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Throwing an Awesome Bachelorette Party Before you rocket off to make plans for some traditional, racy bachelorette party, you may want to stop a second and think about if that’s what everyone really wants. A lot of party-planners just assume that you have to go to a strip bar, get drunk, and do embarrassing things. But is that what the bride really wants to do? This is her chance to have a fun, stress-free evening or weekend with her girls – to enjoy the friendships they have and just have fun! If awkward and dirty aren’t her things, better plan again.

Branching Out As you stop and think about what the bride-to-be would really enjoy, you’ll come up with some incredibly fun, and unique party ideas that will mean so much more than a “traditional” bachelorette party. Cater the activities to her tastes. If she is a big nature fan, rent a cabin in the woods and enjoy a weekend of bonfires, night games, hiking, and canoeing. If she likes going crazy, find inflatable bounce house rentals in Utah. If she likes classy things, have everyone pitch in for a dinner at the Ritz and a limo ride through town. If you can knock an activity off her bucket list, do it!

Some Things to Consider As you brainstorm ideas, no doubt you’ll come up with some great, personal ideas. But before you all take off to go zip lining in Costa Rica, remember that there are a lot of practical things that you need to consider as well to throw a no-regrets bachelorette party. Attendees As you make up your list of guests, be sure to communicate with the bride-to-be. Since this night is about her, she should be surrounded by the people she most wants there. And considering that young, single adults have crazy schedules, you’ll want to make sure you know who has to be there and schedule the party so they can make it. Cost Once you have your guest list ready, remember that those girls attending the party will have to help pay. Consider their financial situations and limit activities to those that can be done on their budget. Make sure no one is left broke, embarrassed, or left out because of finances.

Timing The timing of a bachelorette party is also very important. You don’t want to hold it too early, because a long stretch in-between the party and the wedding will just feel awkward. On the other hand, cramming in a party during the last frantic-filled days before the wedding may only add unneeded stress. However, if the bride wants the traditional “the night before” party, avoid too much (or any) booze just to be safe. No one needs to accidentally sleep in or struggle through a hangover on that momentous day!

Make Her Happy In sum, plan a party that you know will make her happy. Give her what she wants, make sure the people she loves are there, and consider cost and timing for a great bachelorette party. If all she wants is to be a kid again, find bounce house rentals in Utah. It’s not that hard. Photo Credit: Elyse, Ashley Deason

Throwing an Awesome Bachlorette Party  

Before you rocket off to make plans for some traditional, racy bachelorette party, you may want to stop a second and think about if that’s w...

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