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To the Centennial Community: he CHS athletic family has been busy improving the athletic facilities on our campus. We have designed, built, and equipped a new weight training facility ($535,000) and Press Box/Concession Stand for baseball ($70,000), and installed a Speed and Agility Training Station ($85,000). These improvements make up the majority of Phase I in our master plan. When complete, our campus will contain a multi-purpose indoor training facility to support cheerleading and locker rooms/ showers for all field sports. Improvements will be made to existing facilities as well, such as the wrestling and baseball practice facilities. Also, artificial turf will be added to the practice field to support soccer and lacrosse. In total, over $3 million dollars worth of improvements are planned over the next 6-8 years. The scope and timing of this project depends entirely on our ability to raise the necessary funds from within our community. Dave Nabors and Tony Malone

Dave Nabors and Tony Malone Centennial parents, former and current Umbrella Club President and Co-Chairmen of Capital Fundraising Campaign

Join the Brick and Excalibur Campaign great opportunity to contribute to the campaign by buying a brick in what will be a new courtyard complete with a brick walk, garden, picnic tables and benches and a grill. You can buy a small brick in this area for $100 and a larger brick for $1,000. There also is an opportunity for you to place your name, your family’s name or company on the prestgious Excalibur Wall in the gym. The award is given every year by each team to the senior that best exemplifies what a student-athlete is at Centennial High School. The costs of this will be $1,000 and will include a large brick in the courtyard as well as recognition on a contribution wall on both the stadium and gym.

Buy Your Piece of Centennial naming right program has been put in place where you and your family will have the opportunity to leave your own legacy at Centennial. The following are the opportunities that can be named as well as the amounts to name them (All naming rights contributors will be recognized by a separate plaque on what they name; all those who contribute more than $2,000 to the naming rights program will also get a brick and Excalibur recognition):

Stadium Gym Weight Room Baseball Field Football Field Basketball Court Track Auxiliary Gym Football Scoreboard Football Press Box Main Gym Scoreboard Auxiliary Gym Court Baseball Pressbox/Concession Stand Practice Field Tennis Courts Speed Station Aux Gym Scoreboard Baseball Home Dugout Baseball Visitor’s Dugout Knight’s Walk Team Room Boy’s Basketball Team Room Girl’s basketball Head Football Coaches Office Assistant Coaches Office Softball Home Dugout Softball Visitor’s Dugout Two Football Goalposts Two Basketball Goals Storage Shed 20 Weight Stations Two Football Field Benches Two Baseball Foul Poles Two Soccer Goals Two Softball Foul Pole Two Lacrosse Goals Picnic Tables

$150,000 $100,000 $75,000 $75,000 $50,000 $35,000 $25,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $15,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $5,000 $5,000 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,000 $2,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 each $1,000 each $1,000 $500 each $500 each $500 each $500 each $500 each $500 each $500

“The athletic programs in every high school are a critical component of the school’s public perception and an equally critical component of a school’s vision and mission. The skills that students learn in team and individual sports translate into self-discipline and self-confidence within the school and translate further into marketable skills in America’s workforce in collaborative planning, teamwork, compliance with organizational rules, and leadership skills.”

“The addition of the weight room is huge. It not only helps the football team but we have had it open only a couple of weeks and I have seen athletes

- Principal Dr. John Bartley

“If you look around the state, the programs that are the most successful are the ones that have the facilities.We have a big sports program and it is important to give every sport in this school the opportunity to suceed. To do so we have to go the extra mile and that means building what we need. This is something that is a partnership between the school and the booster clubs and, fortunately, at Centennial we have a lot of parents, businesses and friends that are willing to step up and help us build something special.” - Athletics director Phil Thomas

from all the sports in here. To have this type of room and be able to train this many athletes at one time is going to elevate the entire sports program.”

- Head Football

Coach Jeff Measor

“It’s amazing how far the school has come over the last few years. I know how cramped the weight room was when I was there and how you had to wait to lift. It may sound funny but it makes a difference when you go out there on the field against a team that has all the facilities. Now we have that advantage.” - Former football and lacrosse player and wrestler Marcus Nabors (2006-2009)

“We are in the process of renovating our team room for our ladies and I can’t tell you how excited they are to have a special place to meet, talk, watch film and go over strategy. This building campaign is paying off for everyone.’’ - Head basketball

Coach Lindsay Meekhoff

CHS Fundraising Pamphlet  

Pamphlet for Booster Club at high school

CHS Fundraising Pamphlet  

Pamphlet for Booster Club at high school