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The Daily Kevin New Business Teacher Has Big Shoes to Fill By Derek Jensen There is a new business teacher in Burnt Hills named Mr. Bregenzer, also known as Mr. B. He is teaching classes such as Accounting, Business Law, and Entrepreneurship. This is Mr. B’s fifth year teaching. Before coming to Burnt Hills, he taught at Voorheesville, Catholic Central High School in Troy, and Bethlehem. Despite moving around often, Mr. B is eager to stay at Burnt Hills for a long time. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. B was involved in banking. Mr. Bregenzer has a unique teaching style, as he has only taught college-level courses. “Mr B’s teaching style has a college vibe with a heavy focus on verbal explanation and note-taking.” says senior Tony Mancuso. Mr. B is hoping to add to the school by creating a Business Honor Society and potentially making a new club. Mr. Bregenzer was able to secure a job at Burnt Hills due to Mr. Greenwalt, the former Accounting teacher, retiring. Mr. Greenwalt was a very funny teacher who engaged his students by giving everyone nicknames and teaching by playing games and doing fun projects. For

example, Mr. Greenwalt had his students play Monopoly, but instead of using money they would record all of the transactions in accounts. Mr. Greenwalt was very involved in the community, as he was previously a boys basketball coach and helped out with FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), even being a judge for Karaoke Idol. Mr. Greenwalt also had a personal connection with his students and was always interested in what they were doing outside of school, such as college plans, work, and sports. “Mr. Greenwalt was my coach, my teacher, and he helped me with many things and opened up new opportunities for me.” said senior Josh Janack. “Mr. Greenwalt provided me with the most enjoyment of a high school class,” says Tony. “I never knew Mr. Greenwalt, but he always walked around and joked with his students at lunch and had a welcoming presence. Mr. B has yet to do these things,” says Will McKenna. It’s always sad to see a great teacher retire, but hopefully, Mr. Bregenzer will add a uniqueness to Burnt Hills and improve the business program.

A Review of “IGOR,” by Tyler the Creator By: Kevin Board Tyler the Creator, a rapper and producer from Ladera Heights, California, was recently presented the 2019 WSJ Music Innovator Award for his most recent album “IGOR”. As Tyler states in his presentation of the award, he says “My whole life I felt like a stepchild, in school, at home, and especially in music and rap.” Igor, which is a name typically associated with “monsterish” people, describes how Tyler feels he is viewed as. He also states that he looked up to innovator, like Pharrel and Kanye, and their influence on his music is very apparent in this work, and it actually includes an appearance from Kanye on the track, “Puppet”. So time to look quickly into the album “IGOR” and see why it earned Tyler this award. The album opens up with the song “IGOR’S THEME”, which is a very fitting name. It starts with a heavy synth, which is a recurring theme on this project, with synths being present on most of the tracks on the album. The track is pretty upbeat, and it seems like the character “Igor” is enjoying life. The next two tracks “EARFQUAKE”, and “I THINK” are when the audience is introduced to the idea that this album is a love story. On “EARFQUAKE”, Igor expresses how he doesn’t want his love interest to leave, and that he depends on this person for a lot of their happiness. This seems to be unhealthy, but Igor looks over it. On “I THINK”, he states that he thinks he is falling in love, and that “he thinks it’s for real” this time. This track shows that what you think is love can blind you from reality, and this will be apparent in the second half on the album. In “RUNNING OUT OF

TIME”, Igor realizes he that his love interest doesn’t feel the same love that Igor feels, and that he needs to see the truth. This is the start of a big shift in the album, as Igor’s previous feelings aren’t vocalized that much now. In “NEW MAGIC WAND” and “A BOY IS A GUN”, he shows both sides of how he is feeling about this relationship. The first song shows how Igor wants to get another person out of the picture of his relationship with the love interest, and “new magic wand” refers to a gun, so that’s pretty self-explanatory. With the next song, he talks about how his feelings for this person change all the time. He’ll get angry with how they treat him, but he still wants them right there with him. He knows this is dangerous, which leads to the next song, “PUPPET”, which is just him saying how the love interest controls him, and how Igor will pretty much do anything that his love interest wants. With “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU”, Igor admits that this love can’t work, and at the beginning of this track, and the track before “WHAT’S GOOD”, it seems as if Igor has gone a little crazy. But as the track ends, it seems as if he is thankful for having this relationship in the first place. The final two tracks, “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE”, and “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” are pretty self-explanatory, and Igor seems as if he wants to forget about their past, and move on. I wish I could elaborate more, since this album has a lot more going on than what I covered, but it is one of my favorite albums of the year, and certainly is different to most albums. This is a work of art, and I suggest that everyone gives this a listen. I give it a 9.6/10.

Amazon package had dirty diapers in it, family says By Derek Jensen, Associated Press JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey family says they received used diapers from Amazon’s delivery service. Nassly Sales said she was shocked to see diapers covered in what appeared to be fecal matter when she opened her Amazon package, WPIX-TV reported on Friday. Sales said she purchases diapers for her two daughters each month from the online retail giant’s Amazon Warehouse section, which sells returned items at a discounted rate. Amazon inspects and certifies all open-box products before reselling them, according to Amazon’s website. Sales immediately started disinfecting her nursery and wiped down her daughter with rubbing alcohol. The Jersey City woman said she feared for her daughter’s health since she was born 26 weeks premature and has a compromised immune system. The family said the substance on the diapers appears to be fecal matter, but they have not had it officially tested. An Amazon spokesperson said the company worked with the family to resolve the issue. “We work hard to provide customers with a great experience and deeply regret that this situation did not live up to our high standards,” the spokesperson said. This is disgusting and should never happen again if Amazon hopes to continue business.

Whopper War, Which Will Win? By Derek Jensen

On Sunday, November 10, I visited a Burger King located in the service area Between Exit 33 (Verona-Rome) & Exit 32 (Westmoreland-Rome) heading eastbound. Despite the fact that it was around 5 pm, there was no line at all at this particular Burger King. The service was commendable for a service area and the cashier was very friendly, patient, and helpful. The food also came out faster than expected, which was a pleasant surprise. I decided to try the new Impossible Whopper, which has been capturing people’s attention due to the fact that it is plant-based and has no beef at all. I also ordered a normal Whopper in order to compare, and some fries and a Dr. Pepper to finish it off. One thing to note is the price difference between the burgers. The Impossible Whopper costs about $2 more than the regular Whopper, which could discourage some from trying it. However, I noticed that the Impossible Whopper was slightly larger than the normal Whopper in diameter, which could help make up for the price difference. Let’s discuss flavor; the Impossible Whopper tastes strikingly similar to normal beef which really caught me off guard. I noticed that they seemed to really pile on the toppings and condiments and they seemed to outweigh the burger, perhaps to distract you from the fact that it’s not really beef.

The flame-grilled plant burger tastes truly spectacular, and the farther you get into the burger, the better it becomes. The taste can seem a tad funky at first, almost like eating a dried out piece of meat, but once you adapt to the taste it becomes delectable. The regular Whopper, however, was better in every way. The burger-to-topping ratio was absolutely perfect, and the grilled burger was juicy and tasty. When you take that first bite, your mouth feels like it just took the amazing first drop of a roller coaster. The taste that the bun and beef make combined is remarkable, and the toppings only add to the experience. For the low price, the Whopper is definitely better unless you don’t eat meat. I would personally give the Impossible Whopper an 8/10 due to the fact that it tastes similar to the Whopper but lacks the punch of real beef, and it is pricier. The normal Whopper gets a 9/10 for being an affordable, quality burger. The fries were somewhat of a letdown for me though. They are big, thick steak fries, but I found that they were a little bit under-salted and tasted a bit like cardboard. The texture in the mouth was also unsettling and I would’ve rather eaten any other fries. I would give them a measly 5/10, they get the job done but you don’t feel good about eating them. In conclusion, the Impossible Whopper tastes surprisingly like real beef and tastes pretty good, but the Whopper still outdoes it.

Violent Video Games Do Not Create School Shooters By Kevin Board People often like to make excuses for things that are simply not true. Whether that be telling a friend that you’re “too busy” to hang out, but you just don’t want to, or “the phone cutting out” when you just don’t want to talk to someone anymore. Excuses like this are pretty harmless, and while rude, isn’t going to change the world. A lot of people make excuses like this, myself being included. There has been a relatively new thing that people like to make excuses for, which happens to be school shootings. The most common excuse for these terrible occurrences that people like to make is that violent video games are the cause of these shootings. While there is a reason for everything, it just isn’t true that violent video games cause these people to go into a school and shoot their classmates. It’s something way more than just that. There was a survey given out at Alfred University to get students opinions on why school shootings occur. While it’s likely that very little to none of these students are experiencing these thoughts, they did answer the survey, which means that this is an important topic to them. After gathering the results, there were four main reasons that were concluded on why school shootings occur. They were 1. Other people pick on them, make fun of them, or bully them. 2. They want to get back at people who have hurt them. 3. They don’t value life. And 4. They have been a victim of physical abuse at home. None of these reasons are closely related to violent video games, and this survey wasn’t biased at all towards the idea of school shootings at all. So that’s how students feel about the subjects. But how do the real numbers and statistics add up? Chris Ferguson, who is an associate professor and co-chairman of the Department of Psychology at Stetson University did a study back in 2016 on this study. For the study he analyzed crime data, and he found that societal violence actually decrease in the weeks after a release of a popular violent video game. He also states “​whether it's playing sports, collecting stamps or playing first-person shooter video games -- "you keep them off the streets and out of trouble." This is proof from a professional that video games actually help people stay out of trouble. So when people think that violent video games cause these thoughts in kid’s minds, it just isn’t the case clearly. People have to go through terrible things that make themselves think that the only thing they can do is shoot up a school. Whether this be because they’ve been neglected by family, or physical or mental abuse, something has to be terribly wrong for someone to do this. So for people to think that it’s video games causing people to shoot their classmates, sorry, it’s not true and don’t spread this lie.

Video Games Should Just Give You a Gun in Real Life By Derek Jensen and Will McKenna As everyone knows, the number of mass shootings has increased drastically over the past years, and this can be linked to violent games. While I have no proof of this, it’s just logic and the rules of how life is. I hate people who play any video game, especially with guns. I think it also may stem from the release of the iPhone from Steve Jobs. May he rest in peace. Video games are becoming so hyper-realistic with the crazy graphics and virtual reality, and it really feels like you’re shooting real people when playing the newest Call of the Duty video game on the Wii. When I played this horrific, repulsive, disgusting game, the vibration on the remote control I was using felt like a real firearm in my palms, it drove me to tears due to how society has been ruined. Don’t even get me started on the Mario Kart. This must be the reason why teens are so enraged on the road and keep crashing into me. I don’t see how this game is rated E for Everyone when you have to be at least 16 to operate a vehicle in most states, it doesn’t add up. I believe it all stems from the release of Pokemon Go in 2016. That game allowed delinquents to run rampant around our neighborhoods, trespassing on our property, and even mistaking my dog Sprinkles for an Eevee. Apps like that give children too much freedom of thought. At such an age where they are predetermined to incite violence.

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