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Intro: Welcome, this is a folder about the Dutch DJ Mr. Milow. His work is very big in the Netherlands. He did DJ work for TMF On Tour (TMF is the Dutch television network like MTV ), FHM (For Him Magazine), end also Slam TV(Dutch dance radio that broadcast TV also).In this folder we will would like to introduce Mr. Milow. We would like you to see the life of Mr. Milow. He is very busy to get in to the top of the best DJ’s of the world.

Dutch Urban House DJ Mr. Milow is now crossing the oceans for DJ work!!! He’s a DJ in the best clubs from the Netherlands · He’s powered by & · He’s famous from his “Urban House” Bootlegs and Mixtapes · Scored a top 10 download hit in the Netherlands · Did DJ work in Greek, France, Italy and is ready to see more of the world.

Mr. Milow: Personally I welcome you to read this folder. for me it’s very important that I do this work because I really AM a DJ I do not do this work for the attention, but because I really like it. I hope with this folder you get a good impression of where I stand for.

What he has done: Robert is born on 03-10-1980 in Amersfoort. A real music lover was born. Since 2006 Robert has got his own studio in his residence, where he mixes and produces his own music. Robert gives the audience what they want to hear from him. He has got a varied taste in music himself, and so there for he can give the audiences what they want. In the past Robert also created music for websites, company presentations and movies, but now he is mainly focusing on music. Besides being a DJ in clubs and other party areas, Robert is also producing his own music since 2006. He has developed his own style, in which he combines flashy beats with existing numbers or even creates his own songs. In 2009 he started his own Music Label ‘Its Life’. He had a top 10 download hit with the track “Back to Basics” To promote himself he makes bootlegs and mixtapes, they are very popular in the scene. 2010 was the year that he did DJ work for TMF. TMF is the Dutch version of MTV. He did the On Tour version and mixed video clips live on stage. Since 2012 Mr. Milow is powered by and for those companies he's done some DJ work in France.

Social Media: Social media is very important nowadays. To stay in contact with his fans Mr. Milow put a lot of energy in his social media. the Dutch public knows Mr. Milow very well but it's time to get fans every were around the world

This is the social media of Mr. Milow:

What makes the differents: To make the differents Mr. Milow made a deal with en Surflife and Snowextreme have thousands of people that are going on a holiday in Europe. for Mr. Milow it's very interesting to work with them. in the holidays Mr. Milow is working for those organizations. In the Netherland Mr. Milow gives the audients a voucher for those holidays.

Where can we find Mr. Milow: After the touring with TMF, FHM (For Him Magazine) and other organizations we can see Me Milow in different places in the Netherlands. One of those places is Mr Milow is more than welcome every month to show his skills. Harders Plaza is famous as one of the best Clubs of the Netherlands. for SurfLife and Snowextreme Mr. Milow is crossing the borders But for Mr. Milow is it not enough. He want to see more of the world.

Mixtape en Bootlegs: Nowadays whit al the legal downloads it’s very hard to sell you’re music. the focus now is in combinations with social media on your own bootlegs and mix tape to promote yourself. His Bootlegs and Mix tapes are popular in the clubs en free to download at

Dutch Urban House Famous is the sound of Mr. Milow. the combination of Hip Hop R&B with a house beat make him very popular. he sees a lot of people doing what he is already doing for years. So he thinks it's more than time to show the world his DJ skills. Voor boekingen:

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Mr. Milow  

Information Mr. Milow