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David King   Mr.  Cottle   Enc  1102   March  24,  2013   Texting  and  Driving    

Just about  everyone  has  seen  at  least  one  of  the  texting  and  driving  

commercials. They  tend  to  be  very  serious  and  straight  to  the  point.  There  are  many   different  types  of  these  ads  and  they  all  are  usually  effective.  Some  are  more  factual   while  others  are  more  visual.  The  graphic  advertisements  tend  to  be  more  serious   and  catch  the  attention  of  the  viewer.  None  of  these  ads  are  happy,  but  rather   somber  and  realistic.      

“It won’t  happen  to  me.”  That  is  probably  the  number  one  saying  teenagers  

think to  themselves  before  they  do  something  like  text  and  drive.  According  to   Alcohol:  Problems  and  Solutions  “Texting  while  driving  has  passed  drinking  while   driving  in  the  leading  cause  of  accidents  and  deaths  in  teenage  drivers”  (Alcohol:   Problems  and  Solutions).  The  statistics  for  incidents  with  texting  while  driving  is   alarming.  For  example,  Texting  and  Driving  Statistics  tells  us  that  texting  and  driving   causes  1.6  million  accidents,  330,000  injuries  a  year  and  11  teenagers  die  everyday   (Texting  and  Driving).      

Texting and  driving  affects  everyone  whether  or  not  they  are  doing  it  or  not.  

These television  ads  are  very  affective  and  personally  have  had  an  affect  on  me  in   my  life.  After  seeing  many  of  these  ads  on  television,  I  have  seen  what  can  happen  if   I  was  to  text  while  driving.  On  a  personal  level  I  began  thinking  not  only  would  I  be  

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endangering myself  if  I  was  to  take  part  in  such  a  unsafe  act,  but  who  else  I  might  be   putting  at  risk  or  hurting.  I  realized  that  everyone  around  me  on  the  road  could  be   hurt  and  not  only  would  I  hurt  them,  but  I  would  be  hurting  all  my  loved  ones  as   well.    

Enc1102 Paper 3 Part 1  
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