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Throwing the Perfect Quinceanera Anyone who has ever been to a quinceanera knows that it takes proper planning, scheduling, and the right kind of party people. When you are trying to entertain and impress a large group of people, you need to know where you are going with your party. The most important person that needs to remember the party is your girl that is turning sixteen. Here are some things that every worthwhile quinceanera needs.

The Dress and Pictures Since the quinceanera is all about a girls “coming of age” it is important that she gets pictures of herself in a gorgeous woman’s dress. This is a tradition that is very important among Mexican families and that is what is seen on the invitations. There have been some very elaborate quinceaneras in the past and they are continually getting more elaborate as time goes on and people get more creative. Full ball gowns and tiaras are just part of the elaborate designs. Many of the dresses are designed to be modest for the ceremony and come with a jacket that can be removed later on. Just like a wedding, there is a certain set of colors that can be used and most families are very strict on this.

The Ceremony While this may seem just like a normal birthday party/celebration, there are some very religious traditions that are upheld in most families. One of these is done when the girl enters the church (similar to how a bride enters a church) and then does the readings of mass. Afterwards she will renew her baptismal covenants and make a devotion to the Virgin Mary by bringing a bouquet of flowers to her statue. This ceremony should be upheld with the up-most reverence and sanctity as it is one of the most important parts of the quinceanera.

The Court and Dance The quinceanera kicks off with a court of up to 14 boy escorts (chambelans) and 14 girls (damas). Each couple is supposed to represent a year of the girl’s life. Many people decide to cut this in half though, for expense’s sake. The first major event is the dance. Much like a wedding, the first dance goes to the quinceneara and her father. The next one can be done with an escort. The dances of most quinceaneras are the traditional waltz and other slow dances. These dances can take months of planning and choreographing, sometimes with professionals.

Firsts With all of the wonderful food, there is never a want for more for whoever comes. This is a celebration of firsts for every young woman. Many times they have their first date that night, their first elaborate cake, their first major celebration. It can all be so exciting with all of the wonderful religious gifts and traditions. It is no less exciting for the parents who plan the party, although it can get stressful at times especially with finances. Many parents opt to have sponsors and help from the local community. Many of these quinceaneras go as far as to have Inflatable Rentals in order to entertain children. Whether you are in Utah or Mexico the tradition is becoming more and more popular. Make sure you know all it takes to make it special and memorable as well.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kilgast, Clever Cupcakes

Throwing the perfect quinceanera  

Anyone who has ever been to a quinceanera knows that it takes proper planning, scheduling, and the right kind of party people. When you are...

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