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Maxgainer Weight Gain Supplement Provider Launches New Online Customer Experience Campaign Maxgainer's will launch through its YouTube Page a series of powerful videos detailing the weight gaining success of customers. Las Vegas, Nevada (I-Newswire) August 21, 2012 - MaxGainer recently released a series of videos produced by actual users of Maxgainer who have achieved a level of success they sought after following the company’s supplementation, diet, and exercise program. The videos, along with a series of additional videos will provide viewers an idea of the success they can achieve through Maxgainer. To date, some fifty video and picture submissions have been received and many of those will be placed Max Gainers YouTube and home pages in the coming weeks.

Max Gainer On YouTube The series of consumer videos highlights the experiences of both men and women who were able to add the muscle weight or curves they have always wanted, yet were unable to until they participated in the Maxgainer program. The videos released detail the concern, embarrassment, and lack of understanding that many customers felt before taking the all-natural weight gaining supplement. Most videos go on to explain why Maxgainer worked for them and they type of results they experienced. “We know our product contains an excellent blend of all natural herbal ingredients that when combined promotes healthy weight gain, and are excited to tell the world about its unique properties,” says company spokesperson, Tracy N. McClure. “However, the voice of our enthusiastic consumers is more powerful that any advertising campaign we could conceive. The pictures, videos, and written testimonials of our satisfied customers will speak for themselves. Time after time we hear about the struggle many of these people went through to gain the weight they desired, and it was only after using our product and system they were able to achieve their goals and change their outlook on life.”

Max Gainer Weight Loss Testimonials The Maxgainer team has released a number of these inspiring and unedited videos over the past several months as evidence of the weight gain supplement’s success. In the coming weeks, the videos from cell phone cameras, Flip cameras, and other recording devises will be posted on YouTube for general viewing. Those looking to view the experiences of those who have already experienced success can do so by visiting the MaxGainer You Tube page or by searching for MaxGainer Testimonials. The company encourages those with similar weight gaining experiences to submit their videos, pictures, and testimonials through the company’s website. The company hopes that those who share their own challenge in gaining weight can help others who have experienced the difficultly and shame traditionally associated with those who are underweight.

About MaxGainer: Maxgainer ( is focused on providing effective and healthy natural weight enhancing supplements to men and women throughout the United States and North America. Since its founding in 2010, the group has provided herbal supplementation and marketing solutions to a number of companies and individuals throughout North America. Company Contact Information MaxGainer 3101 Amazon Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89131 Phone : 801-896-7546

Max Gainer Now On Youtube  
Max Gainer Now On Youtube  

Max Gainer now has a series of videos with customer testimonials showing how they were able to gain weight fast