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The Origins of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Jiu-jitsu has an origin in Japan, but its influence seems to come from a lot of he-said, she-said accounts. Everyone has their own idea of its origin, but who’s to say that they have the truth? Especially since martial arts has been a part of human culture for centuries. Fighting techniques can be said to have been influenced by any number of people or styles. The absolute origin seems to be lost in the obscuring fog of time. What is known though is that the style was very well developed, organized and popularized in Japan. From there it has spread around the world.

What is Jiu-jitsu? Jiu-jitsu is a sport designed to allow anyone to have the advantage in a fight. Whether you are large and tall, or short and small, if you know the art, you can fend off even the largest opponents. The proverbial David’s in Jiu-jitsu easily take down the untrained, aggressive Goliaths. The key is not to use brute force. If it was a matter of physical strength, the Goliaths would win every time. Instead, this art recognizes that even the greatest giants will fall when they trip over a small object in its way. In fact, his fall hurts the most because of his mass. Jiu-jitsu exploits the strength, movement and weaknesses of it opponents to their advantage. Why punch through a metal breast plate when you can twist their arm and pin them to the ground as you apply immense pressure on the sensitive joints? The art uses pins, joint locks, and throws to win a fight. It’s characterized by a lot of standing moves and very appropriately disarms and disables an opponent.

Very specific techniques have been developed to do just that and they are taught and retaught throughout the generations. The art form prevailed though and soon other forms of it appeared around the world.

What is Different About Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was one of those forms. The Brazilian form has a lot of similarities with the original form, but lays its claim to influence to lie mostly with Judo. Judo was developed to take all of the effective moves from each martial arts style of the time, and combine them into one, powerful technique that could beat all of them. This influenced the founders of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to bring people to the ground. Where the traditional form was a standing fighting style, Brazilian allows you to take people to the ground to win a fight. In a real life situation, you would have to be able to defend/attack from any position. This style allows for that. It is also infinitely customizable. People develop new techniques for it all the time. Once it’s been used a couple of times, the opponents begin to develop counters for it—creating a new move. Once those counters have been used, yet another counter is created. The process makes the art unique to each fighter, giving everyone a fighting chance. Since its development, it has travelled to America. You can even find Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Provo. Champion Karate West teaches people young and old the secrets of its fighting style. Students of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Provo are learning to love and continue the tradition of this great sport. Photo Credit:,,

The Origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  
The Origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  

What is Jiu-jitsu and where does Brazilian Jiu-jitsu come from? Find out in this informative article.