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Issue 3 July 2012


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Mafaesa Rocks! It’s a fact. Our school is a source of wisdom and inspiration. Both our educators and learners are talented and skilled in many areas especially in performing arts, that is why we say, Mafaesa has got Talent. We spice Arts and Culture and Dramatic Arts learning areas in a more practical and inspiring way. ‘Mafaesa Has Got Talent’ is a show where learners

show their talent in performing arts. The audience will be treated with solo artists and groups will clash on stage with poetry , dance, singing, instrumentals and comedy from Round One winners..

Pictures: Mafaesa Talent Show First Round. Top left: Taelo enjoying drumming Centre: Gumboot dancers caught in action.

Top Right: Hlanganani, Who knows? A future , Brenda Gavaza and Happiness enFassie, Luck Dube, Miriam Makeba and many of our gone joying Tsonga Dance. musicians will be reborn from here. What’s your talent ? Is it acting, singing, dancing, poetry etc ? Bring it on!

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK: THE WILL TO EXCEL Our attitude will determine the extent to which we shall achieve excellence. Those who persistently forge ahead in the interest of doing better refuse, against all odds, to allow anything to overshadow progress being made. They continuously maintain the momentum and will not let any developments (positive or negative) derail them from the cause of eminently good quality. Although conditions may not always be favourable (personally and/ or situationally), they are inclined to maintain a course of being efficacious, Jutting with confidence on a path to shape their future and that of the institution. The major thrust to the realisation of potential for greatness is to put an agreeable measure of success at the center of attaining excellence. At the core of our pursuit is the realisation that our values are a grand launch pad towards success. According to our international icon, Nelson Mandela "values commit us to a continued walk". Keep on keeping on. I. Setlhodi—Mohapi


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OUR SCHOOL HISTORY Our school has achieved a lots and we hope to achieve more in the next coming years. *Academics: Michael Thekiso and Donald Mosalakae are currently successful lawyers. *SG has been the best in Bontle Ke Botho Environmental Competition. *Arts & Culture: Since 2003 we have been participation in Segarona Festival for visual Arts, music, and instrumentals. By M. Makungo

ACADEMIC NEWS: What is a Matriculant?

Being in Matric is an exciting passage of time with motivating challenges. Everyday we meet academic challenges. We are happy to say that all the obstacles and problems that we meet always have a solution.

Puseletso & Farasane


We encourage all matriculants to work hard and not drop the calabash of wisdom which we have been drinking from since we began this academic journey. We are very proud and Top: Some grade 12 learners sign- lucky to have a school like SG Mafaesa with ing the morning class register. all the wonderful and supportive educators. Our educators sacrifice their extra time and give us extra morning, afternoon and weekend lessons so that we have a bright future. ‘Obstacles and problems we meet have a solution’ by Maine Puseletso & Farasane Euginia


Institutions that thrive seek a balanced approach to achieving excellence. They are aware of the intricate aspects (regardless of how miniscule they may be) that form a critical component for achieving excellence. To that end, they brand themselves accordingly. The SGB is proud to announce the initiation of project and programmes ambassadors within the school. All SGB and management programmes will have ambassadors who will market these programmes and amass the necessary support. The SGB is pleased pleased to announce the zero tolerance ambassadors who will assist the RCL, teachers and school management with identifying and eliminating untoward conduct (violation of the code of conduct) around the school. These ambassadors will be our discipline brand. We further announce the intent to launch branding material that will enable us to achieve 'nil nici optimum' (nothing but the best). Once we have the buy in from all stakeholders, the criteria for project/ programme ambassadors will be unvailed. We look forward to a grand S.G. Mafaesa face lift. Join us in branding our school by being the brand within. From The SGB’s Desk

Issue 3 July 2012

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show. (My Africa).

we are calling all performing artists to come and enjoy poetry, music singing, dance and drama with us.

What I like about our drama club is that there is no grade 8, 9 or 10. We are all equal artists on stage and we work as a family.

We rehearse Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 14h3015h30.Venue: D6 (Mr Nkomo’s classroom).

Performing arts is all about creatively putting your thoughts into practice on stage. We are currently preparing for Segarona This term we will stage our pro- Dance Competitions and the duction entitled ‘ My Africa’. It’s Gauteng Carrnival in Soweto next month. not to be missed. In visual arts we will do tie and dye and our own stage backdrop Above: SGM Drama club during ‘My Africa’ which we will use during our dress rehearsals.


POETRY Troubles by Nleluheni Livhali 9D


We have entered a night

Friends become enemies.

What is love?

To tell our tale.

Men become women

Its unknown

We listen to words wisdom.

Pain stings like death

Yet we cant forget it.

Children scream and shout

It tears happiness apart

Its greater than all

For equality in education

Troubles never end.

And too small for them all.

Blood flows in the streets of Soweto

The sorrow

It flows beautifully like a river

The wounds are open

The Sadness

And brings a smile to the sad world

Tears flow

The disgrace

Love heals broken hearts.

The inner silence speaks

The disagreements

Love has no room

The truth must be spoken

The double pain

for breaking promises.

Secrets must be revealed.

Trees fall for no reason

Love forgives and forgets.

Amandla, is the slogan.

Dogs keep on barking.

Love is blind but sees the heart.

June 16

by Tiny Ngobeni 8D

by Annickie Malatji 8B

We represent God’s kingdom and nothing is special about us. Jesus Christ commanded us to preach to the people and testify that he is the one whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead. Come and join us everyday during lunch times. By Sibusiso Matengane LCM Chairperson

Acts 10 verse 12


12555 Motswedi Street Kagiso 2 1754

12555 Motswedi Street Kagiso 2 1754

P. O. Box 92 Kagiso 2 1744 Tel/Fax: 011

P. O. Box 92 Kagiso 2 1744 Tel/Fax: 011 410 2190 CELL NO:083282367

YOUR SPACE THIS COULD BE YOUR ADVERTISING SPACE. Contact the school office for more details.


our Golden Boy on the track.

Duncanshows off some of his medals

A TEACHER who maintained relevance within the system. A guide, patron of quality and substantial teacher of note. We salute you for holding a record of a teacher with least absenteeism under your belt. Thank you for your epitomizing professionalism.

We wish you a blissfull retirement.

INDIGENOUS GAMES ARE ON! SG Mafaesa, Let’s rock them again. We are the provincial champions in Tik Tok &Distcrict champions in Kgathi and MaScotch. We must defend our title! MARATHON Congratulations to our 4 learners who performed well at different levels. CHESS CLUB For the past 4 weeks the Chess club has been practicing. Those who want to learn more about the basics of chess — see Mr Daswa. CORRECTIONAL SERVICE TONOURMENT: Soccer, netball & Volleyball 28 September 2012 VOLLEY BALL SGM GIRLS vs D12

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