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Jeddah’s residents are well known for their love of the outdoors. Many wait patiently for the winter season to arrive so that they can take full advantage of the nice weather. With an average temperature of 23°C (74°F) during the day, the climate becomes pleasant as gentle winds blow in from the sea. One of the most stunning in the world, Jeddah’s coral reefs are simply divine for divers and a glimpse of its wonders can be seen in this issue’s coral reef feature which is accompanied by amazing underwater photographs. Also in this issue, we take you to another significant coast in Saudi Arabia; one in the Eastern region of the Kingdom. It is significant to note that in the past two months, Jeddah witnessed many events revolving around the topic of the Red Sea and ways to preserve its beauty. Through exhibitions and awareness campaigns, residents and visitors were given a chance to learn more about our precious body of water that is the Red Sea. Moving on from sea shores, we then take you to arts and culture which saw a ground breaking event take place recently: a Saudi made film was released in Saudi Arabia after three decades of ban on film screenings! For me, this is an indication of a wonderful new start for the revival of Saudi cinema. The New Year is here and we can only pray that it has great things in store for us all. Our mission is to bring you a fresh take on Jeddah throughout the year; surely that is something great. Best wishes from Destination Jeddah team!

ART DIRECTOR Bayan Esam Abuzinadah TECHNICAL MANAGER Nour Tamimi SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Maissaa Shaheen ART PRODUCTION ASSOCIATES Noura Ismail Yousef Kurashi PHOTOGRAPHY Hans Sjoeholm, Yasser Anan, Nizar Naghi, Rayan Nawawi, Ahlam Bin Sefra, Sultan Abdul Mohsen, Mohammed Matar, Maria Mahdaly

EDITOR-AT-LARGE Jessica Stockwell

EDITORS Syed Shabbir Siraj Shadi Sokkar CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Hans Sjoeholm Sarah Abdullah Sameen Anis Mahmoud Al-Sabbagh EDITORIAL ASSOCIATES Nada Mojaddadi Ghada Nour Sara Koshak

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EXPLORE KSA Eastern Province

Nahed Al-Omari


Festivals, Exhibitions and Openings

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Dammam, Tarut Island, & the Doors of Qatif

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What do Pilgrims do after Hajj? Malls 1. Roshan Mall 2. Red Sea Mall 3. Mall of Arabia 4. Hera’a Souq 5. Aziz Mall 6. Serafi Mega Mall

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Hospitals 1. Dr. Ghassan Pharon 2. Erfan Hospital 3. Bugshan Hospital 4. King Fahad Hospital 5. Al-Maghraby Eye Hospital

6. Dr.Suliman Fakeeh 7. Int’l Medical Center ( IMC ) 8. United Doctors Hospitals

Hotels 1. Sheraton Hotel 2. Albilad Hotel 3. Hilton Jeddah 4. Westin Hotel 5. Rosewood Corniche

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The Red Sea, A Priceless Asset


Red Sea, Underwater Photography


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Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - KSA Capital: Riyadh Head of State: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Population: 22.67 million (72% Saudi, 27% foreign) Population Growth: 3.39% (approx. 3% per year) (55% are under the age of 20) Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam. Holy Cities: Makkah, Madinah International Airports: Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Int’l. Airport Riyadh: King Khaled Int’s Airport / Dammam: King Fahad Int’l Airport Name: Jeddah Head of Region: Prince Khalid Al Faisal Location: West coast of Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea Inhabited Area: 1,500 Km. Largest urban center in the Makkah province Population: 3.4 million and the 2nd largest city in Saudi Arabia. Airport: King Abdul Aziz International Airport (Airport Code: JED) Official Language: Arabic. English is the second official language. Important Dates: National Day: 23rd September Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting): 22 August to 19 September 2009 Eid Al Fitr (The Feast of Breakfast / End of Ramadan): 20 to 22 September 2009 Eid Al Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice): 28 to 30 November 2009 Calendar: The Hijri lunar calendar is the traditional measure of time and the Gregorian calendar is used as well in business. (1430/2009) Time Zone: UTC+3 Major English Newspapers: Saudi Gazette, Arab News English Publications: Jeddah Today, Saudi Commerce & Economic Review, What’s up Jeddah

Business & Banking Hours: 8-9 am - 4-5 pm Sat-Wed, Some open on Thursday for half a day 8-9 am- 1-2 pm Shopping Hours: 10am-1pm 5pm-10-11pm



Currency: Riyal (divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 20 (twenty), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 200 (two hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Currency Exchange Rates: 1.00 United States Dollar (USD) = 3.75 Saudi Arabia Riyals 1.00 Euro (EUR) = 5.04 Saudi Arabia Riyals 1.00 British Pound (GBP) = 5.71 Saudi Arabia Riyals 1.00 India Rupee (INR) = 0.08 Saudi Arabia Riyals 1.00 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = 0.05 Saudi Arabia Riyals 1.00 Phillippines Peso (PHP) = 0.08 Saudi Arabia Riyals Telephone, Mobile and Internet services: The main telephone service provider is STC – Saudi Telecom Company. The Main mobile service providers are STC, Mobily and Zain. They also offer mobile Internet solutions *STC: *Mobily: *Zain: Internet Service Providers: *Nesma: * Orbit Satellite internet: *, *, *, *, *, * National TV: Saudi Channel 1/ Saudi Channel 2 (English)/ Saudi Channel 3 (Sports)/ Al Ekhbariya News Satellite TV: Thousands of free channels from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe can be viewed using a satellite dish and receiver. Premium Satellite Providers: Showtime Arabia: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. Orbit: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. ART: Premium Arabic, Western, and Asian packages Major Sport: The most popular national sport in Saudi Arabia is Football (Soccer). The two main football clubs in Jeddah are Ittihad and Ahli. Electricity: 110v and 220v.

Country Code: 966 City Codes: Jeddah and Makkah: 02 / Dammam, Dahran, Alkhobar and Jubail: 03 / Riyadh: 01 / Abha and Najran: 07 / Madinah and Yanbu: 04


Air: Saudi Airlines - Sama Air - Nas Airlines Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi Cities Railroad: Only one passenger train service between Riyadh and Dammam. Important Numbers: Directory for Businesses and Individuals (905) Emergency Services Telephone Numbers: Police (999)/ Fire (998)/ Ambulance (997)/ Highway Police (996)/ Special Police (995) Desert Police (994)/ Car Accident (993)/ Report an illegal person (992)



Nahed Al-Omari Event Consultant and Organizer

by: Syed Shabbir Siraj

In a man’s world, there is seldom respite for a lady with a vision that is awe inspiring in its breadth and an ideology which speaks of truthfulness and teamwork when it comes to the core ethics of business. Yet, having obstacles come in the way forces one to think outside the box, which is exactly what this shining personality did to forge ahead in the event management business and to eventually create a name for herself. HOW BUSINESS TOOK SHAPE: After university, the need to do more than just hold a day time job and work on projects originated by others with limited input from her side, Mrs. Al-Omari’s desire to not only be constructive, but to be creative also, sowed the kernel of a business idea that was realized as quickly as it entered her awareness. She put together a business plan and opened a shop in Jeddah selling Orientals and antiquities and called it Nahed Orientals. It was not long before she organized an exhibition showcasing her wares in the Eastern Province which was honored by the presence of Princess Jawaher bint Naif bin Abdulaziz who, upon seeing the impressive arrangements at the exhibition, told Mrs. Al-Omari to plan a Ramadan reception for her. Thus, Mrs. AlOmari’s event management career was born. WHAT HER WORK IS LIKE: Not advertising her services is just as well for Mrs. AlOmari as word of mouth brings forth a deluge of phone calls from potential clientele her way. Clients inquire about attaining her services for weddings, grand openings, festivals, receptions, and closing ceremonies. Once she is contracted for an event, Mrs. Al-Omari proceeds to carry out a meeting with the client and acquires the necessary details and gives her expert analysis on how to bring the event alive. She then produces a flow chart which allows her to visualize the elements needed, after which she speaks with companies that



deal in specific items such as lighting, flowers, chocolates, décor, etc and hires them. The next few stages see her managing the delivery of all items to the venue and setting up everything with a perfectionist’s touch. The only thing left for her to do afterwards is to receive praise and compliments from her client and their guests.

“It is teamwork that makes each one of my events a success.”

HER INSPIRATIONS: Citing an incident from childhood, Mrs. Al-Omari is clearly very fond of her father and the way he instilled in her the aspiration to excel at whatever she did. In current times, her muse is an extraordinary person whom she respects a lot for his positive energy, intelligence and good nature: Prince Faisal bin Fahad bin Abdullah Al- Saud. “He is a role model for everyone around him.” said an elated Mrs. Al-Omari about the Prince. FAVORITE EVENTS ORGANIZED BY HER:There was no thinking twice on the part of Mrs. Al-Omari when she mentioned the Closing Ceremony for Saudi Rally 2008 and the wedding for the daughter of Princess Jawaher bint Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Saud as her favorite events from the year 2008. HER FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Leisure time for Mrs. Al-Omari sees her taking a few weeks off after having planned and successfully executed an event that usually takes a month or more to prepare. Swimming and snorkeling are two things she is very keen about and after a fun day in

the water, she unwinds at night by watching comedies churned out by Hollywood. She also likes to read a lot and a book that she re-reads often is called “Power of Focus”, which she is grateful to Ahmed Al-Shegeri for recommending it to her. “It talks to the mind and helps to better understand your goals.” said Mrs. Al-Omari about the book, which is all about life planning. PARTING WORDS: About an increasing problem in her line of work she said, “It is important to mention that nowadays an engaged party accomplishes an event, which was supposed to have been under the management of XYZ, after canceling the contract and then using the data or presentation provided to them earlier. No credit to the event manager is given and this is just unacceptable.” Mrs. Al-Omari’s message to the younger generation is simple yet rousing:

“Your daily attitude is what determines where you want to go in life.” DESTINATION JEDDAH 7


umerous events take place in and around Jeddah and keeping up with them can be time consuming. Therefore we bring you some of the significant events in these pages.

Breast Cancer Campaign: One of Jeddah’s important health events, Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud’s Campaign was launched to educate people about breast cancer and osteoporosis, and how an early diagnosis helps to prevent the growth of these diseases.

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, Mountain Dew organized a dirtbike show for the youth in Jeddah. The event started at 9 pm at Jeddah Corniche beside the Sinbad theme park. A number of celebrities attended the show in addition to families and bike lovers in what became a thrilling, action packed evening.





International Day for Disabled People The Disabled Children Association celebrated the International Day of Disabled Persons at the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Center in Jeddah last December. The day marks its support of individuals with disabilities, raising awareness about issues that matter to the six hundred million disabled people of the world and voices their obstacles and hardships. Taking place on the third of December each year, the event sees a positive support on national and international levels. by: Syed Shabbir Siraj In large attendance were wheelchair bound children, smiling brightly and enjoying their day as they were transported around the facility by a family member. Many people were taking part in the event for the first time and loved every minute of it. A variety show was also organized for the children and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the young and old alike. Media personnel also gave the event great coverage as a team from Saudi Channel One conducted several interviews with visitors and did a tour of the facility and photographers from various newspapers took photos of people and the general atmosphere. The main hall was occupied by booths of companies who either had products that benefited the disabled or were there to showcase their services and hand out gifts to the children. Amongst the companies present were Nahdi Medical Company, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Batterjee for Special Needs and Louashy. In the smaller halls of the building, stalls were set up by local rehabilitation centers and charity groups which were selling all kinds of art and crafts, many made by disabled children, and were also handing out literature about their organization. Mr. Abdelaziz Al-Mohisen, head of the Special Needs Unit at Saudi Arabian Airlines, was all praise for the event and had on


display several innovative items in the form of menu cards in Braille and a pictorial card with common commands that were made especially with disabled persons in mind. “We have a role to play in the society and working with disabled people gives you a feeling that is indescribable in words. The Disabled Children Association has done commendable work on today’s event and every prior event that has taken place, we should all be proud of their commitment.�, said an excited Mr. Al-Mohisen. The mission of the Disabled Children Association is to provide solutions to parents with disabled children and individuals with handicaps by conducting programs that benefit and give them the confidence to step in to the outside world without any hesitation and to be bold. With events like this one and many more taking place every year in Jeddah, the disabled surely have a lot to rejoice about.

Jeddah Project for City Center Development: Under the auspices of HRH Price Khalid Alfaisal, Governer of Makkah Region, an integrated project to develop and renovate Jeddah’s city center is being executed on an area of 6 km². The project includes development of Jeddah’s seafront, adding green landscapes, improving the infrastructure, restoration of the lakes and the historical center of the city. The project is executed jointly by the governmental and private sectors.

The Middle East’s First Accident-Free Driving Academy: The academy opened in Jeddah and provides the community with integrated programs for safe driving. Prince Mishal bin Majed bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Jeddah, launched the academy surrounded by important personalities including Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Qahtani, Chief of Jeddah Traffic Police, Mr. Khaled Zenel and the director of the academy in the USA. DESTINATION JEDDAH 11

The First Festival for Launching King Abdul Aziz University’s Public Activities Under auspices of Prof. Osama Al-Tayeb, the director of the university. The event took place in the university’s main hall and convention center. Exhibitors representing all health and arts colleges displayed their activities and services respectively. Later, everyone stopped by the showroom to see a number of snapshots and video clips related to the event. In the end, the winning colleges were awarded and the College of Environmental Design came first.

Fashion Show: “Children In Need” is a charity organization founded by senior students at Jeddah Prep & Grammar School. The main aim is to help local orphanages, disabled children, cancer patients and those in need. The organization offers financial aid as well as voluntary work. The fashion show was aimed at displaying many of the creative items designed by well known local female designers; Al Jouna, Cugini, Sedra, Sara Bahdelah’s Jewelry Collection, Sabine Nada, Gusto, Razan Al Musallam’s Abaya collection, and Jehan Centre. 12 DESTINATION JEDDAH

GOODY Kitchen Road Show: Training in the art of creative cooking for healthy, highnutrition, finger-licking food – and for emergencies such as unannounced guests – was on offer exclusively for women visiting the “Goody Kitchen” road show in the major malls of Saudi Arabia.

BMW Service Center: In 2005, work began on a new BMW service center in Jeddah. When completed, the 35,000 m² facility will encompass a highly sophisticated showroom, a warehouse, a maintenance center, and two body workshops. The service center will have 36 repairing platforms of which 12 will be dedicated to quick services and 18 for troubleshooting and electrical repairs. The new service center will be linked to BMW’s main offices in Germany via the internet. Utilizing the latest BMW technology, vehicles will be diagnosed and re-programmed remotely, ensuring accurate troubleshooting and quick service.

CBA Election Day : More than 1500 students participated in the election campaign for the Students’ Union Executive which went on for two weeks at the College of Business Administration (CBA) campus in Jeddah. Dr. Ibrahim Manna, the college deputy, coordinated a debate between Mohammed Nas, head of Shift Team, and Fawzy Gazzaz, head of Seniors Team. Shift Team won the elections with difference of 65% of votes. DESTINATION JEDDAH 13

Swarovski corner is now open in Tanagra at Nojoud Center, on Tahlia street. A cocktail party was held to celebrate the launch where press and other society people were invited. Known for its fine art, Swarovski specializes in crystals and crystal works for ladies and house decoration.

Waterlemon: One of the new restaurants in Jeddah, Waterlemon decided to create an event to attract people’s attention to their different kinds of desserts. They had a “buffet” with their special kinds of desserts. People enjoyed tasting the desserts on offer and thus it turned out to be a “sweet” event.


Lina Gazzaz, a Saudi painter, had her first art exhibition in Jeddah at Al Alamiya Gallery where her work’s main topic was the Holy Mosque in Madinah and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). With all her fabulous paintings, she left the audience in a tranquil and spiritual feeling.

Mada’in Saleh: Destination Jeddah team joined Arabian Camp to enjoy a field trip to Mada’in Saleh for three full days. The route to the historic place was from Jeddah to Madinah by plane and from Madinah to Wadi al-Ula Village which was the next valley to the wonderful historic landmarks of Mada’in Saleh. The team had the chance to see the ages-old dam of Bint and the famous tombs of the Nabateans. World’s First Assembly for Autism: The event’s most important objective was to attract the attention of governments to open more centers for Autism. Parents and guests enjoyed the children’s exhibition showing hand-made works and crafts. Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.



Cleanup Day 2008

More than seventy national and expatriate divers came traveling from around the Kingdom to attend the International Cleanup Day. For the first time, the event was conducted as a joint venture by the Jeddah-based Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Aden (PERSGA), Project Aware Foundation and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Two fainak team members participated in this event, Nizar Naghi and Mohammed Matar. by: Shadi Sokkar / Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm Three teams were formed to start the cleanup process, each in a specified spot. Hans Sjoeholm, a PADI certified course director, led the dive teams organized on three boats by Abubaker Panchikal of Desert Sea Divers at their Obhur marina.“Such events are our gift back to the sea. It’s an obligation to keep the environment healthy for us as well as for the coming generations.” said Mr. Sjoeholm and elaborated at the pre-trip briefing that the day’s clean-up was simply a continuation of the drive to preserve the marine environment. At the late afternoon debriefing, by when a total of 120 dives had been completed, the group made a rough analysis of the day’s work. “We feel on initial assessment that the garbage levels are no worse than last year.” said Mr. Sjoeholm and continued, “Though the outer walls of the reefs are seriously 16 DESTINATION JEDDAH

affected by webs of monofilament fishing lines.” PADI’s International Cleanup Day falls every year on the 21st of September but with the advent of Ramadan, local divers voted for the event to be put off till December 19th for religious and safety reasons. Diving, and especially underwater work, tends to cause raised levels of dehydration and failure to address this can cause problems for the divers involved. Prizes were given for the most interesting things collected as well as to the team that brought in the most debris and unwanted materials off the seabed. Apart from the sites benefiting from the clean-up, the activity became fun and intriguing as some of the more amusing items hauled up to the surface included an old but working digital watch and even a pedal-boat!

By the end of the day, certificates were distributed to the volunteers and the divers for their support and admirable work. “Every time people go to the beach to enjoy nature, they should be nice neighbors to the coral community by not littering.�, reminded Hans Sjoeholm at the end of this environmental awareness-raising event. Dirty Facts About Marine Debris:

Up to 80 percent of marine debris comes from land-based sources. Due to its durability and ability to absorb and concentrate toxins, plastic is extremely harmful to marine life and the humans who use the marine life as a food source.

Some of the main types of plastic litter found are cigarette butts, which is seen by birds as small fish to feed their babies with. Food wrappers and containers, plastic bottles, cups, lids, caps, forks, spoons and knives, plastic bags, balloons, fishing line, and fishing baskets. Sea turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish but the result is fatal. More than 1 million birds and more than 100,000 whales, seals and turtles, and countless fish worldwide are killed by plastic debris each year.

Hans Sjoeholm (center)


Coral Reef

Photography Exhibition

by: Syed Shabbir Siraj

It was with an awe filled gasp that many visitors at the photography exhibition displayed their wonderment at seeing photographs taken by Saudi divers of the coral reef in the Red Sea. The exhibition had its debut at the Ismaiel Abo Dawood Hall at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce on 24th of December. A very well organized event, the majority of the photographs in the temporary gallery were by diving students and a select few by their diving instructors. Mr. Moatasim S. Badawi, a diver for the past fifteen years and instructor at Dream Divers in Jeddah, was present at the exhibition along with his student Khalid Oraij and a volunteer Mr. Nahar Marzooq, who is a painter by profession. The purpose of the exhibition was mainly to show the exotic marine life that inhabits the reef off the northern coastline on the outskirts of Jeddah and also create awareness about the plight of the coral reef in these times when overfishing and debris of man-made origin is taking its toll on the once abundant and thriving underwater paradise. Some of the photographs depicted the ill effects of urbanization of the coastline alongside the reef; one such photo showed many plastic beach chairs wedged between corals, which not only destroy the beauty of the reef but also attribute to breaking the fragile corals.

grievance was the use of plastic bags and containers by hobbyist fishermen as well as picnic goers who sometimes discard these materials in to the sea, thus affecting the environment within it. The year 2008 was the International Year of the Reef, a worldwide campaign that came in to being so that we all could learn more about pollution and other factors that are eliminating coral reefs around the globe. In light of this campaign, the photography exhibition brought a great closure to the year and bolstered the support for this worthwhile cause, reminding us all that it is not too late to stop coral reefs from turning in to our catastrophic coral grief.

An exciting guest, Mr. Abdul Jawwad, a fisherman who has been sailing the Red Sea for fifty years, was also interacting with visitors and sharing stories about the olden days of fishing. A genial man, Mr. Abdul Jawwad explained how bags made of jute were used to keep caught fish alive so that the catch would remain fresh even after disembarking on land. His only


Photo by Moatasim Badawi

Mr. Abdul Jawwad, seafaring man for fifty years

Saudi International Motor Show by: Syed Shabbir Siraj

Gleaming cars and sporty motorbikes were not the only substance of allure at the annual Saudi International Motor Show, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2008, as a pyrotechnics show dazzled everyone at the formal inauguration of the event which took place at the Jeddah Center for Forums & Events from 27th to 31st December. The event gives a platform to leading car manufacturers of the world to present their latest vehicle models and is organized by AlHarithy Company for Exhibitions Ltd. with sponsorship from the National Commercial Bank. Officials from the Ministry of Transport were present at the show and the Assistant Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs for the Ministry of Transportation, Mufareh Bin Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Zahrani and his entourage was given a tour of the exhibition hall. Some of the exhibitors at the show included Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, KIA, Nissan, Suzuki and Chery Automobile. Commercial vehicles like trucks and buses were present on the external grounds of the venue. Special areas were set up by Toyota one of which included a chic enclosure entitled Yaris Club that gave visitors a chance to relax on a comfy reclining chaise while playing the “Toyota Race” videogame, which is homage to Toyota’s decade long participation in racing events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Pyrotechnics show at SIMS 08 inauguration

American car makers Ford and GM were a no-show at the event which was a disappointment for many potential customers wanting to see newer models of SUV’s and economy cars from the two big names in the auto industry up close. By taking advantage of the extra space available due to the non-participation of afore mentioned companies, Toyota and Nissan outdid themselves by setting up bigger exhibits for their range of vehicles. The Saudi International Motor Show worked its charm once again and gave exhibitors a boost in their goal of reaching out to customers and gave visitors a way to enjoy and look at cars in a fashionable manner.

Suzuki Boulevard

Toyota Sequoia

Toyota’s Yaris Club


Munch’s Offical Opening: This bakery which was reviewed in our last issue had an official opening with innovative decorations. Families attended the opening and enjoyed the delicious cup cakes and cookies. Munch Bakery is located in a cozy little corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the usual dining places which makes it a perfect get away. A new thing to try there is the “Nexcite” drink (which is made of herbs) that gives a sensational refreshing feeling and a cheerful mood! Safari Motors Company: The company selected Jeddah Race Way (JRW) to launch SEAT’s all new Leon Cupra for the extreme racing capabilities this car possesses. Reaching from 0 to 100 km/hr in no more than 5.9 sec and a maximum speed of 247 km/ hr, speed fans were there to test-drive and closely feel the Cupra’s horsepower and stability in a breath-taking experience.


FUDDRUCKERS Community Service: A group of students from Dar Al Fikr Schools participated in community services working at Fuddruckers one of Jeddah’s famous restaurants.They did so for two weeks to learn about work ethics and responsibility.

Youth Without Smoking: Dr. Abdullah bin Mustafa sponsored a campaign, Youth Without Smoking, on Thursday 13 November 2008. Students of the university began to march (on foot) from the gas station called Al Rahili on Makah road until they arrived at the holy city of Makkah. The Dean of Student Affairs who was very cooperative - walked together with the students carrying the slogan of the campaign. DESTINATION JEDDAH 21



Your Calendar 2009 JANUARY * 26-28 The Help Center 4th Symposium

Young Adults & Beyond towards a secure & Stable future. Panel discussions about the life and the future of people with mental disabilities. For more info: +966-2-6631113 ext. 2018. Email:


The premiere exhibition for boat equipment and marine services in Jeddah.

FEBRUARY * 14-17 Jeddah Economic Forum

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

* 18-26 The 7th Jeddah International Skydiving Championship Team and Individual Accuracy, 4 Way Formation Skydiving

MARCH * 8-2 April Intensive Filmmaking Workshop

One Month Film School -Screenwriting - Directing - Acting -Cinematography - Editing - All that you need to get you started making your 1st film. Contact:

* 15-18 Middle East Education & Training Exhibition & Symposium

Provides a one-stop showcase for those looking for further education and training both at home and abroad.

* 29-1 April Fashion Arabia

International Event for Clothing, Textiles, Leather Goods, and Footwear.

* 30-2 April Autocare & Transport Arabia (ATA)

Saudi Arabia’s Premiere International Event for Automotive Aftermarket, Transport Infrastructure and Commercial Vehicles.

APRIL * 12-16 Saudi Building Industries Exhibition & Symposium (SBIE)

A significant event for producers and suppliers of gift and decoration products.

* Saudi Beauty Expo 2009

Jeddah Hilton Hotel (for the specific date contact the Hilton Hotel)

MAY * 4-7 JDEC2009 - 4th Jeddah Dental Esthetic Conference 2009

Individual papers, symposium and technical discussions on dentistry . Venue: Jeddah Hilton Hotel

* 11-14 Saudi Healthcare

International Medical, Insurance, Dental, Pharm-aceutical, Scientific Equipment & Lab ware Exhibition and Symposium. Venue: Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre

* 11-14 Saudi Hospital

International Event for Non-Medical Hospital Infrastructure, Supplies and Furnishings. Venue: Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre

* Saudi Franchise & Business Opportunities Show 2009

Jeddah Hilton Hotel (for the specific date contact the Hilton Hotel)


* 24-28 Food & Hotel Arabia

The main show in the fields of food and beverage, hotel equipment and catering. Venue: Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre

* 24-28 Propac Arabia

International Exhibition on Processing & Packaging


Saudi Arabia’s Exhibition and Symposium for Personal Finance, Investment & Banking Services. Venue: Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre (for a specific date please call JIE&CC +966 2 654 6384 / 654 6853)

JUNE * Jeddah Ghair

A yearly summer festival that takes place all over Jeddah

JULY * Jeddah Ghair

A yearly summer festival that takes place all over Jeddah

* 9-13 Business Youth Exhibition

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Youth.

AUGUST * Start of the Holy Month ( Ramadan )

SEPTEMBER * 20 Eid Al Fitr * 23 Saudi National Day * Saudi International Book Fair

Authors, publishers, intellectuals and other bookish types from the Islamic world and beyond gather at Jeddah’s International Exibition and Convention Center for the third annual book fair (for a specific date please call JIE&CC +966 2 654 6384 / 654 6853)

OCTOBER * 11-13 Saudi Water & Power Forum

This represents a challenge on a scale unknown anywhere else worldwide and Saudi government has undertaken an ambitious program of reforms in this sector.

* 25-27 Premium Marques Collection

A stunning collection of the 21st century iconic cars and luxurious products.

NOVEMBER * 28-30 Eid Al Adha

DECEMBER * 12-16 Saudi International Motor Show - SIMS

International Exhibition for Motor Vehicles, Showcasing 2010 Model Vehicles. Venue: Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

* 14-18 COMMTEL

Computing, Internet, Office Equipment and Accessories, Business Communications and Mobile Phones, Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

* 18 The Hejra New Year

Computing, Internet, Office Equipment and Accessories, Business Communications and Mobile Phones, Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre. DESTINATION JEDDAH 23




Eastern Province Dammam, Tarut Island, and the Doors of Qatif by Jessica Stockwell

A day with the right guide, and a quick cruise in an air-conditioned SUV, is what it takes to see a vibrant Arabian Gulf Coast seaside port without feeling the heat of the day.


Today’s Eastern Province CoastlineKnown as an industrial region with Dammam as the largest of the collective towns – Dammam, Al Khobar and Dhahran, mak up the main commercial and industrial center of the Eastern Province. Aramco’s world headquarters are located in Dhahran and its Oil and Petroleum University and Museum form the industrial and commercial anchor in the Gulf region. Al Khobar, close by and considered ‘greater Dammam’, has developed into a small modern town with a handful of hotels, restaurants and retail centers serving residents and visitors.

King Fahad International Airport - Dammam.

Historical Points- A representative with the Dammam Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Mr. Zaki Al-Saif, escorted us on a short orientation to points of interest with a historical past— the little known Island of Tarut and the fishing harbor of Darin. A scheduled walkthrough of the museum at the end of the tour revealed a collection of doors from the Qatif region, each of them displaying unique and exquisite craftsmanship.

King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals


Downtown Dammam offers a selection of hotels for visitors and the Corniche is family friendly with broad walkways, green landscaping and a great Gulf seaport view.

Qatif in Transition- Qatif’s old town consists mostly of one to two storey buildings from the 1980’s and new roadways. Also, there is a small area that is structurally just as it was when Mr. Al Saif used to take to the streets, playing with brothers, sisters and other family relatives. He speaks of sleeping up on the open roof of his old house when he was young, hoping for a cool breeze. Today, even the old house has an air conditioner patched into a wall. The few structures left from Mr. Al-Saif’s childhood include coral buildings three to four floors high and are marked for renovation and protection or demolition. A new government building with a lovely paved roundabout has actually replaced his former area of housing.


lennium BC and remnant artifacts linked to the Sumerian civilization of southern Mesopotamia five thousand years ago) is just a few kilometers outside of Qatif. Today, residents are proud of a new bridge and a rebuilt seaside waterfront. What used to take hours by donkey ride—the transportation mode from a few decades ago I am told by Mr. Al-Saif—is now accessible by an air-conditioned SUV within minutes. A modern walkway, mall and even a public restroom along the Corniche gives a contemporary face to an ancient port where the fishing trade has gone from local to commercial on a national scale.

Dhows (fishing boats) with nets; still built and maintained in Tarut.

Tarut Island-The now commercially populated towns of Tarut Island were in times past fishing villages with a population of farmers, tradesmen, fishermen, precious stones merchants and nomads supported by the Oasis of Al Qatif. The historical city center of Al Qatif has faded into a blend of modern buildings and stand-alone sections of vacant municipality city-held old coral buildings; their future undetermined.

Old fishing boats, locally known as dhows, were filled with round nets and were clustered around the port. Pier access is limited to licensed traffic and fishing companies only. Touristy ‘viewing’ points for cars are marked with white on new pavement. The old fortress at the edge of the port town now sits awaiting the next wave of funding and attention as this site, and others across the region, are brought under the umbrella of the SCT’s (Supreme Commission of Tourism) General Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.

Early Tuesday morning, not many people were about the main center of Tarut. We walked through the narrow streets and Mr. Al-Saif pointed out the architectural flooring, a sort of weaved straw matting that had not been replaced. He pointed out a walkway between two houses that used to be an archway made of coral stone. “I’ll show you pictures at the museum of how this used to look.” he said leading me through a very constricted path that used to be a major walkway to move through the city-on foot or led on donkey-back; single-file in both cases. The ancient port of Darin (with archaeological evidence suggesting trade dating to the 3rd mil28 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Government protected fortress - Tarut

Mr. Zaki Al Saif and photo collection

Picture from Dammam Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

Back in the SUV, I learned that a high percentage of young people attend school, with boys and girls segregated. His daughters and “the kids”’ he says, communicate via the Internet, mobile text messages and take a gazillion digital photos with cameras or cell phones; just like many youngsters today.

The Dammam Museum-We end our tour at the Dammam Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography and walk through halls with collected artifacts, coins, shards of pottery and photos of the past. The Mohammed AlFaris collection, a special section, showcases the doors of Qatif—mementos of regional artistry and cultural identity. This exploration of the Eastern Province and its ongoing development and commerce were delightfully tempered with a glimpse of the past—in photos, artifacts and a front seat view of the dhows, fishing nets and ancient sea harbor of Darin, Saudi Arabia.




JeddahRedefining FAMlive entertainment

by: Shadi Sokkar

It was at an underground concert in March of 2008 where the young and dauntless, Ahmad (Balla Skillz), Amein (Row Deep), Ayzee and Saleh (Young B) were attuned to each other, discovering from this initial contact that each of them had similar tastes in music and an entertaining personality to boot. Soon after, with their talents fully exposed to one another, it became apparent that combined they could utilize their abilities to churn out tunes with zest and thus the decision to form a group was a no-brainer for the boys.

first admired by family members and friends and then by music lovers who discovered their music on the internet. The tracks are readily available to the world audience through YouTube and Facebook and will soon be featured on FAM’s upcoming website. Even though their music is recorded and produced using home recording methods, one cannot but hold FAM in high esteem after sampling any of their songs as each exhibits excellent quality in spite of not being recorded at a professional studio.

Months later, the band now calling itself FAM (Fabulous Ambitious Memberz), includes old friends from school and neighborhood to form a twenty-member live music act. For them, music is an obsession and something they want to be doing for a lifetime while pursuing their distinct career paths; some are still studying while others already have daytime jobs. The multi-genre band has produced more than twelve tracks and other mix-tapes that were

Today, Jeddah’s music scene has skyrocketed with dozens of bands and acts taking center stage through live concerts and the world wide web. Some are even cashing in on their popularity by selling tickets to their performances and giving the audience a show that is pure music bliss. Rap and Hip-hop have a large following among young Saudies and for FAM it is an opportunity to connect with their audience and promote their tunes.




Launches “Menahi”, The Second Major Saudi Film

Rotana officially launched its much awaited film “Menahi” following “Kefel Haal”, that was released in 2006 outside the Kingdom. “Menahi” was the first film shown in Saudi movie theaters since the 1970’s.

Starring Fayez Al-Malki, a famous Saudi comedian, the film includes the well-known Mona Wasef and Abdullah Al-Emam, and the rising actress, Dana Faraj Al-Ish. It was directed by Ayman Makram and written by Mazin Taha, a comedy scriptwriter. The film’s music was composed by Nasser Al-Saleh, a famous Saudi composer. “I couldn’t stop laughing when I was watching the film to do my work. I believe it is a remarkable shift in the newly born Saudi film industry.” stated Al-Saleh. “An unprecedented media campaign was naturally smart that he sticks to village manmade for the film in addition to a number of ners. When he moves to a large city, he cannot surprises announced in due course when the easily adapt urban manners and gets involved film was launched in Riyadh, Bahrain, Dubai, in a lot of interesting twists and comic situations. & Cairo.” said Ibrahim Badi, the public rela- Movie theaters in the Gulf countries were tions manager at Rotana Group. crowded with movie-goers eager to see the The film is about a simple 30-year-old Saudi first bigscreen experience for Fayez Al-Malki villager, Menahi, who is single and living who -in a series of press conferences- declared that Rotana has a lot to offer beyond with his elderly mother. He is shown as having a heart of gold, being spontaneous and the film itself. DESTINATION JEDDAH 31

FAMILY FUN IN10SO’s Bullet Car

Entertainment on the go! Whether you’re a tourist or a Jeddah denizen, this is one section you should not fail to consult; your fun-filled day depends on it. The most informative reference for fun times in the city and surrounding region, let us introduce you to an invigorating activity this time around that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.



The Real You!

IN10SO is a one of a kind entertainment center in Jeddah. It was founded by former Saudi rally champion, Abdullah Bakhashab. The center’s main activity is carting, so if you’re a race-a-holic and obsessed with speed, you can race your friends and other rivals in IN10SO’s 360-meter track. The center is fully equipped with the highest safety equipment available from racing helmets and suits, to anti-roll bars and remotely controlled speed units. With your seat belt fastened, set your mind free, leave everything behind and enjoy the ride. The track is equipped with an electronic timing system that records lap time within milliseconds. If you’ve always fantasized about driving a real F1 car, try IN10SO’s bullet car and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins while accelerating. Tired of speeding? At IN10SO you can go climbing on a 10-meter wall, take archery and air-gun courses, enjoy a game of bowling, billiards, air-hockey, or simply play arcade video games. In the entertainment and team building business, IN10SO provides corporate partners and clients with solutions for planning events such as meetings, product launches, press conferences or staff recreation, along with catering, reception and public relations services.



What Do Pilgrims Do

After Hajj? by: Sarah Abdullah

More than 3 million pilgrims have completed the rituals of Hajj as the honored Guests of Allah and departed to their homelands with their hearts and minds at peace, their whole being filled with enthusiasm and accompanied by hours of stories to tell of the experience for generations to come. But many stay for a few extra days and take advantage of the tourist sites and the best the Kingdom has to offer. Among the first places that post-Hajj pilgrims decide to visit is Madinah Munawara, some 440 kilometers north of Makkah. In Madinah, they pray and supplicate while visiting the tomb of the beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) located inside the Mosque, which is Islam’s second holiest site. Upon seeing the final resting place of the Prophet (PBUH) and the green dome of the tomb for the first time, they are overcome with emotion, evident from the tears streaming down their cheeks. “I can’t believe that I am actually standing in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah,” said Mahvash Hashemi, a 38- year-old woman from Iran. “ The peace that one feels upon visiting this holy city and praying here where the Prophet (PBUH) himself used to pray and live makes me feel as if I don’t want to ever leave 34 DESTINATION JEDDAH

from this place,” she said with teary eyes. “I feel the same way,” said Shahinaz Talwar, a Pakistani woman also visiting the Prophet’s Mosque for the first time. “ It is not a normal ritual following the Hajj to visit Madinah but I am very glad I did as I feel that it is an added bonus to a perfect pilgrimage,” she said. Following their visit to Madinah, some pilgrims wishing to learn more about the country’s culture and historic past after performing Hajj take tours of Old Jeddah. There, they view the buildings, many of which were built on stilts signifying where the sea used to be when the structures were originally erected hundreds of years ago. Also on the itinerary is a visit the legendary Grave of Eve or Hawa, as she is known in Arabic, the mother of all mankind.

Others simply enjoy browsing through the old markets in the downtown area and strolling through the ancient cobblestone walkways. Tour buses carrying pilgrims of various nationalities can also be spotted spending their daysalong Jeddah’s Corniche picnicking, fishing, or merely enjoying the beautiful view of the Red Sea. By night, you can find pilgrims shopping for gifts and souvenirs in any of Jeddah’s massive malls or hypermarkets. “We have been setting out early in the morning from our hotel and walking in groups around the city. It is good exercise, allowing us to experience how the local people live and has provided us an added adventure after the Hajj,” Wira Pangadeqan, a forty-something Indonesian man said. DESTINATION JEDDAH 35


Fusing contemporary fashion with traditional wear «I want people to see that it doesn’t have to be Western wear to be high fashion.» HATEM To express one’s individuality, especially when it comes to fashionwear, the results can be overly excessive or culminate in a style with no hint of originality to it. In steps Hatem Alakeel: A Saudi designer who brings pizazz to women’s dresses and traditional men’s thobes which gives the wearer a sense of new and old in one piece of clothing. Crafting designs that are a cut above the rest is Hatem’s forte.


WHAT IS TOBY? Toby means “My Thobe“ in Arabic language. It is also part of a common expression ‘Albas min thoby’ which means ‘I wear my own style’.

THE TOBY LINE is a new fashion statement for men who dare to be different.


My designs are for any woman that likes to have her own style and never settles for anything less than pure refined and individualistic style.

by Hatem Al-Akeel

FAB FOUR... Hatem has designed four distinct lines for his collection of Toby thobes and they include Bohemian, Trend, Sport and Classic.

Not only thobes, women’s wear is an essential part of HATEM DESIGN «I try to push the envelope but still maintain a traditional approche.» HATEM


TOBY Breaking conventions and taking thobe design to a new level, the Toby line is tasteful and delivers a look that is befitting of the men who adorn it.

Some of the wedding daghlas in the Toby line are made with stretch denim, mohair, silk, and shantung.



Gifts &


Adding a touch of ethnicity to otherwise standard items meant as gifts and mementos certainly gives them a special meaning and a uniqueness that can be appreciated by the patriot as well as those looking to take back home a piece of the Saudi nation to their native lands. Inspired by Saudi culture, arts, natural resources and some utilizing unique Islamic designs and motifs, these gifts are a perfect way to celebrate and promote the work of Saudi artisans and their creations.

Talah Dates

Dates make perfect gifts when visiting friends and family. Talah offers gift baskets, boxes and elegant plates, that contain a variety of dates stuffed with nuts and covered in chocolate, caramel and toffee.

Sari St. west Madinah Road 6837887 Palestine St. Alsalhea Plaza 6762 660


Mazaj has a collection of traditional handcrafted gifts for all occasions. To order call: 0505615656


The Benevolence Leaf is a national non-profit project amongst others initiated by the Al Saud Women Forum under the chairmanship of Her Royal Highness Princess Seetah bint AbdulAziz Al Saud and a large group of ladies of the royal family. The goal is to provide products that carry the true identity of Saudi culture without modernization to provide an opportunity to Saudi designers and producers to come up with a 100% Saudi product, especially those who have creative talent but lack financial resources.

The Benevolence Leaf

Crude Oil Necklace

*Gold & Silver


Traditional Key Rings *With flash light

T-Shirt *I love Saudi

Nour’s Crochet Made to order or ready made crochet accessories can be found at Nour’s. Her collection includes prayer beads, Quran covers, necklaces and rearings. All beautifully knitted in vibrant colors. These crochet items make great personal gifts.



Technology Latest Gadgets

This month’s picks include some exciting beach toys in addition to the regular gadgets. Enjoy!

Nokia N97 The latest N-Series phone from Nokia combines a widescreen 3.5-inch touch screen display with a full QWERTY keyboard. It is one of the most advanced mobile computers being launched in 2009. It runs on Symbian S60 5th Edition and has a 5.0 MP Carl Zeiss Tessar camera lens, GPS, near DVD quality recording at 30 fps, Wi-Fi, and comes with 32GB of internal memory.

Sony Cyber-shot T700 This thin, feature-packed 10.1 MP camera doubles as a portable photo album. It has a large 3.5-inch touch screen LCD display, 4X of optical zoom, and 4GB of internal storage. Other advanced features include anti blur, face and smile detection technologies.

Canon Vixia HF11 If you want to capture ultrafine HD footage, this small video camera is for you. The massive CMOS sensor, which captures more light with less noise, is what makes this Canon stand out. You can record Full HD video on either the internal 32GB drive or on the upgradable external memory. 42 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Vertu Ascenti Ti Ferrari Limited Edition Known for its high-end exclusive phones, Vertu introduced this Limited Edition phone in partnership with Ferrari. The body and screen are made of Titanium and Sapphire Crystal, respectively. Other features include the Vertu renowned Concierge service, 3G, Bluetooth and a 3.0 MP camera.

Sony Marine Pack MPK-THG With this case, which is compatible with the Sony T-700 camera, you can take your camera underwater. It is made of rugged plastic and glass that allows you to submerge your camera up to 40 meters. *Note: if you’re interested in underwater photography, major manufacturers make underwater casings for many of their still and video cameras. A simple Google search would help you find a compatible case for your camera.

Olympus 1050 SW This sleek and elegant camera has much to offer under its belt. It is a rugged camera that is shockproof, waterproof up to 3 meters, and freeze proof up to -10°C. This makes it a perfect all-weather companion to all your destinations. Other features include a 10.1 MP image sensor, 3X optical zoom, and an advanced face detection function.

SEABOB This new concept takes water sports to a new level filled with action and thrill. SEABOB allows you to move through the water like a fish. You can stay on the surface or dive up to 2.5 meters underwater. If you are a certified diver, you can dive up to 40 meters by using your diving equipment. Depending on the model, the SEABOB has a 3-7 horsepower electric motor that can reach speeds of around 20 km/h.

Quadski The Quadski was introduced in 2006 but I felt compelled to share it with you. It is the world’s first high-speed personal sport amphibian. On land it looks much like an ATV and on water it is just like a Jet Ski. Its 140 hp engine allows for speeding up to 72 km/h on both land and water.

CWB Transcend Wakeboard Wakeboarding is starting to pick up in Jeddah and here is one of the best available wakeboards. World champion, Andrew Adkison, helped design it.

SEA-DOO GTX Limited iS 255

This Jet-ski is the world’s fastest and most powerful personal watercraft. With a 255 hp engine it can accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in 2.9 seconds. It is also equipped with the first ever on-water breaking and suspension system.





Aziz Mall Prince Majid Road Tel:+966-2-616-2222 Le Mall Tahlia Street Tel : 660-0111/ 668-8998 Serafi Mega Mall Tahlia Street Tel : 2844885 / 284488 Tahlia Center Tahlia Street Tel : 2634662 / 2634661 AlKhayat Center Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-6303970 Jamjoom Center Palestine Street Tel :+966-2-6685388 Red Sea Mall King Road Tel :+966-2-2368530 Basateen Center


Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-6611721 Coral Mall Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-6607624 Hera’a International Souq Hera’a Street Tel :+966-2-6540097 Jeddah Mall Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-6678666 Etoile Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-6973428 Roshan Mall King Road Tel :+966-2-6226720 Roshana Mall Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-2635114 Al Haddab Center Tahlia Street

the female fashion wear brand

“bebe” has opened its first boutique in Jeddah. Bebe’s client database includes various Hollywood celebrities that reinforce fashion trends such as Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Shakira, Virginia Madsen, Jennifer Lopez, Gabriel Union, and Mischa Burton. Bebe’s Fashion lines and designs have been present in many popular TV shows like Nip/Tuck, One Tree Hill, Eve, Las Vegas, O.C., Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives, American Idol, CSI Miami, Alias, Access Hollywood, and others. Location: Mall of Arabia. Gate 1 Tel: +966-2-6122599


Tel :+966-2-6942888 Jama’a Mall Jama’a District Tel :+966-2-6024580 Sultan Mall Prince Sultan Street Tel :+966-2-2758992 Aya Mall Prince Sultan Street Tel :+966-2-6221862 Badriya Towers Rawdah Street Tel :+966-2-6062777 International Jeddah Souk Madina Road Tel :+966-2-6690033 Hera’a Avenue Hera’a Street Tel :+966-2-6995453 La Promenade 1 & 2 Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-6688737


‘ French pret a‘ porter feminin Are you searching for something to wear that makes you feel pretty? Want to be sexy and romantic at the same time? Come to Coquette.... You’ll find a collection of beautiful French dresses and separates to wear at your favorite occasions. And the prices, They ’re simply magnifique!

Store Hours:Sat -Thur 5:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. Mobile: +966505609973 Email: P.O.Box 53701 Jeddah 21593 DESTINATION JEDDAH 45




Asian South Streak by: Sameen Anis

Jeddah, being the metropolitan city that it is, has always welcomed people from countries across the globe, providing a rich blend of culture and traditions. Emigrants that have settled in the city over the years have been able to develop their own local niche, shape their surroundings to create their own cultural environment, and consequently build for themselves a home away from home. One such area is the district of Aziziah where you can sample the diverse cultures of Pakistan and India summed up in that 16 km2 stretch of land.



The environment is that of a typical marketplace anywhere in Pakistan or India.

On a small strip of Prince Majed street is located a square in Aziziya where a mixture of shops and restaurants have sprouted up selling all kinds of ‘desi’, items traditional to the South Asian subcontinent. Everything from garments and shoes to bangles and food are available in these shops. It’s a market place thronged by people, specially in the evening and night time; buying fruits and vegetables, clothes, desi magazines or simply enjoying snacks of spicy ‘pakoras’ or the sweetmeats with dripping sugary syrup. Occasionally, men and women are found haggling with the butchers or the fruit and vegetable vendors, children running in and out of stores, and the local residents greetingeach other and standing around for chitchat. 48 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Each little store has its own share of the subcontinent to offer. There are shops selling shalwar kameez (the traditional dress comprising of a long shirt and baggy pants) or saris (long piece of cloth that women wrap around their body). These dresses are found in a variety of colors and material with bright embroidery and needlework. An assortment of cloth is also sold which customers get stitched into dresses by tailors providing services in the vicinity. Flashy bridal dresses and graceful groom outfits are on display in several shops. The purely traditional footwear called ‘khussa’ (leather slippers decked with bright sequins and embroidery) are abundant in stores. Women particularly enjoy shopping for glass bangles, big dangling earrings, artificial jewelry, and also the drums and instruments to play and dance with during weddings.

The sweet shops sell an array of traditional sweets such as ‘gulab jamun’, gajar ka halwa’ and ‘jalaibi’. They also sell light snacks of pakoras, samosa, dahi bara which the Pakistanis and Indians often enjoy with their evening tea. The restaurants are a particular favorite that offer a true subcontinental menu with food items such as chicken tikka, daal (lentils), biryani, seekh kebab and much more. These restaurants also offer space for private parties and wedding receptions that add more color to the festive aura of the place.

* Desi is an informal / colloquial term used to describe something that is native to South Asia which includes Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The desi restaurants and shops are not just limited to the particular square described above. Further along the road on the side of the square are more shops for clothes and shoes and a greater number of restaurants that specialize distinctly in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. As manifested from my numerous trips to the locality, the place and its people are full of life. With a customary warmth they greet all visitors, native or foreign. Aziziya is a place that brings the true essence of the South Asian subcontinent to the people in Jeddah.




3 4

1 2 1

Malls 1. Roshan Mall 2. Red Sea Mall 3. Mall of Arabia 4. Hera’a Souq 5. Aziz Mall 6. Serafi Mega Mall


7. Le Mall 8. La Promenade 2 9. Basateen Center 10. Al-Khayat Center 11. Tahlia Center 12. Roshana Mall 13. Jamjoom Center



Hospitals 1. Dr. Ghassan Pharon 2. Erfan Hospital 3. Bugshan Hospital 4. King Fahad Hospital 5. Al-Maghraby Eye Hospital


‫التعرف على مدينة جدة‬





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8 5

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9 10 11

8 13 10 11



6. Dr.Suliman Fakeeh 7. Int’l Medical Center ( IMC ) 8. United Doctors Hospitals

Hotels 1. Sheraton Hotel 2. Albilad Hotel 3. Hilton Jeddah 4. Westin Hotel 5. Rosewood Corniche

6. Le Meridien Jeddah 7. Sands Hotel 8. Movenpick Hotel 9. Marriott Hotel 10. Crowne Plaza Hotel 11. InterContinental Jeddah 12. Al Salam Holiday Inn

Selected Destination Jeddah Distribution Point 1. Virgin Megastore




South Asian Restaurants

The neighborhood of Al-Aziziya in Jeddah has its streets lined with Pakistani and Indian restaurants, all offering spicy, mouthwatering delicacies and relying on the quality and taste of the food to bring back patrons. Here we review two outstanding eateries which are sure to tickle your taste buds should you fancy Indian / Pakistani cuisine one fine evening in Al-Aziziya. 52 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Nirala Restaurant

by: Syed Shabbir Siraj

In the crowded business of fast-casual restaurants, it becomes a herculean task to be distinctive and this is where Nirala shines. A fairly new entrant alongside the many well-established restaurants on Prince Majid Street, this particular Nirala branch deserves top billing for its consistency in the great taste of its myriad of traditional recipes.

The family section of Nirala is as simple as they come. Walls are adorned with a few basic paintings, false sunflower plants have been placed near select tables and the decor coupled with the dim lighting provides a decent, standard restaurant ambiance, which neither takes away from the dining experience nor adds anything of significance to it. The seating arrangements are gracious in their spacing from other tables, many of which have wooden dividers placed around them for privacy. Service is prompt and the servers are cordial and knowledgeable. Now the part why Nirala is worth a visit; the server will present you with the menu card, which is in Urdu language only (new English menus are on the way!) and has all the familiar names of South Asian and Chinese fare, and although you may want to glance over it, set it aside and just order their specialty: Mutton Karahi with extra masala! The succulent, fiery pieces of well done mutton in this much loved Pakistani dish are a treat for the meat connoisseur. Mind you, this is not the reheated variety, but the made on site, piping hot stuff that is cooked just right, so it does take ten minutes to arrive in a karahi, which is basically a wok. Butter naans, sprinkled with sesame seeds, go superbly with this dish even though the server will bring tandoori naans to your table intermittently. Savor the tangy, sour dahi (yogurt) that comes in individual bowls and a plate of freshly made salad before the main entrĂŠe makes its appearance. Other dishes worth trying include fried Bhindi (chopped okra cooked in spices), Qeema (minced mutton with a hot flavor) and Daal Maash or Chana (fried lentils).

Mutton Karahi

Family section - Nirala

Tea often marks the end of a meal at a Pakistani restaurant and Nirala serves up an enjoyable blend of tea, milk and sugar. The prices are nominal here and the portion sizes sufficient, even if slightly lesser than before; I say it is more the better for that increasing waistline! Overall Nirala (which means unique in Urdu language) does not disappoint and is worth checking out. Location: Prince Majid St. Tel: +966 -2-675-4007



Mehran Restaurant by: Sameen Anis

For those that have a palate for South Asian cuisine and want a great dining experience, then Mehran Restaurant is an essential place to visit. Providing a complete menu of appetizers, salads and main courses that are purely Pakistani / Indian, the restaurant serves up some very delicious food. The main courses at Mehran constitute of rice dishes such as Biryani and Pulao (pilaf); spicy curries like Daal (lentils), Malai Boti and Maghaz (fried goat’s brain); and grilled items such as the Pakistani favorites Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebab, dishes passed down from the Mughal era.

Chicken Ginger

Chicken Tikka

Tandoori Bread

They also offer a true South Asian breakfast of Halwa Puri (a sweet consumed with fried, puffy bread), Paratha and traditional breakfast curries like Paaye (cow trotters). For desserts they have on offer delectable Kheer (rice pudding), Shahi Tukray (a sweet made from bread and milk) and a lot more. Lassi, a yogurt drink which can be either sweet or salty, is also available as a traditional cooler. Kashmiri tea, a pink colored hot concoction with ground nuts, is a favorite with regular visitors. Mehran diversifies its menu with some Chinese food and also adds some of their own innovations to it such as the Mehran special soup (made with seafood) and the Fish Tikka.

*It is worth noting that Mehran caters to gatherings of up to 1500 persons and also rent out their restaurant space for personal functions which can accommodate around 250 people. Based on their sales success, the management at Mehran has plans to open another outlet on main Tahlia Street near McDonalds where they will introduce live cooking and other impressive ideas for the benefit of their customers. Location: Prince Majid St. Tel: +966 -2-676-0615 / 617-8136 54 DESTINATION JEDDAH

‫أﻧﺖ اﺧﺘﺎر اﳌﻄﻌﻢ و اﻟﺘﻮﺻﻴﻞ ﻋﻠﻴﻨﺎ‬


‫ﻳﻼ أﻃﻠﺐ‬ ‫ رﻳﺎل‬٢٢ ‫ﺧﺪﻣﺔ ﺗﻮﺻﻴﻞ‬

SR 22 Delivery Charge

Yalla Utlob

02 669 4348 Order From your favorite restaurant through (Yalla Utlub) Delivery charge SR 22 Telephone number: 02-669-4348 Open daily from 8 AM To 2 AM On weekends from 8 AM To 5 AM

Member Member Of: Of:

(‫ﺃﻃﻠﺐ ﻣﻦ ﻣﻄﻌﻤﻚ ﺍﳌﻔﻀﻞ ﻣﻦ ﺧﺪﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﺻﻴﻞ ) ﻳﻼ ﺃﻃﻠﺐ‬ ‫ ﺭﻳﺎﻝ‬٢٢ ‫ﺭﺳﻮﻡ ﺧﺪﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﺻﻴﻞ‬ ٠٢-٦٦٩-٤٣٤٨ :‫ﺭﻗﻢ ﺍﻟﻬﺎﺗﻒ‬ ‫ ﻓﺠﺮﺍ ﹰ‬٢ ‫ ﺻﺒﺎﺣﺎ ﹰ ﻭ ﺣﺘﻰ‬٨ ‫ﺧﺪﻣﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺪﺍﺭ ﺍﻷﺳﺒﻮﻉ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﻋﺔ‬ ‫ ﻓﺠﺮﺍ ﹰ‬٥‫ ﻭ ﺣﺘﻰ‬٨ ‫ﺍﳋﻤﻴﺲ ﻭ ﺍﳉﻤﻌﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﻋﺔ‬

‫ﺷﺮﻛﺎﺕ‬ ‫ﻋﻀﻮ ﺷﺮﻛﺎﺕ‬ ‫ﻋﻀﻮ‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 55



Walking into the Al Khayyam, it becomes clear why it is home to the finest caviar selection in Jeddah. The ambience and décor which is inspired by the Persian culture, takes you through an inexplicable journey back in time. The Cuisine of Persia influenced cooking all over the world, from the beef dishes of India, to the sweet and sour that graced the tables of Medieval and Renaissance Monarchs. However the jewel of Al Khayyam must be the medley of Iranian caviar, the finest of the Caspian’s Beluga, Sevruga and Osestra, in Jeddah. Served on silver trolleys at your table-side, one taste and you will know why caviar is synonymous with luxury and wealth. “Persian Cuisine is exotic yet simple similar to a poem. It is healthy, yet colorful, like a Persian miniature painting,” says Maestro Mehdi Mesripour, the authentic Iranian chef who recently joined the eatery’s outstanding culinary team. “It is a combination of rice with meat, chicken or fish and plenty of garlic, onion, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. To achieve a delicious taste and a balanced diet, unique Persian spices such as saffron, diced limes, cinnamon, and parsley are mixed delicately.” “From a cultural point of view, Persian food has always been considered to be an art


providing enjoyment to both body & mind, and this is what we achieve at the Hilton.” Restaurant Manager Khalid Zahran says “Persian recipes have matured over the centuries to bring the taste out of the fresh ingredients used to prepare the unique Persian food, and following this tradition, Chef Mehdi only uses the finest fresh ingredients to prepare the dishes and exclusive cocktails”.

Location: Jeddah Hilton , North Corniche Road Tel: +966 -2-659-9999



Ginza i Chome The Art of Japanese Cuisine

Rosewood Corniche, Jeddah’s ultra-luxury hotel, unveiled the open show kitchen at Ginza i Chome’s to the delight of loyal guests and local diners, eager for a glimpse of how Japanese cuisine is prepared. An elegant setting with authentic stone and wood accents, the restaurant’s kitchen is a marvel of Japanese decor with natural elements and modern comforts.


The restaurant is rooted from the Japanese dining concept of Omakase, meaning “it’s up to you”. The chefs at Ginza I Chome suggest dishes for the guests, promising a creative and surprising meal. In the open-show setting, chefs fully embrace the importance of performance in Japanese cooking, as their selections are artfully prepared and plated before the diners. “Ginza i Chome is the pre-eminent dining destination in Jeddah, with the highest quality of service and food which pays homage to one of the oldest cultures in existence,” said Hans-Peter Leitzke, Managing Director at Rosewood Corniche.

Location: Rosewood Corniche , North Corniche Road Tel: +966 -2-257-8888

“We’re proud to introduce our inspiring openshow kitchen, which captures the essence of preparation rituals and the art of performance in Japanese cuisine”.



Brownie Sundae

Watermelon Margarita

On The Border


With the opening of the American franchise On The Border in Jeddah, the choice for authentic Mexican food has been made easy. The restaurant serves all kinds of Mexican delicacies under one roof and does so in a festive style that is sure to add sizzle to any outing that takes you there. An inviting and homely place, On The Border is akin to a house in one of Mexico’s villages, albeit with a veranda and dining area inside. It is decorated in a very authentic fashion, the furniture is typical Mexican design, and it all makes one feel very comfortable from the moment you enter the restaurant. The chandeliers are made of empty glass bottles which is an appealing sight. With today’s increasing interest in healthy dining, On The Border offers its Smart Menu (SM) that has delicious options for the health conscious diner. Guests can enjoy a healthy meal that is low in fat such as the Jalapeño BBQ Salmon or the Pico Shrimp Tacos. Gathering around a table is more than just about sharing a meal and at On The Border, it is evident that the restaurant delivers an extraordinary dining experience that is best shared with friends and family alike. On The Border seems to be on a mission to serve to the world a great Mexican feast, replete with their genuine hospitality! Location: King Road, Red Sea Mall Tel: +966 -2-215-0841


R7 Diner


With a theme that pays tribute to American diners of the 1960’s, the restaurant specializes in burger varieties as well as other sandwiches. The moment you step in to the spacious and appealing interior of Route 7, you actually feel like you have been transported back in time. The eatery opens from 9am to 2am every day and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The burgers here harkens back to the classic style of beef patties, which might be a good thing or a bad thing according to your taste. Not to be missed are their Sunshine eggs and the Route 7 Special Salad or if you are not keen on taking chances, the traditional Caesar salad is also a great choice. It becomes a daunting task to select your main meal from

the vast menu, but you can forgo it and order the Route 7 Special which is a double beef burger with lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, mayo, cheese and spiced up with their special sauce. Finish off with a milkshake or a dessert like cheesecake, cookies or muffins. All in all, Route 7 is a worthy new burger joint in town. Location: Prince Sultan St.


Fantasia Café

The name is fitting for this wonderful café, which is a great place to sit and relax with friends and family near to the Red Sea for tea, coffee, lunch or dinner. Inside the cafe, the traditional Hejazi decor is a treat for the eyes in one section while a contemporary look in another also gives patrons an attractive and enjoyable ambiance to converse and dine. The café has single and family sections that are quite decent, offering an atmosphere of privacy. There are TV screens installed in each sitting area as well. With a relatively small menu, Fantasia mostly serves a variety of Lebanese appetizers, barbequed dishes, and popular fruit juices. Compared to other competitors in the same category, the prices are a bit on the expensive side, but the café is a must visit for the lovely setting and its delicious food.

Location: Corniche Road Tel: +966 -5-65558882



Restaurants Directory American


Apple Bee’s Andalus St. +966-2-6610012 Spears (Latin Grill) Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6614042 Chili’s Andalus St. +966-2-6634760 Fuddruckers Andalus St +966-2-6686330 Manhattan Hilton Hotel +966-2-6590000 T.G.I Fridays Andalus St. +966-2-6529330 The Texan Meridien Hotel +966-2-6633333 Steak House King Road +966-2-6829955 Muchos (Latin Grill) Tahlia St. +966-2-6613111 Ruby Tuesday Andalus St. +966-2-6501999 UNO Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6221320

Bamboo Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6642260 China Gate Sari St. +966-2-6970672 Golden Palace Tahlia St. +966-2-6690377 Gulf Royal Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6653335 Toki Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6642819 Xian Gong Sheraton Hotel +966-2-6992212

Bakery Crusty Prince Abdullah St. 920026633 Goodies Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6642150 Le Vendome King Road +966-2-6924606 Munch Bakery Arafat St. +966-2-6605010 Samadi Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6642424 62 DESTINATION JEDDAH


Bert’s Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6606633 Black & White Palestine St. +966-2-6610611 La Cuisine Palestine St. +966-2-6630363 Mushroom Andalus St. +966-2-2845454

International Le Ciel Andalus St. +966-2-6525354 Aroma Caffé Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6605169 Al-Safina Hilton Hotel +966-2-6590000 Al-Shurafa Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6602743 Al-Shurfa Lounge Qasr Al Sharq +966-2-6599999

Andalusia Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6063210 Barnies Tahliya St. +966-2-6696201 Beaux Arts Tahlia St. +966-2-6983028 Black Rose Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6672953 Bubbles Andalus St. +966-2-6697655 Gelato Palestine St. +966-2-6635524 Java Andalus St. +966-2-6693393 Le Chalet Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6642330 Le Harly Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6654632 La Rissa Tahlia St. +966-2-6063143 Pearls Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6642233 Senses Andalus St. +966-2-6514375 Tutti Prince Sultan St. +966-2- 2572244 Vertigo Andalus St. +966-2-6633241 Waterlemon Andalus St. +966-2-2848999 Zena Café Sari St. +966-2-6620117


Aldente Sari St. +966-2-6970220 Balsamico Tahlia St. +966-2-6633115 Balsamico Too King Road +966-2-6633115 Bice Qasr Al Sharq +966-2-6599999 Casper & Gambini’s Andalus St. +966-2-6672020 Castello Khalid ibn Al-Waleed St. +966-2-6652281 Ciao Andalus St. +966-2-6653710 El Gusto Palestine St. +966-2-6600337 Il Gabiano Corniche +966-2-6587042 Il Villaggio Andalus St. +966-2-6688233

Il Porto Westin Hotel +966-2-6588200 Lallo Tahlia St. +966-2-6614719 L’Olivio Arafat St. +966-2-6687494 La Promenade Café Tahlia St. +966-2-6688712 La Villa Tahlia St. +966-2-6673434 Amore Tahlia St. +966-2-2847779 Pizza Lenou Andalus St. +966-2-6615599 Pizza Napoli Rawdah St. +966-2-6927796 Portofino Rawdah St. +966-2-6655855 Salues Tahlia St. +966-2-6680335

South-Asian Mahrajah Palestine St. +966-2- 6656558 Marhaba Andalus St. +966-2- 6636201 Raj Tahliya St. +966-2- 2632137

Shezan Sari St. +966-2-6621086 Mehran Prince Majid St. +966-2-6760615 Nirala Prince Majid St. +966-2-6754007

+966-2-6599999 Al-Wada’a Corniche Road +966-2-6555550 Beiruiti Tahlia St. +966-2- 6686354 Byblos Andalus St. +966-2- 6697655 Japanese Café Blanc Benihana Andalus St. Sands Hotel / Tahlia St. +966-2-2848777 +966-2- 6692020 Cusine Halawani Le Japonias Tahlia St. Westin Jeddah +966-2-6688900 +966-2- 6588200 Goodies Osaka Tahlia St. Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6657721 +966-2-6645956 Green Island Café Tempura Yakituri Corniche Road Sari St. +966-2-6990090 +966-2-6392468 Kan Ya Makan Shogun Lounge Al-Hamra Dist. Prince Sultan St +966-2-6697777 +966-2-6062288 Yildizlar Sushi Yushi Andalus St. Attallah Center +966-2-6531150 +966-2-6997854 Moroccan Wakame Prince Abdullah St. Kaza Inn +966-2-6682003 Sari St. Ginza i chome +966-2-6390006 Rosewood Hotel Persian +966-2-257888 Al-Khayyam Middle-Eastern Hilton Hotel +966-2-6590000 Abu Shakra Jahan Al-Hamra Dist. Dist.+966-2-6604049 Andalus St. +966-2-6571427 Al-Nakheel Sultani Corniche Road Andalus St. +966-2-6066644 +966-2-6693898 Al-Rausha Hira’a St. Sea Food +966-2-6541460 Al-danah Al-Segala Corniche Road South Obhur +966-2-6990090 +966-2-2341442 Atlantis Mataam Al Sharq Tahlia St. Qasr Al Sharq

+966-2-6604300 Fish Market Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6611800 The Manhattan Fish Market Andalus St. +966-2-6141900

Tempura Yakituri Oriental Food & Sushi Bar Sari St. Rawdah Dist. For reservations: +966-2- 6392468

Tea Shops

Tea Amo Tahlia St. / Coral Mall +966-2-6601738 Teayana Andalus St. +966-2-6681660 Chai & Ba Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-6642084 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Al Nidd St./Al Shate’a +966-2-2753914 DESTINATION JEDDAH 63


Plankton feeding Anthias ( Anthinae ) Al Nakheel Beach, Al Ghulam Resort ) 64 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The Red Sea, A Priceless Asset by: Hans Sjoeholm

Visiting the Red Sea Coast in Jeddah is a delight where one can take part in environmentally friendly activities which includ adrenaline pumping kite-boarding, free diving, scuba diving and leisure days on beaches. Jeddah’s fringing reefs and beaches are accessible in the city, just walking distance from the Corniche. For snorkelers and scuba divers, easy access to the coral reefs within the city makes Jeddah unique. Not only are coral reefs close to Jeddah beaches, temperature is ideal for sea sports all year round. In other coastal cities around the world, it takes about an hour long boat trip to reach the nearest coral reef that might not even rival Jeddah’s fringing reef, taking you as deep as 40 meters underwater where dazzling marine life awaits. Places like Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong were once privileged to have such reefs within city borders but they have been wiped out since land development and pollution became widespread. Jeddah is situated on the Red Sea which is the

youngest coral sea in the world, only 30 million years of age. Separating the African continent and the Arabian Peninsula, the Red Sea is unique with fringing reefs, mangroves and sandy beaches to line with deserts and mountains. There are ongoing researches and data collection of the unique fauna and flora of the Saudi Arabian reefs. The statistics are impressive. There are at least 260 different types of Hard Coral and more than 30 taxa of other coral types, all of which form the backbone of the biotic reefs. There are about 1, 350 different species of Fish and Elasmobranchs (Sharks & Rays) and 15 -17% of the fish species are endemic to the Red Sea. DESTINATION JEDDAH 65

Videographer Michelle capturing a hunting Lionfish

April to June is a good season to look out for the amazing whale sharks along Jeddah coasts. These gentle giants grow to 14 meters and come all the way into the shore line scooping up the beautiful plankton soup. Whale Sharks are protected species and should only be watched in peace. There is a veritable cornucopia of Marine fish to see on reefs. Here, certain types of the colorful and conspicuous Butterfly fish mate for life. The Red Sea Anemone Fish lives close to other species of anemones. Whitetip reef shark ( Triaenodon obesus )

Marine turtles, such as the common Hawksbill turtle and the less common Loggerhead and Green turtles all feed on seagrasses, plants, mangroves, jellyfish, invertebrates and fish. Turtles are threatened by anthropogenic activities and are now protected by Saudi Laws of Environment. A fortunate swimmer or diver may have a close encounter with the mammals of the Red Sea. Dolphins and Whales like to play around the bow thrust and in the wakes of ships and boats. The rarely seen Dugong or Sea cow inhabits shallow coastal waters and can be spotted among mangroves, seagrass beds and occasionally on shallow reefs. 66 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The Picasso Triggerfish is one of the most interesting looking fish, but seems to be weary of humans, which makes it very hard to photograph. In addition to being respectful to the environment, sea goers should avoid disturbing or touching anything on the reef for safety purposes. Many of the most beautiful markings on fish and shells are indications of their venomous nature. The Scorpion Fish and Lion fish are some of the most venomous animals in the Red Sea. Where have all the large fish gone? There was a time when you could see large schools of Hump head Parrotfish swimming on the corniche and on the reefs North and South of Jeddah. It was common to see huge Groupers, Moray Eels, Parrotfish, Sweetlips and Sharks on all reefs by the city

and on the near offshore reefs. This is no longer the case, and this is a great loss for everyone. It is hoped that this trend can be reversed.

PERSGA has installed mooring buoys on commonly visited offshore reefs around Jeddah.

Fortunately, there are no major rivers flowing into the Red Sea, because such tributaries are often carriers of destructive pollutants. Like in other major coastal cities, we can see the impact of coastal development inevitably sweeping the marine environment.

For the rest of us, everyone can be an ambassador for the environment by refraining from removing anything from the sea, preventing littering and finally by reporting any changes - good or bad - to the authorities. Everyday should be a cleanup day.

In Saudi Arabia, government agencies have taken many positive steps to protect the marine environment. The Ministry of Fisheries has issued laws to protect the coral reefs; it is illegal to take any part of the reef, to take coral from the sea, sea cucumbers, shells, or collect aquarium fish. Moreover, all Shark species are protected and fishing with baskets, nets, gaffs or spearguns is destructive and thus not allowed. Many common species 10-15 years ago are rare nowadays, and so the decision makers are taking strict measures to rectify and minimize anthropogenic impacts on the environment.

Hans Sjoeholm

Environmental agencies have also made significant contributions. For example,

E-mail: Mobile: +966 55 107 0190

Blue-cheeked Butterflyfish (Chaetodon semi larvatus)

More than 25 years of Diving experience in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea. Education & Conservation primary mission. Published photographer Land & UW Winner of three World Competitions PADI Course Director # 15772 DSAT Trimix ITT EFR ITT DAN IT T UW PhotoSpecialist UW Videographer

Lionfish (Pterois miles)

Abu-Madafi reef, off Jeddah’s coast DESTINATION JEDDAH 67



Through Our Lens:

Red Sea Coast Clown Fish tending their eggs. “Amphiprion Bicinctus” Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm DESTINATION JEDDAH 69

Yellow Bar Angelfish. “Poma Canfus Macu Losus”. Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm

Royal Angelfish. “Pygolites Dia Canthus”. Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm 70 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Hawksbill turtle “Eretmochelys imbricata”. Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm

Picasso Fish “Rhinecanthus assasi” Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm DESTINATION JEDDAH 71


Blue-cheeked Butterflyfish. “Chaetodon Semilarvatus”. Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm DESTINATION JEDDAH 73


Blackfin Barracudas. “Sphyraena qenie”. Photographed by Hans Sjoeholm DESTINATION JEDDAH 75


Dive Shops

& Dive Resorts

Jeddah’s dive shops are the city’s resource for water sports and activities. They are in the know about the latest rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts and offer safety advice all along the way.



Location: Behind Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.756’, E39°09.810’ P.O. Box 122015 Jeddah 21332 Tel: +966-2-2212707, 2212708 Fax: +966-2-6612140 Opening hours: Sat - Wed: 9 am - 11 pm Thu - Fri: 7 am - 11 pm Branch: Durrat Al Arus (50km north of Jeddah) Tel: +966-2-6181777 Fax: +966-2- 6181778

-------------------------THE ARAB CIRCUMNAVIGATOR Location: Behind Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.790’, E39°09.802 P.O. Box 4582 Jeddah 21412 Tel: +966-2-6651304 Fax: +966-2-6608224 Opening hours: All week: 9 am - 10 pm

-------------------------DESERT SEA DIVERS

Location: On North Obhur Road (Creek), after big mosque, near Rose Village Compound GPS: N21°43.685’, E39°06.449’ P.O. Box 50817 Jeddah 21533 Tel: +966-2-6561807 Fax: +966-2-6561288 Opening hours Sat-Wed: 10 am -8 pm Thu-Fri: 7am - 8 pm Mondays closed!


Location: Opposite Danube supermarket on same side as Sands Hotel, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.795, E39°04.745 P.O. Box 14841 Jeddah 21434 Tel: +966-2-6644707 Fax: +966-2-6644892 (for boat trips) Web: Opening hours: Sat - Thu: 9 am - 11 pm Fri: 6 pm - 11 pm New Dive Academy Jeddah Yachts, Auto Mall

-------------------------AL-KHORAYEF COMM SUN & SEA DIVING CENTER

Location: On Wale-Al-Ahd Street heading east towards former Ikea; between Andalus Street and Hail Street GPS: N21°30.394’E39°10.442 P.O. Box 7236 Jeddah 21462 Tel: +966-2-6526003 Fax: +966-2-6524816 E-Mail: Web: Opening hours: Sat - Wed: 8 am - 12.30 pm, 5.30 pm - 9 pm Thu: 8 am - 1.30 pm Fridays closed!



Location: Opposite Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.743’, E39°09.727’ P.O. Box 8787 Jeddah 21492 Tel: +966-2-6606368 Fax: +966-2-6602064 Opening hours: Sat - Fri: 9 am - 11 pm


BeachResorts Crystal:+966-2-656 8888

Nakheel:+966-2-606 6644 Remal:+966-2-656 1880 Dive Village:+966-2-656 1980 Durrat Al.Arous:+966-2-618 0000 Fal:+966-2-656 0033 Blue Beach:+966-2-234 1900 MovenPick:+966-2-655 5550 Coral Beach:+966-2-656 0702 Andalus Resort:+966-2-656 1444 Obhur Resort:+966-2-656 3030 Sheraton:+966-2-234 2264 Huda Beach:+966-2-234 2332


Ahlam Resort:+966-2-234 0417 Red Sea:+966-2-656 2320 Dive Village:+966-2-656 1980 Durrat Al.Arous:+966-2-618 0000 Nakheel/Ghulam Beach Resort: +966-2-2342266 Fal-Diving:+966-2-656 1807

-------------------------Environmentally friendly

-------------------------DESTINATION JEDDAH 77



Destinations of


by Syed Shabbir Siraj

Are you thinking of taking that dream vacation? Never mind the economic downturn, the world is still yours to see if you have the right information which lets you in on the best hotels for your budget or tips on where to kick back and relax without worrying about money leeching tourist traps. This is where travel guides from Lonely Planet Publications come in handy. Having been a globetrotter’s best friend for over three decades, the guides are insightful and simply marvelous to read from cover to cover. The most awaited book from the combined efforts of seasoned travelers and the staff at Lonely Planet is the “Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel” which is published at the end of each year. Chock full of best of lists, the latest edition’s must-visit Top Ten Cities is bound to give you ideas for that next family vacation. Here are the best cities to visit in 2009 according to Lonely Planet and our take of what each has to offer. Antwerp, Belgium

Beirut, Lebanon

Chicago, USA

Glasgow, Scotland

Lisbon, Portugal

Mexico City, Mexico

São Paulo, Brazil

Shanghai, China

Warsaw, Poland

Zürich, Switzerland


Photographed by Roger Price

Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium is the home of the original waffles and you’ll rediscover this breakfast favorite in Antwerp, but there is much more to this city than being a foodie’s dream come true. There is the renowned 19th-century ModeNatie complex, which is home to MoMu (Fashion Museum), the Flanders Fashion Institute and the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, which has produced legions of notable designers. Best Time to Visit: May through September Famous Landmark: Brabo Monument

Beirut, Lebanon Meshing Arab and Euro-Mediterranean cultures and cooking up some mouthwatering food for the gastronomically inclined, Beirut is a city that is expansive in its size and in its inherent hospitable nature. Take a stroll alongside its Mediterranean sea kissed Corniche area, visit relic-like coffee shops, where regulars are shrouded in clouds of sheesha smoke as they revel in a game of backgammon. Let the city enchant you with its bright lights at night and its sounds of music which float on the cool air from cafes. Sights to see in Beirut include the French built Solidére Clock Tower, Jeita Grotto limestone caves, remains of a Roman-era market at Cardo Maximus, and the 12th-century Al-Omari Mosque. If skiing is your thing, then a visit in January will enable you to whiz down the ski slopes of Faraya Mzaar Ski Resort. Best Time to Visit: April through November Famous Landmark: Pigeon Rocks

Photographed by Yasser Anan DESTINATION JEDDAH 79

Chicago, USA Moments that will have you bewitched: staring up at steely skyscrapers and puzzling over the popular art installation called the Cloud Gate and other public art in the morning; watching baseball’s Chicago Cubs get walloped by afternoon; and making your way inside a blues, jazz or rock club by nightfall. Or skip the noise and crowds altogether, and go to a cafe or to a play instead. Whatever your itinerary may be, the “Windy City” is a breeze to move through and explore. Best Time to Visit: May through November Famous Landmark: Buckingham Fountain

Photographed by Christopher James

Photographed by Iraklis Klampanos

Glasgow, Scotland Soaked in history dating back well over a thousand years, Glasgow since then has been thriving and growing continuously and now is Scotland’s cultural hub. Museums, theater and music concerts are all in abundance here. The biggest thing on Glasgow’s calendar in 2009 is Homecoming Scotland, a year-long, nationwide series of events commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, a celebrated poet and known as Scotland’s favorite son. Then there is the chance to see the latest from Glasgow’s inventive art and design community at the Six Cities Design Festival in May to June. Best Time to Visit: May through September Famous Landmark: Castle of São Jorge 80 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Lisbon, Portugal Take a ride on a ferry over the Tejo River and imagine you’re the seafaring explorer Vasco da Gama returning home after discovering the sea route to India. Or you can marvel at the sight of huge sharks looking right back at you at the world-class Oceanarium, which is the largest one in Europe. Search for a princess (or a prince!) locked away inside the only surviving Royal Palace from the Middle Ages: Sintra, Lord Byron’s glorious Eden. Learn what bathroom tiles should really look like at the peculiar National Tile Museum.

Best Time to Visit: April through September Famous Landmark: Castle of São Jorge

Photographed by Eric Hill

Photographed by Bernardo Johannsen S.

Mexico City, Mexico Built atop of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, the city has a population of over nineteen million people, making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Western Hemisphere. Home to a wealth of attractions which include archaeological sites, world class museums and beautiful gardens, Mexico City offers travelers lots to do. Spending half a day touring the Zócalo, a main central square which is the second largest in the world, will have you cover centuries of history as in the vicinity are the National Palace, Cathedral, and the Aztec ruins of Templo Mayor. Best Time to Visit: October through April Famous Landmark: Monument to Independence DESTINATION JEDDAH 81

Photographed by Rodrigo Ono

São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil’s acknowledged culinary arts capital, São Paulo possesses an amazing restaurant scene that is much indebted to its cultural diversity. Great Italian food is to be found in the Bela Vista district while the Asian side of things at Liberdade, in the heart of the city, has extraordinary sushi and ramen shops. Brazil, of course, has its own delectable cuisines that are worth mentioning. The chic Hotel Unique, is São Paulo’s symbol of style and luxury. The incredible building reminds one of a half moon in the night sky or even a ship because of the windows that look like portholes. Best Time to Visit: April through December Famous Landmark: Santa Fe Plaza

Shanghai, China Only a few cities in the world pulse with modernization and up-to-the-minute advancement and look cool while doing it; one of them is Shanghai. Everyone has a trip planned here. Booming visitor numbers are evidence of this and only make the case stronger for this dazzling city. Hailed as a shopper’s paradise, worthwhile shopping areas include the Taikang Road for art galleries and fashion boutiques and Nanjing Road for its historical significance and elegance and for its top-name designer brands from all over the globe. Best Time to Visit: September through May Famous Landmark: Jinmao Tower 82 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Photographed by Jose Maria Cuellar

Warsaw, Poland Eastern Europe is the new Europe, and Warsaw is its new capital. Having long been a target for invading forces, this obstinate city has in recent times shaken off the fetters to rise anew with a fresh identity. A stunning city, it melds old and new to forge something wonderful for the traveler. The city’s Old Town is a magnificent place to wander in. Cobblestone lanes, restaurants, and cafés all add to the breathtaking beauty of the city which is full of history. Warsaw now prides itself for being alive with an ultimate contemporary cultural scene. Best Time to Visit: April through November Famous Landmark: Palace of Culture and Science

Photographed by Marcin Piwonski

Photographed by Chris Lynch

Zürich, Switzerland Let your wanderlust take you to this exciting, albeit expensive city which is inhabited by courteous drivers with exotic cars who actually hit the brakes should they see you waiting to cross the road. This banking capital for the rich and famous is also known for its fine cakes, pralinés and chocolates and a trip is incomplete without a tour of the remarkable Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory. Months of August and September bring to the city a new flavor as that is when the Street Parade and the Zuri Jazz Woche, respectfully, are celebrated with enthusiasm. For the nature lover, hiking the Uetliberg, Zürich’s local mountain, or a visit to Zürich Zoo, which has animals galore and spectacular views of the Alps, is a must. Best Time to Visit: June through October Famous Landmark: Urania Observatory DESTINATION JEDDAH 83


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Find The Differences!

Five Differences

Test your travel knowledge! 1-What man-made canal links the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean? 2- What is the world’s largest mall and where is it located? 3- How many islands territories are in the Caribbean Sea? 4- Where is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world? 5- What is the capital of Belgium? 6- What is the world’s most expensive hotel and where is it located? 7- In which country do men wear “kilts”? 8- What is the world’s tallest fountain? 9- Where is the World’s top rated beach?

SUDOKU Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive


Cross Words Across

1: Masher’s comeuppance, maybe 5: ‘Git!’ 10: Laura, to George W. 14: Stand on the corner? 15: ‘Jump, Jive, an’ Wail’ composer/ bandleader Louis 16: In the thick of 17: Last word in prayer 18: Kidney-related 19: Ankles, anatomically 20: Mattress-supporting frameworks 22: Bring about 23: Line of clothing 24: Liberal ones 26: Choose the window instead of the aisle? 30: Seasonal vehicle 32: Bring up to snuff 34: First zoo? 35: October birthstone 39: African antelopes 40: Dishwasher cycle 42: Head hunters? 43: Acct. summary 44: Like any number finishing with ‘9’ 45: Takes the tiller 47: Haunt 50: Balance sheet positive 51: Filled tortilla 54: Ancient mariner 56: Like a roc 57: Travel far and wide 63: Corrode 64: With irony 65: ‘Spenser: For ___’ (Urich series) 66: Tickled-pink feeling 67: Small game with big ears 68: Cheese with a red coat 69: Dumbo’s ‘wings’ 70: Signs for Nostradamus 71: Puppy’s plaint

Down: 1: Thrusting blow 2: Like some excuses 3: Fired 4: Mat wins 5: Lively outing 6: Whitens, in a coffee shop 7: Peel 8: Billionaires in the making, e.g. 9: ___ de mer (seasickness) 10: Good places for nature photographers to hang out 11: Reputation in society 12: Office worker, at times 13: Redacts

21: The others 22: Brown paper container 25: Ups 26: Units of work 27: Post-Mardi Gras period 28: Egg, classically 29: Fathers’ offices 31: Hits the deck 33: Oktoberfest toast 36: Diner desserts 37: Piece of property 38: For fear that 41: Graphic symbol 46: Weight allowance 48: Container 49: About to be fenced,

maybe 51: River transport 52: Soft palate part 53: Choir’s platform 55: Immeasurable depth 58: Hand-held harp 59: ‘___ went thataway!’ 60: Bridle path excursion 61: Spoken 62: Secretarial fill-in 64: ‘Quadrophenia’ band, with ‘The’

Test your Perception! Locate the origin of this photograph cut-out within the magazine pages.

Travel Test: 1. The Panama Canal; 2. South China Mall in Dongguan, China.; 3. 22 territories Islands; 4. Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey, USA; 5. Brussels; 6. Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, UAE; 7. Scotland; 8. King Fahad’s Fountain in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.; 9. Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain Perception Test: Explore KSA, p. 24 DESTINATION JEDDAH 87


Useful ArabicWords & Pronunciation

Useful Basics Arabic


I want We want Do you want? This That These Right Left Straight

Abgha Nibgha Tibgha (m) Tibghi(f) Hada Hadak Hadol Yameen Yasar Alatool

(M)-Male/ (F)-Female/(Pl)-plural

Useful Arabic Words

Tea Coffee Food Juice Sugar Without Sugar Milk


Add your new words


Useful Arabic Words

Shai Gahwa Akil Aseer Sokkar Bidoun Sokkar Haleeb

Today After Tomorrow Day Month Morning Afternoon Night

El-Youm Ba’ad Bokra Youm Shahar Sabah Aser Lail

Useful Arabic Words Useful Arabic Words

Down Town Street

Wast El-Balad Share’a


Fondog/ Otail



Mall Restaurant

Souq Mat’am



Toilet / W.C.


Doctor Police

Tabeeb/ Doctor Shurta/ Police



Identity Car

Hawiyya Sayyara

Taxi Bus

Taxi Otobees



Arabic Colors Arabic Colors

White Red Blue Brown Orange Black Green Yellow Pink Gray Light Dark

Abyadh Ahmar Azrag Bunni Burtoqali Aswad Akhdhar Asfar Zahri/ Bumbi Ramadi Fateh Ghamig DESTINATION JEDDAH 89

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A NEW DAY IN OLD JEDDAH Mahmoud Al-Sabbagh

In his first big screen film ‘A New Day in Old Sana’a’, the Yemeni film director Badr Huraith was able to draw a fabulous picture of the neighborhood. Old Sana’a was differently shown with its magic, history, and naturally vibrant people. Bin Huraith’s mesmerizing portrayal of Old Sana’a neighborhood with all its intimate details cannot be rivaled. He places the viewer into a refined, humane drama which speaks of the accumulated layers of the city’s history. It is as if the audience is being shown two films at the same time; one with a dramatic plot and another that is like a documentary about Old Sana’a coming out of an ancient armoire to take center stage on screen. Sharing a similar atmosphere, the Old Sana’a scenes arouse mixed feelings of nostalgia and grief in people of an old Jeddah neighborhood. The spirit of Hijazi type of housing and family lifestyle makes the people of old Jeddah yearn for the days gone by. What makes the grief stronger is the absence of old local lifestyle in the modern Saudi dramas but which is beautifully shown in other Middle Eastern productions such as ‘Bab AlHara’, a Syrian series about old Syria, and the many Egyptian 94 DESTINATION JEDDAH

dramas proving true the oft said adage “Old is gold”. Film directors rarely pay attention to immortalizing old traditions of local people, but Mamdouh Salem is an exception in this case with his ‘Laylat Al-Badr’, a Saudi documentary that takes the audience on a journey through the local Hijazi traditions in the Islamic month of Shabaan. Filmmakers must be directly exposed to intensive readings of old stories and anecdotes of the Hijazi traditional neighborhood and the local experience must emanate from real sources of cultural heritage. It is vital for those people involved in filmmaking and media in general to create a must-read list of books and novels that shed light on the Hijazi way of life.

Ground breaking Saudi novels that showcase Hijazi traditions

of Ahmed Sebaey, known as the Sheikh of Saudi journalism. Sebaey’s novel ‘Fikra’, and short stories such as ‘Khalti Kadrjan’ and ‘Al-Kaja’, were the best novels seeped in local Hijazi flavor. Later, Hamza Bogari successfully pictured the traditional neighborhood of the old Hejazi town in his novel ‘Saquifat Al-Safa’ which was translated into several languages. Today, Raja’a Aalem is one of the best novelists to represent Hijazi folklore with fabulous scenes of the traditional town gracing the pages of her works. Her writing often reminds an ardent reader of Gabriel García Márquez, the Latin American novelist, because of its prose. In the early 1980’s, Jeddah’s literary icon, Mohammed Sadek Diyab, wrote a book called ‘16 Hekaya Menel Hara’, which tells sixteen different tales from the traditional neighborhood. The best way for films to succeed and to create interest amongst the Saudi population is for directors and writers to first fully acquaint themselves with the different types of folklore in order to create a moving account of the location depicted within the story line. Studying local folklore and implementing it in our film stories is a springboard to the global film arena.

Hamed Damanhouri’ s novel ‘Thaman Al-Tadhiya’ was the first remarkable Saudi novel when published in 1959. It was perceived as an elegant record of Hijazi environment after the Second World War. Other books which made a difference Email me: in Saudi literature were writings

‫يوم جديد في جدة القدمية‬ ‫محمود عبدالغني صباغ‬

‫في فيلمه السينمائي األول ‪A New Day‬‬ ‫‪ - in Old Sana’a‬يو ٌم جدي ٌد في صنعا ِء‬ ‫القدمية ) ‪ ،‬استطاع املخرج اليمني الشاب‬ ‫بدر بن حريث أن يحتفي بذاكرة ( املكان )‪،‬‬ ‫وأن يبرز شخصية ُمفارقة ملدينة صنعاء تُغريك‬ ‫بجمالها السحري وعبقها التاريخي وعفوية‬ ‫انسانها املُتق ّدة ‪ .‬اتقان بن حريث في نقل‬ ‫أجواء احلارة الصنعانية القدمية بكل ترتيباتها‬ ‫وبيوتاتها العتيقة وتفاصيلها الغارقة في‬ ‫احلميمية‪ ،‬ال يضاهيه سوى قدرته على وضعك‬ ‫–كمشاهد‪ -‬ازاء دراما انسانية رفيعة تتبلور‬ ‫خيوطها حول طبقات املدينة التاريخية بكل‬ ‫ما فيها من تراكم وعبق – فأنت هنا تشاهد‬ ‫فيلمني في وقت واحد ‪ :‬دراما هي قصة الفيلم‪،‬‬ ‫ومن ثم صنعاء –املكان‪ -‬وكأنها خرجت لتوها‬ ‫سحارة قدمية ‪ ..‬تتبختر أمام‬ ‫من أعماق ّ‬ ‫الشاشة ‪ ..‬كمدينة من زمن ألف ليلة وليلة !‬ ‫الشاهد هنا أن ‪ :‬مشاهد صنعاء القدمية‬ ‫‪ ،‬توقظ في اجل ّداوي ‪-‬واحلجازي عموم ًا‪-‬‬ ‫مشاعر احلنني واحلسرة‪ .‬احلنني‪ ،‬لقربها‬ ‫الى حد التطابق مع أجواء احلارة احمللية‬ ‫‪ ،‬ان في نظام البيوت ومنط العوائل وروح‬ ‫املدينة احلجازية‪/‬التهامية‪ ،‬أو في تشابه‬ ‫املظاهر األنثروبولوجية واالجتماعية وباقي‬ ‫األجواء «احلا َرو ّية»‪ .‬أما احلسرة فج ّراء غيابنا‬ ‫–وزهدنا‪ -‬عن ابراز «حالتنا» احمللية في أي‬ ‫عمل درامي ُيضاهي – ان ال يبزّ‪ -‬التجارب‬ ‫السينمائية احمليطة ‪ .‬ونحن نعلم مث ًال ‪ ،‬ان‬ ‫بروز احلالة اليمنية مع فيلم بن حريث‪ ،‬سبقتها‬ ‫ضجة احلالة الشامية «تلفزيونيا» في (باب‬ ‫احلارة) – وتشبعنا حد التخمة من احلالة‬ ‫املصرية في أفالم ومسلسالت ال تُعد وال‬ ‫ُتصى‪ ،‬بعضها ُيعتبر بحق من روائع السينما‬ ‫العربية !‬ ‫وسوى محاولة املخرج اجل ّداوي ‪ /‬ممدوح‬ ‫سالم باعجاجة ‪ ،‬في فيلمه التسجيلي (ليلة‬ ‫البدر) التي قصد بها توثيق عادة (الشعبنة)‬ ‫في ُمدن احلجاز ‪ ،‬لن جتد وعي ًا أساسي ًا عند‬ ‫أغلب مخرجينا الشبان يعني باالحتفاء باملكان‬ ‫أو يحاول توثيق ذاكرته الشعبية ‪.‬‬ ‫وكي تُخرِج البيئة احمللية جتربتها السينمائية‬ ‫املثيلة ‪ .‬على مخرجينا الشبان –أو ًال‪-‬‬ ‫‪DESTINATION JEDDAH 95‬‬

‫استيعاب املخزون الثقافي والتاريخي للمنطقة‪.‬‬ ‫ذلك لن يحدث إال بالتع ّرض املباشر للرصيد‬ ‫األدبي الضخم الذي يحتفي باملكان وبالذاكرة‬ ‫الشعبية هائلة الثراء‪ .‬ميكن ذلك جد ًا من خالل‬ ‫القراءات املعمقة في روايات وقصص حاكت‬ ‫في جتاربها الرائدة اجواء احلارة احلجازية‬ ‫وقامت بتوظيف موروثها الشعبي ببراعة ضمن‬ ‫نصوصها احلديثة ‪.‬‬ ‫هناك قائمة –‪– A Must-Read List‬‬ ‫لعالماتنا الروائية الفارقة ‪ ،‬أج ّيرها ألقراني‬ ‫الشباب –والشابات‪ -‬من العاملني والعامالت‬ ‫في مجاالت اإلبداع والفنون‪...‬‬

‫أول الروايات السعودية عن عادات‬ ‫و تقاليد احلجاز‪.‬‬ ‫تعتبر رواية (ثمن التضحية) لألديب امل ّكي‬ ‫الراحل حامد دمنهوري (نشرت عام ‪1959‬م)‪،‬‬ ‫أول عمل فني ضخم على املستوى الوطني‬ ‫يستحق كلمة (رواية) ‪ ،‬وهي قصة منتزعة‬ ‫من صميم البيئة احلجازية‪ ،‬حيث ميكنك‬ ‫أن تقرأ ألول مرة في رواية حديثة توظيف ًا‬ ‫للموروث الشعبي كـ «هول الليل» و»الدجيرة» ‪،‬‬ ‫وجتد وصف ًا محبوك ًا حلياة األسرة احلجازية‬ ‫املتوسطة‪ ،‬كما تعيش أجواء السوق امل ّكي‬ ‫في «سويقة»‪ ،‬وهموم التجار وأحاديثهم عن‬ ‫ايجارات الدكاكني واملنازل ‪ .‬انها رواية تش ّكل‬ ‫توثيقا أنيقا للبيئة احلجازية في مرحلة ما بعد‬ ‫احلرب العاملية الثانية ‪ ،‬وما طرأ عليها من‬ ‫توالت اجتماعية وفكرية عريضة ‪.‬‬ ‫أما شيخ الصحافة السعودية أحمد السباعي‬ ‫فقد اشتهر‪ ،‬بروايات وقصص تتعبر بحق‬ ‫كوثائق اجتماعية لتطورات احلياة احلجازية‬ ‫في القرن املاضي‪ .‬منها رواية (أبو زامل)‬ ‫أو (فكرة) – أو قصص متناثرة كـ (خالتي‬ ‫كدرجان) و(الكجا) و(صبي السلتاني) –‬

‫وغيرها حيث ال أبرع من السباعي في اعطاء‬ ‫النكهة اخلاصة مبجتمعنا البلدي ‪.‬‬ ‫«اذا كان الدمنهوري أقدر على الصياغة الفنية‬ ‫والتكنيك الفني للقصة‪ .‬فان السباعي كان‬ ‫أقدر على اعطاء النكهة اخلاصة مبجتمعنا‬ ‫البلدي ‪ ..‬فهو يكتب بعصا «املعلم» احلاروي ‪..‬‬ ‫وخطواته –أي السباعي‪ -‬هي األقرب ألعمال‬ ‫األديب اجلهير جنيب محفوظ « ‪ ،‬بحسب الناقد‬ ‫السعودي عبدالله عبداجلبار ‪.‬‬ ‫تال‪ ،‬برز الروائي امل ّكي الراحل‪ ،‬حمزة‬ ‫ومن جيل ٍ‬ ‫بوقري‪ ،‬في توثيق ذاكرة املكان عبر روايته‬ ‫األنيقة (سقيفة الصفا) – التي ترجمت الى عدة‬ ‫لغات منها االجنليزية والروسية واألزبكية ‪.‬‬ ‫في املرحلة املعاصرة‪ ،‬يبرز اسم الروائية‬ ‫السعودية العاملية َرجاء عالم بال منازع ‪ ،‬في‬ ‫قدرتها على توظيف املوروث الشعبي في روايات‬ ‫حداثية تخلب األلباب ‪ .‬من أعمالها الرائدة التي‬ ‫تضر فيها مركزية (املكان) ‪ /‬رواية (خامت)‬ ‫‪ :‬ببطلتها اخلنثى التي تدخل الى عوالم النساء‬ ‫والرجال على السواء ‪ ،‬قتنقل بالتفصيل ما‬ ‫يجري في دهاليز وأزقة وحصوات مكة القدمية‪.‬‬ ‫ورواية (سيدي وحدانة) ‪ :‬وبطلها الدرويش‬ ‫الصوفي الذي يهيم في طرقات وحارات مكة‬ ‫(ح ّبى) وهي رواية‬ ‫العتيقة ‪ .‬وأيض ًا رواية َ‬ ‫واقعية‪-‬سحرية‪ ،‬كأغلب أعمال رجاء‪ ،‬تذكرك‬ ‫بروايات أمريكا الالتينية وبروايات جابرييل‬ ‫جارسيا ماركيز ‪.‬‬ ‫و أليقونة (جدة) األدبية املعاصرة ‪ ،‬أستاذنا‬ ‫محمد صادق دياب ‪ ،‬جتربة قدمية منذ مطلع‬ ‫الثمانينات امليالدية‪ ،‬تت اسم ( ‪ 16‬حكاية‬ ‫من احلارة ) ‪ ،‬تصلح كل واحدة منها كفيلم‬ ‫سينمائي غرائبي بحد ذاتها ‪ .‬مثل (غرام على‬ ‫بحر األربعني) و(البيت املسكون) و (وداد‬ ‫وعطية) ‪.‬‬ ‫التعرف على العالمات الروائية البارزة ‪ ،‬ومتابعة‬ ‫أعمالها السردية ‪ ..‬هو سبيل جناح األعمال‬ ‫السينمائية النبيهة‪ .‬ان االحتفاء باملكان‪،‬‬ ‫وابراز عناصره احمللية‪ ،‬هو احتفاء باملختلف‬ ‫وباجلوهري ‪ ،‬تلكما هما جناحينا‪ ،‬اللذان‬ ‫سيمنحانا طاقة التحليق ‪ ،‬الى آفاق العاملية ‪.‬‬ ‫آه ‪ ..‬ليت لدينا تطبيق مثيل للـ ‪، Youtube‬‬ ‫امنا الستعراض ال ُكتب والروايات األدبية !‬


Destination Jeddah - Issue 3  

Destination Jeddah magazine. Jan/Feb 2009 issue.

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