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Urban Indian Productions Presents:

M'shko dayn Waashk Bishikii DJ Kwe and “The Electronic Drum” “creating traditional treasures using contemporary measures”

DJ KWE/Crystaaal

Believe in Yourself!


Interview with DJ KWE

1v4 :July, 2005 Welcome Everyone Everywhere, Aboriginal House Music on the rise, with music that cares!

Use your sights and sounds and join the musical world of DJ KWE/Crystaaal...

Upcoming KW-EVENTS

It has been the best of times and it has been a test of times…but music will always give me the best tools to be myself…it’s my passion, ambition and even my submission…

DJ KWE takes the stage and shares the sunshine!

Thanks for reading this far and making it to the 4th installment of “The Electronic Drum”…This edition will provide you with insight into my mind, heart and soul…not too mention sexy, groovy, skillful pics to keep your imagination flowin’… June 25, 2005 was my 3rd year of djin’ and now my first year into music production…I was able to celebrate my DJ anniversary by playing with and for PRIDE Toronto…read more for the scoop…☺

Music CD/MP3 mixes available for download CLICK HERE *NEW Unreleased “tease” Party Mix available on my web site CLICK HERE * original production and voice work will be released very soon…I have 3 features coming up all house music tracks…stay tuned!

1. Lifeforce of Bass (2005) *RATED #1 most requested cd for three weeks

Booking schedule for DJ gigs and Karmic events/presentations… See (Video) and hear (Audio) what she's mixing next... Wax Warriors LIVE WEBTV SHOW Launch date Thursday July 14th 8-10pm eastern and 5-7 pacific time and every Thursday thereafter… *Proudly broadcasted LIVE by ENERGY WEB TV, Los Angeles, California, USA

For bookings email and yell at the top of your lungs…lol

2. Soul-full of Womaness (2004) 3. What More Can I Say (2004) 4. Positivity (2003) 5. Experience Me (2003) *RATED #4 most requested cd for one week 6. Stimulate Yourself (2003) 7. Soul Support (Pre-DJ days, good luck getting a copy of this one, lol) (2002)

Wax Warriors, coming to a venue near you!

Welcome NEW Karmic Supporters 1. See and hear what she's mixing next... Wax Warrior’s LIVE WEBTV SHOW *Proudly broadcasted LIVE by ENERGY WEB TV, Los Angeles, California, USA

2. See who she's hangin' with next... DJ KWE'S PROFILE AND MUSIC *Proudly supported by STYLE NETWORK, Montreal, Canada

3. Read what she's reviewing next... DJ KWE'S MUSIC REVIEW COLOMN called “The Jewels of DJ KWE” *Proudly posted by Rogério of DEEPER SOUL - "Deep and Soulful Lovers Music", Portugal!

***Please welcome my new Karmic Supporters as we keep the spirit of house music alive and beatin’, world wide… "Karmic Supporters Unite"


In conjunction with my DJ celebration and leap into production; I managed to post the first draft of my web site called “Urban Indian Productions” …YES, I designed it myself and DJ Kwest did my pics and art…you must check out my web photo gallery CLICK HERE for links to publicity photos… Give it up for DJ KWE’s Wax Warriors and their movement into cyberspace…it’s my pleasure and honour to introduce myself to you and the Spirit World as a woman of the healing world…I said I would build the site and in the process I mistakenly had to do some growing up…

How can I inspire you to inspire someone else?

DJ Carma and DJ KWE

Oops how did I manage to get all caught up in my online matrix of hope and musicness? I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I have enough content to build 20 more sites…I can hear the difference in the world when we share our music…the earth is “reigning” positivity… I did what I said I was going to do and that was launch the business and personal side of DJ KWE…more than 25 pages of heartfelt prose and sass that any nation can handle…

Brian (Mohawk) and DJ KWE

I can’t express to you what a groundbreaking moment this is in my life as I introduce myself officially to the music, spirit and business world as DJ KWE…I have invested everything I have to helping others…I truly believe if I give it my all then it could be enough to make change in a mad world that is begging for looove…I’m giving all that I have and can hope for…

DJ Kwest and DJ KWE Exactly what DJ KWE can accomplish when quitting isn’t an option!




Birds of Paradise

June 25th was not only my 3 year celebration, not only my web site launch, but was also the anniversary date of the death of my first love…he had a heart attack at my soccer game when I was 16 and I have mourned him ever since…it did take a long time to accept his death as he died in my arms so abruptly…but he loved me the best way he could when he was alive…we all remember our first loves in ways that only our spirit can understand…the willingness to live, love and rise above, is enough to make anyone appreciate the details in life without harping on the lil things… During the funeral of my first love his parents had Birds of Paradise flowers everywhere as they were to represent his spirit and positivity he had…he was very popular in school and was the guy who helped others before himself…he was 19 and at the age where he just wanted a crack at the world…I never forgot him for his protection and love he gave and I always remembered him by adoring the flower Birds of Paradise… The reason why I’m telling you this is because things always have a way of working out in the end…as I walked up to the stage for my set there was a huge advertisement on the wall to the left of me…it was posted on the wall as I played my music…on that death anniversary, I was graced by huuuge Birds of Paradise…he’s never left my side my whole life… I appreciate being loved and I’m grateful for everyone in my life…maybe you have to lose before you win…Crystaaal

Back to my DJin gig for Pride Toronto…

bigger and better than the concrete jungle it covered… Live life like it’s your last day but invest in your future…

DJ KWE on the DJ Central Stage Friends from Michigan and Toronto

DJ KWE takes on Toronto with “Drumming Circle” to start her set.

Thanks for hangin’ out and sharing the looove!

DJ KWE feeding the world with music, two records at a time!

AbSOULutely keepin’ it real!

”I will keep on rising” (Defected) by sharing “Love and Happiness” (Strictly Rhythm) to” release the pressure” (Subliminal Soul) DO IT WITH PRIDE! Turns out the turntables were left out all morning with the needles and the temperature of the platters were so hot that I couldn’t put my vinyl down on the turntables…we had to put my own needles on that weren’t hot to touch and dip the platters in ice cold water to cool down the temperature so I could play…about half way through my set my records were starting to warp and I knew I’d have to stop playing if it continued to get worse… The stage was super high which was awesome and helps give you the presence of MUSIC GODDESS but it wasn’t built for turntable use…in fact, needles skipping and shaky stage with temperatures of HIGH made this one of the hardest sets I’ve had…what a challenge to NOT dance and shake my thang because if anyone moved my records would skip…lol…I did my best and played some awesome house classics…I even met DJ Carma before my set to exchange pics and music…one cool chica! The temperature of the day was extremely hot, smoggy and humid…I was sweating so much my outfit was soaking wet when I left the stage… But you have to believe that no matter how many issues are stacked against you, it’s your time to shine the brightest…separate your fear and display your courage…take what’s given to you and do your best…I had a wikked soulful funky ash house set and I met some more super cool people…I even had fans drive in from Michigan to support me…I had a super sexy outfit to celebrate my womanhood and I stepped up to the plate…I dj’d for one of my favourite events in my city…who cares if my needles skipped…who cares that my set was delayed…the sun was shining and that’s all that matters…I joined over a million people to celebrate diversity despite adversity and I was proud to do it… Believe you, me or ask DJ Matt C…I won’t get anywhere lettin’ life happen to me…it was the best gift a DJ Woman could ever get…her heart in one hand and the turntable in the other…peace!

Believe In Yourself!

AbSOULutely Rising Above The Heat!

How to release your sights and sounds when venturing out to a virtual world…

New Things to check out on the Urban Indian Productions Site The theme of my web site is Products + Services = Healing & Inspiration… Click here to read my virtual teachings of hope and inspiration Click here to see my complete and professional Photo Gallery for publicity and fun (flash users only) Click here to listen to DJ KWE’s Radio Show excerpts and Mixed Promo Cd’s

DO YOUR OWN THING…then share it with everyone… And then there was 2, We have been waiting a long time to start a show together…why not 4 turntables than just 2? Why not raise the bar as high as we can? Why not have fun doing what we love? Not only will we bring you sounds but we will actually be hosting the show…we’ll work on content, music and have msn enabled so we can all chat…there is a forum available on so tell us what you think…here is our first chance to go live as a DJ Team called Wax Warriors…we extend an invitation to everyone to join us as we bring Youth and “Young at heart” in from far and wide…we hope to inspire you with expertise, music and sass…it’s your chance to join us live for a movement that is growing everyday… Someday I hope to access each and everyone of you through a syndicated radio show…one day there will be a radio show that cares enough to come right to your house and bring positivity to you even in your toughest times…with DJ KWE and DJ KWEST, you have the option of dealing with 25 years experience between the both of us…we have a vision and it’s about the music and the heart…with thousands of records in our collection we finally have a vessel to bring you the quality in programming and quantity in music…we can make a difference in your personal life or business life as we raise the bar in our multimedia life…it’s just a matter of time, watch and see… Are you searching for new and karmic talent? Well put tobacco down to the Earth and give thanks for the gifts you already possess…then get in contact with us and we’ll show you the moon and the stars…you only live once to make a first impression…join the Wax Warriors live!

Click here to read about DJ KWE’s accomplishments in music, life and sports Click here to access the Victims Assistance page that will give you insight and information. Click here to go directly to the home page of the site Click here to read DJ KWE’s Bio Click here to read Fan Testimonials and Looove Click here to see DJ KWE’s Karmic Supporters Click here to read her WOmandate and mission in business and life Click here to read about 4 Directions Management and how DJ KWE plans to help Youth Click here to read the Wax Warriors Random Acts of Kindness

COMING SOON to Artist Profiles, Sports Page, Karmic Distribution Store, KFG Records Press Kit Download, Original Production and Voice Work

More goals met as I humbly march on…how will I know unless I try? I can’t express to you how difficult my life has been in the past 3 years, let alone 30 years…my strength has been earned and my wisdom has been learned the hard way…but all I can do is keep going and make opportunities happen…I am a woman with over 1200 records in her collection, 7 cd mixes, a dj battle title, a voice that melts chocolate, my own business and all the good will I can spin in one night…my thirties have been the best times of my life so far because I do better at being myself…no more trying to fit into corners holding up the walls…I want to run up to the stage and speak from my heart…I want to mix my records like hands on fire and translate my heart through my music…I want to show the world that I am a woman who speaks with truth and conviction in her style of motivation...

Things that bring sunshine to my life

I love that I get emails from fans everyday, everywhere… I love that people ask me for help or advice… I love when supporters reach out and give me a helping hand…

I’d like to say Chi Meegwetch to all my fans and supporters who have pushed me along the way…please have fun browsing my new web site as there is content for everyone in the world to see and learn…my teachings are not my own…they are my nations heart in all sacredness…but my actions are my will…right from the start…I will continue to move on and up that mountain so that I may help others… show you that it just takes one random act of kindness to give hope to Youth and the Young at Heart…again…why not do it dancing all the way…with DJ KWE

I love to overachieve and then exceed my highest expectations…

I believe in my hopes and dreams enough to show you the fire from within…ambition and passion can musically charge any movement with positivity…take charge and live large!

I love writing for my new Music Column called “The Jewels of DJ KWE”

Be kind to Animals and Humans…;)

I love my friends who try to pry me away from the computer/decks but fail miserably…;)

I love throwing fundraising events…

I love that I am now a partner in producing and voice work… I love to perform my music and prose with traditional singers and drummers…

Always looking for new karmic supporters! Please email me for previous versions of my newsletter as each prose is completely unique and shares’ teachings worth the world in music…KWE Newsletters available for circulation: 1. 2. 3. 4.

DJ KWE and introduction to the world DJ KWE dj’s for Chiefs of Ontario Youth and releases #1 cd. DJ KWE goes to Michigan for her birthday and rocks the decks. DJ KWE celebrates 3rd DJ anniversary, PRIDE Gig, and Web site Launch.

To book DJ KWE please contact or

I love that I have an international network working hard to keep house music alive… I love that I have defeated the negativity by following my instincts I’m dedicating my life and music to all the Youth who think it’s the end…there is always tomorrow! Brought to you by DJ KWE…a woman on a karmic mission… Chi Meegwetch for your time, DJ KWE/Crystaaal

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