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Avoiding Fire While in a Mobile Home When living in a mobile home it is important that owners know how to stay safe. There are many individuals that do not take the necessary time to learn safety tips that are unique to a mobile home setting and will ensure that their mobile home is a safe place to come home to.

Furnace Inspection First, to keep a mobile home safe against flames the owners of the mobile home should have the furnace inspected at least once every year. Having the furnace inspected once each year is a great way to ensure that it will not malfunction and be the cause of a fire that consumes the home. As well as having the furnace inspected owners should clean or change the furnace filters on a regular basis. Replacing the furnaces should be done on a consistent basis and the disposable filters should be thrown away and the permanent ones should be washed, brushed or vacuumed.

Eliminating Hazards The furnace area in a mobile home should always be clear of any type of clutter. Some home owners make the mistake of using the furnace area as a storage unit and this can be devastating if something in the furnace area catches fire and starts a consuming fire. There is also a trend in mobile home living to use the furnace area to dry clothes. It is important to understand that this is very dangerous and the clothes have a very high risk of catching on fire while they are drying off in the furnace area.

Regular Maintenance The furnace exhaust and the furnace vent in the mobile home are also going to need to be checked and cleared consistently. Animal nests or even leaves may start to invest the vent pipe and this can be very problematic as the system is pushing out the hot hair. Owners of mobile homes should turn off the blower motor and inspect the motor on a consistent basis. If the motor is dirty, the owner should use a vacuum to remove as much of the dirt from the motor as possible.

Keeping the thermostat clean and ensuring that it is set at a reasonable temperature is also necessary for those that own a mobile home. If these directions are not followed, disaster may not occur immediately but the chances of a fire occurring will increase.

The Danger of Mobile Home Fires When a fire occurs in a mobile home it can be utterly devastating. The fire can ravish a mobile home quickly and destroy the entire home while also destroying all of the flammable possessions within the home. Because of this, fire can be very dangerous for those that are inside of the mobile home. If a fire does occur it is important that everyone that is inside of the mobile home get outside to safety as soon as possible. If possessions inside the mobile home are not destroyed by fire they may be destroyed by the water that is used to try to put out the fire. Avoiding fire that is started in the furnace is very wise of mobile home owners.

Avoiding Fire While in a Mobile Home  

Mobile homes are unique and so are the safety tips to ensure you live safely in one.