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7 Fun Summer Activities That Will Get Your Kids Out In the Sun! You know that if you let them, your kids would just stay inside all summer watching TV or playing video games. Think back on how much fun you had as a kid, playing outside in the dirt with your friends (I know, back when we walked uphill both ways to school). Playing outside is good for kids. They get to explore and interact with their environment in a way that they just can’t when they’re cooped up inside. Here in Utah we’ve got some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, and it’d be a shame if your kids weren’t out enjoying it at all opportunities. All they really need is some motivation, and before you know it your kids will be begging you to go play outside. Here are 7 awesome ideas to get your kids out in the sun this summer.

Go on a nature scavenger hunt This is a great way to turn exploring into a fun and challenging game. Print out a list of things for your children to find, and set them out in nature. Think about colors, shapes, and textures when you come up with your list. Some examples are:    

Seeds Different shapes of rocks Different types of leaves Man-made objects or litter

Have your kids help you start a garden When your kids help you plant a garden, they’ll learn all kinds of lessons on science, hard work, and delayed rewards. A garden can supply you with a whole summer full of activities, from planting the seeds all the way to cooking the food you’ve grown.

Draw a racetrack on your driveway with some sidewalk chalk And then race all the hotwheels and toy cars you can find.

Make a parachute with a large sheet This is just like in elementary school, where you get in a circle and make the “parachute” go up and down.

Rent an inflatable slip and slide This isn’t your standard backyard slip and slide. Think 18 feet high with water cascading down! You can find all kinds of exciting inflatable rentals that incorporate water, bringing the fun of the bounce house to your backyard!

Play in the dirt Getting dirt under their fingernails is as important for kids’ development as eating their vegetables. A patch of dirt and some shovels can occupy a child’s entire day—add some water and they’ll be having the time of their young lives. Just don’t be afraid of letting them get dirty. Really dirty.

Get creative with some rock painting Find some cool rocks and paint faces on them. You can make a whole rock family, complete with rock pets. Now that you’re armed with some cool ideas for outdoor activities, go on and drag your kids away from the TV set and point them out the door. Don’t be afraid to let your kids get dirty—you could be getting some dirt under your fingernails, too! Photo Credit: Motecruz Foto, David Dennis

7 Fun Summer Activities That Will Get Your Kids Out in the Sun