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Dear Reader, Welcome back! We are so excited to bring to you the first issue of Slick Magazine for the 2017-2018 school year filled with 100% original content. All drawings, photos, and writings were created by us. Our staff has grown tremendously since we left off last January. Last year, we were a small club with about six actively contributing members who were happy to show up every week. At the start of this year, we were surprised to see a full classroom of future artists, writers, and designers. We are all proud of what we have produced over the last month, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. In light of recent tragic events, we ask that our readers and fellow students remain positive. There is a lot of negativity and despair in the air, but look for the good that is prevalent in our community. Look for the helpers. Look for the ones who are making a difference. If you can’t find that person, be that person.

Matt Sargent

Candy Hart-Perrat

Dixie Chatt

artwork by: Gracie Briquelet

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Collecting Popularity Matt Sargent

veryone has heard stories of someone selling a sports card collection, not knowing what they had, and finding out they were sitting on thousands of dollars! People have been collecting sports cards since the first ones were printed in the 1860’s! The popularity was at its all-time high between the 60’s and 80’s. Then in the 90’s and early 2000’s, popularity diminished drastically. The hobby suffered a huge loss in sales. It was seen as a trend that was for younger generations. Companies like Topps and Upper Deck tried to revive popularity by inserting relic cards in packs. These cards had a piece of a player’s jersey, some dirt from the stadium, wood splinters from bats, or pieces of the baseball. In addition, these companies also included cards that were autographed by players for fans to collect. Certainly, this raised popularity to the hobby, but it hasn’t been the same as it used to. However, in the 2010’s, popularity in collecting cards has skyrocketed! Why? What caused the resurgence in popularity? A local card store, Baseball Cards Plus, has been proudly serving the collectors and hobbyists of Orange County for over 30 years, and they are certainly seeing a rise in customers over the last few years. When asked about the recent rise in popularity, owner Brian F. says that “there were probably more collectors in the 70’s and 80’s before price guides and card stores, believe it or not. Collecting cards got big in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It was a 4 to 5 year period, and the collector fan-base was just unreal. Recently, we’ve had a big rise [in collectors] because of players like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge, and Kris Bryant. You can give a list of players who have really created a spark to the whole industry without a doubt in the last 2 to 5 years.” Owning such a popular store comes with advantages. Cards from all decades have come in through the shops front doors. When asked about his favorite

card that has come into the shop, he recalls the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. “I would have to say the ‘52 Mantle. It came into the store, but we couldn’t make a deal on it. I got to see it though! I got to see the almost Holy Grail of baseball cards.” For those of you curious, it is hotly debated amongst collectors and sellers as to what the “Holy Grail” of baseball cards is. Some will argue it's the T-206 Honus Wagner, others will say the ‘52 Mantle. Regardless. Cards like those are very limited in quantities, being able to see one (let alone hold it in your hands) is something that is worth putting on the bucket list. When it comes to collecting cards, Brian has some advice for those looking to start collecting. “Buy what you enjoy. building sets or deciding what pack to pick, stick to what you enjoy rather than it being a gamble. When you’re buying packs that range between $50 and $100 dollars a pack, it kinda takes the fun out of it. I’ve seen more joy out of kids and adults when they buy packs that are cheaper. There are many sets to choose from. Complete a few sets, at first. That way it keeps it fun for a lot less.” As for the customers, their reasons for collecting are all unique! Some like to build a massive inventory, some like to trade or sell their cards, customers like Warren E. collect because “Some classmates in junior high collected and it looked like a neat thing to do. My interest in sports was starting to take off, and cards had numbers on them! Meaning they had a spot in a set.

photography by: Matt Sargent

photography by: Matt Sargent

photography by: Matt Sargent

I’ve always loved puzzles. Since I was about 3 or so. I collected for those reasons”. Warren has been collecting cards of all types since the late 60’s and has been collecting cards steadily for the last 30 years. He took a break from collecting cards while attending college. Ever since, he has been buying and completing sets from all years, his first being the 1974 Topps set. Collecting for so long has certainly granted Warren the opportunity to open some spectacular cards. When asked about his favorite, he says that “the Sidney Crosby young guns printing plate (a metal plate used to stamp a card with one specific color) is one as well as my Michael Jordan redemption card (a card randomly inserted in packs that must be sent to Topps or redeemed online in order to receive an exclusive card).” As a collector, Warren certainly has noticed a recent rise in collectors. “It’s pretty exciting! I remember I used to go to card shows in the 90’s and you couldn’t walk in the aisles because it was so densely populated with people.There’s an energy with collecting that I like and I’m perfectly fine with it coming back.” His advice for new collectors? Be patient. “Don’t spend more than you feel comfortable with spending. It is, after all, a hobby. Hobbies are very individualized. It’s about what you like as a collector, not about what anyone else likes or what they like to collect. At the end of the day, you should have a product that you like to come home to look at regardless of what that may be.” This final collector is different from anybody else. His name is Mike, and he loves the Los Angeles Angels. You can often find him in the shop with his Angels gear on as if he just got home from a game at the stadium. He collects all things Angels and can recall any player from any season. He has been collecting autographed photos, baseballs, bats, jerseys and everything in between for the last 15 years. “I’d be seeing stuff on the walls of sports bars and think ‘man, wouldn’t it be cool to have something like that?’ I’d go around and start buying baseballs and hats. Bizarre stuff that was signed by players that I liked.” When it comes to people collecting cards again, Mike thinks that “it got really popular because of all this new talent. People watch these

guys saying ‘wow, he’s really good’ and want to get his stuff.” In Mike’s collection, his favorite cards are his Rod Carew or his signed Nolan Ryan card. He also likes cards from the chrome sets. Cards that have reflective surfaces. He’s got a few tips for new collectors. “I don’t want to see the hobby become dormant again. Talk to someone who knows what they’re doing and does a lot of research. Know what you’re getting into.” Collecting cards is a ton of fun for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer gets to pull amazing stuff while the seller gets to see endless amounts of joy and excitement come from patrons of all ages. It’s truly something that everybody should consider trying out.

At the end of the day, you should have a product that you like to come home to look at regardless of what that may be.” Just like any other stock, trend, or sport; there are high points and low points in popularity. Sometimes it’s the latest craze, other times it’s just a thing of the past that very few people still actively take part in. Collectors have never had a point where the hobby has gone completely out of style. New sets come out every few months. Players like Steph Curry, Kris Bryant, Ezekiel Elliott, Connor McDavid, and many others will continue to make every generation of fans want to pull their favorite player’s card out of a tightly wrapped foil package.

s ’ A P A f o t r a P World

+ How YOU Can Be A part Of It

By: Kenzie Jones & Katy Houchen

APA is diving under the sea this October with one of Disney’s most beloved tale of a mermaid who wants to “be where the people are.” The upcoming musical will be directed by APA’s director, Tim Nelson and choreographed by artistic director, Diane Makas. The underwater adventure starts on October 6th and swims towards its closing on October 15. If you get the chance to see this bubbling show make sure to stop by and get your picture with Ariel before her adventure out of the deep blue sea. The kids in the show have been practicing for the past two months, and are already perform. Everyone is so excited and can’t wait for your reactions. If you are interested in being apart of our world, of APA here’s how. Step One is to apply, applications are being taken from October to January and you can visit APA’s website, www.hbapa. org/ , to learn more and find all the paperwork. Whatever department you are interested in signing up for is open for you. Whether it’s designing, stage managing, or performing, APA has it all. APA has many different department for many different skills. If you are into orchestra, they have orchestra, if you enjoy singing, dancing, and acting, join musical theater. If you aren’t strong in dance and singing, join acting, also if you can’t act or dance, and you like pop music, join MMET. There is also dance for those of us who can’t sing or act, which is the dance department with many different styles and classes to fit your preferences . Whatever you enjoy there is a department for you.

Step Two is to prepare! PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!!! Preparation is everything and it’s important that you feel comfortable and ready for whatever department you’re auditioning for. For whatever you are trying out for, there is a specific amount of work/effort to go into it. For example in musical theater you have to write an essay on why you should be accepted into the program, as well as prepare a 32 bar audition song, a 1 minute monologue of choice, and learn a dance, before getting into the program. So, just BE PREPARED! Trying out for any of the departments can be tricky, but with the right amount of planning and preparation you can plan to achieve. Step Three, ANSWER YOUR PHONE! APA will be notifying you a week before your audition, allowing you to know your date and time. Just be responsible, make sure to be ready to receive the phone call, even if the call ends up being late you still need to be ready for the call. Step Four is here, the BIG audition! No need to fret you’ve got this, you’ve followed the steps and here it is, now go kill it! Also don’t forget to smile and look your best cause it’s your time to shine.

“Ariel & Scuttle.” photography by: Kenxie Jones

Rehersal Nights photography by: Katy Houchen


SAY BOO TO DRUGS By: Emi Jimenez

Every year we celebrate Red Ribbon Week, but have you ever stopped to think about its history, and why we give it such a large amount of importance? According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s website, Dulia, Enrique Camarena was a brother, friend, husband, father, DEA agent, and most of all a hero. Enrique was married to his wife, Mika, who had been his girlfriend since high school. Together they had 3 wonderful boys, Enriquez Jr., Daniel, and Erick. After graduating high school, Enrique went to college and got a degree in criminal justice. Once Enrique was finished with college he decided that he would serve in the Marines. His first job after serving his tour was in a local fire department. His goal was to work at the police department, but there weren't any job positions. As soon as he heard there was a job opening in the police department, Enrique decided to take the job. In 1974 at the age of 26, he began his career as a special agent. He was so committed to his job and he truly enjoyed it very much. Enrique’s wife even says it was “A job he was born to do.” Enrique had a special case in Sinaloa Mexico, he was to go undercover and find out who was doing these drugs, what types of drugs they were distributing, and the quantities of these drugs. As stated before Enrique was really dedicated to his job. On February 7th, Enrique’s job became severely dangerous. While he was completing this case he was abducted, tortured, and murdered. This was a job that cost him his life. He did this all In order to stop narcotic traffickers. Enrique was an amazing agent who did so much for people all around the world.

As a tribute to his heroic gesture, in October we dedicate a whole week to reinforce staying drug and alcohol-free. This Special week is known as “Red Ribbon week.” Most schools take this week to educate students about drugs and how we can avoid them. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the co-presidents of FNL, Jessica Ruggiero, who will be hosting our Red Ribbon Week. EJ: Why would you say Red Ribbon Week is important for High school students? JR: “I would say it is important for our peers here on campus to be mindful of their actions guaranteed you’re not going to be able to prevent kids from falling into the peer pressures of drinking and doing drugs but, there is a way for our club to promote students to realize that their actions do have consequences. I think that’s the real importance of Red Ribbon Week, to get them to be aware that what they are doing isn’t cool, it isn’t really socially accepted it’s something that’s detrimental to their health and it could ultimately cost their life or someone else’s life as well.” EJ: How could students get involved in red ribbon week? JR: “Students can definitely get involved by dressing up with the spirit wear that we are going to be having throughout the week.

I think it’s just very fun that kids can dress up at school, knowing that it's very stressful right now, this is a fun activity. We want to provide something very entertaining and make them want to come to school, want to learn, and be interactive in the Red Ribbon week so they feel like they are participating not only at school but in the community as well.” EJ: Can we expect anything new this year for red ribbon week? JR:“Yes, This is the first year FNL (Friday Night Live) is organizing Red Ribbon Week on their own, ASB usually organizes the spirit days and activities but this time Mr. Mcmanus let FNL step up and run this year’s Red Ribbon Week being, the sole motto of FNL, which is promoting a healthy positive lifestyle and not engaging in substance abuse.”

photography by: Matt Sargent

In conclusion, we can all join together to try and prevent drug and alcohol abuse, not only during Red Ribbon Week, but throughout our whole lives. We have to remember that all of our actions have consequences, and that they might not be instant but they will catch up to us someday. As Oilers, let us all pledge to be drug and alcohol-free!

Top 5 Coffee Spots By: Kelsey Fuller

r a Ne S H HB

1. Milk & Honey 1.3 miles away $

You may be thinking, over a mile!?! I promise though, it is absolutely worth it. This cafe offers a great selection of coffe, food, teas, and even frozen yogurt! I personally enjoyed their Iced Caramel Macchiato, Mango Tea, and Castella. This cafe would be great to study at! Their machines aren't very loud (thank goodness) and talking is normally at a whisper. They played alternative music in the background. They also have a very cute decor inside, with couches, chairs, and rolling islands as tables. There are probably enough seats for about 10 people, it’s very bright providing enough light for reading. Trust me you are missing out if you haven't tried Milk + Honey.

2. SESSIONS 1.6 miles away $

Sessions, a cafe on the beach. Their cafe is so cute and very quiet.With its distance you could track your steps and burn your coffee and dessert off before you get their. Personally, I like their plain bagel and iced white mocha. Their cafe isn't huge, probably can fit around 7 people. Known for their faux leaf wall with booths. They also have a few other table facing the ocean. Barista here are very nice and friendly, they offer suggestions, to try some other unknown drinks. By the ocean, the cafe is not very loud not making it a very good cafe to study at.

photography by: Kelsey Fuller

3. sit stay cafe 1.2 miles away $

Editor's Choice

Calling all dog lovers! This cafe was meant for our four legged friends . If you go into this cafe you will find a wall covered in dog photos. It’s one of those cafes you go to on a bad day to release stress. I got a Iced Spiced Chai Latte, Iced White Mocha, and Banana Walnut Muffin. I have no complaints on this cute little cafe. For studying? Maybe try headphones, because dogs + studying = not going to happen.

4. Coffee bean &tea leaf 1.1 miles away $$

When I think of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, I think of their Ice Blends. They taste like Milkshakes. They have one for fall, Salted Caramel Ice Blend. It has a nice balance between sweet and savory. Their Pumpkin Cold Brew Almond Milk Latte on the other hand was not too tasty. This cafe can get a little busy, but it's mostly quiet

5. hb bagels & cafe 1.1 miles away $$

This place had some amazing boba. I got the the Coconut Boba Smoothie, Mango Boba Smoothie, Iced Caramel Latte, and a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Their “latte” had iced coffee when normally lattes have espresso. The “latte” was not good at all. This cafe was humid and dated. Their wallpaper was not very clean neither were their tables. Good smoothie, maybe another place to study?

artwork by: Dixie Chatt

Izzy’s CorneR W/ Special Guests :

s y o b y t t e r p e s tho



or me, music has been a vast part of my life for many years now I wanted to bring my love for music and incorporate it into our magazine. Monthly in Izzy’s corner, will be a new musician. It may be a band, teacher, or a person who has been influenced by music. This month in Izzy’s corner, I sat down with Those Pretty Boys, a group of fun loving boys that go to Huntington Beach High School. “Let me wear your shirt,” Lucas, said to me. He then continued to ask me where I got my shirt and if he could wear it. Lucas is the lead vocalist of the band. He is joined by 5 other boys. Garrett the pianist, Lucas the guitarist, otherwise known as Marty, Ethan the lead guitarist, Robert the bassist, and Tristan the drummer. During my time sitting with the boys I got to take in their personalities. They are not only 6 guys with instruments--they contribute to the shaping of Huntington Beach’s musical culture. ¨Bumbo skat ba bo bup.¨ Surf ska, otherwise known as Skarf, is Those Pretty Boys’ main genre. They also classify themselves as punk and “whack,” a genre of Lucas’s ingenuity. They are influenced by different genres including ska, carnival music, new wave punk, independent musicians, punk as well as soundtracks from Monsters, Inc and the Incredibles as well as different eras of musical culture. “Play my backyard, front yard, and side yards.” Early this year, Those Pretty Boys released their first full length album, The Water Wars. The album is a collection of 12 original songs. The boys’ personal favorite off the album is ¨Karate Kid.” Their fan base is also known as the karate kids.

By: Izzy Agnello

“people will enjoy your music more if it looks like you are having a good time.” The karate kids have followed them to their favorite shows in places like the House of Blues and Out of the Park Pizza. Those Pretty Boys love to perform. They have fun with their own twists on the average concert, and wear coordinating costumes and outfits. On top of their colorful wardrobe they bring different props. Cap’n Crunch, their favorite flavor being “Oops All the Berries.” “Oops All the Berries” is also a name of the song the boys wrote. They also have good advice for people who want to start a band. They suggest starting a band with your friends because in the end it would be more fun. Even if your band sucks, play until you get better, and people will enjoy your music more if it looks like you are having a good time. The boys also suggest to play shows as much as possible, so you and your band can build experience.

photography by: Izzy Agnello

photography by: Izzy Agnello

photography by: Izzy Agnello

“Big Music,” Two words that describe what Those Pretty Boys have in store for all the karate kids. Over the summer they took a break from playing shows to write new music. Their new music is mostly going to be under the “skarf” genre. Their new music is also going to be under a new name. The boys didn’t tell me a lot about the name change, but what they did tell me was that they had thought hard and long about the name change as well as taking a vote. Unfortunately, they did not disclose the new name but they said the new name is, “dumb but not stupid “Low class artists” Even after graduation, the boys would like to continue to play music and go to college. Those Pretty Boys believe in the creation of their art, and do it because it’s “cool.” They enjoy being fun and creative with their music, and the fact that they get to create something with their friends. “Lucas wants to know where you got that shirt” Thank you to Lucas, Lucas (Marty), Garrett, Robert, Ethan, and Tristan for letting sit and talk with them. You are all hilarious and bodacious dudes, and I can’t wait to see you at your next show.

photography by: Izzy Agnello

photography by: Izzy Agnello

those pretty boys?!

Sylvie’s Halloween Bakery By: Amber Zeng

Welcome, everybody, to my bakery! My name is Sylvie, and I’m happy you joined me for this spooktastic baking adventure!

Bleeding Cupcake Here are the supplies you’ll need: >Your favorite vanilla cake recipe or mix >Red frosting >A piping bag and tip(optional) >Frosting of your choice >Decorations >A cupcake pan >Cupcake liners

photography by: Amber Zeng

Part 1: Preheat oven as specified by cake mix or recipe Make the vanilla cake batter as specified by recipe Line the cupcake pan with cupcake liners of your choice Fill the cupcake liners with cake batter until about ¾ full Place in the oven Part 2: Mix frosting with vegetable oil until watery (optional) Set the tip in the piping bag and pour the frosting into the bag Part 3: Take the cupcakes out of the oven Set the cupcakes out to cool When cool use a knife or other utensil to poke a hole into the cupcake, make sure the hole is big enough to fit one fourth of the spoon or the piping tip, and make sure the hole goes a least halfway down Use piping bag or spoon and fill the cupcake until the frosting seeps into the bottom of the cupcake Frost and decorate however you like

Wow, it looks like it’s bleeding!

Pumpkin Patch Here are the supplies you’ll need: >Your favorite chocolate cake recipe or mix >A large flat cake pan >Plastic and metal spatula >Something to break up the cake with (preferably a metal spatula) >Pumpkin-shaped cookies or candies

Ooh, that's pretty easy!

Directions: Preheat oven to specified temperature according to cake mix or recipe Follow the cake recipe’s or mix’s directions to make the chocolate cake batter If the pan is not nonstick, line or spray the pan Pour cake mix into the pan and scrape out excess with the plastic spatula Place in the oven Once it is ready, take the cake out of the oven and wait for it to cool After it cools, use the metal spatula or other utensil to break up the cake until the whole cake is small chunks Patt down the surface to smooth it out Place the pumpkin decorations on top of the cake Variations: If you want to mix things up, you could turn this pumpkin patch into a graveyard!

photography by: Amber Zeng

N E E W O L L A H S E I V O M C I S S A L C By: Briana Dooley

1. Hocus Pocus (1993)-

If you haven’t seen Hocus Pocus, it’s a classic Halloween movie about a boy, Max, and his sister Dani, that takes place in Salem Massachusetts. In the city of Salem there’s a story about a boy seeing his sister get taken by three witches. 300 years after this, Max and Dani move in just in time for Halloween. On Halloween night Max, Dani, and their new friend Allison decide to go to the cottage that the old story takes place, only to find an old spell book and black flame candle that will summon the three witch sisters. If you liked Hocus Pocus, you may also like The Witches.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)-

The Nightmare Before Christmas is both a Halloween and Christmas classic. Jack Skellington, the mayor of Halloween Town, wants to change things up this year instead of doing the same thing like every year. As he wanders through the forest he finds a door and discovers something amazing, Christmas Town! He disappears for several days from his home to explore this newly found place . While Jack is there he learns all about the customs of Christmas. Jack plans to tell everyone in town about his experience in this town and how he wants to recreate it when he gets home. Before continuing on with his plan, Jack removes all the gifts Santa gave to the people Christmas town. Sally makes a him an outfit just like Santa’s and he goes around and delivers new gifts to the people of both Christmas and Halloween Town. In the end Jack talks to Santa after his plan didn’t go right and he helps Jack make everything okay again.

3. Scream (1996)-

Another good classic is a little bit scarier but you’ll definitely enjoy it, Scream. One year after Sidney Prescott's mom passed away her and her friends start to get suspicious phone calls from a random man. They soon find out that the calls had been coming from a psychotic, vengeful serial killer that wears a long white mask and a mysterious dark robe. When this strange man calls them he would ask many questions about scary movies. A local reporter, Gail Weathers, decides to try and figure out who this man is. As they’re investigating they find out that he could be the same person who killed Sidney’s mother the year before! When night lurks they will all soon discover who the man behind the mask is! If you enjoyed watching Scream.

4. The Addams Family (1991)-

The Addams Family is about a man who insists that he is the lost brother of Gomez Addams, Fester. They allow him to live in their home with welcoming arms but, Morticia feels that something is off. She starts to believe that he is not who he seems to be because, he can’t remember many parts of Fester’s life. He soon gets the entire Addams family kicked out of their home. Gomez later figures out that two men are plotting to steal the Addams’ money. Gomez now feels that he has to confront Fester about the situation.

photography by: Dixie Chatt

photography by: Briana Dooley

5. Halloween (1978)-

In Halloween, Michael Myers is in jail for the murder of his sister. 15 years later he breaks out of jail and travels to his hometown of Haddonfield to continue on killing people. On Halloween he begins to stalk teenager, Laurie Strode. Laurie soon notices Michael following her all through the day but, a few of her friends assure her that she’s just paranoid. While Laurie and her friend Annie are babysitting, Michael is watching them. When Annie leaves to go home while Laurie watches the kids for the rest of the night, Michael hides in the back of her car and murders her. A little bit after that happened he killed two more of Laurie’s friends. She had a bad feeling so she went over to the house her other two friends were killed in to find them dead and Michael ready to attack her also, not once but twice,she manages to get away. In the end Michael gets shot six times by Loomis but after he dies his body goes missing, concluding that he is in fact still alive and could be in any place.

6. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)-

Freddy Krueger enters teenagers dreams to kill them, in real life. Nancy realizes that a secret her and her friends have been keeping may be the key to this whole catastrophe. Her and Glen, her boyfriend, try to get to the bottom of it while they still can.

7. Pet Sematary (1989)-

The film Pet Sematary, based on Stephen King’s novel, is about the Creed family who had just moved into a new home. Right as they get to the house Their cat gets ran over on the highway Ellie, the daughter is devastated. Later, they go to the pet cemetery in the woods by their home with their one neighbor, Jud. He tells a story about how the cemetery was created many years ago and takes Louis, the dad, to the other side of the cemetery where he says to bury the cat to bring it back to life. Louis does as Jud says and the next day the Creed’s find their cat alive but not the same, he is evil this time. Many days later the Creed’s and Jud are having lunch and flying a kite. Louis lets Gabe, his son, fly the kite but he accidentally lets go and it moves closer to the highway. No one sees Gabe running toward it until Rachel, the wife, starts yelling to get him. Unfortunately, when Louis got to Gabe it was too late, he had been hit by a truck and died. After Gabe’s funeral Rachel decides to take Ellie to her parents house while Louis stays at their home. Louis makes the decision to bring Gabe back to life even though he knows it will end badly. Gabe kills Rachel and Jud, Louis has to figure out how to stop Gabe before it’s too late.

e i v o M y p p ! Ha s r e l i O , g n i h c t a W

Don’t Look Behind You F

By: Grace Galarga

ear. What is it? Why do we instinctively know to fear the unknown? Since the beginning of time,humans have always feared things that could potentially harm or kill them. For example, a big mountain lion. We fear the lion because we know that it could potentially kill us. We are aware that it is dangerous. But why do we fear something like clowns, which were created to make us laugh? Some think that the English poet William Blake put it perfectly: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” Infinitely many possibilities. Who is the person under all the clown makeup? Are they good;friendly? Do they want to hurt you? According to Lindsay Hoffman, a communications professor at the University of Delaware, “there is a stigma of the unknown for the obvious reasons that we are not sure and we do not understand the consequences. Psychology research suggests we generally like to be able to anticipate consequences. That’s why the act of falling can be so frightening; we don’t know what to expect when we land.” Scientifically, of course, the act of fear within the brain acts something like this: When we see something that frightens us, according to ScienceABC, the “amygdala is activated and,in turn, activates other regions of the brain, namely the hypothalamus.”

The hypothalamus then triggers our fight or flight response, which in the end, could determine whether we live or die, whether we fight or fly. To fully understand what scares us, we must first understand the different types of fear we can experience. What is the difference between horror and terror? One might think there is no difference at all. The definition of terror by Webster Dictionary is “a state of intense fear.” It is often described as the fear of what is to come. One feels terrified when they are anticipating something to happen; one could be terrified to pet a dog, because it may bite. Yet, one could also be terrified of taking a test. The actual fear doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to being terrified. Tests aren’t dangerous like a ‘ferocious’ dog. Yet one could be terrified of taking a test if they haven’t studied for it. The definition of horror has only a strand of difference, it is defined as “painful and intense fear, dread, or dismay.” According to Difference, horror is “the revulsion we feel when something we feared for actually happens.” Horror is when the your worst nightmare comes true. Underlying the walls of horror and terror, lies the unknown. Or, as described by robotics professor Masahiro Mori, the “uncanny valley.” The hypothesis states that as a robot is made to look more and more humanlike, the repulsion of humans increases. The area between a robot looking hardly human and just human enough is the uncanny valley. This applies to other things, such as clowns and masks. Something about them unsettles us, making us fear it, in a way. The term we are looking for is creepy. One would rather be ‘creeped out’ then horrified, wouldn’t you agree?

photography by: Grace Galarga

There are some things that just flat out scare us. For some, that may be spiders, one of the most common phobias. But, what is a phobia? It is not something that we fear in general, rather something that provokes us. A child could be playing in their crib when a large spider crawls on top of them. The child wouldn't know what to do and the whole experience would most likely scar them for a couple of years,or for the rest of their life. Some phobias also develop based on knowledge. Reportedly,we have heard enough about spiders to know that some are extremely poisonous to humans. Our minds then program us to take one look at a spider and immediately feel scared. Fear is something we will never truly understand, and perhaps something we never want to understand. We can’t fully explain what makes us tick, or why we may feel something behind us, turn around to be greeted by the sheer emptiness of it all. It could all be in our minds, or perhaps something far worse. The best we can do is hope that there was nothing behind us in the first place.

photography by: Grace Galarga

photography by: Grace Galarga


By: Katy Houchen

Within the halls of Huntington Beach High School, there is said to be a spirit roaming among us, the spirit of George. In APA our head of technical theater, Joe, has a story he has told to all APA kids about an old buddy of his, George. Now I am telling this story to all of the kids who aren't in APA, who have been curious about whether or not the Huntington Beach High School theater is truly haunted. A long time ago, there were two students, George and his girlfriend, who decided to try out for the school’s production of, 'Romeo and Juliet'. George and his girlfriend wanted to be Romeo and Juliet together, but George was not given the role of Romeo, but his girlfriend received the part of Juliet. Throughout the rehearsals of the play she ended up falling in love with the leading actor, who wasn’t George. Heartbroken, George pulled a "Romeo and Juliet" and committed suicide in the theater by hanging himself, he has since haunted the Huntington Beach High School Theater. He has broken things and made scary noises, shaken the curtains and ropes, and on occasion he's injured actors. To this day before every performance, the entire cast signs a program dedicated to George's ghost in hopes that he won't interrupt the show. There is also a “ghost light” that is left on in the theater; some claim that it is to keep the spirits happy. If you happen to walk by the loading dock garage and look inside you can see the ghost light to the far right of the stage. Students also claim they can see him up in the spotlight room, sitting in the window, watching them rehearse and perform. This story is one that will be told for many years to come within our high school, and one that will live in infamy. photography by: AKaty Houchen

photography by: Genesis Tapia

The House


Woud Street By: Genesis Tapia


young boy and girl, that go by the name of Josh and Raven, stand in front of an old haunted house. The house had shattered windows, rotting wood, the lawn going from a bright green to an awful brown as it withers away slowly, and when looking through the shattered windows, all that could be seen was darkness. Not an ounce of sunlight could be seen inside. Josh and Raven just barely moved in the town called Oak Berry, heard children at school talking about the house on Wood Street, saying that a man named Eugene hung himself on Halloween night for murdering his own child named Kevin and wife named Patricia. Every Halloween night, the day Eugene killed Kevin. Kevin would roam around the house searching for other children to play with, only for them to disappear without a trace. As Josh and Raven inspected the outside of the house they saw a dark, shadowy child like figure standing in front of the window. Josh and Raven could feel the penetrating eyes of the dark figure staring directly at them. The two young children turn to stare at each other, reassuring one anothereach other that they both see what’s in the window, but as they turn back to stare at the black figure it begins to fade away leaving fear inside the children. Both Raven and Josh had no idea what they signed up for. They accepted a dare from one of their classmates to go inside the haunted house on Halloween night and stay in there till the next day. As the sun begins to set, and Halloween just beginning to start, Raven and Josh begin to prepare to spend a terrifying night inside the haunted house. Slowly walking to the front door of the house Raven turns to Josh and asks, “Are you ready? If I can’t get ready for school, I don’t think I’ll be ready for tonight,” said Josh. When Josh pushed the door open it started to squeak when the door opened. “Here goes nothing” said Raven. Once inside the house the door slammed shut that made them jump to each other, spooked that the door closed suddenly.

It was pitch black when the door closed and nothing could be seen in front of them. “Start turning on the flashlights,” said Josh. “Let’s begin the night,” said Josh and both began venturing further inside the terrifying house. With little light they had with the flashlights they could see that parts of the house was chipping and withering away. Entering the living room there wasn’t much of anything that was unusual that caught Raven and Josh’s attention. Raven on the other side of the living and Josh near the fireplace began to search the place. Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps upstairs in one of the rooms, but only Josh heard the sound. “Did you hear that?” asked Josh to Raven. With a confused and scared look Raven said “What are you talking about, I don’t hear anything? Be quiet and just listen.” said Josh. Waiting patiently to hear what Josh heard, but nothing seemed to make a sound except for the sound of their breathing. Out of the corner of Raven's eyes she saw a black shadow. “Did you see that?” Raven said. “See what, I don’t see anything!” Josh said. “I swear I saw a black figure in the hall,” Raven said. “Nevermind, it must be my brain playing tricks on me.” said Raven. Out of nowhere there was a crash that came from upstairs. “Ok, I definitely heard that!” said Raven. As they were heading upstairs, there was a child lurking in the darkness watching them with a smile.

Once upstairs they entered a room that seemed to be a child's room, there was a small bed in the corner of the room, and toys laying on the ground covered with dust. “This room gives me the creeps!” Josh said. As both Raven and Josh were looking around the room Raven looked in the closet and found some sort of shrine with toys covering everywhere, but what toy looked different from all of them. And that was a stuffed bear that looked to be really old. “Hey Josh get a look at this,” said Raven. She took the doll from the shrine and walked over to Josh to show him what she found. “Is that suppose to be some kind of stuffed bear?” asked Josh. “Yea, it’s just that it’s really old and raggedy,” With a knowing look Josh looked at Raven and asked “Where did you get this from?” “I found it in the closet with other toys that looked like some kind of shrine. Why do you ask?” said Raven. Josh began walking towards the closet and had a frightening look at what he saw in the closet. “Raven you have no idea what you have just done,” Josh said. “What do you mean?” asked Raven. When Josh was about to answer her question, suddenly there was a strong gust of wind blowing, the sound of a child screaming, the last one that was worse was the whole house shaking. As if there was an earthquake happening. “We need to get out of here now!” josh said. Pulling Raven my the wrist, Josh and Raven ran down the stairs to the front door to leave, but what was shocking was that the door was locked and wouldn’t budge open. “The door won’t open” Josh said. “What do you mean it won’t open, here let me try,” asked Raven. When she was walking to the door, the spirit of Kevin appeared asking them “Please help me,” Josh being the smart one began walking backwards, but didn’t notice that Raven began walking toward the boy taking his hand. “NOO!” screamed Josh, but it was too late.

The spirit of Kevin and Raven began to fade as if they were going to disappear, the house also started to shake when Ravena and Kevin were fading. The windows were shaking, parts of the house began to fall apart, and suddenly Raven started to scream as if she was being burned alive. Then everything stopped, the spirit of Kevin disappeared, the house stopped shaking, and Raven stopped screaming but fainted. Josh ran toward her and caught. He took her to the living and slayed her down on the couch and began shaking her to wake her up. Finally she woke up with a gasp and sat up looking around. “Are you ok, what happened?” asked Josh. She sat up and turned “What are you talking about, I feel fine”. “But a few minutes ago you were screaming in agony” Josh said. “Nope I’m all fine” said Raven. “Ok then let's go home.” “No!” screamed Raven. “ I think we should stay a little longer,” Raven said” “I don’t think so, not when a ghost of a child made you scream!” “I’m leaving with or without you Raven!” screamed Josh. Suddenly the Raven that was standing in front of Josh wasn’t his Raven anymore. Instead there was a Raven that had an evil aura around her, sinister smile plastered on her face, and her eyes were pure black. Walking slowly towards Josh, Raven spoke to Josh with a deep, dark voice saying, “No one's leaving, we’re all staying and we’re going to play forever and ever.” Josh tried bolting to the door but couldn’t because the possessed Raven grabbed his wrist. His wrist started to burn where Raven grabbed him, then he started to scream as if his soul was being ripped out. From the outside of the haunted house, there was children trick-or-treating and having a blast, not noticing the screams that were going on in the house on Wood Street.

Hallway Of Sleep By: Kat Beason Softly I creep Down the hallway of sleep Further and further I go, Time seeming more and more slow. My steps unsteady And my breaths are heavy. Wood floor creaking Sleep is what I thought I was seeking Surely this is a dream I can feel I’m going to scream But I am incapable This hallway is inescapable It is getting harder and harder to see Anything in front of me I am now empty of breath, For now I fear death. Softly I creep, Down the hallway of sleep. Further and further I go, Time seems to come to a whoa.

photography by: Grace Galarga

Blue Baby Blue By: Andrea Cervantes

Everyone knows your typical scary games that everyone used to play such as Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie, etc. These fun, scary games always grab the attention from many people who believe whether they are real or not. I myself thought that I could try one of these many games that have been heard to leave impact on many people. Baby Blue is a game that is rumored to be connected with Bloody Mary. As the story goes Bloody Mary is said to be the mother of Blue. One day Mary was getting tired of Blue’s crying so she grabbed a piece of glass and killed Blue. Sounds fun right? So now let’s discuss how to play this game. To play the game you you must go into the restroom by yourself, lock the door, and stare into the mirror as if you are staring into someone's eyes, as you stare into the mirror you must hold up your arms as if you are holding a baby. As you hold the baby start cradling it while chanting these words “ Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times. When you repeat these words you will soon start feeling a weight in your arms, almost as if you are actually carrying a baby. When you are cradling the baby you will be able to feel something scratching you, almost as if you are being scratched by a baby. After you finish you must flush the baby in the toilet and run out as quick as possible. If you don't do it in time then a woman in white will be seen in the mirror and will scream at you “Give me my baby back!” causing the mirror to break. If you are still holding the baby, the woman will kill you.

On September 19th at 8:35 PM I decided to attempt this myth for myself. It was silent in the house, since I was by myself, which meant it was the perfect time to attempt this game. I decided to turn off the lights in every single room excluding the living room to see if it might affect the outcome of this experience. I walked into the restroom and closed both doors making sure to lock them right after. Soon going into position I started the chant. For the first 3 times of cradling the “baby” I didn’t really feel much of a weight but as soon as I said it the 7th time it felt as if I was holding something heavy, like a sack of potatoes. As I continued I didn't feel anything else just the heavy weight. Right when I finished I made sure to flush the “baby” in the toilet, unlocking the door and running out. The idea of the game made me very anxious, but as I experience the game I can say that the results weren’t surprising. Nothing happened after I walked out, I still had all the lights off but I didn’t feel as if any demons were watching over me. The weight that I felt could have been an allusion to my thoughts of actually wanting some type of results. But as much as I say I don't believe this game to be true, I still think that this myth can possibly be true and that my experience was just a way to demonstrate what to do when you’re playing this game. It’s all up you now, will you experience this horrific game for yourself? And remember make sure you do everything correctly or the woman in white might want her baby back!

photography by: Andrea Cervantes

photography by: Andrea Cervantes


alloween is a beloved holiday that is celebrated every year on the 31st of October. The origins of Halloween can be traced back to parts of Ireland, the UK, and France, where the celts lived. 2,000 years ago they celebrated the festival of Samhain on October 31st, and on that day, the line that separated the living and the dead became hazy. They wore costumes and made sacrifices to appease the dead that were known to wander the world of the living. Eventually, the celts were taken over by the romans to which some parts of Samhain carried on through the creation of All Saints’ Day. The night before was known as All Hallows’ Eve which evolved into the holiday we know today.

Why do we dress up? During the ancient celtic festival, the festival of Samhain, as well as its counterpart, All Hallows’ Eve, people believed that demons and evil spirits roamed the earth and terrorized the living. To protect themselves from danger, people wore costumes of demons to disguise their humanity.

What are the origins of trick-or-treating? Before, on All Hallows’ Eve, children and poor adults dressed up and marched from house to house. At each door, each resident was prompted with the phrase “Trick-ortreat?”. Upon, refusal of edible treats, the resident could be seen gathering various belongings that had been strewn about the street by the mischievous trick-or-treaters.

Where do jack-o-lanterns come from? Jack-o-lanterns’ origins can be traced to an ancient irish myth called “Stingy Jack”. The story goes as follows: Stingy Jack invited the Devil to a drink,and tricked him into turning into a coin. To prevent him from changing back, Jack placed a silver cross near him. To prevent him from changing back, Jack placed a silver cross near him. Eventually, he released him on one condition; that if he died the Devil wouldn’t claim his soul and the Devil would not bother jack for one year. However later that year Jack died, and because both God and the Devil refused to claim his soul, he was given one piece of burning coal to wander the endless night. He put this piece of coal into a hollowed turnip to illuminate his path, and this makeshift light was called a Jack O’Lantern, short for Jack of the Lantern. People later made replicas of his lantern to scare off wandering spirits from their homes.

What is the history of popular Halloween candy? Before the 1950s, children received all sorts of different things, from sweets to toys. However, when companies began marketing candy as a halloween treat the popularity of the cheap, sweets skyrocketed. Within these companies, there are many interesting connections. For example, Milton Hershey was the creator of Hershey's milk chocolate bar. Later on, a worker at Hershey’s factory was inspired by his success and went on to create his own candies. His name was Burnett Reese, the creator of the Reese’s peanut butter cup. At the same time, Frank Mars created the instant best selling canding, the milky way bar, and other popular candies like snickers and the three musketeers bar. His son eventually joined the business, but after a falling-out with his father, he left the company. Forrest Mars then partnered with Bruce Murrie, the son of a Hershey’s executive, and launched M&Ms which stands for Mars and Murrie.

History of Halloween By: Amber Zeng

photography by: Dixie Chatt


d e t n au


H t s o By: Andrea Cervantes M

untington Beach is known for having family oriented places for people to visit while they are in town. As everyone knows Surf City is just the place to go to have fun with family and friends. Many people don’t really look into the depths of many place in Huntington.Some of the places you go to have haunting pasts and you might not even know.

Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery As people take their pets after they have passed to get a proper burial, some unwelcomed guess usually come to join the memorial as well. A boy named Jesus is known to lurk the place in search of his mother. Before the Pet Cemetery was there, it was a run down place that gang members used to hold their gang rituals at. The story is that Jesus was supposed to participate in one of these rituals but refused, which led to the gang becoming upset and causing the boy’s death.

Newland House As people visit many house one of the most visited is the oldest house in Huntington Beach. The Newland House is the oldest residence in Huntington Beach so you should expect for there to be some type of haunted story dealing with this house. As you go into this house it is known to be able to hear a baby crying. Some have said that They sometimes see a woman sitting in a rocking chair cradling her baby. Doors are known to be opened from left to right. If you ever plan to visit this house, watch out for any ghosts that may be watching over you!

Huntington Beach Pier Everyone knows that if you are coming to Huntington Beach you are most likely going to the beach, if so you will most likely wonder upon the pier. The pier is known for great times and fun, but not only that, it’s also known for many deaths and other mysteries as well. During the 60s and 70s Huntington was both at their best and worst. During this time people loved going to the beach more specifically the pier. People loved going to the little shops to buy souvenirs as well as other places to eat. Before the stores and other places that we have today on the pier were few little knick knack shops one being a shell shack. One day the owner, Erma, was found strangled to death in the back of her store. No one knows what happened to her, all they know is that she was murdered. People stay that she still lingers the area in search of her murderer. Ghost are everywhere and as time goes on they will increase in number. You never know what can possibly be lingering at your go-to spots or even possibly your own home. Always make sure you know where you are going and who you are taking because you never know if any uninvited guest might be ready to crash the party!

photography by: andrea cervantes

photography by: andrea cervantes

photography by: andrea cervantes

Holiday Traditions & Celebrations : DAY-OF-THE-DEAD By: Moses Sandoval

“Day of the Dead” or more commonly known by the people of Mexico “Dia De Los Muertos” is a typically Latin American custom that combines indigenous Aztec ritual with Catholicism (brought to the region by Spanish conquistadors) in which most of Latin America honors their ancestors. They can celebrate the death of a child, dear friend, or fallen warrior/soldier. Usually, this celebration goes on for two to three days. Dates being October 31- September 2 and it’s most commonly celebrated at sundown. Due to the festive lights and candle lighting. You can celebrate this holiday from the comfort of your home, which is usually done to keep it private, or the festivity of the streets. All ages are invited to participate in this important celebration. Most christians around the world say they participate in the “Day of the dead” which honestly doesn't mean a thing since it’s a Catholic based finish sentence, but if that means something to them that's fine. Pan De Muertos (Bread of the dead) and Sugar Skulls are some of the generic foods in the celebration of the Dia de los Muertos. Pan de Muertos, is a sweet bread with red sugar to resemble blood. Calabaza en Dulce, or pumpkin candy and hot chocolate are the deserts being served during the three days. The fruit is for decorating the altar. The Tamales, and Mole Negro or Black Mole are the main course meal.

Before we start the alter, we first need to clean the area with aromatic herbs. We need to clean in 4 directions. First north, then south, next is east, and finally west. To make the altars we can use cardboard, or wood to build the 7 levels or steps. First, we make the primary level. It’s bigger than the others. From there we build one by one until we complete the 7 levels, each smaller than the other. Finally, we cover them with a black or white cloth. Decoration Steps: On the first step we place the picture of a religious image or our favorite picture of the dead. The second step is just for the souls in purgatory. On the third step we put salt for the children placed in purgatory. On the fourth layer goes the “pan de muertos.” This bread is decorated with red sugar to symbolize blood. Sometimes, the bread is made for the relatives of the dead as a means of consecration. The fifth layer is for the dead’s favorite food, fruit, and beverages. The sixth step is for a picture of the dead familiar. And on the seventh and final slab we put a cross. Day of the dead is celebrated throughout October 31- November 2, and if your looking for something interesting to celebrate. Go ahead and enjoy celebrating your ancestors. If you got any you want to honor, or just enjoy the festive lights and foods. Merry Day of the Dead.

photography by: Dixie Chatt


John Lennon October 9, 1940 John Lennon, the voice of The Beatles, grew up at 251 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool with his aunt and uncle. He kept in contact with his mother, until her death in 1958. He formed the Quarrymen in March 1957, and in July the same year met Paul McCartney. The duo quickly bonded, and began writing and rehearsing songs together. John’s first completed song was Hello Little Girl, a hit for the group. The lead singer was shot and killed outside of his New York apartment in Dec. 8, 1980.

Eleanor Roosevelt October 11, 1884 Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, is known for being the longest-serving First Lady. She was married to Franklin D. Roosevelt, and was by his side for his four terms in office. She was an American politician, diplomat, and activist who served as a United Nations spokeswoman. She was born in New York, but when her mother died she went to live Grandmother Hall. In her circle of friends, she met Franklin D. Roosevelt and bore six children. After her husband died, she moved to cottage. She died on November 7, 1962 and was buried next to her husband.

Pablo Picasso October 25, 1881 Born in Malaga, Spain he is known for being a legend. His father also worked as an artist, and was a professor in at a school for fine arts. He studied under his father for a year, before moving to Paris. In Paris, he learned new techniques and styles, for which he is known for today. In a span of over 78 years, he created: 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings, and 34,000 illustrations which were used in books. He also made 300 sculptures and ceramic pieces. It has been estimated that 350 of his art, has been stolen.

A Look Through A Skeptic's Mind.

By: Sheldon Stires, Carter Bernard, Angie Martinez, & Genesis Tapia Conspiracy Of The Month You die in a dream and wake up because we don’t know what death is like.

Main Theory Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Everyone thinks about death but no one knows what happens when you die. Now when you’re dreaming and you come to a sudden death, 99% of the time you’ll wake up. Now you may think you wake up out of fear, but did you ever think that there may be more than waking up from a dream you died in.

Evidence We don’t know a lot about dreams in general. However, we do know that every item, every place and every face we’ve seen when we’re awake will appear in a dream if we think about it. Basically, everything we know can and will appear in a dream. We, however, do not know what will happen when we die. So when we dream and "die," we will instinctively wake up. There is also the fact that dreams can have meaning to what we feel in our subconscious. So why do we even die in our dreams in the first place?. Dreams about death tie into our lives by symbolizing the ending of something in our life, a period of time, a job, or a relationship, but the symbolism doesn't end there. It can even indicate a resolution to anger or anxiety.

Conclusion Though we will never have any idea what it will be like to experience death, it is certain we don’t know if this theory is true or not. For all we know we just wake up out fear. It is interesting to think that when we have a nightmare we might just wake up because we don’t know what death like. Remember next time you have a nightmare and you wake up after ‘dying’ just think you don’t know what it’s like.

y r e t s y M A s I y r o t s i H By: Izzy Agnello

October 31: Halloween was believed to be developed from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celtic people would wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off unwanted spirits. Years later Pope Gregory III developed All Saints’ day to honor saints and martyrs. Some Samhain traditions were incorporated into All Saints’ Day. The evening before became All Hallows’ Eve. Now Halloween is a secular holiday in America revolving around dressing up in costumes, trick or treating, horror movies, and theme park fright nights. October 6, 1927: The first Feature-length movie with spoken dialogue is premiered. The Jazz Singer is a musical film, meaning not only did the movie had spoken dialogue, it had music along with it. The plot follows a Jewish man, Jakie Rabinowitz, who goes against tradition and begins singing in a beer garden. When his father discovers his secret, Jakie runs away. Jakie finds his way to becoming a talented jazz singer, but his home and heritage begin to get in the way. This remarkable film is now considered one of the best films in American history October 30, 1938: As a Halloween episode of the radio series, The Mercury Theatre on the Air, Orson Welles narrates an adaptation of H.G. Wells’s novel The War of the Worlds (1898). Most radio listeners missed the introduction that the show was a radio drama and not actually happening. This lead to the public to believe the world was being attacked by martians. .

October 2, 1950: The comic strip Peanuts, by Charles Schulz is first published. Peanuts are said to be the longest story of a person’s life. Over 17,897 strips had been published in the 50 years that they were in papers. The Peanuts wasn’t only a strip, they developed into television specials, a show, and even a movie released in 2015. Charlie Brown and his friends still influence the lives of children today. October 1, 1971: Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, Walt Disney himself could not see his company's accomplishment. The now enormous resort was a loved vision of Disney. Roy Disney, Walt’s brother, oversaw the completion of the park and named it Walt Disney World, after his late brother. October 7, 2003: California Governor Gray Davis was recalled from office and was replaced with actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger was a republican candidate who won the spot of California governor with a total of 4,206,284 votes. This was a 1.3 million votes over his leading opponent Cruz Bustamante. While some say he was not a good choice for governor. Officials say he was just working with the wrong people when he was in office. October 20, 2010: International Sloth Day was established 7 years ago by the AIUNAU Foundation, a Columbia based nonprofit conservation and animal preserve. The purpose of this unofficial holiday is to praise the slow moving, tree dwelling animals and to raise awareness about the sloths natural habitat and life cycle. You can celebrate the sloth by visiting them at a zoo, learning about their environment and habits, or even act like a sloth and spend the day doing nothing at all.


(Day 1. September 13th, 2017). My name is Candy Hart-Peratt, and I will be Huntington Beach High School’s personal monthly guinea pig. In this column, I will be taking on new challenges that are popular on the internet and ideas that have been submitted by you, our readers. This week I will be completely dropping one of the most time-consuming activities in my day-to-day life: social media. Throughout a five day time period, I will be going all day and night without a single Snapchat streak or pin on Pinterest. This task is sure to be daunting, but hopefully in the end, it will be worth it. Day 1: I have already noticed a difference. Without my social media, I am forced to interact with my peers more in school. The hallways seem overwhelmingly crowded, and suddenly, I’ve become acutely aware of my surroundings. Despite this change, it wasn’t too bad. Day 2: This day was harder than the first, if that is even possible. My daily morning routine consists of waking up at 5 a.m. with a cup of coffee and sending my snapchat streaks. I felt as I woke up that I was missing something all morning, and I couldn’t help but check my phone over and over again as if awaiting communication with my friends. Day 3: When I woke this morning, I couldn’t take it, and admittedly, I downloaded the little yellow app with the ghost icon. I had to send my morning streaks. It was a shameful moment of weakness, and I left it on my phone for the rest of the day.

Day 4: This was a fresh start for me knowing that I had completely slacked off the previous day. I had to get focused and get my head in the game. So with some help from my dear friend, Ashley, who took care of my streaks, I pulled it together. I decided to finish the rest of the week strong without any social media. I spent my 24 hours of boredom sketching and reading instead of mindlessly scrolling on my pocket-sized screen. Day 5: This was the finish line. By this time in the week, I honestly didn’t feel as though I was missing out on much. I did realize that I had picked up much more books and even finished all of my homework before 10 p.m. This, if you know me, is quite the achievement. Overall, these past five days were quite the whirl wind for me. Living without social media was quite the challenge. Our generation tends to check our phones before the sun rises; abandoning that small, digital square of comfort can sound like a true horror story. However, this experiment was truly eye opening. If you are up to the challenge, I recommend abandoning social media for a short amount of time. It may give you a new perspective on your life, your free time, and the people within our orange and black clad hallways.

Grimalkin By: Carter Bernard Winds were howling from the stormy night, the breeze carried leaves of gold and red, bright against the dark gray sky as rain struck the ground. I came out of the dark and misty wood to a drenched gravel path decorated with dead twisted thorn bushes, they looked like tentacles with claws, the whole thing out of place in the forest. “Maybe there will be shelter.” I thought to myself. Walking forward onto the gravel and leaving behind the forest of oaks, I continued my journey to escape the destructive storm behind me. Going through the brush that ended the path, and stumbling through, I found myself setting my eyes upon an old wreck of a building, I sauntered toward the only source of shelter that had not yet been destroyed by the storm, a broken sign I passed said, “Tom’s Dallas Gentle Homes Home for the Mentally Insane” The words ‘Dallas Gentle Homes’ was scratched out, but as if with a ruler. Passing the sign and disregarding it I walked towards the asylum and onto the the concrete walk surrounding it, making my way through broken doors that were lying inward to the building, like they were rammed, and into a main hallway. In the middle of the hall letting in light across the weed ridden floor was a crack in the ceiling, not too big but it made the the light streaking across the floors and wall look like lightning. Looking towards the center of the hall I noticed that a chair was astray in the hallway, going up to it I moved it to the wall where the light hit, I sat in it and wanted to rest, but couldn’t stay for too long. “The storm will be here in no time, I'll have to leave soon.” I thought to myself “Why leave? You're safe here, just sleep, and let your soul drift away into sleep.” Was spoken in my mind. This comforting voice was convincing and I accepted it as my own laziness, but I

instead the drive in me decided not to be a Jane Doe in a morgue and that it was better to move. Resting for another minute my mind started to slip away and I saw a dancing image in my head. “A cat?” “No” I had thought to myself “it has red eyes.” Thunder creeping closer had prompted me, and so I rose out of the chair, it creaked when it was relieved of my weight. After collecting myself I moved into the darkness of the hall and I took out a flashlight, turning it on, it was shining so bright it was almost blinding. Observing the rooms that started to appear at each side of the halls passage, I thought this was where they kept the craziest people. The walls inside the rooms were made of white patting and locked from the outside, just like any other, but these seemed to have blood on parts of the walls. Looking behind me, and thinking, I guessed that I must have come through an exit adjacent to the entrance, weird I didn’t notice. Walking faster the echos of each step got louder and louder, seeming to be the only sound able to be heard as the storm outside becomes quieter the deeper I went into this maze of crossing pitch black halls, turning a corner my light goes out and everything is dim but somewhat able to be made out, I push on. Getting tired I start to pace myself “How big is this place?” I wondered in my head “I’m not completly sure, but I think it goes on for-what is it? Miles, yards, feet? I could never grasp how big those are compared to each other.”

I was weirded out, feeling almost like that was not me inside my own head. Walking along I came to a door and I tried the knob, I was not very visible so it was hard to see if there was a lock or if it was rusted shut, for a second I almost panicked, but, instead I calmly turned around walked a few steps… Turned back around and charged it! Bam! It didn’t budge and it ricocheted me to the ground, my head bounced from impact. Groaning I put my hand on the part where it hurt, and it felt more wet than before, I didn't care though I could deal with it later of it was a problem, and it was, my hair was already wet so what were the chances? So I put it out of mind. Walking around I turned a corner and say the door from the other side. “How?” I thought, looking around myself it turned out a wall must have been knocked down, for rubble was nicely stacked to a side, I was irritated. Having found a way around the door my once fast stride crumbled to a slow walk, my already weak vision started to blur, feeling dizzier with each step as the voice came through again only no longer able to hide itself within my head, no matter how badly hurt my mind was it came through. “Hey… slow down don’t ya? Relaxss. You're so tired that you can barely pick up your feet, I can guide you through here just let me help you.” The voice said. “I can help you.” Said another

My feet started to drag but not in a normal way, it was like invisible ropes were tightly wrapped around my legs, however I pushed on through that stupid hall. I came to came to a crossing path, forward, left, and right. The voice came again. “Ugh! Come on! Slow down won’t ya I can’t find up to your sluggish butt. Oh, there you are. Good, we can get out now.” I got distracted by the voice even when trying to ignore it and I tripped on my own feet, dropping to the ground, the broken flashlight was released from my right hand. Rolling around on the ground it pointed behind me. I twisted my body to look behind me and saw two red eyes poke through the dark past the flashlight. “There you are.” It said “NO! Don’t stop!” the other boomed from down the hall. Shocked I looked back down the hall at where the loud voice resonated from, and then looked back at the Red eyes, when suddenly light shone at them, revealing a black cat skipping towards my direction, the flashlight started to work again. “Get away!” I shouted. “It’s okay, Follow me. Or do you want to be eaten by the demon?” The thoughts of this cat were inside of my mind and so it had no real voice but instead it just put it’s words in my head. The cat stood a few feet from me, waiting, but another cat jumped out of the darkness and tackled the other cat, it had green eyes. The red eyed cat roared, it’s eyes were almost pupiless from the anger of being pinned down, both their teeth were shining white as they hissed and struggled, the cats were almost exactly the same, same fur, same face, same body, except the eyes. I stood up and took a step back, picked up the flashlight, and took another step back but the light moved from the cats. They both freeze and the red eyed cat turned it’s head towards me slowly and stared at me, it’s pupils were slits and got so wide they almost covered the red in them.

It dissipated into the shadows. The green eyed cat looked looked away from where other cat was and directed itself towards me. “We need to go,” the other cat said sternly, and it ran past me I had not noticed how all my energy and vision were back. “Why is there a Demon cat and who are you?” I asked while walking next to it. “It’s not a cat, it’s just a Demon making itself look like me, it trapped me when I wandered in here a long time ago, probably because of my specialties,” The cat said aloud back to me, and it winked, I guessed it can just talk. ‘Like a human?’ I thought. “Okay. What’s your name? Mz. Claws?” I asked “No. It’s Kat.” They responded “Cat?” I thought I said it right, I did, but I didn’t think it right. “No, Kat.” Kat says correcting me. “Cat.” I say again. “Kat!” They yell. “We’re saying the same thing!” I yelled back “Nooooo, I’m saying it with a ‘K‘, a ‘Kaayy’, okay so what’s yours. ‘Human’?” Kat says annoyed and sarcastic. “My name?” I tried to think of something “My name isssss… oh! Its Tye” I said, a pretty bad I feel like it sounded like I made it up, much more than I wanted it to, especially because I did make it up. “Hmph.” Kat acknowledged in a dismissive way. We continued through the dark hall until, in the distance, it looked like there was… Light. Almost like fire. For it was. The demon stood in front of us in a twisted and mangled form, ablaze, with eyes now black as the surrounding hall. Kat turned their head to me and said, “Run in there!” Kat gestured to an open room to our side, this one looked even more disgusting than the others but I didn’t care. I dashed in, and slammed the door behind me. I was panting when two Voices broke the silence. “Wow you sure are dumb” “I know. Riiiight?” My breathing halted and terror seeped through my mind.

Turning around slowly I saw two cats next to each other. One with red eyes and the other, with green. “Kat?” I asked unsure. “Yeeaah, remeember meee?” It answered “We like to put on this little charade for everyone that comes here, vloggers, weirdos, and you” The other cat answered “Now now, let’s do this” “Do wha- ehg!” Before I could answer the two cats swirled together and sent a twisting spike from themselves into my torso. Laughing together they slowly drew themselves out of my chest and curling their sharp spike, leaving a gaping cavity in me, it felt like I was in slow motion and so unreal. I fell to the ground. Everything was so cold, my body felt like it ice water was filling me as if i were pitcher, and slowly everything went dark. I woke up in the chair, and saw a white blue eyed cat before me, it’s ears twitched and it felt the air with the long whiskers on their face. I stared at it and it stared at me. My chest was burning where I they had stabbed me, but there was no cavity, and my head hurt only a little from hitting the door but it was not wet with blood. The cat turned and walked out the door of the asylum, but just outside of it the cat turned and waited, staring back at me. As I got up a tiny bottle feel from my pocket. My prescription for headaches and chest pain, I must've forgotten to take it because of the storm, and had a nightmare where the pain worked it’s way into my dream, but the cat? I was not sure about the cat. However the storm was over and I wanted to find some help and get out of here, so I stood up and went to the cat. “Hi” I said. “Hello. Tough day?”

Emma's Easel By: Emma Ford

Q: What do you love about your style of art? What

other art styles do you like?

A: “What I like most about my art style is that I can

express any emotions onto the page. I just love how I can make anything out of how I feel and it really helps me clear my mind. I love and appreciate all art styles. In particular, I like abstract paintings, portraits, sculptures and tribal art.�

Charlotte Castagna, 15, Sophomore at HBHS

Q: What do you love most about your artwork, and

do you think that you’ll take up a career in some type of art?

A: “The thing I love most about my artwork is that

it is perfectly unique and special to me. I happen to love the long, grueling process it takes for me to ‘perfect’ my work to the best of my abilities and the feeling I get when I finally, successfully complete something. As much as I would love to take up a career in the arts, I have other passions I am more excited about and looking forward to in my future.”

Malorie Glascoe, 15, Freshman at HBHS

Q: When did you start getting interested in art,

and what type of class have you taken in the arts?

A: “Fine art has been a big part of my life. I’ve

done fashion design, fashion illustration, costume design, and so many other classes. My freshman year, I took AP Art History and AP Studio Art and this year, as a sophomore, I’m taking AP Art and Costume Design. My favorite style of art is painting, but I also have an interest in drawing.”

Karen Fisher, 15, Sophomore at HBHS

"Social Networking" By: Ally Brodmann Breaking news! It turns out that teenagers are being influenced by social media platforms. I am not kidding. Teenagers have officially mastered the art of tapping, texting, and trolling rather than doing their homework. All jokes aside, I don’t know how much longer we can be surprised about the impact social media has on our lives, both negatively and positively. The influence of social media on teenagers is specifically important. It is only because this group is “developmentally vulnerable” but also because we are among the heaviest users of social networking. Around ninety percent of teenagers use their social media platforms on a daily basis. That’s a lot. Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, a clinical psychologist from Massachusetts, has mentioned that teenagers are “missing out on very critical social skills.” When friendships are being formed over the internet, relationships are stripped from the more personal—and sometimes intimidating—aspects of communication. Modern communication requires only looking at a bright, little screen rather than talking to an actual person. Specialists are concerned that social media platforms have become so built-in to teenage life and are promoting anxiety and lowering self-esteem. In recent publications, scientists have confirmed that Instagram is most damaging to an individual’s mental health. This particular app is associated with not only cyberbullying but high levels of anxiety and depression.

Snapchat comes along in second place. Researchers have discovered that the more social media apps one uses, the more likely the person is to develop a mental illness. But aside from that, social media has multiple good points too! These social networking platforms have allowed people of all shapes and sizes to express themselves through music, fashion, etc. It is a lot harder to feel embarrassed over something on the internet than it is in person. People have been given the chance to speak their minds about certain topics and raising awareness for certain issues. Youtube, for example, is one platform that has allowed people to talk to each other and spread positivity. It is also a quick way to keep in touch with family members or friends who might live far away. Students at Huntington Beach High School have taken a poll which answers that most teenagers use Snapchat on a daily basis (more than 50%). Instagram is next, followed by Twitter and other apps not mentioned in the poll. Social media will never be all bad or all good. It is somewhere in between. So, what do you think? Is social media is good… or bad? It is left up to you to decide what really matters in your life and how much of this virtual life relates to real life.

photography by: Ally Brodmann


N A R F E H T T A R E OV There, over the horizon. Do you see it? A light in a castle stands in the fog, waiting for you to enter. Do you dare? For if you do, you may never want to leave. What’s happening over at the Frankenstein place? Oh, honey. Just you wait and see. If you were looking for a nice castle to spend your weekend, this may not be the one. We’re talking about Dr. Frank-NFurter’s place, where murder is a daily occurrence and fishnet stockings are a necessity. Amongst all the cult classics birthed in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s came one of the most well-known oddity: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s grossly obscure, terribly taboo, and above all amazingly entertaining. Rocky Horror has that dose of nostalgia that you didn’t know you needed. It’s cannibalism, it’s gore, it’s magical, it’s sexy and it’s definitely something that should be added to your Halloween movie collection (or any movie collection, really.) The story revolves around the couple Brad and Janet (played by Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick), who get lost one stormy night and make their way into a large, scary looking castle (known as the Frankenstein place) and essentially have the night of their lives. They’re greeted by a self-proclaimed ‘sweet transvestite’ mad scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter (played by Tim Curry) from the planet ‘Transexual Transylvania’ as well as a posse of unusual glitter covered beings from the same planet. A mad night of lust and murder ensues, all played out with an iconic soundtrack that seeps 70’s flare.

By: Grace Galarga

O'Brien was experimenting with something would become his claim to fame. He combined 50’s rock with the newfound glam rock of the 70’s, along with his love for B-roll horror movies and of course, a dash of science fiction to create the stage show of what is now known as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The stage show became widely popular in London, and eventually moved to Broadway. The Broadway show was predicted to be a huge success, something like Jesus Christ Superstar. Unfortunately, it wasn’t it’s time. In 1975, the show closed after a dismal 45 performances despite the 3 Tony nominations for it that year. It appeared that it was the end of rocky horror and that the idea was simply too extraordinary for the stage. In 1976, however, there was a glimmer of hope. O'Brien and the team behind rocky horror didn’t want to let it go just yet. It was relaunched as a midnight movie at the Waverly Theatre in New York City. And the rest is history. Are you interested in heading over to the Frankenstein place? Do you want to get lost in the decadence and the sin? Or is it all a little bit...too much? I say give it a chance and let yourself fall into the spell that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show this Halloween.

artwork by: Gracie Briquelet

Forgotten ClassicsTrashcan Sinatras By: Natalie Han With a sound similar to The Smiths and Aztec Camera, The Trashcan Sinatras earned a name for themselves for their pop melodies, jangly guitar, and sly lyrics. The band emerged from Irvine, Scotland in 1986. Originally, the Trashcan Sinatras started out as a cover band which consisted of Davy Hughes, Frank Reader, George McDaid and Paul Forde who knew each other from school. Their unusual name came from their music class where they would play unconventional objects such as trashcans. One time, during their class, someone had said Frank Sinatra's name and thus The Trashcan Sinatras were born. The band was influenced by Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, and The Go-Betweens who were all signed to the record label “Postcard Records.” During 1987, the band played in various pubs and sparked the interest of Simon Dines who signed to the record label “Go! Disc!.”The group then bought their own recording studio ,which they lovingly named “Shabby Road,” and began to work on their debut album. Their first official studio album Cake came out late June of 1990 and gained popularity in the States with “Obscurity Knocks”. Three years later, the band released their follow up album I’ve Seen Everything which was met with good reviews but it sadly was drowned out by the popular music genre of the time: grunge. In 1996, their third album, A Happy Pocket was only released in the UK and Japan. Soon after, their record label was acquired by Universal and the band was dropped. The Trashcan Sinatras then had to fend for themselves in the independent scene. Their misfortune did not stop there however, the band was forced to declare bankruptcy and sell their Shabby Road studio. The Trashcan Sinatras did not give up though. The band continued on with the support of their cult following, and in 2004 released their fourth album Weightlifting. After that, the band was able to release two more albums: Fez and In The Music.

The Trashcan Sinatras best album, in my opinion, is their debut “Cake”. Their following albums had some good songs, but never quite captured the energy of their first. The entire album, which included ten songs, was just so well put together with “Obscurity Knocks” shining through. The backbone of the song is the acoustic guitar as gives depth while the profound lyrics are carried by the catchy melodies. My favorite lyrics of the track “Oh I like your poetry but I hate your poems, Calendars crumble I’m knee deep in numbers” because of how paradoxical and obscure it is. The lyric openness gives room to various interpretations which only adds to the the beauty of the song. The album also contains great songs like “Funny” which is a bit slower than the others and contains a smart melody in it. There is also “Circling the Circumference” which is high energy song and has an intro reminiscent of Gun N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’Mine”. During the golden age of grunge in the 90’s, the Trashcan Sinatras never achieved the stardom that they should have. Their cult following still remains loyal to them and have increased their following since their beginnings.

Beautifully Cruel World By: Kat Beason When we are small, young, and naive, The world is a beautiful place. You find joy and beauty in anything and everything. Then you grow a little older‌ You learn bad from good. You know consequence. You know pain. Then the years go on You will learn heartbreak and hatred You will learn death, for it is inevitable. But you can still cherish the good things, and enjoy the time you have now. For we all fight our wars but only win battles‌ Until your war is finally over. And then this, photography by: Grace Galarga

Your beautifully cruel world, Will topple to its end.

photography by: Dixie Chatt


You may see the word faux and associate with other words, such as “cheap,” or “fake” come to mind. While those words may have been relevant a few years ago, the fashion world is a constantly changing place where past trends that were once considered uncool, can become relevant once again. For this issue, we are going to be focusing on one of those comeback fashion stars, faux textiles. What do faux textiles include? Simply put, a faux textile is a mimic or imitation of the real thing. Popular faux textiles include fur, crocodile, pearls, leather, alligator, and suede. As you may have already noticed, faux fur coats are becoming the statement piece of the year, and coming in some crazy colors! Since faux fur is made from synthetic fibers, you can have it be any color combination humanly possible, something you can’t do with a real fur. The entire faux family starts with manmade beginnings. Faux leather, suede, crocodile, and alligator comes from a simple base with added dyes, waxes, and chemicals to give it that “real feel.” Faux pearls are merely plastic or glass beads. As you can see, the major win here is that no animals are harmed in the process of creating these textiles, since all of them are man made. So, where do you find these faux beauties? The answer to that is anywhere! The entire faux fabric industry is blowing up at a remarkable rate, with brands like ASOS, MANGO, and River Island, just to name a few.

Any store available to the public is carrying some means of faux fashion. Trendy faux designs might include fluffy shoes, leather jackets, suede boots, fur coats, and pearl chokers. Not only can these brands create products like these--you can too! If you’re handy with a sewing machine or a hot glue gun, you can make original pieces to cater to your personal style. I’ve even dabbled with the idea of creating my own pieces, with each piece in this story being handmade or reinvented by myself. One of my favorite styling tips is to mix and match the faux’s together! If you plan on wearing a leather jacket, for example, consider pairing it with some hot pink furry mules. Or with that faux suede dress, you could pair it with that faux crocodile purse collecting dust in your closet! The possibilities of making a statement are truly endless! But are high fashion brands getting behind this idea, the answer is yes. One U.K. self-made brand, Shrimps, just showcased their AW17 collection at NYFW last month with entirely faux fur looks. During New York Fashion Week, faux furs popped up all over the streets of New York in blues, pinks, and even cheetah. The entire fashion world is getting behind the faux movement, Both animal lovers, and environmentalists agree that faux fur is a fantastically chic substitution to the real thing. But, will you join the faux revolution?

photography by: Dixie Chatt

photography by: Dixie Chatt

photography by: Dixie Chatt

photography by: Dixie Chatt


OCTOBER PLAYLIST By: Natalie Han October, the month of pumpkins, ghouls, and everything cool. Slick’s first playlist features thirteen songs to get you in the mood for Halloween. This month features classic bands such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Throbbing Gristle and Bauhaus who are known for their creepy and offbeat sounds. The genre of each song ranges from industrial to chamber rock and contain interesting synths in them and an ambiance to them. The playlist includes many iconic songs and some that are less known but all the tracks curated are sure to chill your bones.

follow our playlist here:

1. Hamburger Lady

Throbbing Gristle

2. Zoal, Face Dancer


3. Aunt Eggma Blowtorch

Neutral Milk Hotel

4. The Eternal

Joy Division

5. Superstar

Sonic Youth

6. Psylla

Glass Animals

7. The Neighbors

St. Vincent

8. Bela Lugosi’s Dead


9. Everyday is Halloween Ministry 10. Running in the Dark

Psychic Twin

11. Worlock- LP Mix

Skinny Puppy

12. Cars

Gary Numan

13. Crimewave

Crystal Castles

DACA, what is it? By: Angie Martinez Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or better known as DACA, is an American Immigration policy established by the Obama administration in June 2012. That is the definition you get when you search up, “what is daca?” But to different people who are in different situations, the definition can mean more than just that. It can mean the opportunity to have a good paying job or get an education. Most recipients under the protection of DACA are now in their thirties with families. They have mouths to feed and bills to pay. Most American teenagers don’t even know the overall basics of DACA. DACA is a program that was formed by the Obama administration in 2012 and allows certain people, called Dreamers, who came to the US illegally as children to be protected from deportation. Every two years, recipients under the program can issue for a renewal. Only certain people can apply to be under DACA under a few circumstances. If they were under the age of 31 on June 15, 2012, came to the US before turning 16, and continuously lived in the US since June 15, 2007, they can request to apply for DACA. The number of people affected by DACA is approximately 800,000 people. As mentioned before, many people will lose their jobs and without the protection, it will heavily affect their lives. Nearly 2,000 people have signed and asked for President Trump to keep this program. A number of people under the program are from Mexico, with 1.2 million under it.

Following behind, El Salvador 58,633 and Guatemala with 39,258 people. DACA deportation would cost the US economy more than $400 billion. 91% of DACA recipients have jobs, and removing them would result in 110,652 people losing their work permits in 2017. In 2018, it will rise to 404,000. By 2019, 275,900 people would have lost their work permit. The Texas economy would lose $6.1 billion annually. More than 56% of America supports DACA. To add to it, more than 1,800 public schools support the DACA program. Removing the program, would result in an outburst by people all over America. The DACA program can be more than just an amenity for immigrants that came here as children It doesn’t just positively affect the lives of these people, but it also positively affects the US in whole. The US would be heavily impacted if we were to remove this program. We would lose doctors, lawyers, accountants, and many more. We would lose students, and people who could change the future. The deportation would cost more than $400 billion. Future lawyers, accountants, and doctors could be under the DACA program. If we were to remove it, we wouldn’t have these people anymore.

photography by: Angie Martinez

photography by: photography by: Angie Martinez Angie Martinez

Why Diet Culture is Bad for your Physical and Mental Health. By: Gracie Briquelet


ou have likely been exposed to advertisements from the day that you were born. Bold, saturated words and photos can quickly create a sensory overload, especially when plenty of them are geared toward the alteration of one’s physical appearance. To many, it can seem impossible not to feel self conscious about your body when everyday, one will be bombarded with media telling you what to do to lose weight. It implies that one must change their body. Most of this said “advice” contradicts itself anyway. Open one magazine and it will tell you that carbohydrates are bad for you. Open another and it will tell you that all fats are the absolute enemy. In reality, the world of food is not black and white. Telling yourself that you were “bad” for having a slice of chocolate cake is a toxic way of thinking, as well as a manifestation of diet culture. Even certified dieticians, such as Hannah Meier, will agree that “our culture loves to distinguish good food from bad food, set up limits and boundaries, and reap guilt and shame for stepping outside of the lines.” Diet culture is a mindset that the United States unfortunately embraces, and it can affect you in ways that you may have never realized before, such as telling yourself that you could stand to lose “a few more pounds,” no matter your physical appearance. It is the worship of vanity, the belief that you will never be good enough. On the other hand, one might argue that dieting is what prevents obesity. While it certainly is unhealthy to be at a higher or lower weight than your natural setpoint, there are other ways to lose or gain weight without following a strict regimen and denying yourself of food. Diet culture is not about feeding your body food that will help it to grow and thrive, but about changing your body at any and all costs. So how, exactly does diet culture in the United States negatively affect the mental health of the population?

According to the National Association of Eating Disorders, “20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some time in their life, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or [other unspecified disorders].” Most people know of eating disorders, but they don’t understand their origin. The cause of an eating disorder varies for each individual, but it is quite clear that diet culture enables the development of an unhealthy mindset towards food. Dieting already influences people to restrict their food to lose weight, and eating disorders are often a diet gone awry that gradually transforms into an obsession. Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other associated illnesses are most likely to develop in the teenage years. This is, biologically, a very sensitive time in one’s life. One’s brain and body are still growing and changing. Diet culture only adds to the anxieties of growing up. It fuels the desire to change physically, which for younger minds, can easily develop into a dangerous way of coping. Even those who do not suffer from a full-blown eating disorder might have disordered thoughts at some time in their life. The media will certainly not change overnight, as frustrating as this may be. Though it is unlikely that dieting culture will ever go away entirely, we can try to reduce the negative stigma that so often accompanies food and weight, whether it be unfollowing social media accounts that promote dieting, or doing your best to cultivate positive thoughts about yourself. The fact of the matter is that as soon as you separate your self-worth from your physical appearance, life will be simpler and more enjoyable.

Artwork by: Gracie Briquelet

photography by: Dixie Chatt

i t t u r u D e Th Column: LC

By: Jameson Jaksch

Setting the stage:


It’s the year 1978. One of the many great bands to form out of the newly founded punk scene is a group known as The Durutti Column who originally consisted of former Fast Breed members, drummer Chris Joyce, and guitarist David Rowbotham. This lineup lasted until January 25th when former Ed Banger and The Nosebleeds member Vini Reilly would join in, along with Phil Rainford and Tony Bowers who would soon follow. The new group would play several venues alongside new up and coming groups such as Joy Division, John Dowie, Cabaret Voltaire, and many more. The lineup persisted until on the eve of a debut album, the band split after a dispute with their record company Factory Records. The only remaining member was Vini Reilly, and because of this, The Durutti Column became a solo project. In 1980, Vini released his first album titled The Return of The Durutti Column, which was produced by legendary Mancunian producer, Martin Hannett. The Durutti Column’s sound was unlike anything anyone had heard before, with Reilly himself describing the album as “new wave” with “an attempt at experimental things”. One of the bizarre cases where an uncertainty of developed sound and feel somehow created its own genre. The album itself takes heavy influence from genres like Jazz, Folk, Indie, and I think most prominent, Classical Music. Although this album was very well produced and very unique, Vini’s true new colors and sounds wouldn’t fully shine through until, in my opinion, his best album, LC.

LC (Lotta Continua) is italian for “continuous struggle”, a name that I think serves the album perfectly. LC was recorded in 1981 with new member Bruce Mitchell on percussion, who would also later go on to manage The Durutti Column from time to time. Unlike “The Return of The Durutti Column” LC was not recorded in studio by Martin Hannett, presumably because of the financial failure of The Return of The Durutti Column, instead it was recorded on a four track cassette deck at home. One neat thing to keep in mind about this technique of recording is that this was not widely used yet. Instead, a lot of bands would record on cassette decks for things such as demos, but not for a full official album. On first hearing the album it would be hard to believe it was recorded in such a manner, but through a few more thorough listens you can hear the hissing in the background, yet the album still turned out great due to padding in final production. One way I've always viewed The Durutti Column's music is as if someone took an artist's paintings and found a way to make them into songs, more specifically a surrealist artist such as Leonid Afremov. The album is almost like a portrait of winter or a portrait of dawn, as that's another thing i've noticed with Vini’s music, he even titles some of his songs after a time of day or a season. Because of this, a lot of the songs on display are very moody. some notable examples such as “Never Known” or “Sketch for Dawn (2)”. Though with the moodiness of the album comes a beauty that no album has ever been able to compete with. It’s also important to

note a tragic event that took place only a year before this album that strongly affected the overall atmosphere and feeling of the album itself. The suicide of Joy Division’s frontman, Ian Curtis. His absence left a deep sadness in many people involved in Factory Records. Because of this, Vini featured a song on the album titled “The Missing Boy” that was a tribute to Ian Curtis. To this day, it's still one of Vini’s most popular songs. Maybe it’s because of the gloominess and power conveyed so strongly in the song, or maybe it’s because of the large following Joy Division has attracted to this very day. Even with all the song means, it's still one of my least favorite tracks on the album, which is surprising considering I'm such a huge Joy Division fanatic. My personal favorite tracks on the album include: Never Known, Sketch for Dawn (1), Messidor, The Sweet Cheat Gone, and Jaqueline. As I feel these songs display Vini’s full power and dedication as an artist. I also would like to point out the influences from different genres on this album, with one of my favorite and most interesting being Classical, it’s even made me think so much more of the album to the point where I classify the album as “Classical Rock”. A notable track on the album where I think you can hear this influence most is “The Sweet Cheat Gone”, which features heavy piano that could be compared to a modern day track by someone like Mozart. A lot of people take issue with the album because it's mostly instrumentals and only features a couple of tracks with vocals, which I would normally say is understandable but not in this circumstance, again I emphasize the fact that this is what I classify Classical Rock which doesn't need vocals to be a beautiful album. Without exaggerating, putting it simply, this album is an easy


artwrok by: Dixie Chatt


Chapter 1: The History of Street Style photography by: Dixie Chatt

By: Dixie Chatt Constantly new styles were being invented such as the Space Age, the Mod style, and “swinging fashion,” and were being expressed through high fashion magazines such as Vogue, Seventeen, Petticoat, and Cosmopolitan for the very first time. The Space Age was definitely a game changer and without a doubt, an incredible art form with plenty of avant garde aspects. Of course space age fashions were not widely available, but it was the art of creating this imaginative world that was literally out of this world, for the first time in a fashion magazine. Another gratifying style was the Mod (modern) influence. This is probably one of the most well known fads from the sixties. Styles such as “go go boots,” shift dresses, black turtlenecks, over-exaggerated eyelashes, and big collars. Many famous models/celebrities including Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, and The Beatles embraced this style. The Mod scene is my all time favorite, for its simplistic yet clean cut pieces.


elcome to your place to find out what trends in street style were happening each decade! As a start to this column, I thought it would be appropriate to start with one of the most revolutionary decades in history, the 1960s. The sixties were a time of revolution, and a time for people to truly establish their talents. Many of the world’s most premiere designers including Yves Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci, and fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy, and Twiggy came into play. For one of the first times, the U.S. was not the place of spectacle when it came to the fashion scene, instead, the U.K. became the trendsetters.

Overall, the 60s were the epitome of innovatuve and expressionistic style and self-expression. Even today, modern fashion designers will look to the 60s for inspiration. Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Louis Vuitton, and so many more have all put their own creative spin on iconic 60s looks. They mostly aim for the swinging fashion which mostly entails shift dresses, Peter Pan collars, and go-go boots. Next time you go out for a “night on the town,” experiment with these bold styles from this iconic time.

photography by: Dixie Chatt

REMEMBER WHEN WE...? A look at what our Oilers did this summer!

By: Christian Fukino


ummer vacation has recently concluded. Unfortunate, but it happens every year, so we deal with it. However, those few months of absolute freedom serve as the perfect window of opportunity for anything and everything to happen. Let’s recap some of the highlights of the Summer of 2017. Starting off, we have: a journey that started above the surface and headed below, an across the globe trip that saw both cities and dark caverns, and a southern experience with friendly and monstrous encounters.

photography by: Cyrus Dettle

Cyrus Dettle senior destination: Mexico

From the twelfth grade, Cyrus Dettle shared his experience from when he, his brother, and his father caught a cruise to Mexico over the summer. Right from the beginning, the cruise ship’s theme caught Dettle’s attention, with the halls adorned with literary pieces as well as famous greek art. He arrived in Baja California, and eventually ventured over to Puerto Vallarta, where he took to the depths of the pacific beaches in a Scuba trip. After an hour boat ride to their destination, they took a dip and witnessed “moray eels … lots of sea slugs and tons of pufferfish”, amongst a handful of “some of the most extreme tropical fish”. Something that a diver wouldn’t do, according to Dettle, his venture into an underwater cave - which is exactly what Dettle did. Good thing they brought a flashlight, or they might’ve gotten lost. Thanks, Dettle, for sharing that journey!

photography by: Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker junior destination: Indonesia

From one side of the globe to another, Aaron Baker, one of the many juniors on our campus, shared his story about his vacation to Indonesia for a week and a half. With a different hemisphere, comes vastly different cultures - to name just one example, the “dead fish handshake”. Baker describes this foreign greeting as “one of the weirdest things to [him]”, in which the handshake feels “like you’re shaking… basically, dead fish”. When he wasn’t in the city, Baker found himself exploring a system of bat caves. Unfortunately, Batman is yet to be found, but Baker definitely spotted many of the dark knight’s bats. With sightseeing in the city and exploring the many islands, the vacation certainly allowed for quite the memorable experience. Thanks, Mister Baker, for shedding light on a culture on the other side of our world! photography by: Eden Hawes

Eden Hawes senior destination: Costa Rica

We round out our initial installment with a tale from Eden Hawes, from the class of 2018, but you might know her from Campus Update. Her 10-day trip to Costa Rica with her international girl scout troop saw both exciting adventures and volunteering to help the local area. From soaring above the treetops on ziplines to planting trees in a forest, Hawes’ trip didn’t see much down time. One of the most memorable experiences was a swamp ride, where Hawes describes how she was “in a little boat… less than 5 feet away from a massive alligator”. Swamp monsters are not the only interesting natives, however, as Hawes also encountered the friendly ticos. She describes them as “very environmentally friendly… and made [her and her troop] feel very at home”. This journey let Hawes“appreciate their culture”, saying that “it was a cool environment to experience” from another point on the world map. Thanks for the story, Miss Hawes!

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