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Shift of Trend Indicates Flourishing Online Market

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According to some recent research studies, priorities for retail technology are slowly but surely changing. Traditionally, retailers in store system were accountable for major proportion of IT budget, but now they are looking forward to spend more on e-commerce. Further, the research says, that there has been a significant decrease by 10 percent in the number of retailers, who spent on improving their IT system. Retailers are found to be more inclined towards mobile applications, CRM and cloud based applications. Almost 35 percent of retailers are using cloud based applications while 28 percent are planning for the application in the future. Under the cloud based applications, almost 9 percent resort to e-commerce and CRM is also among the top priorities.

An online retailer gains a lot through transactional website but, surprisingly, more than 20 percent say, they do not have one. They, who have the transactional website, say that online sales account for 7.3 percent of the total sales and they are forthright in assuming that online sales will boost by 30-40 percent in near future.

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The big players in online market resort to fulfilment stores for carrying out different services on their behalf. It does not only make everything at ease but also ensures greater benefits to the retailers. Fulfilment services are the latest mantra to survive the online market in big way. As not every online shop run from the big business places, so there is always a need for large storage places in the online market. These fulfilment stores have large warehouses with state of the art infrastructure, which helps a lot in performing different services under single roof. Lots of technological advancements have come into online market. The fulfilment companies abide by latest technologies to fulfil the needs and requirements of customers.

Services provided by them include

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• Stock Management: With hand in hand with latest technologies, stocks are managed with utmost care and perfect in the large warehouses of fulfilment stores. The latest IT programs handle the whereabouts of inventory.

• Pick and pack services: Ordered products are picked from the destination and packed in the warehouses. Customers’ wishes are given preference while packing the products.

• Fast fulfil: If the customers require orders to reach them at the earliest, make the booking within given time frame and receive the order very next day.

• Distribution: Fulfilment stores provide customised shipping solution to the customers. Through different shipment methods, orders are delivered to the customers’ hand in as less times as possible.

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Several companies offer e-commerce fulfilment in UK, if you need one, contact on their websites.

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