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5. Stay Organized

At the start of the year make sure to keep track of all your homework and assignments. You don’t want to have so much clutter and leave everything to the last minute before deadlines as this is going to cause stress and drive you crazy. Plan ahead, write down important due dates, and be prepared!

In order to keep track of everything, here are a few simple ways to stay organized: • Have a special folder that is dedicated to keeping all your assignments and tasks or keep a separate folder for each subject.

3. Expand Yourself!

Expanding yourself academically is an even better way to give this New Year great success. Say you need to improve your grades in Math? Set a target for yourself to get a higher grade than last year and work on it (get tutoring, spend more time studying, or form a study group.) Organize your time and place your targets as your priority, then leave the extra time for guilt-free fun.

4. Be Realistic!

When setting goals, make sure they are realistic. Don’t just say “I want to do better in so and so,” instead be specific and say “I want to get 90% on my next Math exam.” If you make unrealistic targets you will only be disappointing yourself when you start finding them impossible to achieve.

• Get a small carry on calendar that you can readily access. When something comes up, you can easily write it down. The calendar will tell you when you need to do what. You can find these things from Jarir or Tihama Bookstores • Make a ‘to do’ list that tells you what you need to complete each day, Then when you are done, you can mark it off and get a sense of satisfaction. • If you own an iPhone or iPad, then the application “iProcrastinate” is great as it will help you keep track of what you need to do and remind you of deadlines.

6. Remember

Think about your last school year, what did you like about it? Was there anything you wanted to change? Do differently? Act on those questions to help guide you to a better year – Good Luck! DESTINATION JEDDAH 37

Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012

Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012