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It is clear that Amber Harvey is inspired by her grandchildren, and in turn her grandchildren will be inspired by her youthful mystery book “Mayne Island – Skeletons.” If anyone could capture a sliver of time, it would be Amber; as she looks past the confines of adulthood and encapsulates the spirit of our youth.

When I started reading her book I was instantly brought back to my “Nancy Drew” days. Who wasn’t up for a mystery to solve during the afternoon readings in primary school? Well, if you still crave an afternoon of mystery and adventure, then you won’t be disappointed when you meet "Magda" – a spirited girl with a thirst for justice.

In the book “Mayne Island – Skeletons, the author gave "Magda" very relatable qualities that every girl could emulate, especially if you love cheese sandwiches. Her tomboy characteristics also gave her liberties to speak from the heart without reprisal, at least most of the time. She represented the truth, the heart and the voice of young people through layers of self-discovery plots throughout the story.

My favourite quality of "Magda" was her commitment to redeem her best friend’s reputation in the eyes of the adults and the police of Mayne Island. In my opinion, the story arc was based on loyalty, so much that every character had to re-evaluate their own loyalties to the truth, to their friends, to their family and especially to the Indigenous Peoples’ of the West Coast.

Amber highlights the importance of repatriating First Nations Traditional Artifacts to their rightful owner. Unfortunately, there has been a pillage of our sacred arts; therefore basing an entire mystery on missing traditional vessels and masks was very clever and culturally relevant to hot current Native issues we still face today.

I believe Amber to be a talented and inspiring author. Her smile and genuine nature made it very easy to get to know her professional and personal side. With many accolades to her name, she is still embracing new writing trends that will influence her future published work.

In the end, Amber Harvey will not only leave behind a legacy of engaging mystery stories for the young at heart; but she will also have commemorated her unconditional love for her grandchildren. As a result, this book will go down in history as an artifact for her family to treasure forever.

Crystal Favel – The Digital Storyteller

“Proud member of the MĂŠtis/Cree/Irish nation, born in North Vancouver and currently residing in Vancouver, BC.

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Book Review  

Mayne Island Skeletons - Amber Harvey