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done in 30 by Mateusz Jakub Orzel

sketch it up Hand drawn sketches accompanied by copmuter sotware are my favourite. Even more possibilities are given by the computer tablets. Hand-drawn and computer-made are one.

strike a pose Poster and logo design skills. The poster was created for one of the informal university evants also known as ‘Vogue Party’. Classic Madonna Picture combined with the red background. Simple as that.

photo edit me

Photo and image editing proficiency. Photo editing is my personal favourite. I am proficient in using software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Corel PhotoPaint I am also proficient in using video editing software such as Corel Video Studio. As for the interactive design I am capable of using Flash.

Collage making proficiency.


Collages are like diagrams and can tell much more than many words. One of my favourite brain-storm techniques.


get your bikes Fun. And that’s it.

done in 30

30 Minute Portfolio  

Quick portfolio focusing on graphic design skills.