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Believe in Yourself!

DJ KWE/Crystaaal


M'shko dayn Waashk Bishikii DJ Kwe and “The Electronic Drum” Welcome Everyone Everywhere, Electronic Drum Music on the rise, with music that cares!

Life is what you make of it and who you make it with!


Music Electronic Drum CD was launched in Vancouver on March 10, 2006. Buy your copy of “The Electronic Drum” by emailing DJ KWE or by visiting our web site at More details below. CD/MP3 mixes will be available for download in the summer of 2006

NEW website coming soon!

6v1 : March/April 2006 It is my pleasure and honour to bring you the latest n’ greatest insight and news from Urban Indian Productions Toronto, Canada.

“creating traditional treasures using contemporary measures”

Are you “red-dy” to jump the cliff for what you are believe in?

Welcome to a brand new year where we climb further ahead towards our healing and inspirational goals. We are excited to join forces this year with Rez Riders again and provide the Youth in their Snowboarding Program gifts to reward their hard work and perseverance in such trying times. No matter where we are we work hard to be a part of the Youth movement in the world thanks to Greg Tafoya who coordinates this successful program. Special shout outs to DJ Kwest and DJ Madd Katt ( for donating music for the kids as well. Each year I hope to add one more artist to the karmic roster and give more gifts to the Youth of Rez Riders and to other diverse groups. Nothing like sending promo CD’s and albums to kids who take risks everyday in sports and life. It’s our special way of supporting those who live in our own past. Don’t forget where you come from or you won’t know where you’re going. Keep reading for the insiders scoop ;) 1. Liquid Crystal Funk (Drum n Bass 2006) COMING SOON 2. DJ KWE’S new Deeper Soul Sessions “Live to Air” released in Portugal (2005) 3. “Tease” Party Mix (2005) 4. Lifeforce of Bass (2005) 5. Soul-full of Womaness (2004) 6. What More Can I Say (2004) 7. Positivity (2003) 8. Experience Me (2003) 9. Stimulate Yourself (2003) 10. Soul Support (Pre-DJ days, good luck getting a copy of this one, lol)

Urban Indian Productions is moving cross country to British Colombia, Canada.

DJ KWE heads home to B.C. as she expands her red road to reach the Youth of Western Canada.


How can I inspire you to inspire someone else?


It’s abSOULutely my delight to share with you my trials and tribulations as I blaze trails as a Aboriginal Female Producer, DJ and Performer.


DJ KWE “My Spirit Is Rising”

I truly believe in karmic gifts and in case you don’t know what that is it’s a gift that money can’t buy and given without expectations. Ever since I decided to release the music beast inside I never forgot to give back to my community that has supported me over the years.


Believe In Yourself!

Rez Riders Youth Program 2005

My community consists of Native and Non-Native peoples who believe that music can help heal us and promote a deeper understanding of harmony. Not only do we specialize in giving through music but with we accept and acknowledge the world for its’ reality. Greg Tafoya is a dedicated individual who manages to find the time and energy to implement a sports program that gives Aboriginal Youth care, custody and control over their life. What better way could you support Youth then to teach them skills and self confidence. Chi Meegwetch Greg for being one of many who invest their time and energy to the healing of others. To any musicians, artists and/or just super nice people, if you’d like to donate gifts, skills or support please visit their website REZ RIDERS and tell him DJ KWE sent you. Sure it’s hard work for me to coordinate a music package for several Youth. But it’s the most rewarding experience and I would love to give them as much as I can. It’s an easy way to make a difference in young minds who carry a waterfall inside their hearts. Greg Tafoya shares his words…

Wax Warrior and CEO of Urban Indian Productions

Rez Riders Youth Program 2006

“Thank you again for supporting our Snowboard Outreach Society/RezRiders program at Ski Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thank you both Mad Katt and DJ KWE (and DJ Kwest) for supporting this wonderful group of youth with your inspirational music. You have let them know that all the way from Canada you’re watching, supporting and caring about their futures and it makes a difference.”

Sports can save lives!

KWE wins championship in soccer and takes her battles out on the field despite the war during her Youth.

Let me just say on behalf of the kids, that support and recognition is truly powerful. When kids this tough smile like that, you know something good in this world happened.”

Some of Kwe’s soccer awards. Exactly what DJ KWE can accomplish when quitting isn’t an option!


Electronic Drum CD For Sale!


WELCOME TO THE ELECTRONIC DRUM I have been giving away my music free for years to those who have searched the world seeking inspirational beats with a technical electronic flare. It is not only my pleasure, but it is also my honour, to launch my first CD "The Electronic Drum" in Vancouver on March 10, 2006 at the NACCA ( Youth Entrepreneur Symposium. This is your chance to hear original production of electronic beats and instruments with traditional singing by Brenda MacIntyre - Spirit Wind, Awakening CD 2005. I was fortunate enough to utilize various selections of songs that Brenda had recorded in her years of singing. Feel free to visit and think about purchasing the original tracks that inspired me. Look for "Spirit Rising" (recorded with Spirit Wind), "Grandmother's Light", "Water From The Sky" and "Full Circle" to fully appreciate the musical message. We collaborated and I gave life to "The Electronic Drum" CD thanks to the well known DJ and producer of 23 years, DJ Kwest, because he believes in me. I am also proud yet humble to say that I wrote, composed, recorded, produced, performed and DJ'd this rare house music single,

Lastly, a karmic gift I offer to you are words of wisdom by Urban Elder Vern Harper as he shares his teachings and thoughts on the CD about young Healers in our Native community. Definately a new age way to share the experiences and knowledge of an Elder who helps our Youth in the concrete jungle of Toronto. DJ KWE "My Spirit Is Rising" feat. Brenda MacIntyre. Be sure to listen to his voice as he carries I have successfully fused traditional singing, drumming and teachings into one the essence of spirit and kindness in the array of hope and electronic funkiness. This CD tells many stories of personal Nishnawbe way, the music way. tragedy to musical triumph. Trust my intention when I say I have given all of myself to this production. But how can I lead by example if I don't use my story as a tool to help others? If I'm not healing than how can I show others that music can feed the world? In the end, it's boils down to one thing and that is..."for the love of music". Peace, love and Nativeness!

Yes, it's true, all this history and herstory for, that's it. The benefits and creativity will outlast any debt, as I have tried to give treasures to you before Don't forget to listen to the documentary produced by Meranda Beninger as she receiving anything in return. This CD is a captures the heartbreak and accomplishments of my personal journey as a Youth. A sad story indeed with not many stones unturned yet it is a complete tool that has already reached the highs and lows of Canada through a musical overview of why I jump the cliff for what I am passionate for. network. Don't be surprised if you hear my songs being played for fashion shows, commercials, radio or even bath time. It's the gift that keeps on giving when you need it the most. "Life is what you make of it and who you make it with" And I want to make it gooooood!

Buy your copy today!

Surround yourself with positive people and music!

Wax Warriors moved mountains in Vancouver B.C. “Your music is as strong as your word and just as powerful.”

photos taken by Jason Henderson

Thanks for taking the time to read this publication as I have more good news to share with you so hold on a few more minutes… MASTER THE ART OF MOVING ON AND REACH FOR THE STARS

I was invited to not only DJ and perform at the NACCA Youth Entrepreneur Symposium but also, encouraged to share my personal story of triumph and entrepreneurship. I jumped at the opportunity and started to dream and hope that I would be acknowledged and accepted for what I was about to share. For the first time in 16 years I got up in front of everybody and told an abbreviated version of what I went through as a graduate of the school of hard knocks. It was up to me to share my story in hopes that I may help Youth that are living in my past. I just really wanted to let everyone know that when you have nothing left to lose is when you can take your greatest risks to help yourself. Starting a business to invest in yourself is an integral part to healing from a wayward life that has kept us down for so long.

CD and Autograph Table


Spoken word performance









This conference changed my life in the most positive way and if you get a chance to sign up for next year, DO IT! Not only do I have memories that will last me forever but I am currently working on a couple of projects with Youth that approached me with ideas. Now I get to invest in new friends while I’m still young as we are working on some very creative innovative ways to help them and others through media exchange. Tara, Kwakwee, myself and many more over-achieving Youth are looking forward to long lasting friendships even if we can’t materialize our dreams right away, we continue trying. Chi Meegwetch NACCA and all their sponsors for realizing that without this Youth Entrepreneur Symposium we would miss out on open doors and windows of opportunity. A job well done! If you know me well enough you’ve probably guessed that DJing just isn’t enough for me right now so I raised the DJ bar and decided to spin on 3 turntables to show that you can reach for the stars when you master the art of moving on in life. So I killed it on 3 decks after I performed my new track “My Spirit is Rising” by doing spoken word and hand drumming over an instrumental. How cool is that?! That’s right, now it’s time to go to 4 decks and start on my second album and series of picture disc singles!

Reaching for the stars

DJ Kwest supports his KWE

DJ KWE did spoken word, hand drumming, 3 turntables, 1 CDJ and manages to appreciate the moment.

From The Heart

How to believe in yourself when quitting isn’t an option…

…the sun relecting off the glass door, then bouncing onto the poster wall. As you can see here I took consecutive pics to show you what I could see.

The music business has chewed me up and spit me out on many occasions leaving me to rot and die because I was different. Believe it or not there is a huge network of people who want to be the best by being all the same, playing the same game, hurting the same people, doing the same old tired thing that brings a community down. There are even people out there that will get pissed off at you for not talking to them on MSN or not playing the popularity game. That is the price you pay for putting yourself out on the market. So in my first 3 years as a DJ I wanted to please everyone but learned a harsh lesson about how to do it. Beware of the fakers and takers! I don’t cater to the glitter so with the help of DJ Kwest I managed to reinvent myself into an Aboriginal Female Producer, Hand Drummer and Spoken Word Artist as well. DJin’ is great but it’s a competitive sport that requires you to live on a sharp edge. Hey, I’ve been there done that, now the only edge I want to live on is bordering passion and wisdom. “My Spirit is Rising” is about moving on with the grace and humility that I was taught by my elders. Yes it’s true, I’m a Buffalo so I do have thick skin and trip n’ fall into trouble. But I am a Warrior who stands up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Only because I was there! Now I’m moving on because I’m reaching for the stars and I’m taking my community and traditions with me. On Monday March 13, 2006 I was in Vancouver at a music shop called Vinyl Records digging through massive amounts of vinyl. That is how I like to spend my free time when traveling. The Manager, Dave, became a really good contact and had a wealth of knowledge of music. So it was easy to spend hours, in fact, days diggin’ for hidden gems. Dave agreed to sell my CD “The Electronic Drum” and his store is the first to support my CD in Vancouver. How cool is that?! After we exchanged our info I gave him a poster to help promote the CD and it looked like this on his poster wall…

poster+sun=cool As I was walking around treasuring the moment I started to take pics of the poster wall and paid attention to what I deem to be a karmic moment. Sometimes the li’l signs are the biggest statements. I saw a rainbow of light start to shine on my poster when I was taking pics of the wall. I was sceptacle and thought it was a reflection of light from my lens or something. But it was actually…

To me, that is a karmic moment because my poster was not up for more than 5 minutes and I got to appreciate the sun on my picture. I must be doing something right ‘cause that was a beautiful moment. Maybe you think that I read too much into that. But when you come from my background you learn to appreciate the signs and not the demons in your life. So I wanted to share my special moments of inspiration with all of you in hopes that we can make this world a better place. Why should you always have to read about who’s fighting, when we should be reading about who’s living and loving musically.

“My Spirit Is Rising”

DJ KWE danced in the shadow of the moon with Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Assoc. and Canada Council of Arts through the FIRST Aboriginal Music Program Camp with many talented musicians.

Shaneen & Chris of APTN

Art & Heather

The Farewell Crew of AMP CAMP

Veronica & Curtis

DJ KWE performs in Gimli Manitoba and shares the stage with rising stars!

What’s left of Misty Lake Lodge ;)

John, Veronica, Pat, Mykal, Ed

DJ KWE and Veronica deep in the drum of it.

DJ KWE and Kinnie Star

Sharon, Veronica and Gail, THE GRRRL’s

I have so many pics to share that it’s impossible to add any more but what is most important is that I’m going to give you a list of names of those that participated in the program. I know many of you create conferences and you come to me asking for Aboriginal talent. Well here is a list of talent that will make your heart sing and your toes curl.

DJ KWE and Curtis, my long lost brother.

Sharon King, Terry Choken, John Cochrane, Mykal Gambull, Meghan Meisters, Leanne Goose, Tom Crier, Edward Snowball, Curtis Peeteetuce, Natashia Moody, Brock Stonefish, Art Napoleon, Anthony Martin, Gail Obediah, Shane Breaker, Veronica Johnny, JC Campbell, Tracy Bone, Rayne DeLaronde, Jesse Green and Patrick Tointigh. This is one killer line up and if you want to add anyone to your roster get in touch with me and I’ll refer you right away. Never too late to help out a fellow Musician.

DJ, DJ KWE, Kinnie and Vince.

The following list of workshop leaders demonstrated the ability to share, teach and support all those participants who craved leadership. Errol Ranville, Gerry Atwell, Billy Joe Green, Sandy Scofield, Heather Bishop, Kinnie Star, Doug Cox, Brandon Frieson, Marty Ballantyne, Kell Houston, Scott Stephans (photographer extrodinaire), Dom Lloyd, RoseAnna Achick, Vince Fontaine, DJ (dude that wrote a song in a minute flat, lol), Dan Kershaw, David McLeod and last but never least Gerri Trimble and Alan Greyeyes for making our dreams come true.

Beautiful people in Manitoba!

Huge shoutout to (TV, Video & Video Production) for helping me get my track so that I could join the roster of the showcase. Truly this was a program where songwriting, master breakdown and collaboration skills were utilized to the fullest. Thanks to everyone on the list and to all those I have missed on paper, you will always have a special place in my music and life. I have been so fortunate to have earned this opportunity to rub elbows and laugh endlessly with fellow Aboriginal Musicians that put their own flare and cosmic twist to their music. If there was something I could recommend for next year is that they add a sampling and Internet component to their agenda so that we can utilize technology to the fullest. This idea was inspired from the current workshops they organized because it was that needed and we sponged as much information as possible. Truly a job well done! Without this program we would still be searching for that ultimate collaboration. I was proud to be a part of the first Aboriginal Music Program of this magnitude and wow, I’m a better Musician for it. I came home with a stack of business cards and already working on some projects with other artists who believe in Electronic Drum Music. So why not? Let’s keep mixing that melting pot and stir it up good because music is Native to us. The worst that can happen is that we build long lasting relationships as friends and musicians, lol. If I get that, I’m the richest woman in the world. Thanks to Sandy Scolfield and Heather Bishop for helping me with my self confidence. I have been feeling somewhat alone because I have to put my trail blazing first. But what I realize is that I can do my own thing and be proud, but I can also be there %100 when my friends need me the most. When a music program brings new positive and loving people into your life you become energized and renewed ready to take on the world again. I’m a better person for this opportunity and even more humble. I wish everyone continued success and I hope that we can reunite next year. I’ve got my application all ready now, lol. Yes I realize I’m a geek, thanks for putting up with me. Your sis, KWE…my musical red road continues… (Thanks to Curtis and Jesse for sending me pics right away, couldn’t do it without you!)

From Toronto, to the West Coast, to the Plains of Manitoba and back to the concrete jungle of Toronto. Now back to British Colombia, Canada. See you there!

Thank you M.A.R.I.A. and Canada Council for the Arts!

Upcoming media Coverage

DJ KWE and Leanne

DJ KWE and Veronica

Tom, Pat, Heather, DJ KWE

Super talented, Jesse Green

*Stay true to yourself…It’s not as hard as it seems… Take all my gifts…Leap and follow your dreams… We will always be here for you... No matter what you do… Now take the fabric of music and rip at the seams…* *Lessons I learned during my the program and wanted to share with everyone*

DJ KWE interviewed by APTN up close and personal airing Monday April 3rd on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Check morning listing for interview time depending on your location. Special thanks so Chris and Shaneen who went the extra mile for all of us. APTN takes a look into the heart and soul of Urban Indian Productions as they interview DJ KWE about her musical red road. You will hear DJ KWE’s new single “My Spirit is Rising” feat. Brenda MacIntyre as she discusses her success as a trail blazer. Don’t miss Electronic Drum Music that cares!

Something to make you smile and laugh

More successful people! Lorne Cardinal and Bert Crowfoot

KWE goes back to the Quay and visits her hometown in B.C.

(left pic) Dave, Manager of Vinyl Records in Vancouver.

The setup before the big gig in Vancouver. “OMG, who hired these guys?”

Take charge and live large!

(right pic)Tara Nyce, Youth Delegate at the NACCA Youth Entrepreneur Symposium. A Nishnawbe Woman who always gives so much of herself.

Be kind to Animals and Humans ;)

Give us one inch of land and we will feed the community… Give us 12 inches of vinyl and we will feed the world…

Always looking for new Karmic Supporters!

Believe In Yourself!

Please email me for previous versions of my newsletter as each prose is completely unique and shares’ teachings worth the world in music. Newsletters available for circulation: 1. 03/2005 - DJ KWE and introduction to the world. 2. 04/2005 - DJ KWE DJ’s for Chiefs of Ontario Youth and releases #1 cd. 3. 05/2005 - DJ KWE goes to Michigan for her birthday and rocks the decks. 4. 07/2005 - DJ KWE celebrates 3rd DJ anniversary, PRIDE Gig, and Web site Launch. 5. 09/2005 - DJ KWE hits an international platform with original production and features in music & media. 6. 03/2006 – DJ KWE launches “The Electronic Drum” CD housing her own production and spoken word creations. She travels to B.C. and Manitoba to participate in life-changing events. Features Rez Riders karmic gifts.

To book DJ KWE please contact or

Brought to you by DJ KWE, a woman on a karmic mission. I’m dedicating my life and music to all the Youth who think it’s the end. There is always tomorrow to live for! Chi Meegwetch for your time, DJ KWE, Crystaaal (say it in your best sexy voice)