top meeting with you was no mistake Whenever your feel like feel free to speak dont be afraid to could be what I seek you only need one chance to look ´cause in your eyes im trapped you got me hooked

Closing my eyes and I feel the smell of your skin is so real And I wanna see you again Anytime I wish I could be with you before this time tomorrow Anytime I will be with you but not until this time tomorrow I still miss you a lot but thats how it goes you´re the light of my life and I think it shows Closing my eyes once again the touch of your hands never ends and I need to see you again

When you´re gone I can never be without you Im not strong ´cause I cannot live without you The pillow is empty next to me I know that you would rather be lying here most every night It should have been a human right Butterflies and you in pink more realistic than you´d think I´ll always save this place for you and hoping wishes will come true

djon PLUSMINUS cover  

Cover from djons debut album PLUSMINUS

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