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Don’t Be Mean, Be Green...

By Rayan Khayat

Teaching kids about the environment, taking care of their surroundings come down to learning about cleanliness, consideration and the basic rules of right and wrong. Encouraging other adults in the kid’s life to lead an example as much as possible is also a good idea, so here are simple thing we as parents can guide them through to help have a better environment.

5. Take them to nice parks here and show them how sometimes they’re not well taken care of and that it’s all our job’s to do so. Show them how much better it is when the city is cleaner and greener.

1. Teach the kids how to plant trees and be comfortable with nature. This could be done perhaps while learning about photosynthesis or the anatomy of a plant at school. 2. Talking to children early on about energy resources will help understand issues better when they’re older and realize its importance.

3. Have them watch the beautifully filmed documentaries about natural habitats all around the world such as the now modern classic, Planet Earth and other titles like To The Arctic, Blue Planet, Human Planet.

6. It would be good to get used to ‘green’ habits at a young age, such as using both sides of the paper, finding uses for scraps of paper.

7. Cleaning up after themselves, not to

litter, learning that there are people who are unfortunate and have to live under less than favorable conditions.

4. Advice them to save water when they’re brushing their teeth and taking a shower. 90 DESTINATION JEDDAH

8. Make an example and not litter at school and believe they’re doing what’s right.

Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012

Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012