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JOTUN’S WORLD of Color, Innocence and Imagination A collection created by kids, curated by Jotun. Jotun, the region’s leading paint manufacturer, invited everyone to immerse into a world of color, innocence and imagination with the launch of their latest color collection for kids. Based on the theme “A World of Wonders,” this collection explores boundless imagination and the unexplored fairy tales of children. The new collection has been inspired by artists, inventors, explorers and dreamers of our time: children. The three beautiful themes derived from their vivid imagination, and unique opinions, are Sky Rainbow, The Three Little Colors, and Dinosaurs and Lollipops.

Sky Rainbow

The Sky Rainbow theme is comprised of sky-powdered blues, serene lilac pinks and fluffy cotton greens, all of which synergize perfectly with dreams of little angles.

The Three Little Colors

This palette is made of wild reds, deep ocean blues and calming teals to fit little boys with a wild spirit and the softest heart.

Dinosaurs and Lollipops

Frequently used for wooden surfaces such as cupboards, chairs or shelves, the Dinosaurs and Lollipops collection pulls together a warm, wild and dreamy palette of purples, peaches and pinks. These three themes were crafted by interpreting children’s stories into a fresh and delightful collection to decorate their rooms in ways that are limitless as their imagination. The colors of the latest Kids Collection are essentially created by kids and curated by Jotun. Web:


Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 113 - June 2018

Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 113 - June 2018