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I think this last was the best design of

mine, but not my favorite. I think it is more professional looking than my three-page

spread, but it wasn’t as much fun as that one. Still, I was happy with how this came out.

As for using charts in Illustrator, I did about

an hour of tutorials, and I’m sure it made my

life infinitely easier. I’ve found that, for me at

least, Illustrator is least intuitive of the Adobe

products, so finding good tutorials is extremely helpful.






This was my least favorite assignment. Right from the beginning, this

This advertisement was meant to entice men into the field of Nursing by changing the

one was doomed, and everything I tried to do ended up failing. This is what

stereotypical assumption that Nursing is a woman’s job. It’s meant to challenge men to be tough enough to handle a career that will test their mettle in many different ways.

The trickiest part of this assignment was chagning the color of the scrubs. Originally, I used a

stock photo for the image, and that nurse had a pink shirt, which I liked. However, since had to

use original photography, I took a picture of myself in front of a local hospital, but only had access to green scrubs, so I changed the color in Photoshop and used the same pink for the text.



I finally ended with, but as the assignment was supposed to be about type, it never really got off the ground. The X as the background never really

connected to the rest of the type, and so it didn’t work very well for the as-

signment, and lacked impact as a design. I like the purple (royalty) and gold combination, and I like the X in the background, and I like the X and K in the blackletter font style, but I just couldn’t get it to work together.





Slice and Ride Road Race

POSTER For my color palette, I used an image from

the entrance to a neighborhood in town that

attempts to emulate a Mediterranean look and feel.

For the poster, I traced an image of the

frame of a bycyle in Illustrator and skewed an

image of a pizza for the wheels. At one point, I had a handwriting font that I liked a lot better

1 April 2014

for the header because it felt like it was repeating the brush strokes of the bike frame, but I eventually ended up using something much


more traditional.




Color was easy for this one—I just used the

team’s colors. In fact, for the whole thing, I was thinking more in terms of the glossy programs they sell at the stadium for exorbitant prices

than an actual magazine, and I wrote the copy to match that idea. At one point early on, Dr.

Wang insisted I change my font size to 9.5 and my copy was way short, so I was lucky enough to find a website that automatically generates baseball ipsum.

I was able to get all of the photos I needed

rather easily as I live less than a quarter of a

mile from the Nationals’ spring training site, but I was chased away by security as I took

pictures of the grounds during a game. I was able to get the stadium shots I needed, so This was my favorite assignment, and probably for that reason, the final product was my favorite

design of the semester. I felt the format gave me the most room for creativity and little flourishes,

rather than follow my first instinct and make a scene, I simply left.

like the cutouts interacting across the two pages, the scanned ticket I used as a background on spread three, and the use of the W from the Nationals logo as a drop cap on the first article. It also gave me the opportunity to work with tables, which I thought came out well.





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