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February 11, 2013

An Obese America Americas "Toughest Trainer" Jillian Michaels was not always as physically fit as she is today. It is no secret that Ms. Michaels was over weight as a child in the 1980's. This was the time when America really started to pack on t he


Jillian was growing up, she began eating too much due to a variety of reasons. First, her dad would use food as a way to connect to his daughter. He would make

X' homemade ice cream, give her bags of popcorn and let her eat bags on ba s of SA.~"i \X~ ~I sO l YJl 0 u1 \ ",£heetos. Her mom ,~would ~ Jillian food as rewards while growing up. Not only

«'-~ \~'( ,,9 ~ov ~~~fvJ-t 'as she over eating because her parents would give her a lot of food, but she would

\~'O,.,,:>\j~\s, eC!!,for comfort. This was because her parents would fight often and she was

~ ,c)YJxr': ,y<' ><..~o-.J< x oP bumped around a lot from spending time with her dad while her mom was at night ,'(' ,{b..Y aY''!/' ­ ~~,~~ school to bein with her mom at work or s ending many afternoofls---witInl

babYSitte~She states that foo d comforted her because it was consistent and was


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always there (Jillian Michaels). 'fY\ OY.L

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Many people are blind to the fact t hat America has become obese over the


years. The type of fo od that people are eating has played a big role in the increasing obesity rate. To illustrate, many Americans eat pastas and pizza and other similar foods because they are chea p to make. By eating these foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars people are becoming heavier.

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and fat that contributes to weight gain. It would be better if people were eating healthier foods such as more fruits and vegetables because then they would have a more balanced diet. It is hard though for many people to do t hat because of money. The spaghetti, mac and cheese, pizza and variety of fast food restaurants are very cost effective, which is why many people choose to eat these types of meals. There are many other factors leading to the obesity crisis in America. For example, the food proportions have increased over the years. People today have a distorted view of what a typical meal should look like. According to Liz Monte,


twenty years ago two slices of pizza was about 500 calories. Today two slices of pizza 850 calories. This example shows that the proportion of pizza has increased more than a quarter of what it used to be twenty years ago. Another illustration that Monte provides is in the size of movie popcorn ' ~rentyyears ago the average size of popcorn was five cups at about 270 calories. Today when people go to the T--t movies the normal amount of popcorn is a tub that is 630 calories.;Ms is mind blowing to see how much greater the size and calories of popcorn at the movies is today versus twenty years ago. It is not only in select foods that the proportions have increased, but just about all foods and meals have enlarged in size (Liz Monte). The advancement in technology is another factor playing a role in obesity. Technology is a major part of Americans daily lives, which can have its positive effects as well as its negative ones. To illustrate, getting work done faster and more efficiently as well as providing entertainment are all benefits of technology. On the down side though, more and more people are spending endless amounts of hours on

King 3 devices and in front of screens. Yes they may be enjoying themselves, but they are not doing anything to benefit from it physically. Computers, iPads, iPhones, tablets, televisions, videogames are just a few examples of what many young people and adults spend there free time using. Just about everyone has at least one of those items or something similar. All of those electronic devices are great and have many advantages, but it seems like they are starting to be a priority in life. Many people have to check their Facebook every hour or so or update their twitter and check their email etc. More and more people are spending additional time using these devices and spending less time outside and exercising. If people started exercising on a daily basis they probably would be able to start losing weight and would eventually be physically fit.

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