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How the World Works 19 November to 19 December

Central Idea Life on the planet is affected by the continual evolution of Earth’s natural features.

Key Concepts: Causation:

Grade 6

Why has the Earth continued to



How has Earth changed?

Guiding Question: Is change inevitable?

Canadian International School of Hong Kong Unit Overview

Enduring Understandings ✴ The continual evolution of Earth’s natural features affects life on the planet ✴ Earth is continually changing

An Inquiry Into ✴ How Earth has changed over time ✴ How changes in Earth’s natural features have affected life

Skills Research: Developing the following skills by conducting an independent inquiry ✴ Formulating questions ✴ Recording data in a range of ways ✴ Organizing data in a range of ways ✴ Interpreting data Thinking ✴ Acquisition of knowledge about how the world works

What can you do with your child at home? Talk about the Learner Profile Attitudes Curiosity: Being curious about the evolution of life on Earth

Attributes Knowledgeable: Developing

knowledge about different landforms and how these change over time. Understanding how these changes affect Appreciation: Appreciating the wonder life. and beauty of the Earth and the Inquirers: Using the inquiry cycle to adaptability of life investigate and prove understanding of the central idea.

Vocabulary tectonic plates continental shift ring of fire climate epoch eons geologic time evolution adaptation organisms continents natural phenomena geology natural features inevitable

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Prehistoric Timeline (National Geographic) Grade 6 Netvibes Earth: A History Earth in the Beginning Earth Timeline (BBC) History of Life on Earth (BBC)

HTWW Unit Overview  
HTWW Unit Overview  

HTWW Unit Overview