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Consumed By You Words & Music by James Galbraith

VERSE F/A G/B C/E F This is holy ground F/A G/B C/E F Send down Your cloud of glory F/A G/B C/E F That we may be found F/A G/B C/E F Consumed by You CHORUS Dm C/E Gsus4 G Let me walk in the footsteps of Your shadow Dm C/E Gsus4 G Let me see the light that’s in Your eyes Dm C/E Gsus4 G Let me be the fire from Your hands F C/E Gsus4 G Let me sing the song that’s in Your heart BRIDGE Bb Let me walk F Let me see C Let me be Csus4 Let me sing

© 2005 James Galbraith All Rights Reserved.

05-Consumed by You 1