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Psalm 63 Words & Music by Dustin Smith

Verse 1 DE A God You are my God D E E/G# A Earnestly I seek Your face D E A Come and make me new D E E/G# A My heart and flesh cry out for You D A I'm desperate for You Verse 2 D E A I am satisfied with You D E E/G# A To know Your power to know Your truth D E A Now I know You never change D E E/G# A But because of Your touch I will never be the same D E A I will never be the same Chorus D/F# G E/G# A I have seen You in the sanctuary D/F# G E/G# A I've beheld Your power and Your glory D/F# G E/G# A Because Your love is better than life G Asus A I will praise You until I die Bridge G In Your Name A I will lift up my hands G My lips will praise You A All across this land

Š 2005 Dustin Smith All Rights Reserved

Psalm 63