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behind FMBs Active Med Combi Pro masssage rug

72 Dr Duncan’s casebook

Stuart Duncan MRCVS has the low-down on choke

Management know-how 84 Have a happy, healthy horse

Keep him – and yourself – hydrated all summer, plus all the latest equine health news

90 Fun in the sun Make sure your horsey summer goes smoothly by being aware of sun-related problems

94 Ask the Experts – Horse care Q&As

● Changing from a non-horsey career to a horsey one ● “Is my trailer insured for friends to borrow?” ● My horse is living with 10 others in a 50m x 50m field. Is this too small?”



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● “Help! My horse’s feet are in a right old state!” ● Can massage speed up muscle damage recovery? ● Putting condition on a poor doer

46 “Think like a horse and you will train him better,”


worth of fabulous horsey

how they affect our horses

Mind matters


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● “Why does his canter feel so strung-out and unco-ordinated?” ● “My mare won’t be lunged”


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Understanding herd behaviour


horse world

OnGarda! On St Patrick’s Day, the Irish Garda Mounted Support Unit get their gladrags on to parade the streets of Dublin


estled in the Phoenix Park, in the grounds of Arás an Uachtaráin, Dublin (official residence of the President of Ireland), is the ‘Maracaonad an Gharda Siochana’ – the Garda Mounted Support Unit. As the name suggests, the Unit provides support to the police force of the Republic of Ireland – the Gardaî – and consists of a Superintendent (the

boss), one sergeant and 13 Garda. Support is provided nationwide on a regular basis, and includes crime prevention, searching for missing persons, community policing, major event policing, public order and crowd control. Not only that, but the Unit has a ceremonial role, too, whose duties include state visits and escorting the Lord Mayor’s coach on St Patrick’s Day. All in a day’s work!

Far left: Looking relaxed despite the busy crowds Above: The Unit reaches the ‘form

up’ area for the parade and change into their ceremonial uniforms

Right: The horses are washed and clipped and groomed until they are gleaming!

The Unit has a ceremonial role for state visits

Photos: Keith Jack, visit

Above: The Irish Draught geldings who qualify for the Garda Mounted Unit must be between four and six years old, broken to ride, be a minimum of 16.3hh and be one full colour. They are selected for their temperament and physical qualities

Left: The Garda Mounted Unit is based in stables set in 1,752 acres at the Presidential residence in Phoenix Park, Dublin. The Unit has a current strength of 12 horses

14 H O R S E & R I D E R

H O R S E & R I D E R 15

In the saddle

Line ’em up! International eventer Clayton Fredericks explains how the right jumping exercises at home will prepare you for whatever a course throws at you in a competition



Poles apart H


A good warm-up is always important, but it doesn’t just Back to have to mean riding in circles basics or doing laps of the school. In fact, Clayton and Lucinda try not to ride on the track at all when they’re schooling! Clayton warms Louis up over some poles – relatively short in length and spaced so that they can be ridden through the centre in trot, or at either side in canter (see diagram right). “The warm-up is a good chance to feel how your horse is going and pick up on things you need to work on,” says Clayton. “For example, I notice that Louis is dropping out through his right shoulder over the poles, so I’m just putting him into a shoulder-in

Trot and canter poles!

Words: Mel Rutherford, photos: Bob Atkins. Thanks to Toggi for setting up the masterclass

Aussie Clayton and British-born Lucinda Fredericks live near Devizes, Wiltshire, and have both enjoyed incredible success in the eventing world. Both were part of the Australian silver medal-winning team at the 2008 Hong Kong Olympics, and Clayton has enjoyed many wins at advanced level, including the prestigious four-star Kentucky Rolex in 2007, with Ben Along Time. Here Clayton rides advanced horse Poilu (aka Louis). The pair were fifth at last year’s

Burghley Horse Trials, and Louis has notched up an impressive 315 BE points. Clayton says Poilu, who is now ridden by Chris King, is a very special horse indeed. “He feels great to ride, he looks in great condition and he’s happy and athletic. “Burghley 2009 was the culmination of two or three years of hard work and getting Louis used to the showjumping,” explains Clayton. “He gave me a great ride – apart from tripping up the first step out of the water complex, the rest was foot-perfect. Louis’ cross-country has always been very good and he has a great attitude, but he’s let me down a couple of times in the showjumping, freezing under the spotlight in the main arena. He might be a grown-up Thoroughbred, but he’s easily distracted!”


About Clayton

“If you can lengthen and shorten your horse’s stride, it will make jumping a lot easier”





32 H O R S E & R I D E R



H O R S E & R I D E R 33

Mind matters

Team players

By studying how horses interact with each other, we get a better understanding of why horses do what they do

There’s a saying, ‘Two heads are better than one’ and horses believe this works best. That’s why they choose to live in herds, as Michael Peace explains

Michael Peace uses his unique ‘Think Equus’ philosophy to help horses and riders of all levels to achieve their ultimate goals. He advises riders: “Take time to understand equine behaviour so that you can build a relationship with your horse that really works.” To book your horse in for training or a home visit with Michael, call ☎ 01865 842806 or visit his website at

Words: Michael Peace, Nicky Moffatt. Photos: Bob Atkins

About Michael

46 H O R S E & R I D E R

H O R S E & R I D E R 47



Management know-how

works Ever thought it’s odd that your horse won’t drink when he should be very thirsty? Lucinda Stapleton, from Horse Quencher UK, explains why and tells us about the importance of keeping your horse hydrated

I Often termed ‘the forgotten food’, water is the most important nutrient that horses need to consume daily

they may be able to go weeks without food. In 1982, a study in Paris found that horses were able to survive on water alone for 20 to 25 days. With access to food but no water, they could only live for five to six days. Water is the basis for life, and serious medical conditions can result when horses don’t consume adequate amounts of water every day. Water makes up to 75 per cent of the average horse’s body – an apple is 85 per cent and a jellyfish is 95

per cent. If you drained the water from a 450kg horse, you would have removed 70 gallons and he would weigh a mere 200kg!


Correct water intake?

Water is necessary for the proper function of every cell and organ in the horse’s body, and while it may seem a simple subject, getting a

Helpline ☎ 01908 226626 See page 95 for Spillers’ feeding tip of the month

H O R S E & R I D E R 85

84 H O R S E & R I D E R

f you’re like most horse enthusiasts, it’s likely that summer is your favourite time of year. Longer days and warmer weather bring more saddle time, but the effects of longer rides, travelling and competing can have devastating results on your horse’s health if he is not kept fully hydrated. Often termed ‘the forgotten food’, water is the most important nutrient that horses need to consume daily. Without it, they will die within a few days, whereas

horse to consume the appropriate amount of water can be difficult... ● Maybe you’ve just completed a long ride on a day when the temperatures and humidity are high. You stopped to offer your horse water, but he was so distracted by the other horses around him that he wouldn’t drink. Every one of you who has taken your horse out for a long day’s work or put him in your trailer and

Perfect prizes! £1,600-worth

of prizes to be won!

To enter, complete the form on page 151. Entries must be received by 31 July, 2010














Quick-soaking sugar beet feed, Fibre-Beet from British Horse Feeds provides an excellent source of fibre for horses and ponies. Containing all the benefits of the original Speedi-Beet product with added high-quality alfalfa N! WI for condition, Fibre-Beet can help with topline and that extra finishing touch for competition horses or simply in maintaining weight and a healthy, shiny coat. Rich in protein, it provides an excellent source of digestible fibre and a high level of slowrelease energy without fizz. It also provides a good range of minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Approved by The Laminitis Trust, Fibre-Beet is extremely beneficial for laminitics and also contains biotin to help maintain hoof integrity. Ideal for all types of horses and ponies, it comes in 20kg bags, and is priced at around £9.90. Twenty-five lucky readers will each win a bag. For more details, call ☎ 01765 680300 or visit




The Carrots Essentials range of seamless underwear has been designed with comfort and support in mind. Made from a super-soft and flexible stretch microfibre fabric, the breathable Carrots Essentials collection fits like a second skin and is ideal for use during all equestrian activities, from hacking to competition riding. The Sports TBack Top features integral support and comes in black or white, in sizes small (8 to 10), medium (12 to 14) or large (14 to 16). The Shorties provide seamless comfort and no VPL, making them perfect for wearing under competition or everyday breeches. Available in either black or white, they come in small (8 to 12) or large (14 to 16). Nine lucky readers will each win a Sports T-Back Top and a pair of Shorties worth £30! For more details, call ☎ 01245 445362 or visit N! WI

Bags of Fibre-Beet



114 H O R S E & R I D E R


! WI



Seven lucky readers will each win an Absorbine fly pack containing UltraShield Equestrian Premises Spray and an UltraShield Fly Bonnet. The Equestrian Premises Spray will protect your horse’s environment from irritating and biting insects that can cause so much misery during the summer months. It has an instant ‘knock-down’ effect when insects come into contact with it, as well as offering a long-lasting, protective shield. Available in 946ml spray, it is priced at around £19.88. The Fly Bonnet is made from new Rip-Shield material and is super-tough and tearresistant, providing protection against flies, mosquitoes and gnats. The seethrough mesh has two adjustable safety-release closures to IN ensure a good ! WI fit and is available with ears in small or large. Priced at around £16.90. For more details, visit www. absorbine

Stable mats from the Black Mat Company benefit both the horse and owner. They make stables safer, warmer and more comfortable for the horse, and the amount of bedding required is minimal, so mucking out is quick and easy, and bedding costs are dramatically reduced. Features include a highly durable, slip-resistant upper surface and a grooved underside, so liquid waste quickly drains away. The mats are easily trimmed to size and are not too heavy. One lucky reader will win five Black Mats, which is sufficient to line a 10ft by 12ft stable. Mats are priced at around £34 each, plus delivery and VAT. For more details, call ☎ 01536 513456 or visit the website


Sets of Carrots Essentials underwear



Absorbine Ultrashield fly packs


Stable mats from the Black Mat Company






New to the UK is PrimeVal’s Gelatinaat. Proven to relieve stiff joints, arthritis, osteoporosis, and inflammation of the joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue, it is also active on brittle hooves and for coat condition. Research shows that N! beneficial effects are noticeable WI within four weeks, but are often noticeable after two. Whether you have an Olympic competition horse, enjoy general riding or own a veteran, Gelatinaat will improve and maintain suppleness throughout your horse’s life. Safe to use on pregnant mares, it is also dope-test free. Priced at £69.95 for a 2kg tub, four lucky readers will each win one. For more details, visit the website


Tubs of Primeval Gelatinaat

Lincoln Fly Control kits

Beat the flies with a great fly kit from Lincoln, worth around £60! Classic Fly Repellent is a powerful, long-lasting, dual-action formula. The Fly Repellent Roll-On can be applied accurately and Fly Stuff is a soothing, non-staining version of Summer Fly Cream, which treats and prevents fly strike, and contains a combination of powerful antibacterial agents to optimise healing. Ditch the Itch is ideal for when there is potential irritation from midges, Stop the Bot repels the bot, makes egg-removal significantly easier and deters the horse from ingesting the eggs, and Fly Repellent Shampoo will ensure a clean, fresh and healthy coat and gives added fly protection. Six lucky readers will each win a kit. For more details, call ☎ 01522 529206 or visit

Free adverts

m fo rse ho w. w w

● 15.3hh, ID X, gelding, 17 yrs. Lovely boy, ridden and hunted by my 13-year-old daughter, sold as a hack as can no longer compete. Good to do in all ways. Very sad sale. POA. ☎ 07853 123407 (Northumbs)

● 13.2hh, mare, 11 yrs. Competition jumping pony, loves jumping, fast against the clock. Needs a very competent rider. Ideal second pony. Sadly outgrown. POA. ☎ 07530 732787 (N Yorks)

● 13hh, Welsh X, mare, 8 yrs. Wellmannered. Forward-going, lovely paces, great jump. Good to box and hack. Lots of potential, will make an excellent show or PC pony. £1,200. ☎ 07779 620923 (Shrops)

● 14.2hh, reg Welsh X, mare, 7 yrs. Very genuine and willing. Done one season of PC, jumps coloured poles, rides alone or in company. Good box, shoe, in traffic. £2,400. ☎ 07990 587693 (Wales)

● 16.1hh, American Paint X, filly, 3 yrs. Good markings, shown and placed. Well-handled, lovely temperament. Ready to back, will do well in any sphere. £2,500. ☎ 01832 272940 (Cambs)

● 13hh, New Forest gelding, 3 yrs. Started naturally, backed, happily hacks around the farm. Jumps small fences on the lunge, showing great potential. Good box, in traffic. £600. ☎ 07814 692887 (Kent)

● 14.2hh, gelding, 5 yrs. Very smart lad, will go far in the right hands. Not broken as I haven’t had the time, hence price. £1,500. ☎ 07983 983810 (Warks)

● 15hh, Welsh X, gelding, 3 yrs. Just broken, needs bringing on, will make a super hunter or PC pony. Snaffle mouth, quiet, been ridden by a novice. Easy to do. £1,500. ☎ 07772 247520 (Carms)

● 13hh, mare, 20 yrs. Ideal first pony, done showing and gymkhana, but not much jumping as getting old. Good to catch, box, shoe, hack etc. £900 inc some tack and rugs. ☎ 07841 743311 (Cornwall)

● 11.1hh, reg Dartmoor gelding, 6 yrs. Lovely nature. Good handle, box, catch, with farrier. Bitted, lungeing with breaking harness. Will make excellent LR or driving pony. £800. ☎ 07818 084409 (Devon)

● 16.2hh, Warmblood mare, 10 yrs, Le Mexico bloodlines. Very easy to handle, superb temperament. Lovely ride, athletic paces, good jump. Very capable of DR and XC. £6,250. ☎ 07703 061976 (Worcs)

● 12.2hh, Welsh X, gelding, 8 yrs. Fantastic, safe all-rounder, first or second pony. Done PC, SJ, XC and DR. Good box, shoe, catch, clip, in traffic. £2,300 inc tack and rugs. ☎ 07799 821671 (Durham)

● 15.2hh, Irish TB X, mare, 13 yrs. Lovely temperament, good shoe, box, in traffic. Keen jumper, willing to please, competent rider only, can be sharp. £3,000 inc tack and rugs. ☎ 01673 858351

● 16.1hh, TB gelding, 5 yrs. Professionally schooled, potential for eventing or DR. Good to catch, clip, shoe, box. Bombproof in traffic. POA. ☎ 07745 375393 (Scotland)

● 16.1hh, TB X, mare, 13 yrs. Great stable manners, good in traffic. Can be forward-going in open spaces. £1,500 inc tack and rugs. ☎ 07943 434598 (Cambs)

● 15.3hh, TB gelding, 7 yrs. No vices, lovely manners, good box, clip, shoe, load etc. Good paces, bold jump, needs confident, assertive rider to bring him on. £2,600. ☎ 07815 921040 (W Mids)

It’s FREE to advertise your horse in





● Welsh cob bloodlines. Two mares and one gelding. Please ring for more details. £700 each. ☎ 07890 115543

● To make 13hh plus, reg Welsh Section C colt. Weaned and eating hard food. Lovely movement. Genuine pony. Deposit secures, instalments taken. £650. ☎ 07915 486904

● To make 12hh, reg Welsh Section A yearling filly. Classy and correct. One for the show ring, will make nice child’s riding pony or driving prospect. Instalments taken. £550. ☎ 07915 486904

● To make 13hh plus, reg Welsh Section B filly. Doylan and Polaris bloodlines, out of a line of palominos, show quality, correct in every way. Weaned. Instalments taken. £650. ☎ 07915 486904

● 13.2hh, Welsh Section C mare, 10 yrs. All-rounder, done PC, XC, SJ, ODE, DR and hunted. Loves to hack, jumps anything. Easy to do in all ways. Sadly outgrown. £2,500. ☎ 07846 268883 (S Yorks)

● 17hh, Irish Sport Horse mare, 3 yrs. Event, SJ and DR potential. Nice paces, bold jump, good hack, never strong or silly. Lovely personality, good load and with farrier. £3,500. ☎ 07901 650187 (Warks)

● To make 15.2hh, traditional cob colt foal. Show quality, will have lots of feather. Deposit secures. ☎ 07807 225064

● 14.1hh, Welsh X, gelding, 9 yrs. Good all-rounder, excels at jumping, done PC. Ideal second pony. Good in traffic etc. Rider has sadly lost interest. £2,500 inc tack and rugs. ☎ 07833 355040 (N Yorks)

● To make 15hh plus, stunning Hackney X Welsh Section D filly. Fantastic conformation and action, correct, lots of presence. Halterbroken. Instalments taken. £850. ☎ 07967 801146

● 13.2hh, filly, rising 4 yrs. Beautiful good-doer with a lovely action. Lives out, well-socialised. Deposit secures, delivery can be arranged. £350. ☎ 07967 801146

● To make 13hh plus, Welsh X Appaloosa yearling colt. Flashy, beautiful markings, sure to catch the judge’s eye. Lovely pony, gooddoer. Good home only. £650. ☎ 07915 486904

● 29”, Miniature filly, 2 yrs. Fantastic action, one for the show ring. Outstanding presence, very flashy. Covered in May by 28” reg Miniature stallion for 2010. £450. ☎ 07890 887982 (Wales)

● 15.3hh, TB X, gelding, 5 yrs. A champion on his showing debut. Backed in 2009 and turned away. Great paces, DR, eventing or showing potential. £3,500. ☎ 07800 573239 (Wales)

● 13.3hh, Welsh Section D gelding, 5 yrs. Backed, done some hacking. Sadly too much for my daughter, who lacks confidence and experience. £1,250 inc tack, rugs and more. ☎ 07985 458110 (Essex)

● 14.2hh, TB X cob gelding, 9 yrs. Good hack, loves XC, done SJ and PC. No vices, good shoe and catch, can be awkward to load. Confidence giver, lovely temperament. £2,500. ☎ 07711 582230 (Wales)

● 17hh, gelding, 17 yrs. Excels at SJ, forward-going and fast against the clock. Not a novice ride, ideal for competitive rider. No vices, good shoe, box, clip, in traffic. £1,500. ☎ 07717 670019 (Warks)

● To make 15.1hh plus, hunter X, reg filly. Handled since birth, now weaned and eating hard feed. Exceptional, sweet filly. Fantastic youngster to bring on. £1,000. ☎ 07915 486904

● To make 13hh plus, reg colt. Nebo and Riverbank bloodlines, dam is a Royal Welsh winner. This beautiful foal has it all. Weaned and ready to go. Instalments taken. £650. ☎ 07890 887982 (Wales)

● Welsh Section A colt, reg, rising 2 yrs. Suitable as a family project and for children. First-class home only for this very special little boy. Instalments taken. £350. ☎ 07890 887982 (Wales)

● 15.2hh, TB gelding, 12 yrs. Plenty of bone and substance. Wonderful personality, gentle and kind. Wellschooled, bombproof and vice-free. Good catch, shoe, hack. £1,750. ☎ 07887 563477 (Somerset)

● 16.2hh, Warmblood X TB mare, 9 yrs. Performance horse, done BE, BD and BSJA on a ticket, will go far in DR, SJ or eventing. Not mareish, good box, shoe, clip, hack. £8,250. ☎ 07983 440555 (S Yorks)

● 14.2hh, reg Appaloosa gelding, 4 yrs. From the Capitall Stud. Shown successfully, being professionally backed, stunning mover. Sad sale. £3,000 inc some tack and rugs. ☎ 07813 800742 (Shrops)

● 14hh, New Forest gelding, 8 yrs. Fab little pony. Good to box, shoe etc. Done all PC activities, XC, ODE and hunted, cracking jump. Very sadly outgrown. £3,850. ☎ 07720 313133 (Durham)

● 16.2hh, Warmblood gelding, 13 yrs. Grade A showjumper looking for a quieter life. Established paces, would suit DR home. Gentleman, good box, shoe, clip, hack. £2,450. ☎ 07535 526714 (Lancs)

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H O R S E & R I D E R 123

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1orer saleandri

horses for sale

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★ A GFS XCH saddle worth £959 ★ 10 Field Relief Max masks from Equilibrium 124 H O R S E & R I D E R

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Horse&Rider Summer 2010

Horse&Rider Summer 2010  

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