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Need BRAIN foods so you can concentrate, improve memorization and focus? Try flaxseeds, mixed nuts and salmon to enrich your brain with what it needs to be extra productive. This goes for both kids and adults, alike.


If you are at home and are feeling low, try your favourite fruit smoothie (blend within minutes) and feel fresh again! Avoiding binge eating? Eat high-fiber foods like berries that help you last longer and crave lesser.

Adult Diet

An adult diet should include at least two snacks that would either consist of a fruit or a vegetable along with their three regular meals.


Lentils are a great source. Try lentil soups or lentil gravy for your foods that leave you keep light and more efficient at work.


Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012

Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012