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What's Happening in the Ontario Region...?

Web Developer Internship—"The future is now" Crystal Favel, Communications, Toronto At the turn of the century, we were given a mandate to ensure that all government services were on-line and accessible to all Canadians. There was, therefore, an increased demand on the Internet and Intranet to convert to Common Look and Feel (CFL) templates. As a result, we recruited our first student for web related duties in the year 2000 and have continued the partnership ever since. Communications has always been pro-active in the support of youth. There are two members of the Communications team on the Youth Connect Steering Committee. The branch also participates in the university co-op internship— where students spend a term learning first hand about communications. Why not bridge the gap and recruit ready and willing web professionals to the Public Service? In the meantime, we can meet our short and long term goals. Our commitment to the interns consists of a Transport Canada orientation day, a minimum of three projects and specialized training to assist in their project management. We have also developed the program by utilizing a mentoring activities guide to ensure that their personal and professional growth meets their expectations as they fulfill their commitment to the program. We assign various web-based projects, for example, daily external/internal web updates, design/print projects, the development of communication products and technical support towards the template conversion of the Internet and Intranet. Not only are they here to gain practical experience, but they are also offered opportunities to participate in the hiring process of the next group of interns. In addition, they are provided with a reference letter upon successful completion of the program. In the interim, they are able to create a substantial portfolio and attend a job/résumé workshop. Finally, they are treated with the respect and confidence of a web professional. What are the benefits for Transport Canada? The web developer internship is non-salary, but candidates are provided with a subsidy to cover transportation costs. In return, we are able to complete sophisticated projects at a minimal

expense. That is why we are so adamant about exposing the interns to various facets of learning and development to balance the benefits to the participant. Without the assistance of the interns, Ontario Region would not have the outstanding results and final deliverables that we profile today. In the end, we have developed our vision "to give younger minds a positive and lasting impression of the Public Service." Our mission is to " share knowledge and lead by example." I truly believe that we have accomplished our goal to make the public service their workplace of choice.

The Regional Web Development Team (from left to right): Clay Cervoni, Crystal Favel, Bryn Ward, Fernand Bellavance, Farhana Rashid, Lindsay Slessor and Burton Ho.

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