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Making a Difference in a Small Town One of the greatest things about living in a small town is that there is much more potential to make a difference for the better. Since these smaller communities have less people in them, there is more of a chance for the individual to be heard and for movements to grow. As such, these opportunities offer a great chance to become involved in the community and to shape its future. Larger communities typically do not have such options, simply because of the larger population and the physical sizes of the areas that they cover. With a smaller community, it is much easier to get to know your neighbors and the surrounding area. As such, your voice can be hard.

Your Impact If you want to make more of a difference in your small town, be sure to get involved with what is going on and try to become informed about what the issues are. There are a lot of different ways to accomplish these goals. First of all, find out about volunteer opportunities in your community. Volunteer work is very important when it comes to the way a community can progress. Examples of good volunteer work can include charitable work, outdoor work such as trail maintenance, and cleanup within the limits of the city you are in. All of these things need to be done and make a difference, and rely heavily on volunteers in order to work.

Small Town Government The more civic minded people may want to consider running for city government in order to be able to make a positive change. City government is a great way to be able to make your voice and your vote count when it comes to things like policy and infrastructure alike. However, there still is a chance to make a change even if you don’t want to run for city government. By participating in city elections, you will be effectively contributing to change within the borders of your small town.

Since the population of these areas is going to be smaller, your vote is proportionally going to count more, plus, it is a participation in the civic system. It is a responsibility of citizens to vote for candidates that support their desires, so the system itself is a way to enable change.

Getting Involved Lastly, one can make a difference by going to town hall meeting and city council meetings and expressing opinions and ideas to those who are in attendance. It is a good way to bring attention to the important issues which might come up. All of these things can be done locally on a small town level, and all have the chance to change things up for the better. The effort that people put in is directly reflected by the results they are able to get. Making a difference in a small town is something that can be done. Being able to be heard and to do good in an area brings a sense of satisfaction that is difficult to explain in full, but offers contentment in knowing that your voice matters.

Making a Difference in a Small Town  

Living in a small town gives many opportunities to serve and help your community. Making a difference is a powerful motivation for life.

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